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RP Bastion of Winter: Mission to System E13

Olffa's Secure Comms

Classified Eyes Only

X'Muyeia Olffa Muohe Klo'den

As advance party, your mission is to ensure that the security aboard the Bastion of Winter is adequate for the rest of our personnel's safety before they board. Pay special attention to the following:

  1. Use both interview and research methods to learn about the officers and crew aboard. Yugumo Corporation claims to have given you adequate access to review personnel files for those assigned to the ship. Be subtle and conversational during your interviews. Subject should not be aware they are being interviewed.
  2. Verify physical security of ship, including maintenance status and any defects of key ship systems, adequacy of escape pods, fire suppression systems, and survival, and damage control supplies.
  3. Ensure no individuals not on the personnel manifest are aboard.
For the Kingdom, X'Mue.

Leru's Secure Comms

Classified Eyes Only

Agent Leru DePosk'ya

Advance party is X'Muyeia Olffa Muohe Klo'den. After rendezvous, please keep an eye on them, as this is their first mission of this nature. They are unaware of your identity and mission. Only reveal yourself to them if no other option to complete your mission. Otherwise, assist them in any way possible that does not compromise your cover.

For the Kingdom, Agent.

Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Yugumo Employee Lounge

After accepting the auth-key from Rosi'ya with a bow in the polite Yamataian custom, the Minkan acting as the handler for the new arrivals was getting ready to reply, opening her mouth, but was distracted as she spotted the alien animal as it heeled obediently behind the Lorath. She smiled at Melody after giving a polite bow of her head. "No, no problem at all. Not for either of you We were just getting everyone queued up to board. Your Yugumo issued items are already in lined up, so just wait a few more minutes and I will lead everyone out to the terminal." The agent gestured towards the comfortable seating, and then looked up just in time to see the thin, blue, glamorous alien enter. Her eyes widened a little at the striking figure in high-fashion, and a peach blush bloomed in her cheeks.

"Oh! You must be..." The Yugumo docent flipped through the personnel manifest projected in front of her, "Doctor Orlova. Wonderful. Just put any luggage you have here beside your issued items... yours are..." She peeked through the neatly-lined-up duffle bags, "Right here! Anything you checked on arrival is probably already loaded and should be in Cargo One." Side-eyeing Olffa during the interactions with Rosi'ya, she checked off Olffa's box on the manifest and ensured their duffel was there as well.

"Okay, I think that's about everyone now." She spoke louder so her voice rose above the noise floor, "Everyone, please queue up beside your duffel bag and we will head out to board the Bastion of Winter!"

Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Boarding Gate

Mishitari was beside Cecily ensuring everything was going as planned, in constant wireless communication with all of the other drones, Nekos, Minkan, and AI systems involved in the logistics. Considering this was all arranged since Cecily decided to bring the Bastion back to Port Jiyuu before departing, the relative lack of chaos was an astounding testament to both Yugumo Corporation's efficiency, and even moreso Mishitari's. "I will schedule each crewmember in turn. If we deploy within the next twenty minutes, you will have approximately thirty-two standard minutes with each new crewmember, evenly divided. Shall I arrange half-hour sessions then?"

Lisa was pouting, but not outright crying, as she clung to Cecily. "Okay, Mama. I will be good." She nuzzled Cecily's thigh, then looked up, smiling and swishing her tail. She was just starting to accept she had to stay ashore for this mission, when the embarking crew were led into the boarding area by the gate agent. Lisa watched them all with interest, the Lorath were new to her, as was the Blue One, but Olffa caught her eye the most. That is, until she saw An'eya. Lisa's eyes became wide as she watched the slothfox trot along and she whined, "You gotta be kidding me! MAAAAMAAAAA~"

Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Cargo Bay Two Ramp

Kaede's pep talk must have done wonders for the automated forklift robots. They chirped in time with one another, each one's unique timbre and tone adding a single instrument to a musical canvas that emerged from their combined sounds. Like a line of ants, they rolled in and out of the bay in a clockwise direction, making the Yūgure-Class's broad ramp into a two-lane highway, picking up the supplies and luggage, and other cargo as it was delivered to them.

Just before everything was finished, there was a hiss and flash of sparks then a little stream of smoke from under Ajisai's left rear tire well. A series of plaintive chirps alerted the others who began circling Ajisai and flashing their lights in an emergency pattern. Kaede was alerted via comms as to the diagnostic. It was a happy coincidence the promised, qualified drone technician was being brought aboard right then to help her deal with it.
Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven Bay F

After a long first shakedown testing the sensors and propulsion systems, the large greyish/red two pronged and boxish shaped RKS Tsubomi makes its return to its place of construction. Surveying the star systems around Fujiko and the Bard Cluster, the prototype of the new Mogami Class Crusier would be spending the next month having a complete inspection to see what performed well, what broke, and what needed to be improved upon. Not that this matter too much to single non-crew member aboard the ship.

Xu Yanfei tried her best to provide any assistance she could being an ex-SAoY engineer. But her specialty was more focused on Rikugun tasks such as constructing and deconstructing fortifications than creating ships, but the fundamentals of engineering when distilled down to its basics. But she was happy to be off the ship regardless even though the rooms and hallways were designed with very tall individuals in mind. Almost like they were designed to accommodate Zhenren augmented individuals.

The massive 2.13m tall woman with giant pony tails made her way to the to the dock's entry/exit control point/Boarding Gate. The rather bored Yugumo security personnel were not ready for her for the giant woman. People knew about Kodians and ID-SOLs, but a human female at a height to rival them always turned a few heads. More so with the large number of boxes and cases she was carrying on the load bearing frame. The four legged walking drone the size of a mastif that she used as both her portable workshop and companion, was carrying a large number of cases on its flat back. Yanfei had gotten used to it and simply wirelessly forwarded her personal information and government ID signature to them to confirm she was who she said she was. After a few moments of idle chatting amongst her and the security staff, she made her way to her ultimate destination.

Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Boarding Gate

Arriving at the Boarding Gate of the Bastion of Winter, Yanfei took a moment to look at the controlled chaos of drones going about with their business. Quite different from the preference to use manual labor with drone support Ryu Keiretsu controlled docks tend to have. Scanning and inquiring about individual's identification, she made her way over to Cecily and Mishitari. Coming to a comfortable distance that wasn't awkwardly far or near, she went into a semi-formal stance. Her drone stopped besides her.

"I am Xu Yanfei, I have been assigned to provide you support on your augmentations. I hope you don't mind me bringing my other work with me. I need something to do during my downtime as our augmentations are self-regulating. For the most part." she said, hinting she was augmented similarly.
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Port Jiyuu Docking Array 5.

"What do you mean I'm in the wrong place? I know I'm not, that's the ship right there!"

"Ma'am, I'm telling you, it really isn't... This isn't the Bastion... This is the Basilisk."

Yeah but I'm supposed to be on the Basilisk!"

"No, ma'am, the Bastion... BASTION. See? Look says so right here? The YCS Bastion of Winter."


The heavy footfalls of a woman in full sprint let the others know to move, though some were to slow to avoid the wing that would slap them in the face. Green hair trailed behind the tanned woman, each slap of leather soled boots a call of her hurried pace, she was in a dead run against time to find her way while yellow eyes frantically searched for any information about where she needed to go...

Port Jiyuu Docking Array 7, Yugumo Employee Lounge.

Past those still assembled inside, a blur of black pants, calf high boots, and a simple tan jacket, a single wing sticking out, with a tangle of green hair burst through in a blind panic before stopping for a second, frantically searching left and right, before she simply bolted out again.

Port Jiyuu Docking Array 7, Bastion of Winter Boarding Gate.

The sound of rubber soles skidding across the deck let out the telltale momentary screech as a woman stopped a few feet short of the gate, doubled over with hands on her knees as she sucked in lung fulls of air to try and catch her breath. Thankfully she had sent her things there beforehand, her bag and equipment save for a few small odd end things she had stuffed into the pockets of her jacket and pants, but eventually as she straightened up and arched her back a little with hands on the back of her hips, she could be seen. Taller than most Nekovalkyrja, she had a single wing that protruded from her right shoulder, smaller than Elysian style and jet black in coloration. Her skin was tanned, with various scars over her face, though nothing massively pronounced. Yellowed eyes eventually began to look around to see where she needed to be, eyes slitted much like a cats while the legs of her pants seemed to shift from tight, to a little more baggy. Elongated ears twitched once or twice as she tried to tune in to any voices that may help her out, or give her an idea of where she might need to head to, the three split tips almost like a decoration at the end of them.

She seemed a little out of place, a Lorath woman, seemingly searching the area for any idea of where she might need to go or where she needed to be.
Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Yugumo Employee Lounge

Melody offered a small smile and a nod in greeting to her soon-to-be crewmates, though the tairolen winding between her legs seemed much less interested, at least until Olffa's arrival. Melody's attention, however, was drawn to the Neko passing beside her, while her companion paused her movement just long enough to not cause a collision. The Lorath woman's head turned to follow the small woman's exit, tail swishing behind her unconsciously as she watched long enough that even An'eya gave her a curious look before her own attention returned to the extremely fluffy Duar. It noticeably took a couple of seconds for Melody's brain to shift back to the present, though she managed to return her attention to the Minkan in front of her without causing her multi-coloured braid to whip around too unprofessionally.

"By the bags, right..!" Melody replied to the Minkan, quickly scanning each duffel bag's name and stepping over beside the one with hers on it. An'eya on the other hand continued to watch Olffa, tail swaying eagerly. "An'eya, not everyone is so eager to make friends right away. You can say hello later, but for now we've got to get aboard." She chided her companion, who huffed quietly but did take a place at her side.

Port Jiyuu Docking Array 7, Bastion of Winter Boarding Gate

The boarding process was relatively uneventful, until passing by the pouting child, whose reaction to An'eya's presence caused the tairolen to glance up at her companion. "Yes yes, I get it, no need to be smug about it..." Melody mumbled quietly in response. Before she could say more, the sudden screech of rubber heels on floor tiles caused the pair to wince and turn to identify the source of the noise. A bright smile spread across Melody's face upon seeing the other Lorath woman, while An'eya's tail began swishing back and forth cheerfully. "Harmony, is that you?" She called to the one-winged Lorath, stepping aside to let the others pass while she waited. "I didn't expect to see you here! Are you somehow here to see me off, or are you also going to be joining the Bastion's crew?"
Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Yugumo Employee Lounge

"Oh where are my manners," Rosi'ya chuckled with a shake of their head, black-tipped ears swaying left to right under the swift little motion. "X'Muyeia Rosi'ya Cherbanno, I specialize in drones and such, bit of a nerd really," the black-haired foxperson replied, eyebrows raising above their glasses at the sight of all the aliens of every shape and colour that had suddenly filtered in.

Olffa's tense posture didn't go unnoticed, the magnificent security-Daur was as tightly wound as big-rig's suspension springs, and Rosi decided to help a little with that.

"I might take you up on that later... everything should be in my bunk but I appreciate the offer! very nice first impression you're making, X'Myeria Klo'den," the technician offered, slowly taking their hand out of their pocket in full view of the woman before moving it to her shoulder. Giving a gentle pat of reassurance before the gloved mitten retreated.

Port Jiyuu Docking Array 7, Bastion of Winter Boarding Gate.

Rosi'ya moved into position with graceful little steps, while they were somewhat tall for a Daur the technician stood in the shadow of practically everyone else, diminutive next to the towering foreigners... though technically they were the alien here. A fact they needed to keep in mind.

The technician's previously colourless lenses were now electronically tinted a rosy shade of red, offering some privacy to look through messages and e-mails while waiting to board properly - despite how important some of these might've been Rosi'ya couldn't help but side-eye the four-legged drone carrying a veritable mountain on its back. They were intrigued, both by the sturdy machination and it's towering owner, not exactly staring but... quite obviously ogling at one or both things.
Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Boarding Gate

Cecily listens to her Consort, nodding slowly, though she's definitely on the distracted side. Having an unhappy child in her arms certainly does that. She's good at multitasking, however, and she turns her attention to Mishitari: "Yes, please, do that. Half hour interviews should be more than sufficient. The twenty minutes until departure can be used for the first couple to at least get settled in. Please keep a tally of who has boarded first in the list of those needing to be interviewed and we'll go in that order." She glances over her shoulder to where the neko had vanished, lips pursed before returning her attention to her Consort. "Miss Orlova is of special interest. I trust you have compiled everything on her?"

Her question is cut off by the cry from her daughter, the nine-tailed executive's ears lifting as she hugs the girl close and her eyes dart around to find out exactly where the object of her distress is. And it, of course, settles on a fox. Sloth. Thing? Melody's companion earns a few slow blinks and then she sighs. "Little one.. that's not a pet. And neither are you. Just because another small fox-like creature has boarded the ship does not mean that you are being replaced. I am certain that Miss Llamnel's companion is a vital part of her job." She can't help but cast a look towards Mishitari to confirm this. She doesn't recall such a creature on the crew manifest. Perhaps another part of the forthcoming interview.

Regardless, she continues to try to placate her daughter, giving the cute little girl snuggles and tenderly grooming her ears with kisses and flicks of her tongue. Hardly a dignified thing to be doing in public, overall, but this is her boarding gate. And more importantly: Her daughter. "And if you make trouble for your mother, I'm not making you any mochi when I get home, okay?" she threatens to withhold sweets. It's a double-edged sword because Cecily enjoys mochi also, but with luck, she might just win this one with such a threat. Just in time for the towering woman to approach them. Cecily herself is a good five feet, seven inches but for as much as she rises tall above other daur, this woman towers over her.

Her ears pin back slightly before floofing and rising again, "Ah, Miss Yanfei. Yes, this will be my first time so far away from support facilities. While my augmentations have since functioned just fine after... recovery... there's always been the fallback of being so near to Port just in case. I understand that I am still a unique subject? That the procedure is still primarily focused on upgrading human bodies. While I don't mind being under a microscope if you need the research, nor your own secondary work that you're bringing with you, do please bear in mind that my work and my crew come first. That being said, if there's anything you need from me, you can come to me directly, or ask my assistant, Mishitari, and she can relay it to me. We can provide you with access to my biometrics once we are underway if you have a need for constant monitoring."

Some of her words may have seemed slightly brusque, she remains professional and welcoming throughout.
Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Boarding Gate

Yanfei's eyes glowed blue when she initiated a secure wireless file exchange with Cecily's implants. A CV on Yanfei, it included her service history, education, and minor papers she had published since she was not a PhD yet. "The microscope of mine you would be under would be how to externally further enhance our augmentations. Something I am sure Yugumo Corporation is well aware of that the Ryu Keiretsu is pursuing. Otherwise they would have insisted on someone more medically trained than myself." Yanfei's simple response to Cecily's comments about her work and crew coming first. She then looked side ways over towards Rosi'ya before looking back over towards Cecily when her drone noticed Rosi'ya through one of its lateral sensors and notified her.

"I am trained on the skills to keep you at top shape, so no worries there. No need for a constant feed of your biometrics, but I would like to link to them so I can pull them up when needed.

When you are free, I would like you to come by me so we can establish a baseline since your last checkup at the Biixi Clinic. If you are nice, I might be able to make those durandium supplements of ours taste ya better when made from the fabricators." Yanfei said via secure wireless to Cecily in a very Yamataian manner.

Yanfei's demeanor was equally professional, though it was colder compared to Cecily's as she was more focused on doing what was assigned of her from her own superiors. Both in maintaining Cecily and her current power armor project. She waited on where she could offload her gear and establish her workspace.

Meanwhile, her drone turned to face Rosi'ya to get a proper look at the daur.
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Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Boarding Gate

Cecily forwards the files to Mishitari for recordkeeping purposes and cross-referencing should the need come up. She nods slowly as well, pondering. "I'm not sure I need anything external added... if you are suggesting heavier modifications and augmentations. The changes from my original state were quite drastic but I'm sure you've seen the notes, yes?" the fluffy fox smiles warmly.

A brow and her ears lift at the mention of a baseline and checkup as well as improving the necessary supplements. She gives her daughter, still in her arms, a loving little squeeze before nodding to Yanfei. "I had been planning on setting up half hour interviews with everyone coming aboard. Would that be sufficient time to review my baseline before we get underway? It will also allow you to ask any questions you may have. It would make it a 'sooner than later' situation as well, which I imagine will make it quicker for you to establish your database as needed. If you wish to be the first, it will give you ample time to set up your workspace afterwards."

Her attention moves to her Consort for a moment, as if to confirm their schedule situation, "Or you may feel free to pick a time within the next block of a few hours, if you wish to establish yourself first. Either way, you will be given plenty of time to get set up and to set up any examinations you require of me. Personally I would prefer the earlier the better, so we can both set to work."

Bastion of Winter, Preparing for Departure

Once everyone and their luggage were all aboard, the ground crew conducted their final checks and then gave the all clear. "Understood. Preparing for departure. Engineering, half-power!" Mishitari was acting as First Officer until the rendezvous with the Neshaten delegation. The Turbo Plasma drives began to spin up, and there was the expected, but always surprising, indescribable vibration as the inertial dampeners divorced the ship and those aboard from the mundanity of conservation of momentum. The ship's mooring clamps loosened with their electromagnets crackling once all bays and portals were closed tight and the ship pressurized.

Kaede and Rosi'ya both received a ping in their communicators requesting their assistance with the damaged forklift robot down in Bay Two. The many-armed repair drones and their flying-disc assistants were already on their way. Likely, the automated repairs could handle it, but the new crew needed to observe and learn all they could. Consorts in general, and Mishitari in particular, were excellent managers, ensuring everything worked as smoothly as if she were conducting an orchestra. "Yugumo Corporation takes employee development very seriously," was not merely a personnel executive's doublespeak. Those administrative drones had a mandate to encourage continuous learning among the biological crew, and they dispatched that duty unrelentingly. Mishitari seemed to take a particular glee in filling schedules with educational activities, and seemed pleased with herself. It was clear her level of sapience had increased greatly since she was assigned to Cecily.

The other Consorts were occupied in showing the newcomers their spots in the crew and officer's quarters. In'anna, Harmony, Melody, and Wynne were shown to the guest cabin, which had been converted to comfortable, double-width bunks, while Rosi'ya and Olffa had bunks among the rated crew. There were several empty spaces in the bunk rooms, and the berths were stacked three high. The middles and uppers were occupied, but the lowers were folded up, giving extra room beneath where the desk and computer terminal and drawers were. The bunk height was clearly intended to be friendly to the typical Neshaten proclivities of sleeping in high places where they felt safe. Even if some of the "Neshaten" touches were comically somewhat ill-informed, Yugumo definitely got that part right. "Space is tight because have taken on extra mission personnel," Fuyuko the Consort explained, "We are still waiting for the true Bastion to be finished at the shipyard. It will be... larger."
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"Ah that's wonderful to hear! it's always good to try and expand one's skillset and knowledgebase, I read a lot in my downtime already," Rosi'ya's accented voice chirped up as they were escorted down to the damaged machine, frowning a little at the damage report coming so soon after their arrival, but the Daur supposed that this kind of thing did tend to happen at the strangest times.

"...though I must admit, I do wish I got a chance to change into my uniform before helping with repairs, a pencil skirt isn't exactly optimal for crawling around under cargo-drones~" they continued with a quiet little chuckle, tugging at the hem of that stretchy skirt to make sure it stayed suitably low.

Kneeling and possibly squatting in it was going to be interesting.
RP Date: YE 44.2
RP Location: YCS Bastion of Winter

Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Cargo Bay One

By remote order, perhaps issued from one of the crew on the Bastion of Winter or from someone else entirely, one of the eight Consort drones stored in the berths within Cargo One was roused into activation. Cyan-hued eyes snapped open as soon as the order was processed, at which point the safety cage automatically lifted up, allowing the Consort to stand up from the bicycle-type seat in her berth. Already clad in the Yugumo Corporation uniform dress, along with a towering pair of black heels strapped to her tiny feet, the Consort did not need to do much preparation as she analyzed her surroundings within a nanosecond time frame, before immediately setting about her assigned duties.

Emerging from her berth, Yōsai Kozakura activated her Companion drone and began moving towards her station. While many of the other Consorts had been tasked with escorting the newly-arrived crew to their quarters, Kozakura had been assigned to Cargo One for an educational experience. The fennec ears situated on the gynoid’s head shifted forward and ahead as the tip of her tail fluffed up, a sign of excitement that was clear to anyone who understood Tinacen.

Before long, Kozakura arrived at her destination, accompanied by her drone, which floated ahead of the Consort as an extension of her presence. As such, the very first thing Kozakura took note of—before she herself had entered the cargo bay—was an androgynous, yet curvaceous Daur squatting down next to a stricken forklift, while clad in a tight-fitting pencil skirt that drew particular attention to a certain pear-shaped asset.

Upon registering the sight, the Consort came to a sudden halt just outside of the bay. Then, after taking a nanosecond to check her surroundings in order to ensure that no one was watching, the Yarvex Foam around Kozakura’s thighs, hips, and backside began to slowly swell up, her form reshaping itself to resemble that of the voluptuous Daur she had just seen.

However, Kozakura took it quite a bit further, to the point that her uniform began to rip and tear around the areas which had seen especially drastic expansion!

Nevertheless, with her newly-shaped figure, Kozakura entered the cargo bay to observe the repairs, eager to learn as much as she could from the day’s affairs!
The existing bridge crew kept the ship on course while the new arrivals did as they needed to do. It quite a few hours travel to rendezvous with the Mitsu, most of which was sublight until appreciably away from the station, then a relatively "slow" FTL journey using the CDD drives to the shallow outermost reaches of the system's gravity well. Once the ship was in true interstellar space, only then could the hyperspace fold be engaged. It would take multiple jumps to avoid the gravity of intervening stars, until the ship finally dropped out of hyperspace just outside the E13 system to float in the slow swirl that was the outermost edges of any perceptible influence from the star's gravity.
The automated forklift gave a few distressed little chirps and flashes of light as Rosi'ya worked on attaching the replacement wheel, it's damaged predecessor having been set aside for future analysis to find out why it'd failed so early into it's lifecycle, the offending part receiving a few curious stares from some of the other cargo drones not currently busy with their duties.

"Almost done, little guy, just be patient for a few more moments," Rosi'ya's velvety voice assured the machine, one hand patting its hull while the other hand worked a brushless impact driver with a cute little adaptor on the end. The Daur heard movement somewhere behind them but decided to get the damaged machine working before satiating that curiosity, so many people had been coming and going, yet these footsteps sounded like they were lingering.

With some more clicks and metallic clattering the drone had all four feet on the ground once more, and immediately began testing out it's new part, before zooming away excitedly to go fulfil its quota.

"You're welcome!" the black-haired engineer chuckled as they waved at the retreating machine, picking up the damaged part before rising up from that squat, shapely limbs slowly unfolding in all their long-legged glory. Then Rosi turned, and offered their curious shadow a kind smile, rolling down their sleeves over a pair of pale but strong looking forearms, a toolbelt slung across their largley featureless chest.

"Hello miss, anything I can help you wi~ oh dear," Rosi cut themselves off as they got a better look at Kozakura and the uniform that was barely holding on for dear life, hints of pale flesh spilling through the rips and tears that'd formed. It wasn't a bad look persay, but rather unprofessional and maybe a cause for concern in this context.

"Your uniform, it uh~ are you okay, miss? are you injured in any way?" Rosi queried, lowing their voice and slipping into Tinacen as they looked around to check how many other eyes might be on them, abandoning their toolbelt to begin unzipping that double-breasted leather jacket, intending to offer it to this other Daur for a bit of extra modesty.
Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Cargo Bay One

The gynoid’s skirt had fallen into even worse shape.

The now-drastically undersized garment continued to tear itself apart with each step Kozakura took into the cargo bay, consequently producing an increasingly obscene display as the gynoid catwalked inside. Soon, the Consort’s skirt was naught but rags clinging to the chunky synthetic flesh of her plump thighs for dear life, as soft, jiggly corpulence spilled out from the seams like overfilled balloons. And yet, Kozakura seemed to pay her ruined skirt no mind. However, when Rosi’s manner shifted to one of consternation, the gynoid seemed to mimic it, her pale features furrowed with concern in eerie reflection of the Daur standing before her.

“I am functioning at an optimal state. My diagnostics are not reporting any injuries or glitches, at present.” Kozakura answered. However, the gynoid was not entirely clueless. At the very least, she could sense that something was wrong, but she didn’t seem to know what it was.

However, she could hazard a guess.

“Is it my outfit?” Kozakura glanced down, her cyan eyes looking towards what was left of her skirt, which was now exposing a pair of pink panties that had been so strained by her expansion that they fit like a G-string on the gynoid’s extremely bottom-heavy form.

“A minor inconvenience.” The gynoid stated, as a blank, airheaded smile manifested across her visage.

“Would the situation be remedied if I took it off?”
Bastion Cargo Bay One Shortly after Departure

"Sister? Sister?" Mishitari, the lead crew drone, ascended the ramp from Cargo Two while calling out aloud. She'd been alerted that Kozakura had activated since all Consorts shared a common networked connection. Peeking around one of the aisles delineated by gear racks, she caught sight of Rosi staring at a progressively-less-clothed Kozakura. "SISTER!" Mishi's hands were on her hips, admonishingly. "What happened to your uniform?"

Mishitari clucked her tongue with a sharp, "tsk," and approached, reaching out to take Kozakura by the elbow without giving her a chance to answer. A forklift robot peeked up the ramp from the lower bay, summoned by her wireless command, and she turned her head to it and said aloud, "Fetch me the SSCC with the spare uniforms in it." Then, turning back to Rosi'ya, Mishitari leaned in their direction accusingly, ears also pointing like accusing fingers themselves at Rosi. "You should know from your qualifications training, Technician, that Consorts are highly impressionable immediately after their initial activation! Please ensure you keep that in mind!" She swished her tail thrice, with sharp, whipping twitches to punctuate her sentence appropriately. "Let's make sure you do a full first-run diagnostic on her when you're finished with the forklift!"

Her next step: dragging Kozakura over to the SSCC to rummage through it for something that would fit.
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Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Cargo Bay One


As the word registered in her processing systems, Kozakura found herself linked into the interconnected Consort network, the digital presences of her big sisters erupting in greeting with equal amounts joy, drama, fiery passion, and doting affection!

For her part, Kozakura could only answer her new sisters with a bashful blush.

All the while, Mishitari pulled Kozakura by the forearm before she had the chance to respond, eliciting a high-pitched squeak from the gynoid’s lips in the process. From there, her big sister began to berate the Daur Technician, causing Kozakura’s ears to twitch with sympathy as they went flat on her skull. It went without saying that the gynoid’s decision to expand her form so quickly hadn’t been well thought out, and yet…

Kozakura didn’t regret it!

Before long, the forklift robot arrived with the SSCC, twittering and chirping happily when Kozakura offered the drone a grateful smile, before speeding off. From there, with her big sister’s assistance, the gynoid picked out a new uniform, the closest one to her size that was available. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good fit by any means, but the outfit would tide the Consort over until she could get scanned and have custom uniforms procured.

Hopefully, that would come soon. Regardless, Kozakura had work to do and she intended to make a good impression on her big sisters!
All Rosi could do was raise a sculpted eyebrow at the accusation of carelessness, they'd found the gynoid like this, and even if they didn't immediately pick up that Kozakura was synthetic the only thing the drone tech did was offer help. Initially those blonde ears and that magnificent tail flopped downwards, but Rosi's ears perked up a little, realizing their only option here was to try and explain what was going on. The ship's cameras would be able to verify all this anyway, surely!

So Rosi zipped their jacket back up and retrieved their things before following after the two women, each stride long and purposeful as the technician appeared from around the SSCC. Kozakura getting changed was something Rosi'ya tried their best to ignore, not-quite standing at parade rest with the damaged wheel in hands as the Daur cleared their throat.

"...with all due respect, ma'am, she was like this when I found her. I'm sure the cargo bay's cameras can attest to this, even Kazakura's own recordings if you want me to pull those, I'm not sure exactly what has happened but I believe your accusations to be a little... misinformed?" Rosi began trying to defend themself, velvety voice remaining respectful though still showing a slight modicum of frustration.

They were innocent!
Mishitari didn't bother to explain whatever misdeeds, hypothetical, imagined, or otherwise her allegatons referred to. "She was like that when you realized she found you, is perhaps more accurate, ne?" She was too busy fussing over Kozakura's uniform to even look in Rosi's direction. "I've told the other Consorts to meet the two of you in the Workshop in the bow Deck One to help you run her first-boot diagnostics. Once you're done, queue up for the Captain's welcome aboard interview. They're going on right now, but I had to leave my desk when this little one spontaneously activated prematurely. I need to get back but I think you can handle it."

She swished her tail like she was underlining her next sentence, "Good job with the Type 42's wheel, Cherbanno-san!"
Port Jiyuu Docking Array Seven, Bastion of Winter Cargo Bay One

“B-but Mishitari-sama, my diagnostics are fine already!” Kozakura pouted, her big, fennec-style ears pointing in opposite directions as the words left her lips, a tell tale mark of confusion in Tinacen. Regardless, it didn’t take long for two of her big sisters to arrive, who then proceeded to glomp the factory-fresh Consort with no shortage of girlish vigor!

“Kozakura-chan!” Natsuko and Akiko chorused as the two gynoids swamped their new little sister, very nearly tackling her to the ground in the process.

“We have so, so much to show you, little sister!” Natsuko beamed giddily. “Especially the wonders of cake and ice cream!”

“But first, we have to get you fixed up! And out of this frumpy uniform!” Akiko added as she placed her hands on her hips, before fussing at Kozakura’s ill-fitting skirt. “Come with us, Kozakura-chan!”

With that, the three gynoids—with Rosi’ya presumably following after them—made their way to the workshop. Immediately, Natsuko began to spin up the fabrication chamber, intending to create new uniforms for her new little sister. All the while, Akiko would assist the Daur Technician with Kozakura’s first-run diagnostic, however Rosi’ya saw fit to carry it out!
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"I guess flashing my ID and smiling at every humanoid-shaped blur I saw worked," Kwabba-an muttered to herself as she wandered the Bastion's halls, utterly lost as per usual. "I thought for sure someone would stop me and double-check that I was meant to be here. Now to find my bunk, wash up, and get into uniform."

The five-foot tall humanoid insect with red skin and darker red markings all over her body was normally hard to miss, but especially so among a crowd of fox people, and most especially considering how she was currently dressed. Her dark red hair, which was normally in a simple bob, was spiked haphazardly using all the hair wax she could find. She was wearing a baby blue t-shirt on which she'd scribbled "THE EMPRESS IS MY COPILOT" in black marker, but at some point it had been torn in a fight and was now missing the last word, which also exposed a nasty-looking scar under one of her lower arms. Over top of that she had a neon green chain mail jacket that sparkled in the light as she moved. On the back in red block letters, it read "I WAS THERE." On each of her four hands, she wore black leather finger-less gloves with studded knuckles. Lastly, she was wearing the only pair of pants she'd ever found that actually fit. But it was starting to show its wear as it was torn open in multiple places and the hems were entirely shredded and irrevocably stained with mud. At least she thought it was mud, anyway.

On one shoulder, she carried her standard-issue electric bass like a battle axe, its front scorched from that time it protected her from point-blank fire. It was cast from a single piece of metal and weighed more than she did, which normally she hardly noticed, but she swore there was a little more gravity on this ship. On her other shoulder, she carried a tiny pink backpack with a chibi design of Empress Himiko I on it. In each of her other hands she carried another instrument, one small, beaten-up taiko drum that fit under her lower left arm; and a shamisen in a case covered in stickers from all the venues she'd been to and all the other bands with whom she'd played, none of whom were more than regionally popular, but most of whom had rocked anyway.

"Hello," came a voice from nearby, and Kwabba-an turned to see a yellow figure. "Can I help you? You look lost."

"Oh, hello," Kwabba-an approached and squinted until she could make out the purple eyes and black-tipped tail of the otherwise yellow fox-like humanoid in front of her. "Yes, I need somewhere to freshen up and change into my uniform. I came straight from a gig at The Pitch.

"I meant to get cleaned up before I came aboard, but..."
Kwabba-an trailed off, and a series of memories of playing to a roaring crowd of zero-G moshers flashed in front of her eyes. "Things didn't work out. I'm Kwabba-an."

"I'm Sarosa La'dario," the yellow figure replied as she guided Kwabba-an down a set of corridors. Along the way, she swore she heard a child's laughter turn to wailing, saw a short blue neko, passed an androgynous fox person with a pencil skirt and blonde ears, spotted a rad looking person in a bodysuit and a translucent jacket, glanced at a fox person with a multi-coloured braid and black wings, glimpsed a person in thigh-high boots with a black-tufted lion's tail, caught sight of fluffy-pawed little fox person with a golden cloud of a tail, beheld a fantastically tall woman with giant pony tails, stared at a green-haired woman with a single wing, and even gawked at a fox person whose clothes seemed to be actively disintegrating.

Kwabba-an was just starting to worry that her lack of sleep was getting to her when they arrived at an onsen that was full of columns, statues, and fountains, all of which made her audibly gasp.

"You can clean yourself up here," Sarosa La'dario told her. "And you should hurry, the Captain is interviewing new employees, of which I am sure you're one."

"Thank you," Kwabba-an said to the yellow figure as she left, before she set her stuff down, stripped, and nearly jumped into the water before she remembered that it was good form to be clean before getting into an onsen. She found a shower nearby and cleaned off, making sure to wash the wax out of her hair and pull the safety pin piercings from her eyebrow that she always put in before her gigs. Once she was clean, she took a very quick dip in the water, but she had no time to luxuriate before she got out again, dried off and pulled on her skinsuit and her uniform over top.

After a surprisingly short random walk, she found what she thought was her bunk, where she stashed her stuff. She took particular care in hiding her battle-scarred bass, which she wasn't entirely sure she was meant to keep, or if she was supposed to hand it in when she left the Resurgence, along with her experimental weaponry. For now, she decided it was fine as long as she kept it safe, in case she was supposed to return it. Finally, she set out in search of the Captain's office.
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