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Closed Automatically Link Certain Keywords on the Forums to Appropriate Wiki Articles

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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This suggestion is to use a the Keyword Linking by Siropu Xenforo add-on (by the way, Siropu is the guy who made our old site chat) to set certain words like "Nekovalkyrja" or "Nepleslian" or "Taisa" or "Star Army Uniforms" to have automatically become links to the articles on the wiki that are about those things. This would help players get information more easily especially in the cases of SARP-specific jargon, which you got to admit we have a lot of. We could even do it for character names.

Steps required:
  • Wes: Purchase, download, and install the add-on
  • Set keywords
  • Make a thread where people could request addition of keywords to auto-link
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Yeah. Also, another RP site similar to ours uses a wiki that's built into their forum. I like the wiki we have but their wiki, being integrated Xenforo, does this for them and at one of the online conventions they were talking about how useful that was and I was like, "We could totally do that too," haha.

One great side effect this could have is...let me explain...
  • We have an AMP plugin running right now that makes AMP pages that load fast, the idea is to make Google like our site more because it's faster.
  • The AMP plugin comes with a robot that scans our pages to make sure they're valid
  • This robot detects malformed links
  • It seems like almost all of the time these links are on the forum and they're a very specific type of broken link: People try to put wiki style links into forum posts
  • Basically instead of https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=plot:crimefest they link to plot:crimefest (which only works on the wiki)
  • When the bad links are detected the robot tells me so I can fix it to make Google happy, and I have to edit the posts to remove the bad links
...so if we're linking stuff automatically when it's mentioned, it prevents users from having to link stuff themselves, having the side effect of preventing this error.