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RP: YSS Kaiyō Aside: Kenshō


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Hanako's World
Chateau Hanako

"Where do you want to start first?" Eden asked breathlessly. Kasumi had wanted scans of where the amphora had been years ago, when Hanako's Palace had also house the military museum and the amphora Eden had just stolen with Effy. But now they had gone to the secluded hill where Chateau Hanako had once been so prosperous. Now it had been laid to waste by the Kuvexian war. Though there were no Rixxikor on the property, there was also nobody to tend the extensive vineyards or grounds. It looked pitiable in the moonlight now. Where vineyards once bounded with a love for life that crescendoed upwards to the sun, their tangled masses were browned brambles that crawled on the earth, slinking down into it with every fallen leaf. The great white walls were cavernous in some places, broken open and pitted just like the perfect blue of the

Kasumi hesitated, though her burgundy lips were parted.

"Teien Eden-chusa," Kasumi said with a little tilt of her head. "Chusa... I wanted to do this sensor sweep of the southeast portion, but now that I'm here. I've heard amazing things about the library here; it's really amazing and unique collection. I know a detour isn-"

Eden cut her off with a soft touch on her arm, "Of course we can. Safely, mind you."

The captain's words were met with a nod and Eden had been looking at the pale pink faced scientist, but turned to look at the grounds themselves now. Eden's eyes flickered bright golden in the dark to take in the Chateau by starlight. They were extensive, flowing from one beautiful arrangement of rooms to another. Some of the doors to the three-story Chateau were simply open or broken at one hinge, flopped loose. The Nyx had picked up no life signs and a night in a decadent palace sounded appealing to her beyond the sensor data.

"Call me just Eden," the black-haired captain said. "While we just explore a place we'll never see like this." She had looked back to Kasumi, who in the pale moonlight looked softer than any statue or portrait Eden had seen. The full white moon and the similarly orbed midori cast a powerful glow on the two women and the quintessential palace. Once a tourist destination for all Yamataians, now Eden had to step over the fragments of a grey stone pillar, chunked away from the bombardment of the past.

"Oh, it's the main hall," Kasumi said after she entered. Though there was no lights on, the moonlight through the windows did enough for the two to be able to see their surroundings, even inside. "Woa, look at this, Ch-Eden. I don't think I've ever seen better, have you?"

Eden followed Kasumi's striking green eyes to the golden statues of the Ketsurui members. All had their nipples, vaginas, or penises unclothed. The curves of the body were accentuated in gold in ways that flesh never did and seeing her own shadowy reflection in the tits of Yui as she passed by, which made Eden giggle. During most of their lives, these statues were perfectly polished, but tonight they held the dust and grit of the Kuvexian War on their shoulders and form. They were marginally unmarred by the grit, if not developing patinas.

"I worship her, I should't laugh," Eden said, putting a hand up as she followed Kasumi, who had run ahead of the large dining table to rub a hand against the shin of a young Hanako's statue.

"Who would you," Kasumi said, looking at Eden as she waggled her brows, "Who would you, you know? Out of the Kestrurui?"

"Oh, who would I bang?" Eden asked. She twitled a short portion of her black hime-cut hair, looking straight at Irim with a decisive crossing of her arms. "I couldn't, of course, but..."

Kasumi giggled in a fit, then came over to where Eden was standing to objectively look at the woman. Finally, Kasumi agreed, "I see it."

"You?" Eden asked, waggling her dark brows into her thick black bangs.

Kasumi tilted her head, "It's between Kitsurugi Susi and Mizuki for me."

"Both Kitsurugi, both lesser known," Eden observed. Her open-mouth smile had been frozen in place as she looked in the pale moonlight from the ochre brown of the figures to Kasumi. The captain's smile dropped slightly but her eyes stayed pressed together, wondering as she looked at her science officer.

Kasumi smiled at the statues, "And they both look a little like us."

When Eden looked over, she noticed how Kasumi's white hair spill down from her high ponytail and across her Type 42 jacket's blue back and small shoulders. Eden's hand lifted to move some of the scientist's white hair further into that pale sweeping arc. With her hands between Kasumi's shoulder blade and arm now and after she had committed to doing so. The action felt too intimate to follow up with words, so Eden simply let her hand trail off her shoulder with small strokes at the hem where the jacket's sleeve met the shoulder.

"We should... get you those scans." Eden said.

"Ye-yeah," Kasumi said as she idly pushed some of her white hair away from her eyes. The full length of her hair was in a ponytail held up by cylindrical cinch with pink metalworkings, but a portion of her hair had slipped through in small wisps to frame her cheeks and pointed chin. She watched Eden go with her bright green eyes bouncing off the two moon's bright light. Quickly she followed Eden, clutching her coat as she did.

"It's really cold in the palace when the rooms aren't heated," Kasumi noted.

"Have you been here before?" Eden asked as she led the way down the ornate but dim halls. Light bounced off of odd surfaces like mirrors, tiles, and glass, but otherwise it was much darker in the windowless hallway.

"I have- ah!" Kasumi screamed, then she was floating. The damage was done, though. The hallway was unstable from damage nearby and a large set of drawers had been knocked. While side-stepping it, Kasumi had been splashed by the mucky below, where the drawers had fallen. "Ahh! Ughhk!"

"Let me help you!" Eden said, bending immediately, then grabbing onto Kasumi's body. She was holding her with both her arms out and Kasumi in front of her, bridal style, and asked urgently, "Do you need medical attention?"

"No I'm-" Kasumi sounded annoyed now as she grunted and grimaced, "I got something on my hair, like mud!"

"Ah- oh," Eden breathed out, thinking quickly. "We'll come back here later. Let's go to the other wing, Hanako's quarters."

Kasumi obliged, "Okay, but I ca- ahh!"

Eden had gripped Kasumi tighter, squeezing the smaller woman close as Eden's body began to change. Icicle-like protrusions formed on her jaw and cheeks and smaller ones began forming before her mouth opened as she gritted her teeth. The protrusions stopped, but she had started. The Chusa took off through the night-time halls with her bundle of Kasumi at speeds faster than an NH-33. Her infared eyesight had honed in on the building's internal and even her digital mind had pulled up the layout to better get Kasumi to a bath: STAT!

Now that she had built momentum and gained her footing, Eden was flying twice as fast as what a normal Nekovalkryja could do. She held Kasumi close, looking at the soft pink skin below her and realizing she wanted to protect the woman like this more. It was a way that she hadn't felt before. Her breath caught and Eden realized she wasn't going to make one of the last turns. She quickly adjusted her gravimetric controls, but realized she would hit the wall regardless.

Eden had no choice but to use her NH-40 body's electromagnetic shielding while she put a hand on the back of Kasumi's head. Eden tucked her head in close to her and nuzzled into it, smelling the soft scent of clary sage and bergamot.

"It's going to be okay-" Eden told her telepathically.

"Wha?" Kasumi asked and a second later, the polished inlaid wood paneling of the wall exploded next to them. Sparks shocked out of the wall as a golden wall sconce flung itself free from its mooring and the furniture below it whined and fell, split in two.

"It's hard to explain," Eden said after Kasumi looked up to her when the initial shock was over. "I suppose to a scientist it's not. I used my body's gravimetric shielding there."

Kasumi's eyes were scrunched together under her muddy hair, "A Neko can't do that... I mean, are you an Eihei? An Eihei can, but you're not a samurai.

Eden shook her head, "I'm not an Eihei." When she shook her head black hime flick into her wide jaw, flanking either side of her smile.

"By my calculations you were outperforming speeds most Nekovalkryja abide by and you- you...!" She looked confused beyond belief as she looked at the concave part of the wall their bodies had dented and her gloved hand ran over it.

"I'm not an Eihei. It's more complicated than that," Eden said. "More classified than that."

"Oh," Kasumi said, silent besides as she looked deeply into her amber eyes. Her lips pursed while her brows relaxed from their previous furrowed expression.

Eden let her go and the two got up and took a few steps from the mess to Hanako's quarters.

"I saw electrical sparks from the fixtures when it got hit," Kasumi said, "I bet we could get the hot water running. No lights, of course."

"Of course no lights, but good idea," Eden said. They were after all on a planet occupied by the enemy. The Chusa knelt down to eye the lock of the private wing, "Oh easy."

Eden took out two pins from her hair and opened the door to Hanako's Wing and sighed, "I doubt Hanako has ever even lived here. But just in case, let's not go on her bed."

"Noted." Kasumi replied in a whisper. "Do you think it's a sign of respect not to?" The scientist asked as she removed her shoes and gave a terse bow at the door to the very blue quarters. In a murmur she added, "I can imagine only one thing I want to do there tonight."

"Ahh, I do..." Eden said as she wiggled her tight-clad toes in the plush white fur carpet. Though the palace was in quite a state, with or without Eden' and Kasumi's dent in the hallway, Hanako's quarters seemed perfect and comparatively frozen in time. The blue and white marbled rooms were elegant, if not dusty in the displace of their namesake planet's occupation. The long blue leather sofas looked ready to lay back in between the blue and white marble floors. Eden let out another little sigh. "Let's get you cleaned up."

"I wasn't really preparing for a mission." Eden said as she took off her double breasted black coat. Underneath it was a scoop neck ribbed shirt over a pair of dark blue jeans cinched with a simple brown leather belt.

"You look like a dream, captain. I mean, ahh... Wear whatever you want; you were just on a mission of your own, anyway." Kasumi said as she took off her own jacket while speaking of the reconnaissance Eden had just accomplished in the harbor below. "You're just accompanying me for mine in whatever you're comfortable in. I wouldn't want it any other way."

She looked about the room in her type 42 duty uniform. Its green panels caught the eye in the dull light of Hanako's unlit chambers and Eden saw the similarity in the bright green of Kasumi's eyes. Eden smiled softly as she followed Kasumi, who was making her way behind the large four poster bed area.

"I think the controls are here, I just have to-" Kasumi muttered, beginning to work a set of golden controls. "I'm rerouting power so it doesn't surge on any enemy scans. That should do it." Kasumi finished and a gurgling of water spouted from the center of the darkened room. There were large statues of Neko, one of which was Yui, from which the warm water flowed from her body's lower frontal orifice.

Kasumi giggled when she saw from where the water came and Eden's golden eyes followed.

"Oh my goodness, Hanako has quite the sense of humor," Eden chided.

Kasumi corrected, "Most imperial baths in the royal palace have such... fountains actually. She's just following tradition.

Eden's smile doubled as her fingers glided over the gilded mons pubis of the Taisho Mistress. Her fingers went over the water's exit then put pressure just over the golden hole, making water jet out from under the tip of her finger. Kasumi yelped as a surprise stream of liquid from Yui's central opening, then realized where it came from and er giggles doubled as Eden's smile had.

"Y-you can't-you can't do that to our Mistress Taishhoho," Kasumi devolved back into laughter as Eden had put on a surprised expression and cupped her hand between the middle of the woman's legs, which made water stream down her arm and onto her own face.

"Oh I'm sorry!" Eden said loudly over the sound of water spraying even more now.

Kasumi's arms flailed as she came to Eden, grabbing at the Nyx captain's arm gently to tug it off Yui. Eden's jubilant smile exposed her glinting double fangs under her merry yellow eyes. She let Kasumi pull her hands down away from Yui and the water gurgled once more. Kasumi's fingers had inched up the ribbed sleeve on Eden's wrist, feeling the texture and Eden beneath with a squeeze.

"Were you going to wash my hair, Chusa?" Kasumi asked with a stuttered start.

"Yes, if that's still fine." Eden sat against the lip of the bath and extended her hand to Kasumi's hair. "It's just we don't know what could be in that mud that got in your hair, sweet."

"I could have done a scan if you're worried about that," Kasumi scoffed, her green eyes contrasting the blush of her pink skin.

Eden touched Kasumi's hair where it wasn't dirtied and let her fingers play in the waterfall of slvery white strands. She then tucked her hand under the metal cinch that held her ponytail up to touch the base of Kasumi's head, then behind her ear. Her hand flipped so that her index finger grazed against Kasumi's protruding pink lobe and her finger lingered. Eden breathed in softly but the movement of her own chest up and down in the moment caught her and she was taken out of it. With another quicker breathe, Eden withdrew her hand and her eyes diverted to the surrounding room.

With a raising of her hand, Kasumi touched her hair and behind her ear where Eden had touched, then she raised her other arm and took out the pink metal cinch that was holding up her ponytail. Under her dark black bangs, Eden looked slightly to see Kasumi's white hair had fallen on either side of her shoulder, framing her heart-shaped face.

"I had a captain with pink skin, once," Eden said.

"Oh?" Kasumi's smile ebbed to either side of her face; she had seen that captain before on YINN, but she wondered why Eden brought them up.

"Not as pretty as you," Eden said wistfully, almost in a breathe to herself.

"Captain..." Kasumi said with a little awe in her voice.

"I'm sorry, that was Eden breathed out, closing her golden eyes in a pained expression.

Ozaki Kasumi's verdant eyes studied the bath above her dark lips, which were pressed close together depite their upturned sides. The two remained silent before the scientist took in a sharp breath and spoke.

"Do you want to wash, still?" Kasumi asked.

"Of course, yes," Eden said, coming back to reality. "Let me test the temperature, yes that should eb good. Now, here's shampoos, they should smell really good- yes, so fruity!"

Kasumi watched, then started taking off her own duty uniform while Eden was distracted getting soaps. When the captain looked over, her golden eyes sparkled momentarily before she blinked, looking away from Kasumi as she spoke.

"You'll probably like this, it smells like, uh, uh..." Eden offered the open bottle for Kasumi.

"That's peach, captain," Kasumi said with her delicate white brows raised with a laugh.

"Sorry, I was distracted," Eden murmured. "Do you think Yui washed Hanako's hair like this?"

"I don't know..." Kasumi seemed to ponder as she looked over her rosy shoulder to Eden, who had stopped rubbing up a lather in her hands momentarily to consider it. "I think it would have been the other way around; she was Yui's servant after all."

"I didn't consider that," Eden thought, reflecting on her idol and possibly her misconceptions of the Star Army's leader. "I always assumed she was like a mother to Hanako."

"You don't have to be a mother to love someone. I think they were more intimate than that would allow," Kasumi shrugged, looking forward again.

For a moment, Eden looked to be deeply considering herself, then looked with a strong respect to Kasumi. The pear-shaped woman had slipped into the water which was still running from the navel of the mistress taisho as it was, and got into the large pool. The sight made her lips part and expression, change though.

The whole room was spacious, dark though, and filling with steam from the warm waters. Eden couldn't make out a lot without assisted vision and chose to focus on the woman slipping into the bath in front of her. Eden seemed perplexed as she studied the curve from Kasumi's slim waist outwards, to her flared hips. Her perplexed line of sight was greeted with the hollows on the small of her back, like dimples on either side of a smile. Underneath such was her butt, which Eden had been the most curious about, but Kasumi had quickly slipped into the water. She wiggled her hips slightly as she settled in, giving a soft purring moan as she did.

"Water's warm, Eden." Kasumi said with a flick of it upwards. A few droplets hit the captain, enough to shock Eden into looking away with a blush.