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RP [Bahram Wing Side Story] Revitalizing Body and Soul

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The Pixel Knight
Mu'Tasim Farouk cringed slightly at the aching inside his body. Only a few days ago, he had left the hospital on Mazerin, and now found himself on the VSV Astarte, going to another medical ward. When he had stepped on board, the Quatermaster, who to Mu'Tasim's surprise was the same he had in Jarizas, told him that he needed to report to the Medical Bay for an exam. In all honesty, he couldn't disrespect command's doubts of his capabilities. Along with surgery, Mu'Tasim had spent four months in a prajna tank, waiting for radiation to wear away and his new arm to settle in.

All thoughts and pasts aside, the Temple Guard stood before the doors of the Medical Bay. With a discontent and tired sigh, he walked forward, doors opening to allow him in. He scanned across the ward to see who he could ask to get this exam over with, but only found himself getting dizzy at making hard use of his eyes.

Truth be told the medical bay was a fair bit larger then the frigate variety, the walls were lined with prajna tanks, some lowering into he deck, others rising as if being tested for functionalities sake. In short, with everything in the room, the tanks being one of the most prominent features, it was nothing short of a hospital-grade facility done in minature.

Unfortunately for the Temple Guardsman however most of the medical staff had yet to settle in, leaving only one active doctor on duty at present. Their back was turned, near a wall mounted console that was illuminated with flowing lines of script as the on-duty doctor seemed to be working the sound of keystrokes clearly heard.

"Excu--..." Mu'Tasim started weakly, but then cleared his throat. He still hadn't gotten used to speaking again as of yet. He straigtened up and spoke with more authority, in a more Mu'Tasim fashion.

"Excuse me." He chimed, hoping to get the doctor's attention.

The sound of typing subsided as a hand slipped into the lab coat a moment and the individual turned about. The doctor on duty was obviously female and quite obviously recognizable for the young man as she stood there appearing to wait for him to speak further.

With a somewhat vacant stare, Mu'Tasim considered the woman who had turned to address him. As his still recovering eyes focused her in, he began to recognize certain things, the white hair, the very feminine body, and most of all, as Mu'Tasim seemed to collectively remember about everyone he met, her eyes.

"Amari?" He asked her simply, blinking a few times, not necessarily believing she had made it to this assignment as well.

Amari's customary serene smile was now upon her lips as he said her name. "Yes, the one and only." the doctor said as she walked forward, toward the Temple Guardsman having taken notice his odd posturing, the expression on his face, and the somewhat less then sharp recognition time. Frankly it was out of character for him as far as she was concerned.

She paused a few feet short of where he was standing and spoke, "Are you well, Mu'Tasim?"

Mu'Tasim's left hand decided to take a spot behind his back, something not very noticeable due to the heavy robes he was wearing. Instead, he gestured with his right hand.

"I have spent a few months in Prajna Stasis, recovering from injuries due to my folly." said Mu'Tasim, feeling the faint emotion of curiosity echoing lightly from Amari due to distance. It made him notice that she likely had meant about his poor condition, which in turn caused him to sharpen himself and force a more customary stance that made his legs ache. He smiled warmly to an old friend.

"How about you? Are you doing well?" His smile holding past his less than usual demeanor, the warmth in his voice only hindered by a slight crackle caused of underuse.

A gray eyebrow slowly climbed up as he seemed to master himself after her cursory look. "A little tired and stressed. I've been working tirelessly to ensure the medical equipment is functioning normally. Before that I was helping to tend to the survivors of the elevator incident, physical and mental therapies trying to piece their lives back together." she rolled one of her hands as she spoke.

"Other that, I've been quite fine in fact... Although, I am curious as to why you're here. I wasn't aware I had any patients coming in today."

"I just recently came on board, and in accordance to the Health Standards of Frame Runners doctrine, I must pass a medical exam to be considered fit for active duty. The Doctor who was handling my recovery only cleared me for release, but not for duty." Mu'Tasim sighed with a twinge dissappointment. A guilty look came on his face as he went on. "Since, I am still not technically 'fit for active duty', it falls to you to perform the proper procedures so that I can fix this." With that, he bowed his head apologetically to her, as if he had been asking to for her forgiveness.

Amari stepped over to him in a quick stride, interlacing his arm with one of her own. "Well then, let's see what we can do about this problem then." she patted at the trapped hand then as she tugged on him lightly to lead him towards one of the medical beds. In truth, she had a hunch he wasn't in tip top shape just by how he acted on his way in. And now it seemed he was trying to put his best foot forward in the situation and appear normal.

"Thank you, Ghaliya bless you." blessed Mu'Tasim graciously as felt himself pulled along with Amari. The moment she touched him, he began to mask his anxiety. In all honesty to himself, he didn't want her to catch on to the fact that he knew the most likely outcome to this. As he was guided over, he had thrown over a bit of surprise past his anxiety to hide it, which forced a question, one he actually had meant to ask.

"Amari, what are you doing on the Astarte? I thought you were assigned in Jarizas." asked the Temple Guard inquisitively.

Amari only continued wearing that smile on her lips as she allowed him to seat himself on the medical bed. She, however had went and pulled a roller chair over for herself to sit in. The doctor held a tablet-like device in her hand and was staring at it intently a few moments before looking up; ready to answer his question.

"Yes, I was except during the elevator incident with the rebel forces the medical corvette I had been assigned to came across a escape pod of some import. In truth it held the Minister of Commerce and her Solanii assistant. I treated them both, the Minister having a head injury and slightly serious blood loss and shell shock. It took some doing on my part but, she was fine in the end." resting the tablet upon her lap, Amari stared up at him her eyes analytical.

"When news got out a few months later that the Astarte would be at the fore-front of our forces pushing outward in the hunt for the rebel strong hold, Sankhur notified me that Bahram Wing would be joining and taking over the Astarte's VANDR wing. He offered me the position due to my capabilities, as well as my relationships with members of the wing. Knowing a familiar face treating you may help on the long journey. So, here I am. I'll be operating out of a medical corvette if necessary during combat operations and when not, I'll be here."

"I have missed quite a bit." said Mu'Tasim, nodding in confirmation to her story. "Though, it is comforting to know we have you along. It's just... so unusual seeing so many familiar faces on a new ship. In fact, Lantulri Agni Dev, our old quatermaster from Jarizas, told me about this exam." He seemd to take consideration on his next words for a moment, filling the dead air with a thoughtful grunt. "Is there anyone else who followed Bahram Wing aboard the vessel?"

"Our chief mechanist and her assistant, Khiyai." Amari said, her face souring slightly at the mention of Agni. In all her dealings with the man, he did naught but try and hit on her and it got old after awhile. Looking at the tablet again she nodded as if confirming something.

The doctor rested her chin upon a closed fist, leaning on the arm of the chair casually as she stared at him. The stare she gave the poor Guard was the equivalent to a mother catching on to her child's tomfoolery. "You know..." the doctor paused a moment, glancing down at the tablet again and then up at him. "I did not think you had a duplicitous bone in your body, Mu'Tasim. Covering up your weakend state as you are."

"Duplicitous? Nonsense!" Mu'Tasim chuckled deceptively, attempting master himself the best he could at the moment. "Why, Amari, I am as strong as Abu'nal, and as sturdy as Jafar!" He attempted to prove it to her by lifting his right arm, and flexing it. The underworked muscles had kept most of it's build, but it was not as much as it once was despite flexing nonetheless.

"See?" the Temple Guard gestured with his left through his robe at the flexed muscle.

"And Jafar once said, 'The gullible suffer the pains of all.'" the doctor put dryly as she watched the display seemingly unperturbed by it. "Your mind is willing but your body is not right now."

"I am a Temple Guard, I am trained to fight when my body gives up." Mu'Tasim nodded firmly, hiding the exposed arm back under his robe. "I may have suffered some break-down due to my time in stasis, but no matter what, I am ready."

The doctor shook her head slowly a moment. "You really aren't right now. Your muscles have indeed broken down some and it has left you in a weakend state. You need to work on this and hard to be considered truly ready, Mu'Tasim. Physical activity, and a diet higher in esscential nutrients for muscle growth and strength. Do you really think yourself ready in your current condition? Are you ready to have our frame runners to possibly put their lives into your hands?"

Mu'Tasim sighed, the Doctor once again was setting him off in a direction different from what he was heading in the first place. The Vaytulri seemed to consider her words for a moment. It did occur to him that he may have been rushing into the situation a little bit, but he didn't exactly want to risk being put off the ship. In the past, he had been denied assignment and then reassigned to a different ship due to a situation similar to this. His head dipped, a small conflict between preference and duty waging within him.

"I... do not wish to be reassigned." Mu'Tasim glumly responded, his reason coming forth. By his words, he did not seem proud of his deception, nor found it tactful, but it was something he was willing to do.

The doctor sighed under her breath at seeing the bowed head, the despondent sound within his voice. Leaning back in her chair, it creaked as she did so a thoughtful look replacing the one before. Amari's finger tips steepled now as she looked up at Mu'Tasim her gaze measuring, as if weighing his worth in at instant.

"For what reasons do you not wish to be reassigned? What would cause you to risk yourself and possibly others?"

"There are aspects of this Wing that mean something to me. In a way, I've grown... attached... I do not wish to leave my allies here to fight a war without me to assist them." Mu'Tasim explained uneasily, his eyes still not rising to meet Amari's, "And... I can't return to the Guard Hall of Kaeshun with my current failure unanswered. I have a debt to pay as well, and I intend make good on it."

Her index fingers began tapping together rhythmically as she mulled over his words. Amari's lips went into a frown then after a few moments of silence. It was a silly question to ask, but one she felt necessary to assauge her own curiosity, and reaffirm Mu'Tasim's resolve.

"And just what would you do to meet those ends? To repay your debt, and to remain amongst those of the wing? Your words do not sound like those I would imagine passing between your lips. A man once filled with such determination and pride in his duty. Now you cannot look at me as you speak. Why? If it is your wish to remain, never drop your gaze like that do not sound so down. Do something about it. Your time in the tank hasn't weakend your resolve as well as your body has it?"

Mu'Tasim looked up at Amari for a moment, his golden eyes seemingly considering hers, and their odd color. He was silent, his thoughts going through his mind, thinking on exactly why he thought he would've been capable of fooling someone like Doctor Al-Sumed.

"You are correct, once again, Amari." the Temple Guard admitted to her as he brought out both hands, his left still a lighter color than the right. He flexed his fingers. "I've not been myself since I stepped forth from that orange prison. Yet, I will not lie any more, I wish to stay on this ship." His focus on her sharpened into a peircing, "Whether my physical condition is passable or not. I will work my body again, and make it strong, but for now I must make sure that I am not torn from this place."

Amari nodded in reply as she hoisted herself up out of the high-backed chair. She stopped a moment to drop the tablet upon it before disappearing behind a bank of machines, cabinets and other assorted odds and ends. It was a long moment before she appeared again, this time walking briskly over to the same wall mounted console he'd found her in front of before. It was all somewhat drawnout, but thankfully over with sooner then later as a data pad was soon tossed at him.

"Then I intend for you to prove it to me and yourself that you won't be torn from here and will work at becoming strong again." was all Amari said as she stood there a hand planted on one of her hips. The pad already switched on had a directory each sub-menu named with a brief description of its contents.

"I put some information on how to get you back into shape quickly. But, you must follow it to the letter or else it will take far longer then it should. The physical training regiment on there would likely make a normal G.I cringe, but I figure as a Temple Guard you're used to such things." she paused before continuing this time holding out a small opaque bottle that rattled with what sounded like pills. "Vitamins. In case you don't have any for yourself. There is also a strict diet you should adhere to, and you maybe in luck, it calls for a fair amount of protein. But you may wish to pray to the Saints we have more then kebabs on the menu over the course of the next few weeks."

The Datapad was caught between two of the Temple Guard's fingers as he considered it closely. He nodded to Amari's explanation, finding some of the regime lacking in terms of Temple Guard training. However, it's extensive coverage would be what he needed to return to his original fighting form. He looked up at Amari, an extremely grateful expression beamed on his face.

"Amari, thank you. You are trully Ghaliya incarnate." his gratitude was ringing on his words. "Is there any way I can repay you for all of this?"

"Would you accept my saying to simply do your best as repayment?" the doctor asked as she placed the bottle down beside him.

"Nonsense! My best is my duty. This warrants at least some sort of repayment. I cannot simply accept this without knowing a way to repay in kind." Mu'Tasim gave her an urging expression, holding up the datapad.

Amari simply sighed at his continued insistance. "Knowing my patient is healthy and happy is payment enough for me. I'd not have it any other way in this situation. You offer your advice and Stewardly services to me, and I return in kind. I treat physical injuries, you treat those of the soul. Our relationship is symbiotic and mutually beneficial as is. But... just continue to do what you do, show me you're not a broken down husk of a man and I'll consider it enough."

Mu'Tasim chuckled, sliding off his seat to stand on his own two feet, his legs shaking slightly. Like he had done before, he stood in a fortified fashion, like a Temple Guard. His gazed squared onto hers.

"If that is all you require, then so be it." he responded with a smile, nodding his head to her.

The doctor gave him an apprasing gaze before replying. "Just remember at firs to take things easy, slowly and gradually increase the routine. Right now if you tried the full course you'd be flat on your back in here more then likely. And keep in mind, I will be checking up on you. So don't try and rush things. Rushing it will only ruin it, and you in the process."

"Once again, thank you." Mu'Tasim nodded to her again, almost in disbelief to the service she was rendering to him. "I will start immediately." He said, starting for the door, but before that, he threw another smile to her to bid her farewell. "Touch divine, until we meet again."
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