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SYNC Broadcasting songs from Artist "Rose"


Retired Staff
RP Date
YE 43
These are songs that "Rose" will anonymously publish to the SYNC network to reach out to all civilians during wartime and peace.

A woman appeared in a red dress and with a mask on she walked forward in the holo room. A fast beat of the music with piano and electro vibes started as Rose started to tap her foot while short clips of the battle of Nataria showed up. As the words started to come from her...

We need to believe that there is no hell on Nataria when they invaded us.
But every hour got worsen when they kept pushing us back.
Now we must retaliate and fight for what we believe in.
Pushing them off our world and end this nightmare once for all.

Raging war every day until we push them back to the hole they came.
Launching our warriors at them to achieve victory no matter what cost.
We need to fight to show them who's the real boss.

Yamatai, Yamatai we shall die for your beauty to shine upon us.
We fight for honor, we fight for pride and we shall die for our Empress.
Yamatai, Yamatai we shall die for your beauty to shine upon us.
We fight to take a stand against these brutal and cowardly acts.

To make sure our home stays safe, for Yamatai we fight!

The end slowly ends as Rose lowers her head and fades away into the darkness ending the broadcast.