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SYNC [Bounty] Naraku


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MISSION TYPE: Capture or Assassination
MISSION REWARD: 500,000 KS to 1,000,000

OFFERED BY: Star Army of Yamatai
OFFERED TO: All bounty hunters, mercenaries, or SAINT Agents
EQUIPMENT PROVIDED: Pocket Anti-psionic Device

MISSION: Locate Naraku and capture or kill her. Successful capture will result in a 500,000 KS bonus being added to the reward.
Contact thread>>>>

From: Flynt Ferrix
To: Star army of Yamatai
Subject: [Bounty] Naraku
Message: I have read your offer for the head, or capture of Naraku, I am interested in taking on the assignment. Please send more information, or drop the information, at the site (encrypted below)

(OOC: for those of you without encryption software, lol, this says, Location of drop 7th street subway, north trashcan.)

<<<<<Connection Terminated
Name: Naraku
Faction: Daughters of Eve
Species: Nekovalkyrja NH-17T
Appearance: Girlish, pale pinkish skin, red eyes, short blue hair, horn on head.
Dress: Tends to wear tight clothing and skirts.
Personality: Cute and sweet at times, but reverts into an extremely cold, cruel, and violent state every so often. Possible schiezophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Naraku is an expert in ALL weapons, to include biochemical and explosive and has a history of rigging extremely elaborate networks of traps and failsafes wherever she resides.

She was last seen on Nepleslia and is rumored to skill be there.