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Closed Build a New Set of Cards for CAH

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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@Ametheliana used to run Cards Against Humanity games for us a couple years back and we used to have custom cards with Star Army content and jokes on them. I don't know if the old cards are recoverable but many of them would be outdated due to changes in which members are active. So this suggestion is we could get together and make a new set of custom SARP CAH cards!
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
It looks like this suggestion isn't popular so I'm closing it. Maybe there's not a lot of SARPers interesting in playing Cards Against Humanity anymore. I think that's a shame because we had some good community nights with it back in the day, but it is what it is.
If anyone has any topic/card ideas, that could help me a lot in building a new one!

I've found a new site to play it on (old one shut down) so we should be able to play in a VC game night in the future! Playing with an aidditon of custom sarp cards always makes it more fun!
1696210632535.png 1696210844699.png

So, for refreshers, black cards are question cards with blanks for nouns (think Mad Libs) and white cards are nouns.
It doesn't look like this suggestion is very popular so I'm closing it.