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RP [Banzai!!] Ep. 1 - Better, Faster, Stronger


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Mercenary Base Cargo Hold 4

"I'm surprised they didn't have the mercenaries retreat myself," Hijiki noted as he gazed around the now silent battlefield. He didn't really feel much emotion about the bodies around him; they opposed Yamatai and this is what happened. It just felt like a matter-of-fact situation. It did feel like a waste of life though.

"You'd think that when met with a clearly superior force, they'd either be ordered to retreat or decide the pay wasn't good enough and surrender. They were left here to die, when they could have been used for something else later. Only thing I can think of is that they wanted to buy time."


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Mercenary Base Cargo Hold 4

Mikael listened to each of their responses for a moment before looking at the remaining three of the reinforced fire team. Homma-hei just stood there like a frozen meat popcicle, not knowing what to say as he was focused on the killing. Chu-hei wasn't saying much with her posture either, much preferring to get back to the killing like Hiroki. Miyamoto-heisho, however, responded.

"I agree with the cook, it is highly suspicious that they did not retreat at soon as they realized who they were up against. I mean really, body armor against scalar and aether weaponry??" Miyamoto spoke, nodding to Hijiki.

"You did notice it was Yamataian, did you not read the warning symbol on it? Did you know the items inside were inert?" Mikael said to Hiroki pausing just long enough to not give the infantryman a chance to respond properly and just listen. "Do not answer right now, just think on it for now. You are correct they are pirates though. This system is very convenient for numerous reasons for priacy."

He then paused again briefly. "They did try to retreat, they just didn't do a soon enough. Judging by the variety of aliens including those humans and Minkan over there, they look to be conscripts of some sort. Waiting on identification on the Minkan. What I would want to know is why possessed them into joining Kuvexian mercenaries?"

He said before pointing up to a windowed section of the second floor with his weapon. The situation didn't give him the time to fully pick their brains and assess them further "In the mean time, continue the mission. I need that control room cleared before I disembark. Should have the proper connection to their systems I need to shed some light into the delaying action."

Mercenary Base Central Command Room

"We have lost contact with acolyte cohorts A and B, as well as security teams 7 and 3!" An Elfirn spoke in Kuvexian as she looked at her computer screen. She then swung around to directly look at her commander. A massive black furred creature dressed in green and gold fatigues, the alien commander had a controlled rage on his mammalian face.

"Prepare my armor and redirect Power Armor Teams 2,4, and 5 to rally point 6." he said before making his way out.

"Yes Dvomi."
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Hiroki let out a mental sigh at Mikeal's response. At least he was acknowledged for suspecting that the mercenaries were engaging in piracy. He did find it odd however that there was a Minkan among the Kuvexian mercenary forces. Hiroki's mind took him back to school when he learned about Nepleslia gaining its independence from Yamatai after a falling out. It may be that the poor Minkan was undergoing something similar. A more likely scenario was that they were seduced by greed.

He peered up at the control room for a moment before he checked how much ammunition was left in the current magazine of his weapon. When he was satisfied that the magazine was not going to run dry anytime soon, he clicked it back into his weapon and prepared to move with his team.