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RP: Bahram Wing [Bahram Wing Phase One: Mission 2] Blind Flight, Fight

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Re: [Phase One: Mission 2] Blind Flight, Fight

Amari got on the radio, switching channels from the one being used by the VANDR/SOONO. The warbling whine of the radio and interference cutting down clarity of the signal to a scratchy, barely, understandable voice as she spoke. All the while she watched flashes of bright, and dim light plaster the sky, silhouettes, and large mecha darting about, doing battle with each other.

"Tower, Tower, this is Lanbalri Al-Sumed, Hostiles are playing music, I repeat Hostiles are playing music. Caution and discretion advised."


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Re: [Phase One: Mission 2] Blind Flight, Fight

Savitar activated his vector barrier to try and defend against the barrage then canceled it when it stopped as quickly as it began. But he'd seen the enemy's attention momentarily off him and took advantage of it and opened fire upward at the target with a dual shockbite attack. The moment that the shots left the forearms of Shiva; he bega to move to try and get into an orbit around the enemy after throwing an ERP shot up after the 'bites though.


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Re: [Phase One: Mission 2] Blind Flight, Fight

"Don't be so cocky!" 'Ismat was going to finish the job that the late Mu'Tasim had started.

She took another MASC jump to the side to avoid the laser fire what laser fire she could, while she hoped she wasn't putting too much strain on Rina. It reminded her to bring up the vector shroud, if it wasn't already up. The VIA operative used CELB fire to distract the enemy Soono briefly, before she did another MASC jump to get to a relatively close spot above the enemy Soono, hopefully in a blind spot, before firing off a couple salvos of PASD missiles.


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Re: [Phase One: Mission 2] Blind Flight, Fight

Fal Drudis Spaceport, Mazerin
Malakai 1, 935
04: 58, Commonwealth Standard Time

The battle in the skies over the spaceport city of Fal Drudis continued, with the members of Bahram Wing squaring off against mysterious modified Soono units posessing unconventional designs unlike those of the weak frames encountered on their first assignment. Whereas the enemy had previously been easily overwhelmed, these newer versions seemed to have some adaptations to the tactics and abilities of the Erla VANDR. With three members of the Wing out of commission and the remainder fighting under extreme jamming, the situation seemed grim.


The Soono that 'Ismat was facing took the hits through its shields, causing light perforation of the armor. The frame, which lacked active shield systems, responded promptly by boosting away and flanking around to avoid the CELB fire. He was caught unaware by her MASC jump, and promptly struck cleanly in the back with the volley of PASD missiles, causing his defenses to drop down significantly on impact.

'Ismat moved in for what would hopefully be a finishing blow after her PASD barrage. Her VANDR charged in at high speed to try and stab the weakened Soono with the katars. "Not so sure you're going to win now, are you?" she taunted. She knew that she needed to hurry up and get back to helping the others, especially Zus and Ninlil.

Rina took a few hits, her shield taking the brunt of the damage. 'Ismat took a MASC jump, in response, to get behind the Soono, in melee range, to whirl around and attempt to deliver a bladed kick from the Divine 'Fist' on Rina's leg. "Hope you don't mind losing either!"


Alia launched the liftracer off the landing strip and kept the vehicle as low as she could, hoping that the VANDR would keep the attackers busy enough for her to get a good distance away.

"Copy that, Lanbalri, we already have teams on the perimeter. Confirm if the music is wave or particle?" The tower control NI replied, in a sexually ambiguous synth voice. There was a light tone of alarm, but the controlled emotional range of a mid-level intelligence seemed to make this into more of a nuance than an outright expression of feeling. "Tower over."

"Particle, I repeat, Particle. Canister drop confirmed, point of origin, unknown, my instruments are not geared to cut through this, and visual is near zero." The doctor responded in kind, she was nervous...not merely for her own safety, but the simple fact comrades were fighting, and she currently had no way to get to them beyond the Quodr they were presently in. And that, wouldn't even take a pot shot without careening off into the distance only to explode.


"You bastard!" Savitar and Shiva's enemy boosted to evade the particle blasts, but was struck in the right shoulder by a grazing beam and had lost most of its shields from the attack. Electrical damage at the point of impact caused the limb attached at that point to fall limp. But it did not stop attacking, even as the ERP pulses disable sensors, and continued to aim using optical sensors in a unaimed spray towards the Curdatl Frame Runner.

Savitar smirked and strafed the spray by making his thrusters shove him violently off to the side while trying to maintain an orbiting manuever. "Yeah I know." He said to himself in response to the enemy and fired another shockbite blast toward the shoulder he'd gotten before. Then complimented that by unleashing a CELB burst to arc around in the opposite direction to try and take out his thrusters. He remembered that Shiva had detected that these Soonos were weakly protected in that area and tried to relay that information to the others over the Squad level comm. "Aim for their thrusters.”

Savitar's attack struck the enemy Soono square in the damaged shoulder, causing the limb to be blown off in a burst of blue particle death, the detonation knocking the enemy away to the side as it was struck. The mecha's rifle was then knocked out of its hand and spun up as it continued to fire, causing it to fire a burst of high caliber rounds into the chest and head of the mecha. It stood there for a few moments, motionless, before tumbling back to the ground.


Anik continued to stumble through the light snow-covered landing pad, attempting to check if the downed Nara was still housing a live pilot even as the air began to become increasingly hazardous to her. But every step seemed to hurt immensely, every movement resulted in more blood to pour a little more from her mouth and nose. It was minutes before she came close enough to the cockpit, and merely fell to her knees and rolled over to prop her back against the hatch. A gloved hand tapped against the door, before wiping a little more flowing blood away from a speaking mouth. "Hey... Zalus, right? You still alive in there?"

Zalus had been sitting with his eyes closed not sure if was hurt or not when the knock came on the hatch. it startled him and he looked around quickly at the noise. He couldn't hear what the person on the other side of the hatch had said but they sounded hurt and non hostile. He quickly moved over to the hatch and pushed it open which led to some of the liquid he was breathing spashing onto the ground around Anik. "Saints! You know I was looking forward to the posibility of seeing you again but this isn't the way I though it would be..." Zalus pulled her into the Pod and closed the hatch behind him to keep out the cold. "Well Ma'am what happened to you?

"Nothing much. The air around here is pretty lousy, especially since they started letting terrorists drop their luggage on the platform." Anik replied, with a bit of a pained grin as another bit of red fluid dribbled down her cheek. "It's damn nice of you to take care of me like this, though." She shifted around to lean her head against a nearby panel and support her body better. "How's everyone else doing?"


As Reovan flew up to face the closest enemy Soono, she would notice the white and blue VANDR of her Wing Commander, facing an Soono surrounded by small drones toting light arms, which in turn where firing on the Frame Officer. Firing back with his CELBS in short bursts, he had disabled one or two of the drones, but could was not offered any window of opportunity to face the puppetmaster without exposing himself to an all-out attack by his drones. The white VANDR was already covered in small burns and scratches.

"... Mehta, take the drone controller out!"

"Right!" Reovan responded, using her charged MASC jump not to follow Zus as she had planned, but instead Jarita jumped towards the unit in order get in a better position to unleash her missile barrage at the aformentioned drone controller. "Time to put a stop to this nonsense," she said as the weaponry took flight from her VANDR frame.


"Trying to stay alive." Came Alia's response as she kept her Quodr low enough to stay out of the AA guns sweep range. "You don't sound well Anik, the mountian air not blending well?" Alia remarked, trying to make some light of the situation.

Savitar looked around to look for the next person that might need some aid and went to check on Zalus. "Hey Zal, are you alive there?" he asked him and tried to clear up the optical view to see what was going on.

"Well I'm the third down. The other two didn't do as well as I did however. I killed a few of them but as you can see that only took me so far." Zalus shifted in the cockpit to get into a more comfortable position. "I'm sorry dear for the cramped quarters, but Nara wasn't build to carry two people. Make yourself comfortable though." Zalus motioned around the pod. He then heard the somewhat garbled transmission from Savitar come through the radio. "Well Sav I'm grounded but on the bright side I now get to share Nara's cockpit with a rather lovely woman." Zalus smiled over at Anik.

"Lucky you." Savitar laughed. "wish I had that kind of luck but I'd rather not get mangled to get there." He quipped and backed off some to try using his repulsor in an attempt to get a sensor reading on what was gong on.


"Right. Can you pinpoint them for me so I can move in closer to them?" Zus asked, while changing course to head south. She continued to fire as the opportunity came upon her, but mostly focused on running as fast as she could toward the defenses. "These things had better not shoot US down" the Eyr Ranr muttered to Ninlil.

"Just follow my signal, and... well, here's hoping this actually works!" Ninlil replied, remotely sending accessing the local defense network using 'her' old permissions, and bringing the air defenses online. One by one, AA laser batteries sitting sun-capped black towers powered up, and prepared to fire, on them! The enemy Soono was still a minute or so away, and suddenly paused mid-air as it detected the sudden overwhelming firepower coming online. "Oh erm... crap. You might want to start evading, since my authorization codes were let through but I need to make a new line of programming so they don't shoot us down!"

"... Right." With that, Zus charged directly at the AA battery, letting Paralovi start the VANDR on a randomizer, bringing the flight pattern into something the battery would hopefully be unable to track. It was her only chance, and she hoped the batteries weren't stupid enough to fire on one another if she made it behind one. "Make the program fast, I'm not sure how long we can keep up this pattern in atmosphere.."


Her volley intercepted, Reovan saw a single damaged drone take the attack and be ripped apart in the conflagration, with another three closing in to fire on her. A few had gotten around the drone controller's guard, and impacted his armor, causing enough electronic damage to throw the enemy runner off for an instant.

This, was long enough for Serhan to react, MASC jumping close enough to place a dual LCPA shot through all three drones and open up the controller to an attack by his subordinate, before he was knocked away by the remainder of the units under the enemy's control and fired upon by the swarm. "Mehta, take him out." He communicated with a cold grunt, keeping both arm vector barriers up as long as he could against an onslaught of autocannon and laser fire.

If she could've moved her muscles, Reovan definitely would've made some sort of dissatisfied expression at the result of her volley. "Alright, I guess up close and personal is how it has to be done," she said as Jarita spun about, dodging the drones as she centered on the controller, this time twirling through the air, attempting to land a bladed foot right through the annoyance.


As the Quodr continued its low profile flight, the misshapen form of a once proud VANDR laid, sprawled, damaged, a shell of its former self. Battle damage marred the armor plating, punctured it in areas, sparks flew, twinkling against the backdrop of the snow... Amari had, had her face plastered to the glass of the cockpit, trying to make out anything amongst the snow fall, and particle wake. The Quodr had flown close to Nara, close enough for Amari to see fluids creating a opaque, greyish sheen against the ground, off color from the pristine white, or partially sooty snow. The doctor thought her face would go through the glass if she pushed any harder before she turned about, eyes rather alert from their usual calm, demure appearance.

"Alia, I just saw what looked like a VANDR down, I have to get to it...I saw fluids leaking out, it looked like Prajna...which is bad...very bad." Her final words emphasized as she began to get a little antsy, as well as wary over the situation.

"Ok, hold on." Alia responded as she banked the Quodr wide to sweep back to the fallen VANDR, upon approch, she lowered the landing gear and made as best a snow landing as she could. "Better bundle up, we're going to get really cold soon." Alia said as she reached for a coat.

Amari was already zipping up her thick winter coat, and pulling on warm gloves. "I'm going to get really cold, soon. You're staying with the Quodr. We need someone to monitor comm traffic, and you're the second highest ranking person here." The doctor didn't especially relish cold weather, not like this anyways... it popped into her mind as she grabbed the medical case she”d brought along, pulling it up from the seat, and into her lap. "And I don't know if Khiyai will be alright alone...she's been terribly quiet the whole time. Stay with her, I'll take a radio with me, so if I need you, you'll know."

"..." Khiyai seemed to be bundled up in a jacket, resting soundly against the corner of the cockpit, eyes struck wide open as she stared out at the scene around her. Was this what Malik had been talking about, what she had told him to expect without so much as thinking about how she'd react to being brought here herself. And now Anik was...

Anik chuckled grimly, and reached out a bloody glove to pat Zalus on the head. "Bring me a bottle of something nice if I make it to the hospital. I'll pay you back, I promise." She said a bit dimly, as her eyes began to shut slowly. Her body was in intense pain now, but some of the bleeding had slowed because her exposure to the particles had ceased. Still, she was still bleeding, and with no apparent external wounds, it was fairly obvious what was happening to her. "Damn, don't let me sleep, hun. If I black out, I won't know how bad it is."

Savitar remained where he was, to cover Zalus and the others incase enemies came toward that area again. He didn't know how seriously hurt they were but if someone got to them it'd just get a helluva lot worse. "Dammit I can't see anything through this jamming." he said as he attempted to repulse the particle jamming to get a reading. "Shiva, can you get a reading on the position and condition of the other squad members?" he asked the NI.

Zalus reached out and placed his hand on Anik's shoulder and pulled on her slightly. "Well my dear I know one thing that might make you relax some and keep you awake." Zalus turned her around and started to massage her shoulders. "If you want me to stop I could just bop you on the forehead every time you start to nod off." Zalus joked as he continued his trade. This was one of the ways he would normally flirt with agirl but at this moment that wasn't his intentions.

Amari had grabbed her rifle, looking briefly to Khiyai, her heart going out to the poor thing. Hopefully, Alia merely being there would bring her some measure of comfort. But, rebreather in place, goggles on, and her head tucked into the jacket's hood, secured, she opened the cockpit's hatch. Cold air blasted inside for a brief moment as she jumped out, case, and rifle in hand. Her boots crunched on snow as she closed the cockpit, resealing it. One more look to the occupants, and the good doctor was off, the loud "Crunch Crunch" of boots on hardpacked snow evident as she went at a trot, the mecha looming before her, a VANDR who'd been torn asunder, oozing fluids coagulating, freezing. She knelt briefly, scooping some of the viscous jelly-like gray substance up, knowing it to be Prajna. The symbiotic lifeforms had all but frozen, went into a deep hibernation state, or died.

She then got to her feet, pulling the rifle up, the case slung on it's strap over a shoulder as she made her way slowly to the chest of the ravaged unit. Taking stock of what she saw, the battle it had seen must have been intense... she wondered briefly if it was even salvageable, granted, Alia would give it her all, the thought occupying her mind as she kept walking forward, heading to the base of the neck, and head, where the cockpit/insertion capsule would be located. She had no idea what she would find, let alone the shape of it. But if there was someone alive in there, she had to get to them quickly, or else risk them dying of any injuries sustained, or a cruel death at the icy claw'd hands of nature itself.


Beam lasers raked across the sky like pillars of light, coming closer and closer to Paralovi with each sweep. Each volley was only halted when friendly fire between the towers was to occur, but otherwise, the shots were unending. Interestingly, the pursuing Soono, elected to remain further away, perhaps only waiting to see if and when it could claim its prize. "It's finished. Shoot down the main sensor dish atop the central tower and I can slave it to your targeting systems!" Ninlil exlaimed, shaking up Zus' motionless body as she shouted to her through the VANDR's communications system.

"And that would be..There!" Zus communicated, turning her weapons on the dish. She fired on it, and boosted as close to the tower as she could, planning on replacing the dish with Paralovi so she could have the same field of view as the spot's previous occupant.


Moving to intercept the surprise back-stab, the Soono swung around with its powered fist with tremendous force. The bladed strike made by Rina cleaved the arm off the enemy's body, but he retaliated by plunging his other arm into her VANDR's torso, placing a shallow hole into the armor as it penetrated shields and the topmost layers of the Aerudirn colonies that coated the mecha's body.

'Ismat cursed, feeling Rina being not-so-happy about being punched. The VANDR raised it's arm to stab the katar into the Soono's remaining one while using CELB fire at point blank. 'Sorry Rina. I'll try to not that happen again,' 'Ismat thought to her VANDR's NI. 'You've been doing great so far though! Just a little bit more and we'll beat this jerk!'


"Oh well. I'll die the lived... I died." Anik said in a rather relaxed, if a little incoherent manner. "Got any rations in your storage compartment? I need to get the taste of blood out of my mouth."

Zalus looked over and opening the small compartment. "Lets see... This might me good..." Zalus pulled out a small flask and handed it to her. "I hope this is what I think it is."

Amari had to climb a little ways, lugging the case and rifle awkwardly up along with her as she reached the cockpit exterior hatchway. The doctor pressed a hand to the cold armor plating, wiping away soot, and snow as she took the butt of the rifle, and banged it against the cockpit, the muffled thuds translating through.



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Re: [Phase One: Mission 2] Blind Flight, Fight

Fal Drudis Spaceport, Mazerin
Malakai 1, 935
05:11, Commonwealth Standard Time

Zalus looked up at the bulkhead and reached for his pistol. "Wait here dear..." He trained his pistol at the hatch and reached over and quickly opened it. He kicked it open and saw the medic kneeling next to it. He lowered his weapon and held out his hand. "Well I don't remember calling a doctor but I am very glad for the house call. She needs some help. I think she's got radiation poisoning."

Amari paused at seeing the Laiz Pistol trained on her, and the occupant who thankfully turned out to be someone she recognized (As well as him lowering the weapon.). Although, as he spoke, mentioning someone else within the cockpit, it was then that she saw Anik, her eyes narrowing slightly then returning to normal as she registered this. The doctor however did not take Zalus' hand, instead she sat upon the open hatch, and slid in carefully, inadvertently bumping into the young pilot. She quickly recovered, taking stock of him. "I've been known to make house calls, but thankfully, your VANDR was visible..." She trailed off, pausing momentarily to look at Anik once more before kneeling beside the woman.

"How long has she been like this?" Amari questioned, removing warm gloves from her hands in order to be able to adequately do her job.

Zalus shifted out of the way as best he could in the crowded cockpit and closed the hatch. "Well she has been slowly falling asleep and I think she's been out there since the start of this fun little ball that's going on."

Amari nodded, a few things to suggest the "Slowly falling asleep." running through her mind as she finally got the gloves off. She flexed them a few times to limber them up, as well as to promote circulation before placing a hand in front of Anik's face, and snapping her fingers a few times. "Has she mentioned any injuries, pains, discomforts?" The doctor asked the pilot as she placed her case on his seat, shoving the rifle in his hand before opening it, and taking out a penlight.

Zalus took hold of the rifle and engaged the safety. "Well the fact that she is bleeding out of her ears and nose and mouth and who knows where else." Zalus placed the rifle across his lap.

Amari waved a hand dismissively at that. "I need to know more. Has she said anything." The doctor nearly snapped at the poor lad before grabbing an injector, and two different vials from a pouch in the case. She looked at one, shook her head, and got another before placing it inside with a little 'Click'. "After I give her this, I need you to open her jacket, I'll need to prepare a few things." There was a small distinctive 'Hiss' from the injection device that she placed to the side of Anik's neck, the vial now empty. "Gave her a general dose of Prajna. It should help...but do as I said, now." And then she began to busy herself with the case, taking out several different vials and boxes, more or less working with a stern visage on her face as she began her craft.

"And try not to move her too much!" Amari added as if an after thought.

Zalus recoiled at Amari's rebuke and then placed the rifle on the floor. "Well Anik, Doctor's orders. Time to take that top off." Zalus smiled at the wounded woman and shifted over to her and started to remove her shirt gently so he wouldn't hurt her. He looked over at Amari. "She said she was thirsty if that helps."


Savitar remained where he was, attempting to get a sensor reading on the situation and switched to optics to try and visually see the events going on while acting as the guard for the downed Nara. "Ugh this is a huge pain in the ass, without a safe way to clear this jamming it's almost impossible to figure out just what's going on here from range." He sighed, speaking to the NI, he tried to broadcast a message to the other members of the Wing. "VANDR Shiva here, what's going on? With this jamming I can't get a fix on anything and I can't move until Zalus' recovered from the downed Nara."


Serhan continued to defend himself from the drones, this time scoring a bladed strike one quickly enough to disable it and toss it into another, sending both careering to the ground. The remainding units surrounded him and began to fire, and as he tried desperately to mount a last minute defense, each took turns ripping his armor apart with mixed laser and coilgun fire. The Marranr's VANDR could not take the intense damages being dealt to at, and with a strike to the reactor suite, dropped out of the sky like the two drones it has so easily dispatched.

Jarita's foot plowed right through the left shoulder of the enemy frame, the particle field allowing the bladed appendage to cleave the limb off like heavy knife would those of an edible cephalopod. But in an instant, it retaliated, plunging it's fist up to the VANDR's groin and preparing to fire a burst of laser fire.

Shifting her unit to evade, the Sund Wakir Runner flipped over the enemy frame, putting them back to back, then donkey-kicked at the drone controller's antenna array. With those gone, Reovan was sure the Soono would no longer be able to direct the drones.

Both blades punctured the heavy antenna arrays that adorned the Soono's back, ripping into them with ungodly ease. Despite being relatively well-armored, it seemed that the Soono's antennae were made of low-grade steel, and were quite instantly torn to pieces as the blades were withdrawn from the back. Reeling from the hit, the Soono veered around to return fire with its remaining arm and began to fire poorly-aimed laser pulses at Jarita. Meanwhile, the drones, having completed that last order and lacking new directives from their controller, hovered awkwardly in the air around the two, shifting around like lobotomized airborne cattle.

The lasors would hit nothing. Now that the drones were no longer under the Soono's control, Reovan had better things to take care of. She MASC jumped away to dodge the fire and let loose with a swarm of CELB and missile fire to finish the enemy frame off.

The Soono was struck with the full force of Jarita's volley, and in a flash of light and plasma, was blown apart by the force of the attack. Limbs were flayed off the main body by the impact, while the fuselage and torso were sent in a downspin towards the grounds outside the spaceport.


"Target him with your long range sensors, I can do the rest!" Ninlil replied, as the high-mounted array of laser batteries ceased their rain of high-energy beam fire. Each one of them quickly turned in the direction Zus was facing, and began to charge to fire again.

Zus turned to the approaching Soono, getting a targeting lock on it. She opened a communication line to the enemy, and asked "So, How does it feel to be on the losing side?" and with that, she opened up with the suddenly linked AA batteries, as well as every weapon her VANDR had that was pointing towards that enemy.

"Try dodging this!"

Halting the slow approach that it had begun when the laser fire had stopped, Soono attempted to move out of the way as it realized it was being targeted, by what appeared to be a power source as powerful as that of a battleship. Each turret reoriented to face the single target and fired, each blue beam moving too quickly and too accurately to ever possible be evaded with an effective lock. The Soono was not ripped apart or perforated, but vaporized in large pieces as it was struck, and each beam caused a little more of the substance that composed it to burst into plasma and vapor.

Quickly enough, there was nothing left of the hostile mecha.

"That was surprisingly easy. Alright Ninlil, we got them good. where to next?" the Eyr Ranr said, tracking what vew particles were left of the enemy suit. "I suppose we could head back and see if everyone is okay." And with that, Zus lifted off heading back towards the base, hugging close to the ground to hopefully be harder for sensors to detect


"Incoming object, above. So-M1 Erla VANDR." Shiva replied calmly, directing Savitar to a large mass of organoid tissues and warped Aerudirn dropping down through the air, directly above him.

"Consume one of the supercapacitor packs. We can't let you hit the ground!" Serhan grumbled, struggling to get his VANDR to move as it plunged down through the air toward the terminus tower. The VANDR could move its limbs and flay about in the air, but its drive and power train were still disrupted by the attack, and by the time he could get it to restart it would likely be too late.

"Shit!" Savitar cursed and tried to activate his barrier shield to protect himself and the downed Nara under him. "Who's VANDR Is it Shiva?" he asked as he braced himself for it. "Any suggestions on how to soften this impact?"

Thinking quickly, he shifted gears, thinking not to defend but to catch the falling Erla and moved up and prepared himself mentally and thrust up faster to try and catch Serhan's Mecha at the very least.

Savitar felt a strong thud through the pressure sensors in Shiva's hull, as Serhan's VANDR crashed into his front, causing the equivalent of bruising to the organic chassis beneath the armor. But just as quickly as he had caught the frame, did the white VANDR slip through Shiva's grasp and continue to fall the remaining half kilometer of sky separating him from the platform. Shiva's NI informed him that the extra power he put into shields caused the vector field to repulse the white VANDR and prevented an adequate grip.

"Dah!" Savitar canceled the barrier shield and shot down after the VANDR to try and grab it again by trying to grab Serhan's arm. He knew that he had to try to catch that VANDR again, before it crushed the others and powered down to grab the mecha.


Anik shifted round and merely shrugged. "Nothing she hasn't seen already." The infantrywoman grinned a little and wiped away a little trickle of blood from underneath her nose. The skin underneath the shirt, once a creamy white, was bruised and covered in veiny yellow splotches, especially near the neckline and around the waist. "And you, I don't really care. I'd rather someone that wasn't a doctor saw me naked, a last time before I died."

Zalus continued to smile as he gingerly removed Anik's under shirt. "Well dear you look lovely all things considering. But don't talk like that. I'll get to see you naked atleast a few times more after this." Zalus looked back over to the doctor. "Hows that coming over there?"

Amari continued on with her mixing of various drugs as Anik spoke. "As much as I'd like to play doctor with you again, Anik, I'm determined to patch you up." She spoke in a calm, almost mellow voice now before looking to the side, and at her bared chest. Her lips pursed, she rubbed her hands together to promote warmth, and placed one upon her tummy, trying not to touch the blotchy, bruised areas. The doctor felt there, and gave a small nod of her head before she rolled her eyes at Zalus. The dusky skinned doctor held up the same injector used before, and looked directly at Anik, at the sametime a connection from the skin contact forming between them. From the looks of it, she'd internal bleeding, as well as the distinct possibility of a broken bone or two, hopefully nothing was punctured.

"A very mild stimulant, to keep you awake. Also included are several different drugs to promote blood flow, red blood cell production, pain medication and a second dosage of Prajna more tooled for sustaining your vitals then healing. The feeling will be...tingly..but you should be fine. Just don't move too much. I think you may have something broken in there, and while this Cocktail is working on you, I need to examine you."

"Nothing I haven't already been pumped with. It's a shame that I'm bleeding on the inside, so acting tough just makes me look stupid." Anik nodded with a pained smile, and reached up to brush her curly light gray hair out of her eyes. "Jeez. And to think I figured I wouldn't need a bra with those support biomods you gave me."

Zalus shook his head. "But bras look nice. It's one thing to just see every thing but it's more fun when theres a little bit covered up." Zalus was trying to keep Anik's attention on him instead of the doctor's inspection. "We'll get you out of here in no time deary!" Zalus patted her leg lightly.

Savitar sent a message over the comm to Nara hoping Zalus would hear it. "You have to get out of there NOW." he shouted hoping it'd get through. "There's a shot down Erla plummeting toward you!" he warned them. "I'm trying to get it but try to evaucate that area." he advised them urgently as he thought about it, increasing his dive speed to try and grab Serhan's white mecha again without his barrier shield up.

"Careful there, pilot. Otherwise she may take that as you showing some interest. But if you like your back being clawed...feel free." The good doctor then lightly took hold of one Anik's arms, finding a vein, she placed the injector to it, the same wet 'Hiss' from before sounded off again as the cocktail of drugs began to twist and turn through the infantry woman's system. Once done, she laid the device aside, and grabbed what appeared to be a beige tub of ointment that had a sickly sweet smell. "Something Altjira has been toying with, gel'd Prajna. " She explained, taking a daub out of the tub, she rubbed the opaque gel in her hands, and lightly, began applying it to Anik's bruised areas. All the while, one hand staying in contact with her skin, the doctor tried to do all she could to ease the woman's suffering, but took the hand away soon after, placing them about Anik's midriff, and began to apply more of the gel there. The skin took on a small sheen, that slowly dulled, the mottly colored skin remaining unchanged for the time being.


After the near miss of his first try, Shiva's fingers locked with those of the white VANDR, the junior runner was faced with having to compensate for the weight of two units , where only one of them had a functioning buoyancy field generated by its MASC drive. So while he had a grip, the two of them continued to fall quite quickly, every second bringing them ever closer to the wreck bellow.There was no helping it, not way to top what was going to happen, and even though he'd managed to slow down the crash, it seemed there was nothing keeping it from happening eventually.

But then, with less then three meters separating Serhan and the three Vanguard soldiers inside of Nara from a horrific collision, the white VANDR regained buoyancy in the air. Communications, weapons and shields all came online, and Anik, Amari and Zalus had been saved.

Serhan's VANDR nodded to Shiva, as it landed down on the ground. The snow had stopped falling, and where the fresh powder had not been blasted away by particle blasts and laser fire, it had already begun to soften and melt. When the pointed feet of the So-M1 touched down, there was a slushy squish, rather than the dry, cottony crunch associated with fresh powder. The cockpit hatch opened up, and out emerged the prajna-drench linksuit-clad officer, tapping his suit's earpiece to communicate with his unit. "Everyone, report status.

Savitar settled down a short distance away and sighed some, coming down off the heart-pounding adrenaline rush he had going on as his VANDR's feet touched down in the squishy snow as well when he heard Serhan's directive. He'd use his comm at such a close range and tried to come through as clear as possible. "Are you ok Sir? What happened to you?" he asked tersely as he remained inside his
cockpit. "Is there anyone else that might need a hand?"


Zalus responded to Serhan's relatively clear message. "Well sir I'm here with the good doctor and madam Anik and we are just dandy all things considering. Nara is down and out sorry I can't help any further."

Anik reached out and attempted to swat Zalus on the head, but immediately realized how painful it was to move as she attempted do to. The result action would be interpreted as a light tap on the head, or an affectionate rub of his scalp. "You... forgot something." She grunted, biting down on her lower lip to avoid screaming out as loudly as she wanted to.

"Ninlil and I are safe and sound, though we owe a nearby province a new sensor dish for their defense systems." Zus responded from far away, probably not very clear.

Zalus looked back at Anik with a sorry look on his face. "I'm sorry my dear. I just got caught up in the moment." Zalus called back into the coms: "Sir one more thing. Anik was out there for a while and she is wounded. The doctor is working on her now but as soon as we can we may want to move her to hospital."

Amari frowned down at Anik, wanting to swat her, the urge however, was suppressed. "Hold still, you're still too injured to move around. I'm trying to stabilize you, Anik..."The woman wore a look of concentration as she continued to rub in the Prajna Gel, and finally stopped, moving on to wipe her hands clean.

Serhan felt a little alarmed by the revelation, but as quickly as he had heard it was already contacting the spaceport officials to prepare medivac shuttles outside of the quarantine zone. "I see. Zalus, I suggest you remove Nara's NI core and take it with you." The order came with a light tone of amusement, as if something he had said before had just come back to bite him. "The Graiv Haidan's naval division is sending us a Vayu-class to transport Ninlil. It's likely that you'll get a replacement body for your unit."

Managing to finally calm down, Savitar sat back in his seat and stretched out a bit; it seemed to be over for the time being. He was glad to hear that the others were ok and relaxed for the moment; listening to what was being said and checked on the total damage to his unit. "Shiva, how badly are you hurt?" He asked the NI quietly.

Zalus over to the doctor as he rested agaist the wall of the cockpit. "Well we have the medi-vac incoming soon. Good job ma'am. I only wish you could provide that same care to nara right now..." Zalus Then shifted over to his pilot seat and slid into it. "Well girl... I'll get you a new body soon." Zalus slid his hand around the controls and relaxed.

Anik merely grinned painfully when she faced the reality of how at fault she was, and acknowledged Amari's restraint in not striking her. "I... I'll be sure to appreciate it when I'm alive and out of the tank. But it's a little hard to keep things in perspective when I'm definitely not in pain."

Amari placed a hand on Anik's forehead softly. "Rest, Zalus has informed the commander of the situation. Just concentrate on healing."



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Re: [Phase One: Mission 2] Blind Flight, Fight

Now that the dust, smoke and burnt grime of had settled, emergency teams were able to deploy to deal with the situation. Hazmat teams that had been waiting behind the security perimeter around the terminal tower were now scrambling to deal with the toxic particle field that lingered in the air, and the line that had been formed to contain the fighting was now that of a quarantine zone. Within a few minutes, the area was being attended to by figures clad in bulky garments and emergency equipment, and a silvery shroud had been erected over the entire top of the tower had been to contain whatever particles where still being dispersed.

What a disgusting way to fight.

"Alright, Bahram Wing. My readouts of your VANDR confirm that all remaining units will be able to break orbit without assistance." Serhan communicated to the remaining members of the wing. His tone was calm and quite a bit toned down from his speech from earlier, boasting a kind of dull solemnity. "They've... found Mu'Tasim in Famasir's wreckage, alive, but seriously injured. Malik is okay as well, although he seems... rattled about what happened."

They'll be well taken care of, the ones that were hurt trying to protect my wing. Even if I do have to seem heartless so the mission is continued, I'll do so knowing that they are in the hands of the some of finest physicians in the Commonwealth now.

"We leave in three minutes, so get ready to go. Alia, the catapult on the Western terminus is being calibrated to place you in orbit within a livable distance of our frigate transport." The Marranr continued, nodding to his wing through the biomechanical head of his battle-scarred, white VANDR. There was something different about his posture and movement, as he felt a little less proud of himself than when they had first sortied. "As for Zalus, I suggest you group up with the three in the Quodr and scrounge what you want from your cockpit storage bins."

"And remember, that this was a victory, no matter how much it seems otherwise." His words did not seem any more grim than they were courageous, but simply acknowledge the reality of the situation.


As the six craft left the canvas, the government workers continued to work to contain and clean up what the enemy had caused and they had left behind. Ships continued take off and land at the various terminals, and the brightly let, frosted metal and glass city surrounding it shone brightly in the setting Mazerin sunset.
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