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RP: YSS Kaiyō Aside: Sonnō jōi! Sonnō Uesu!


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((OOC: Sonnō jōi is a rallying cry meaning "Revere the Emperor, expel the barbarians"!!))

UES Ayame II
14日 1月 YE 45

Taiyou Hoshi had spent a good few months since the first time she had met Uesu between the Souther Frontier he inhabited and the Kikyo Sector. There had been a lot of planning to do before the planetary invasion to retake Uesu's former territory of Kessica. The laying out of what it would mean to have Yamataian and Uesureyan joint forces and the stratagem for the upcoming mission had meant a lot more paperwork and procedural methodology than she had been used to on the Kuvexian Frontier. It had also meant a promotion for Hoshi to Taisa which she was still growing into.

Because of the busyness she hadn't found the time to call on him like she had today. But with the assault happening in a day's time, there didn't feel like a better time than the present to remind herself for what she fought for. Plus, she had picked up a gift for him on Yamatai.

Unlike the last time she had met with the Emperor, Hoshi wasn't wearing the teal trousers of his military and a swimsuit. Instead she was in her favorite off-duty wear. Simple black flats and a pleated skirt of the same color contrasted her pastel top. Her loose collared aloha shirt was one she had picked up from Hanako's World some many years before. Pulled back into a half ponytail, her hair seemed to be off of her face more than last time, showing a bit more of her pink face and triangular ears. She had two shoulder bags, each a soft caramel brown leather that her hands draped over after she bowed to Uesu at the entrance of his office.

The Emperor welcomed Hoshi back with a warm smile. "Taisa Hoshi," he waved. "Welcome back to the Ayame II. How are you?" he asked her, showing her into his office, complete with its big fancy wooden desk, bookshelves, and a large screen-filled area for monitoring the happenings in the sector. "How are you feeling?" he added.

With a giddy smile, Hoshi waved back as she sat down and took in the office. Despite spending some time on the ship, she really hadn't gotten to admire his workspace.

"Ready," Hoshi replied quickly to his question. "I'm feeling ready. We're taking back Kessica tomorrow." She had added the decisive mission plan with a quick nod and intentionality to her words. Any of the fear she had shown on YINN was nowhere to be seen as she looked assuredly at the Emperor.

"I have no doubt in your abilities but the Mishhuvurthyar are a horrible and crafty enemy who will not let give up easily. They also reproduce like wildfire and are built to take advantages of our weaknesses. It will not be easy. Be prepared to adapt if the situation changes. The Mishhuvurthyar know we want Kessica back and they are waiting for us to try it," Uesu warned. "That said, we know them and have fought them before. We know we can win. It's just a matter of bringing our best to the fight."

"We'll have to bring our best and then some, but we will. Together, I believe in us. But I'll heed your words and will be prepared for anything." In a lighter tone, she added, "Speaking of, I was hoping to get off this ship with you. I hoped to give you a gift you can use today. Are you up for going down to the planet, somewhere uninhabited but beautiful?"

"It sounds like you're asking me on a date," Uesu chuckled. "Are you single?" he asked with a slightly nervous laugh. "I can go as long as we don't stay too long. And we'll have to bring a few of my security people of course."

"I've got plans to set you up with someone. It'd make that goal a lot easier if I was single. But I'm not." Hoshi asked with her blue and white brows raised high on her face, "Still want to go down?" She had already stood and begun to take one of the bags off of her shoulder, though, and placed it on his wooden desk's edge.

"What," Uesu said flatly. "You mean now?" he asked, giving her a skeptical look. "That's a little presumptious, isn't it?" The Emperor waited for her answer before agreeing to go with her. He did look in the bag.

"You expect so little of me. I already informed your yeoman that I'd like to go planetside with you, if possible. They arranged it all already." Hoshi watched him open the top of the satchel. Two camera were positioned within soft cushioning. She opened her own bag's front pocket and said, "Film's here. The chrome camera takes it but I pre-loaded yours. You mentioned you like photography and I'm sure you have camera of your own, but I wasn't that sure. Wasn't sure if you liked digital or film, either, so I got you one of each. Would you care to teach me the ways of photography?"

"Okay," Uesu said, picking the camera up. "It's been forever," he quietly said, looking it over and brushing his fingers over the knobs and buttons.

Hoshi watched Uesu pick up the camera and smiled slightly, but her dark blue eyes looked lost in thought.

"To the shuttle bay?" Hoshi asked after a moment.

"Alright," Uesu nodded, leading the way. Hoshi was quick to follow along after Uesu in a bobbing float.

The shuttle ride was smooth and uneventful, and soon they were sailing through the skies of planet New Weslia, the adopted homeworld of the re-established Uesureyan Star Empire.

"How long after you left Yamatai did you find your people's new home?" Hoshi asked towards the end of the shuttle ride down to New Weslia.

"It only took a few months," the Emperor explained. "We knew we had to start quickly redeveloping infrastructure as early as possible. A fleet can only last so long without provisions and supplies coming in. I knew if we were going to survive we had to set up place where we could grow food. The fleet I had wasn't a colonization fleet so we had to innovate a lot and make due to get the colony started. Over time we developed things more and more and turned it into a fortress star system similar to Nataria or Yamatai."

Hoshi nodded, "Well I hope there's some beautiful places to photograph here. Do you have some of the same luxuries as those that you built on Yamatai? What you describes sounds very spartan and dictated by necessity."

"Everything's got to start somewhere," Uesu explained. Over the last 15 years we've developed a robust ecosystem with hundreds of type of farms in various climates and extensive military bases and production facilities. Lately we have been trying to add a little civilian flavor to things with shops and leisure areas," he told Hoshi. "For example, there is a park with memorials to the Nekovalkyrja."

The shuttle landed softly near the park in a field of green grass that fluttered in a stiff breeze that filled the shuttle with a flowery scent when the rear door came open. The sun was so bright outside compared to the shuttle's interior.When she left the shuttle, the pink captain took a deep breath in. As she breathed out a smile bounced up on her face.

"I always forget how nice it is to be planetside," Hoshi said as she looked about the grassy field as it undulated in the gusty air currents. "It's a couple week's journey out here —not that long considering most spacefaring times— but I didn't realize I felt so cooped up. How often are you down here on the ground?"

"Honestly I spend more time on the Ayame II than I do on the planet, but I try to come here once or twice a week," Uesu told Hoshi, leading her into the park, where paths of stone meandered through flower beds, gardens, and koi ponds. She could see little statues, wooden bridges, and small trees around, which all looked a little small and young because Uesu's fleet hadn't brought a lot of trees with them during their exodus. Uesu raised his camera and took a photo of one of the bridges over the koi pond.

"Just before I left Yamatai I had a crew reunion in a place just as charming. I think you've made your own little slice of paradise here." Hoshi brought her own lens to an eye and took a picture of Uesu taking a picture. A corner of her lip tugged up at the side as she did so, thinking herself pseudo-sneaky.

"From the ship's launch it had the son of the Nepleslian Sky Marshall aboard alongside one of Yui's daughters- oh, your met her. William Sanders and Aiko, they ended up being two of my ship's finest warriors. It was great seeing him again at the reunion." Hoshi had wondered over to the bridge and squatted to get a better look at the fish before she tried for a picture of them between the red slats of the bridge.

"I thought that would be the most ambitious intersection of sector forces under my purview. I guess I was wrong," the captain said, looking back to Uesu. "Because here I am working with your forces as well. William is even leading the Nepleslian contingent of the task force tomorrow. It's a trifecta!"

"Nepleslians?" Uesu repeated, surprised. "Interesting. This place does need protection. We've done a lot of good here but the Mishhuvurthyar are starting to outpace our production capacity and we've already lost Kessica. The help is welcome."

"You're welcome for the help," Hoshi said, swiveling her camera and squatting to focus on a blooming bellflower.

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