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SANDRA Bold Gamble: Kuvexians Attempt Massive Attack on Nataria


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Nataria Fleet Depot, Nataria--A combined fleet comprising the bulk of Kuvexian Imperial Navy Forces, and several anti-planetary dreadnaught ships have launched an invasion of massive scale on the fortified Star Army planet of Nataria. A massive and costly battle is now underway between the the Star Army and the enemies, who are nearly evenly matched in ship numbers. Rough estimates put each side at around 26,000 ships at the start of the battle, and the number of ships has increased due to Star Army reinforcements and Kuvexian calls for mercenaries. In addition to the large battle in space, the Kuvexians have also landed millions of troops on the surface, which the Star Army Rikugun is dealing with. Several major ground assets such as barracks spires and a planetary shield projector have been destroyed so far. As word of the battle has spread, other nations have reached out with timely assistance such as Nepleslia, which bravely joined the fight with its ships, and the Iromakuanhe, who have offered relief supplies. Taisho Yui was unavailable for comment due to being engaged in overseeing Star Army war operations but her public affairs secretary issued a press conference calling the attack on Nataria a "bold gamble" by Kuvexians that was clearly a sign of their increasing frustration and desperation at being unable to win the war in a timely fashion. She also assured the public that Star Army forces were fighting very fiercely to ensure that the Kuvexians would pay dearly for daring to enter the heart of Yamatai Star Empire and that planet Yamatai was safe.