• 📅 April 2023 is YE 45.3 in the RP.

SYNC Belmont Compound?


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RP Date
YE 44.5
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui, Commander of the Star Army, Star Army Command
From: Chujo Nakatani Takeshi, Provost Marshal, Star Army Military Police


I thought it best to forward a report to you from our colleagues in the civilian sector. Given its potentially political nature, and your direct oversight of the Office of Public Relations, I wanted to run this past you first. We could get our civilian colleagues to go ahead, ask them to stand down, or ask they give us latitude to handle this ourselves. As we've bred good relations in my office with the Yamatai National Police, I believe we could sway them one way or the other.

Essentially, the 'Belmont Compound' has been reported several times for potentially unsavory activities, even by the standards of civilian law. There's been a rumour documented that there are a number of weapons stockpiled there, some of which may be outlawed or contraband taken from the Star Army, black market, or local militia. By the looks of things, at least parts of this compound are heavily guarded at all times with visible use of weaponry, such as the 'school'.

Additionally, there's some shaky reports regarding people trafficking and exploitation of vunerable people. We're unsure at this time if the residents of the compound are actually registered Yamataian citizens, or at least foreigners with permission to reside within Yamatai. Best the YNP has heard is they were 'liberated during the war'.

Apparently there is a 'red light district', but this is unregulated as far as we can tell. Local officers have visited and it seems up to code, if a little excessive. However, they've yet to establish whether the 'employees' are Yamataian citizens, if they're paid or forced to stay within the Compound.

Given that the Belmonts have political sway, and at least one is a line officer, I'd like to ensure your input is heard on this matter and have asked the YNP to hold off until you give the nod. If you don't think it's worth our time, or if you're already aware, just let me know. I felt it my duty to check before we let the YNP further their investigation.

Always Faithfully,