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RP: Bahram Wing [Bahram Wing Side Story] A Quiet Evening After the Storm

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The Pixel Knight
VSV Astarte
Crew Shrine
Bukor 11, 936
25:04, Commonwealth Standard Time

After almost seven hours of proceeding funeral services and typical ceremonies, the atmosphere in the Base Shrine was winding down. Most of the Stewards were now talking with one another, many of them wearing plain Ceremonial Robes. Mu'Tasim, was quite noticeable on the far-end of the Shrine, talking with some of the elder's about the days events. His bright, white robe stood out amongst the colors and most of the dull browns the other stewards wore. At the door of the Shrine was a small group filing out of the room as the final service ended, two of the younger stewards ushering them out.

Zus stood outside of the door, watching as people made their way out of the shrine following the services. the Eyr Ranr had sat outside for the past few minutes, listening to the final farewells and the dismissal of the mourners. The blonde politely waited for the last of them to leave before making her move into the shrine, but she was stopped by one of the younger stewards before she could quite enter.

"I'm sorry, but all services are over-done!" peppily informed the girl that had stepped into Zus' way. Her voice could have been recognized as the steward that informed Mu'Tasim he needed to hurry earlier in the day. Her hair was blonde, like Zus', but curly, and despite being apparently younger, she had a more womanly figure. "You'll just have to go-leave, and come back tommorow-later!"

"Thank you Steward, but I have an appointment with Mu'Tasim. Could you take me to him?" the Lanbalri asked, dismissing the girl's attempts to push her out of the shrine. It wasn't like Zus was a complete stranger to the shrines anyway, she was often in here talking with the Vaytulri and wasn't exactly the opposite of pious.

The girl puffed her cheeks, and stabbed a finger into Zus' chest.

"Now hear-listen here! I know you Vanguard-barbarian types like to occupy-take Farouk-Sera's time, but enough is enough! He is exhausted-tired, and he doesn't need your fret-meddling!" The girl said defensively. "Now the shrine is closed, shoo, bring your topics-words tommorow-later!"

Zus continued to smile politely and dismissively at the girl, but was inwardly sighing in frustration. "Miss, I was invited by Farouk himself. Please let me in, Unless you'd rather I called his datarod and disturbed the entire shrine?" The Eyr Ranr threatened, looking down on the somewhat shorter girl, with her hands on her hips in an authoritarian gesture. barbarian? she wondered, idly.

"Farouk-Sera is--...!" The girl started loudly.

"Farouk-Sera is what?" called a familiar, and warm voice from across the somewhat quiet room. Mu'Tasim, along with most of the room had taken notice of the outburst. Upon noticing this, the girl's face turned a shade of red.

"F-F-Far--" stuttered the flushed steward-girl.

"Zus? Ah! You came!" Mu'Tasim said cheerily, nodding to the elders and strolling across the room. He grinned warmly to her, and nodded to the stagnant steward-girl. "Skuli? Something wrong?"

"N-n-... N-no Farouk-Sera! It's just, sh-she... Said she came-arrived to see you!" Skuli finally got out.

"Ah," He smiled at Zus, walking up to her, and giving her a quick peck on the lips. "That is because I asked her to come."

A series of gasps rose across the shrine, several of the stewards suprised by what they had seen. Most of them had seen Zus here a few times, but they never though that the Temple Guard was courting anyone. Some of the women looked as if they had just been shot, along with a few of the men. Skuli in particular looked as if she was about to cry.

"Thank you for trying to do your job, Skuli" Zus said to the girl, having picked up her name the instant Mu'Tasim said it "But I really am supposed to be here." She smiled, walking inside and making her way to her beloved, giving him a greeting hug as she arrived, along with his greeting kiss. "So I hear the services took a while. I only caught the ending, but what I heard sounded like the kind of sendoff I would like." the Eyr Ranr grinned, still lightly embracing the Sund Wakir.

"Ug..." Skuli hicced in tears before turning her back on the couple and spiriting out of the Shrine.

"Well, let us hope that I never have to send you off." Mu'Tasim chuckled grimly, his arms, and part of his robes encompassing her. Through their touch, she'd be able to feel that his spirited nature had dwindled greatly since they met earlier in the day. "Though, how much time do you have this evening?"

"All evening, I suppose, until they assign me back to duty, but you'd be assigned as well, anyway." the blonde answered. "I got all of my business done and learned some somewhat unsettling news from my parents, though." she continued, sounding somewhat glum, her emotions kind of muddled as they passed th mu'tasim through their touch.

"What hap--..." Mu'Tasim stopped for a moment, before noting the silence in the room, and then aura of dissappointment he was feeling off some of the stewards in the room. He looked around for a moment, all of the prying eyes and ears suddenly going back to what they were doing before Zus had come in. "Perhaps we could take this elsewhere? I feel we've attracted a great deal of attention for some odd reason." said Mu'Tasim, not exactly realising the extent of his own popularity.

"I think it's our height." the Eyr ranr joked, complying with her love's request and making her way to the exit so they could go elsewhere. "Where should we go, though?" Zus asked, not entirely sure of wether or not Mu'tasim had a place in mind or not.

"I was thinking the Officer's lounge, there's usually no one up there this time of evening, and I believe there's a quaint view of Mazerin." Mu'Tasim recommended with a confident grin, this way, he could also fetch a snack or something before he'd have to go on duty, or get to bed. At the same time? He could have some alone time for once with someone who didn't want to do business.

"Last I checked I was not an officer, But I suppose being accompanied by one would work. Lead the way, Vaytulri Farouk." Zus teased, slipping an arm into Mu'Tasim's and snuggling her face against his shoulder.

Mu'Tasim held her close, smiling warmly to her, allowing her to feel the strain from all the work in the day to fade away. The two of them had a quiet stroll throught he corridors of the ship, before making it up to the door of the Officer's lounge. As they stepped in, both of them would notice how empty the room was. Mu'Tasim looked around, slightly disheartened at the lack of anything edible at the moment. At any rate, it was good to see the two of them had the room to themselves. He noted a small table with two chairs closest to the observing window.

"Ah, I see the perfect spot!" Mu'Tasim smiled, breaking away from Zus for a moment to grasp her hand and guide her over to the empty table. He stepped over to one fo the chairs, and pulled it back for her, and gestured for her to sit.

Zus smiled, amused by Mu'Tasim's formal flair, and his treatment of her. She was not used to being treated like such a lady, but felt she could get used to it. "A Perfect spot to stare at a ball of Ice, I see" She joked, politely sitting down and waiting for her 'host' to do the same. "So, what's on tonight's itenerary?" the blonde ventured, amused.

Mu'Tasim pulled off his robe for a moment, and set it on the back of the table, the mantle fittng suprisingly well over the back. He gave her a sly smile before looking off at Mazerin.

"I was figuring we could take in the glory of the untouched planet below us. We did rather well today, you specifically. The way you handled the enemy earlier, I would have confused you for an ace!" The Temple Guard chuckled, his bare forearms resting on the deck.

"Well, I found out during the service for today that that mission qualified me for ace status, Actually." Zus grinned for a moment, but then darkened a bit as she realized that that meant she had killed several people in the process of gaining a tittle. "I'm not sure I want the title, though, But If I hadn't done it, millions on Mazerin would have probably died." she stared out the viewport at the iceball, thinking hard as to why she was really here in the first place.

"We are soldiers, Zus, this path is required of us. Even if we do not wish to kill, we must defend against those that would. You're doing the dreamers work, my love, and that title is proof of it." Mu'Tasim said encouragingly, with a warm smile. One of his rough hands extended out, as if an offering to her.

"Do not think of it as those you kill, but as more as those you save, correct?" The Temple Guard chuckled, "Who knows, you might become feared amongst the enemy, and have your name be enough to frighten them from battle. A bloodless victory."

"If they knew me, they might be freightened enough already" Zus joked, smiling and taking Mu'Tasim's proferred hand. "That's how I usually think of it, but when I stop and actually wonder about the life that I may have stopped short... well... I suppose one or two is less than thousands or millions that IT could have stopped."

"I prefer to think of it as we are ignorant of our enemies, and our enemies are ignorant of us. In our ignorance, we refuse to acknowledge any other fact than the enemy is a threat to our safety. If we thrust in the way of a sword, the let it be so that we can stop that sword, before it wounds anyone past us." Mu'Tasim gripped her hand tightly before giving her a warm gaze, and went on in an almost joking fashion. "Don't think too much of it, or you may end up like the Marranr."

"I definitely do not want to be like the Marranr. His soul is more frozen than the wastes of Ghoroun" she grimaced momentarily, before returning Mu'Tasim's gaze. "It is much warmer in here with you, one who's soul is not bound by doubt or sorrow, despite what you've been through".

"Then I will keep you warm, as long as you wish for it." Mu'Tasim tilted his head with a smile, "Though, I do believe you had some sort of 'news' before we came on to this 'cold' topic."

"Oh? That's right, I did. I was talking to my parents, and when I asked them how Szemis was doing..." She trailed off, making a grumpy sound, before continuing "He apparently decided to join the Vanguard as well, and managed to get himself assigned to none other than the VSV Astarte." The displeasure evident in Zus' face could have made a herdtitan roll over in throes of fear, as much as it was full of spite and annoyance.

"I take it your brother isn't on your good side?" Mu'Tasim chuckled, not hearing much of Szemis Storhan before now. Even if he could sympathize about annoying friends, he had no experience on siblings, as he was an only child.

"Well, It's not that. I like him enough, and he's handy with the Skyboards, it's just that, whenever he's around he follows me everywhere and pesters me and pries into my business.." As Zus continued to explain she sounded more and more exasperated until she finally ended with something along the lines of 'he's a starstruck meathead'.

"He sounds like a handful!" Mu'Tasim chimed, running a hand through his beard. Through their touch, he could feel her exasperation, and the plain annoyance in having to recall her little brother. In a way, it almost made him glad at having being an only child. Though, the way she described it, Szemis almost sounded reliant on his big sister when he was around her.

"Yet," he started, giving her a thoughtful look, "it sounds as if he looks up to you."

"I suppose he does look up to me... I just wish he wasn't so annoying about it." Zus gave a tired smile, gently gripping Mu'Tasim's hand. "I suppose this is all foreign to you, being an only child and all" the Eyr Ranr observed, feeling Mu'bserved, feeling Mu'tasim's emotions through their touch.

"It is, but I believe I can get a general idea from what you're feeling." Mu'Tasim chuckled, rolling his fingers over her had as he felt her grip. "I tend to have people who look up to me, Rashidan especially, as it seems. Would I be going too far to say Szemis is somewhat like Malik?"

Zus though for a moment before giving out a slightly frustrated sigh. "No, that wouldn't be going too far. Szemis is just like Malik."

Mu'Tasim deadpanned for a second upon hearing that. "I see, no wonder how you handle Rashidan's antics so well!" the Temple Guard chuckled, "Though, honest, don't you think this will be good for him? Szemis just needs to become self-reliant, being a soldier in the Vanguard might be the perfect thing for him!"

"Well, Has Rashidan become all that much more self-reliant than when we first met him?" Zus mused. "However, I have more faith in my brother than in Rashidan; Cohronl's are just crazy." the girl smiled one more, wondering idly how large the explosion of the universe would be when those two met.

"Perhaps you could introduce him to Malik! They seem to be like-minded individuals. Perhaps they could assist eachother in their own self-reliance." Mu'Tasim seemed to be wondering the same thing, unsure whether such a decision could be disasterous or not. At any rate, it seemed like one of the few steps into the right direction. "Besides, I'm not too sure anyone else could handle another... eccentric person like Rashidan."

"Ehh.. that's a discussion for later. I don't think they should meet until AFTER the NVR is destroyed." Zus said, trying to change the subject. "You know, I'm starting to feel a little hungry... is there anything to eat around here?"

"I thought there would be, but all the food available to the officers seems to have already been eaten, or taken back down the kitchens." Mu'Tasim sighed, before audible groan in his stomach was heard in the silence in the wake of his words. The Temple Guard's cheeks flushed a little as an embarassed grin came across his face. "Heh heh, was that me?"

Zus giggled, but quickly covered her mouth with her hand in an attempt to politely stifle it. Once she regained herself, the Eyr Ranr cleared her throat a bit "Well, then. What are we to do about this situation?" It was highly amusing to Zus to see Mu'Tasim acting something other than his usual formal, structured self, as much as she liked that side of him. "Shall we go raid the kitchens?"

"Now now, I know we're hungry, but that would be a misappropriation of ship supplies!" Mu'Tasim said in a somewhat warning tone, despite the fact that his hunger would likely drive out that thought the more this conversation went on. It was always on the edge of his mind, but Zus always seemed as if she had some sort of mischievous personality under her guise as a soldier. He saw it in her eyes, and in her face, but most of the time that aspect never seemed to give full proof to it's existance. Was this minor suggestion a part of that?

Zus laughed again "You're taking me too seriously, I just meant go down and get some food, not actually raiding the kitchen. 'raiding' is just slang to use because it's something of high priority to us." the Eyr ranr explained her wording, finally sticking her tongue out at Mu'Tasim, mischievously. "Well? I know you're hungry, and it's a good bet I am, too."

"Well... If you put it that way, I suppose it's alright!" Mu'Tasim pushed his chair back, letting go of her for the moment to stand, and stretch his arms. From the last time she saw them, which was likely back at the hospital since he wore his robes all the time, his arms were much more chiseled thanks to Amari's work-out regimen. With his limbs nice and loose, he threw his mantle over his shoulders, adjusting his robe to fit comfortably over him. Ready to go, he looked over to her, "Shall we?"

"Might as well" Zus answered, getting up from her seat and pushing it back in under the table. the Eyr Ranr stretched as well, a few light pops and cracks from her joints loosening up could be heard. It was obvious Zus was nowhere near as chiseled and toned as Mu'Tasim, but despite the loud pops, her form moved with a kind of grace that Mu'Tasim could never hope to achieve. "Lead the way, My dream."

Mu'Tasim took a moment to admire Zus' movements, wondering if all Eyr Ranr were like that, or if it was just her. The Temple Guard beckoned her to follow, and a faster pace than they had arrived, they left the Officer's Lounge and headed down into the Kitchen. Where some of the cooks had already started to clean up after an early supper. One of them gave Mu'Tasim a stare, knowing full-well of the Temple Guard's ravenous hunger.

"Ah, I am sorry, Vaytulri, but we're just cleaning up. You can pick up what's left on the snack bar." said the Cook, who pointed to a bare looking table with a few of things that had not been eaten or touched during supper. The Sund Wakir gave the table a displeasured gaze before looking back at the Cook with a weak smile.

"Er, thank you." said Mu'Tasim as appreciatively as he could, despite the meager amount of food sitting on the table.

Zus followed along with Mu'Tasim on their way dwn to the kitchen, and, upon being directed to the snack table, was somewhat underwhelmed by the selection. Somehow, saints praise it, there were no Kebabs left. Zus was sure she'd throw a fit if they made her eat kebabs for every meal of every day as they seemed to do. "Well, there's some cereals and granola, which should be good..." The Eyr Ranr pointed out, making her way to the table and fetching two bowls, one getting filled with processed oats and grains, then pouring herdtitan milk on it, the second one she filled with the sweetened clusters of grains, and began munching on, searching for a utensil to eat the cold cereal.

"Yes, but there's no meat." said Mu'Tasim said dissappointedly, staring at the grains and wheat products. He needed something that was lean, and the risk of seeming picky, he only gave the selection a weakened stare. He looked at her for a moment, noticing her lack of a utensil. To assist her, he also scanned the table, but did not find any utensils either, so he turned towards the kitchen.

"One second, love." he said, walking off into the Kitchen, and a minute or too later, out came Mu'Tasim with a spoon, and what seemed to be a meaty looking kebab. Already starting to rip one of the pieces of meat off the stick, he held up the metal spoon up to Zus, a grin popping up behind the kebab as he sampled from it.

Zus almost made a face as Mu'tasim arrived with a kebab, but was able to hold it back when he gaver her the spoon that she needed. Despite her great dislike of Kebabs, Zus was indeed amused by the way Mu'tasim was eating it. His grin making him seem like a child getting a well-deserved piece of sweets. "Thank you, Mu'Tasim" she said brightly, recieving the spoon and sticking it in the bowl of cereal. She picked up her two containers and made her way to a table, sitting down and looking around. Sure enough, the view was nowhere near as good here as it was in the officer's lounge.

Mu'Tasim sat down across from her, still eating as his Kebab, eating the bits of seasoned herdtitan steak that were pierced onto the stick. For a few minutes, he was content with just pulling meat off the stake, and chewing away happily with it in silence. Though, the more it went on, the more he felt the concern of having to ask her something, something that had been in the back of his mind since the briefing.

"I was wondering something..." said Mu'Tasim, letting his kebab waver to the side for a moment, "What are your thoughts with the developing conflict? You seemed troubled at the decision made by the brass today."

Zus paused in her munching, a spoon making a noise as it was set down in its bowl. "The conflict needs to end as quickly as possible. I joined the Vangaurd to prevent conflict and end it where it cropped up, and that is what I will do." She wasn't telling Mu'Tasim that she really didn't want to go out and fight all the time, but she knew somewhere that she had to, wether or not it was enjoyable.

"It sounds like you've come to terms with what was bothering you..." Mu'Tasim trailed off for a moment, his eyes focusing on her. It felt more like he was looking through her than at her. He set aside his kabab and crossed his arms, ignoring his hunger for a bit. "Though, it sounds somewhat... stony... It's unlike you, I figured you would have a more of an issue with all the fighting."

"I- Yeah. I don't want to fight. I would rather not. I joined the Vanguard before I even knew there was unrest in the commonwealth; I thought I would be able to just peacefully fly around in the glorious machines known as VANDR, But now... There's a war, and people are dying.. It's horrible." The Girl seemed downcast, and looked as if she had just dropped a lot of weight and was trying to catch her breath. "Does it ever feel like there's not enough happiness left, to you?"

The Temple Guard leaned back in his chair for a moment, and comtemplated the question. He ran his clean hand through his soft, white beard, his eyes turning up to the ceiling. "In the past, I felt that way. I would look around at times, and see the joy of others, wondering 'Why do I not feel that, myself?'. That was back before this horrid war began. I was a lonely fool who didn't realize that happiness is infinite, and you just have to find it." He looked down to her again, a certain glint in his eyes.

"I became a Temple Guard to see if I could find happiness in duty, and I did. I came to Fort Jarizas and made many close friends, and then, more happiness. Despite the circumstances, and having to kill in battle, I felt happy, because I was not alone." He continued to eye her thoughtfully and then smiled before going on. "Then I met you, and we became as one. Now? I have everything I need, and that is enough happiness to me, and I will die to protect that happiness and you."

Zus smiled at Mu'Tasim. "It's funny how one can get so caught up in the little things they forget the big things." she commented, picking up her spoon and swirling her cereal around in its bowl. "I go down one side path and forget about the road. Wandering minds need a home to return to." she looked down at the bowl, then back up at Mu'Tasim "You are my happiness, and every moment I am with you I have that happiness, yet sometimes I can forget it is right here in my heart for when I need it. Will you stay with me, My dream? So that I never have to forget happiness again?"

"Of course, I am always here, and always will be." Mu'Tasim smiled, sliding a hand out towards her. He gave her a warm smile, "War may be over the horizon, but that looming sun will never tear me from you. I do not care whether it's fire or storms, I have found harmony with you, and I will let nothing change that." The Temple Guard seemed to think on his words for a moment with a reflective face.

"It seems you hold me up as much as I hold you." he chuckled.

"Only the saints know what would happen if one of us were to go away." Zus chuckled, taking the proferred hand. A bit of fear that was trickling away and turning to happiness could be felt, and the rate at which it changed sped up on contact between the two, the Eyr Ranr's mood quickly brightening. "Although, I may have to do something about your fixation with Kebabs." she joked.

"Hey now!" Mu'Tasim laughed, scooping up the Kebab with a free hand. He gave the stick with meat on it a look before looking slyly back at Zus. "You know, you're going to have to explain to me this distaste for Kebabs." He took a bite of a piece of meat, sliding it off the rest of the kebab. "I can see no reason why someone would dislike such a delicious treat."

"Well, they were fine back when they were just a treat, but now there's Kebabs every day, every meal, all the time! Serhan promises us Kebabs for doing a good job, and the cooks seem to only really cook Kebabs." Zus threw her hands in the air, as if she'd had enough of it. "No more Kebabs. I'm good. I've had enough. I need something more than a fast easy meal that takes no skill to prepare!" Her hand returned to Mu'Tasim's, and he could feel a mix of her previous happiness and a slight annoyance, but it mostly seemed to be good-humored.

"But it tastes so good." Mu'Tasim relished, in spite of her annoyance, and in responce to her humor. He took another slab of meat off the stick and chewed it happily. "It's also a decent reminder of home. My father used to make Kebabs all the time! Sand-blasted Herdtitan Sticks, he'd call them. After I left home, I never even saw a Kebab up until now, and frankly, I love it."

"Well, then. you can have mine at mealtimes. I'll find myself something healthier and tastier." Zus chuckled, taking a bite of her cereal in direct defiance of Mu'Tasim's Kebab. She tried to act like it was absolutely delicious, but the cereal was truthfully somewhat bland. And those spices on the meat didn't smell horrible, either. Still, the Eyr Ranr would stick to her words. No Kebabs.

Mu'Tasim could sense a bit of disatisfaction as she took another bite of her cereal. To the Temple Guard, that bowl of grain and grasses looked about as unappitizing as the the equipment used to process it. So, he lightly bit on a bit of meat on his kebab, and pulled up to the tip of the stick. Then, he held the kebab across the table, the delectable slice of meat hanging in front of her face. The scent of the juices and spices close enough to fill her nose, and give her an idea of just 'why' the man was enjoying it so much.

"Why not try a bit of the 'meat', rather than the 'kebab'?" Mu'Tasim smiled. Despite not wanting to part with the delicious beef, he was willing to share with her. "If you don't really eat it all off the stick, it's not really a kebab, eh?"

"Shame on you, Temple Guard. A man of the saints tempting a helpless young lady such as myself." she defended, jokingly. "I will not give in, I am stronger than that. I am not weak willed, nor hot headed, like SOME of our wingmates." she continued, backing away from the kebab. "Eat it yourself. If you want me to eat meat, then cook it properly." the Eyr Ranr smiled.

"Oh, well, if that's how you feel." Mu'Tasim said quickly pulling back the kebab and chomping down on the one of the last remaining pieces of meat on the stick. "Mmmm!" the man cooed in delight. "I still can't see what you have against something so good."

Zus Chuckled. "It is the principle that I am against. If the best the Vanguard can do for its soldiers is a quick meal invented by poor nomads, then they need to try harder." she stated simply, not really caring that Mu'Tasim was eating the rest of the meat. She was just enjoying the change of conversation from the gloom it had previously been.

"Well, this poor nomad hopes they keep the kebabs when they switch up the menus." said Mu'Tasim, eating the last of the food impaled on the stick. "Though, I will see if I can't discuss this matter with the Marranr. Even if it is good, I know how much repititve meals can effect morale."

"Well, I'm glad you're useful for something." Zus answered, smiling. "I would hate to be in love with a useless person, I would feel unbalanced." she playfully stuck out her tongue in defiance, before returning to her meal.

There was mischeivous look again. It was something Mu'Tasim found irresistable about the woman in appearance. He smiled, giving a small sitting bow. "I believe you'll find I have a number of uses, m'lady. For example, I have indominable strength! Would you like me to carry you to your room? I could do it effortlessly, likely with one hand."

"Oh really now?" Zus asked, daring the Sund Wakir with a look. She blushed slightly, thinking of what that might entail, but she mostly appeared to be in a good playful mood, her throughts from before completely gone by now. "All the way to my quarters? With one hand?" she asked, again.

"With one hand." Mu'Tasim repeated, his grin sly, and his hand raised as proof. "Unless you doubt my abilities and believe I need two, in which, despite your usual deductive ability, I would prove you wrong."

"Then I suppose I would need a demonstration. For I do not believe you, this once." Zus answered, grinning. She folded her hands in her lap, inviting Mu'Tasim to come and prove her wrong. While she was partially afraid of being dropped, she did trust Mu'Tasim. Besides, it was amusing to see what the Sund Wakir could be provoked into doing for fun.

"Then prepare to believe!" Mu'Tasim said, standing straight out of his chair and walking over to Zus. In one second, she was sitting next to the man, then suddenly, she'd feel a hand slip behind her, under her bottom and then resting on her outer thigh. With that, she'd notice herself lifting off the floor, the Temple Guard heaving her up effortlessly. For a bit of security, he leaned some of her weight against his body, while his hand supported the rest. "Do you still have doubts?"

"I have no doubts you can carry me." Zus conceded, giggling. "But you did say all the way to my room." she went on, moving around a little in order to sit somewhat more comfortably against the Sund Wakir's chest. "For the sake of knowledge, you must follow through on your entire boast."

"Then for the sake of science, I will do so!" Mu'Tasim said in his authoritive, Temple Guard tone, though with a tinge of trying to resist his own laughter. He tightened his grip on her thigh, and walked out of the mess hall, gathering a few stares from people near-by. The couple walked the halls, well, Mu'Tasim walked, whilst Zus enjoyed a comfortable ride in the Sund Wakir's arm. Suprisingly, as he walked, she'd feel no shaking, and no struggle from her man. It was something he'd have to thank Amari and her work-out schedule for.

Zus' blush deepened with every passing minute, especially when Mu'tasim tightened his grip on her thigh. Certainly, the man could feel her mixed emotions of being embarassed, impressed, and somewhat excited as them moved along, towards the Lanbalri's room. She just thanked the saints she wasn't wearing a skirt or shorts.

Mu'Tasim chuckled as her emotions reached him, his confidence feeding back towards her. It was true, he couldn't help but feel a little embarassed at his boldness, but for some reason it felt right. The Temple Guard continued to parade his beloved around until they finally reached her room, standing infront of the door. "Well! Is this far enough? Or do you wish for me to carry you further?" Mu'Tasim asked, a proud tone lining his voice.

"Might as well just take me all the way and throw me on the bed-" Zus muttered under her breath, but before Mu'Tasim could ask her to say it louder she shook her head and answered "This is fine!"

Her gallant carrier gave her a questioning look, not saying a word, but also not letting her down either.

Zus' blush deepened further, her face a healthy shade of pink. "Afraid to let me go?" she asked, amused, looking into the face of her love, taking in his golden-yellow eyes, his white beard, his very, very manly horns... He was just so very handsome.

"I could say the same thing." replied Mu'Tasim with a coy grin. He let her feet touch the floor, but kept the arm around her, as his other arm joined it, wrapping her in a tight embrace. For a moment, his eyes searched hers, and then joined with her even further with a kiss. It was a bold evening for the man, but it felt so good.

Zus' breath was taken away when Mu'Tasim kissed her; she remembered the last time someone had done something like this to her- and quickly forgot it. That sad excuse for a man was not worth remembering when she had something so much better, someone sincere and perfect, and she was safe in his arms. She pulled back, and caught her breath, trying to get her mind back in order. "A little confident tonight?" she asked, her voice a little airy, her eyes lightly unfocused.

Mu'Tasim stared into her deep blue eyes, noting how taken she seemed to be taken by his actions. He smiled, as he reached a rough hand up to one of her horns, brushing some of her hair back behind it. "I am always confident, but with you with me? More so, I cannot explain it, but something about your eyes, your face, your energy... It inspires me to move." He chuckled a bit, taking in her hazy emotions. "Perhaps it becomes a dangerous combination when you mix it with love."

"Sometimes..." Zus started, trailing off before she could really finish the thought. She wasn't sure what she wanted, but her body and heart were screaming for something her mind knew wasn't right yet; and she was lucky she had a strong enough mind to keep the other two in check, enough that Mu'Tasim would only get a little tingle of what she felt. "Have you ever thought about what you're going to do after...?" Zus asked, not exactly finishing her question.

"After...?" Mu'Tasim did not seem to follow, despite feeling the inklings of her passion. She'd feel a return of similar emotion back, though, like her, he restrained himself. Still, he didn't seem to quite follow her line of thought.

"After whatever the next thing you have planned is?" she asked, not exactly sure what she really meant by it. She wasn't sure she just wanted to go into her room and revel in the feelings she had now, or go and do something more with Mu'tasim, or what. so she went to her default mode: asking questions. "What is your next plan, anyway?"

"Well, it is getting late." Mu'Tasim tilted his head in thought, for once, taking his eyes off her to wonder on that. She could feel his grip on her tighten a little, drawing her in a little closer while he thought. Like that moment long ago, she'd feel something hard brushing up against her, though, the man was still fully-armed, so that could've been anything. Yet, his emotions of passion were obvious, not undeniably strong, but they were there. "I figured we'd just head on to bed." despite how lewd it sounded, he said it with total innocence.

Zus' lips curled up into a grin, as she squeezed him tight, ignoring whatever it was that was pressing into her. "Bed sounds good. it has been a long day for both of us, no?" the Eyr Ranr said, not quite wanting to let go of Mu'Tasim just yet.

Eventually, she knew she had to, and slowly, she began to pull away from him, but it felt odd to do so. Still, it had to be done, lest they fall asleep standing in the hallway. As Zus extricated herself from Mu'Tasim's embrace, she gave him a soft kiss on the lips, then turned to her door, opening it, and stepping just inside. She looked back at Mu'Tasim for a moment, and said her goodnights. "Sweet sleep, my dream. You shall be in my heart and mind tonight." and with that, the girl turned to disappear into her room.
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