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Build the Star Army Desk Ration


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We were talking on the Discord about pantry/staple food items that were essential to have in your kitchen even when you don't have a recipe planned for them. This got me thinking: What about the office?

In this thread we'll try to develop ideas, as an exercise, for a "Star Army Desk Ration" that is a kit of supplies meant to go in the desk drawer of your office/workplace that can be used if you're not able to make it to lunch. What do you guy think should be in there? I think the criteria basically has to be something that can stay in there safely until you need it, without refrigeration, so it shouldn't be perishables like tomatoes or milk. My office, for example, doesn't have a fridge and it's technically not allowed, although I do keep a tiny fridge on my desk disguised as a computer, but it only holds 6 cans of soda.

So here's how I envision this thread going: Each person pick an item or two to go in the standard ration and briefly explain why it should be in the Desk Ration. At the end of the thread I'd like to try to actually to make one based on the best suggestions and see how much it costs.

I'll go first:
  • A can of Campbell's Chunky soup - These are essentially a complete meal in a can, they can be microwaved in a bowl or eaten cold if necessary, they're large enough to fill you up.
  • Packed Plastic Flatware Set with Salt and Pepper packet and napkin - Save extras from food deliveries and bring to work and put in your desk.
Prepackaged Crackers - Two kinds, one being a soda cracker or plain cracker to go with the soup. The other is a package of snack crackers.
I'm going with the thing I was just having at my desk and say a salty/sweet trail mix type thing, that has both protein (nuts, seed), and sugar (fruit, chocolates).