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RP: YSS Kaiyō Bushido: The Way of Dying

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Planet Yamatai
Caitel Prefecture
1日 1月 YE 40
0500 Hours

Taiyou Hoshi lifted off from her cockpit seat while checking that the pilot had gotten up already with a small turn of her head. The lithe, pink-skinned Nekovalkyrja brought her knees apart and pushed her feet off of the Ke-T8 "Kuma" Multi-role Shuttle's deck and noted the curt bow the pilot gave her with a nod. Hoshi's body moved through the shuttle's narrow passageway between cockpit and cabin, passing the airlock on her way. She was able to move gently while her inborn gravity manipulation ability propelled her away from the shuttle's systems operator station, a position she had once formally held on the First Expeditionary Fleet's flagship until half a decade ago.

Now, though, it was a position she held only transiently on the shuttle as she escorted her Special Operations Fire Team made up of mostly personnel from the ship she now captained, the YSS Kaiyō II.

Hoshi's deep blue eyes scanned the area in the shuttle where the six members of her squad prepped one another and then moved to the airlock, which the pilot made certain measures as to make sure it was opened quickly and that the lower portion of the outer door of the airlock could act as a step. Hoshi lifted one arm until it was parallel with the floor and swung the other slightly with a pointed index finger.

After finishing motioning to the airlock, she stood with her heels together and spoke out to the squad, "Hajime! You may begin!" Surely and in quick succession, the first two Star Army of Yamatai personnel filtered from the shuttle and Taiyou Hoshi was to be the third out of the Kuma. The white ends and middle of her otherwise sky blue hair moved throughout the cabin as she turned on her black pumped heel and then bounced off of the ground to float behind the first two infantry women that had gone out of the airlock. Both of them had taken up positions on either side of the airlock's door and held Type 33 Nekovalkyrja Service Pistols above their torsos with cocked elbows as they scanned the landing zone.

Hoshi's diminutive features were struck by the emerging orange of the dawn of Yamatai's star as she looked one way and then the other after exiting the Kuma shuttle. Their landing zone was positioned on a cliff's edge, sequestered away from sight. It was not in the area of the local farmers of the paddies and wet fields which were lower, below the mountain range's Northern edge, but was in a more private setting.

The blue and white haired Nekovalkyrja was given a terse salute from the Nitô Juni that stood a half dozen meters away from her. Hoshi replied in kind with her own courtesy by presenting arms. The Nitô Juni began taking the necessary steps towards Hoshi as she began to move away from the shuttle. The two Nekovalkyrja followed the pink-skinned officer, Hoshi, towards the burgundy haired Nitô Juni, to whom Taiyou Hoshi spoke to next.

"Nitô Juni Nimoru Sangō, I have need of your team and yourself in the coming operation," the pink and small statured Nekovalkyrja woman said to the taller Nekovalkyrja. She went on to add, "This location has been compromised before, let's take shelter."

"Understood," said Nimoru Sangō, "Chusa Taiyou."
Caitel City
0600 Hours

Yoked and overly large horses clobbered on the other side of the Type 30 Sheltered Truck in the Caitel Prefecture's main hub of activity, a city with the same namesake as the prefecture itself. The Star Army of Yamatai vehicle moved steadily between the animals, pedestrians, and bikes loaded with varying cargo and amounts of passengers on the sandy dirt road that was wedged up and in between drainage ditches for the nearby wet farmlands.

The white-paneled Taiyou Hoshi was brought along with her small squad while the pilot stayed near their Kuma Shuttle. Nimoru and one of her logistics personnel rode in the cab while Hoshi sat silent in the windowless shelter module on the back of the truck with her team until they stopped and were sequestered away from the public's view.

The SOFT group was led to a building far from a farmer's main house. There was a smell of cedar and smoked fish while the inquisitive eyes of the Chusa saw two wooden towers near the small multi-tiered building as she was asked to wait outside by the clerk of her own team. While she did so, two of the cornflower blue paneled infantry Nekovalkyrja checked the floors of the small building.

Hoshi spoke once inside of the storehouse, "Are they smoking shiozake out here? Never mind that," she added when the Nitô Juni looked as if ready to further investigate the smell of salmon during its half day long preparation. "This kura will do," Hoshi said once they had all ducked underneath the low archway inside of the storehouse, which Hoshi had used the Yamataigo word to describe. The building was small, board-walled, and held piles of grains and rice bags around the area in which the two teams of personnel found stable positions.

Hoshi looked to the Nitô Juni Nimoru and Hoshi's own clerk as she stowed a standard issue duffel, while floating towards the steps to the top floor. Nimoru Sangō checked her right shoulder over her burgundy hair and saw her closest confidant. Her eyes met a Geshrin with the orange panels of a logistics specialist on his pristine Type 35 Duty Uniform. Hoshi nodded once Sangō's eyes had settled on Hoshi's blue ones and the four of them were soon up the stairs.

There was a small, low table that Hoshi approached and she exhaled out, blowing the dust off of the table. It filtered through the air, concentrating in a pocket of light from the lone rectangular slit of a window on the Eastern wall. Hoshi moved to the window and closed the horizontal slatted shades of the light source.

She moved to take a seat at the low table and soon Hoshi sat with her knees bent and feet under her rear. She set an elbow on the table and stabilized her hand while unfurling her fingers. Volumetrics pushed out from her palm onto the table and showed the mountain range of the Caitel Prefecture. To the NorthEast of them was Caitel, the city they were now in, which was represented on the map underneath the fork in the Caitel river.

"There is a captured asset in the area just NorthWest of the city we are now in. It is densely forested specifically around the installation we will be infiltrating," Hoshi looked to the other three gathered, all of which were either staring intently at the volumetric projection of the map or at Hoshi, herself.

She went on to say, "Here is a closer view of the structure." The map changed to show a stilted building made to protect itself against tsunami, such as the one that had devastated the nearby Himeshima. "In this diaojiaolou are our operatives."

The logistics Geshrin perked, asking, "Operative? Is this in any way going to involve SAINT?"

Hoshi's sapphire eyes seemed to gleam, "It is an issue that the Ketsurui Clan designated First Expeditionary personnel to undertake."

"Understood," said the orange-paneled Geshrin that Sangō had brought upstairs.

"Your question," the Chusa said, "makes sense. No, we are not securing an operative for SAINT. We are securing what we believe to be members of the clan."

"Eeto..." said the Nitô Juni, "Taiyou Chusa, will we be in power armor for this operation?"

"We can't be seen on sensors or scans equipped by Ketsurui Zaibatsu equipment they may have," the pink skinned Chusa told Sangō. "We will be moving in equipped with the Shibui Power Suit, anti-personnel weaponry, and will be keeping radio silence throughout the covert infiltration up until detection."

"Who has been briefed on this?" Sangō asked Hoshi quietly over the table.

Hoshi closed her palm and the display of the stilted house disappeared and she asked, "Among those in this sottorehouse? The four of us."

"I see," Sangō said gravely.

Hoshi asked the goup of them, "Is there anything stopping us from moving forward?"

The Nitô Juni looked to the two gathered around the table and then shook her head, "There is nothing, no. We should begin soon."

"Let's go do so," Hoshi said.

"I'll brief my people while you work with yours," Sangō said, then bowed deeply before letting Hoshi pass in front of her to head down the stairs of the storehouse.

Hoshi watched briefly as the Nitô Juni began giving terse orders and the questions would soon follow, which Hoshi listened to as she remained solemn, as if lost in her own on-duty solitude. Once the briefing and simple commands had been laid out, all of the six personnel that Hoshi had brought and the three team members from Sangō's team were facing Hoshi, waiting for confirmation of orders from the highest ranking officer on the scene.

Hoshi began speaking without any prompt in a careful but quick voice, "We will be going in from the South to a Northern location, as you have already been told, and should expect heavy resistance. We will be equipped in Shibui, an experimental suit that I have had luck with and my team has had luck with."

Hoshi's clerk brought the duffel that she had been keeping in a corner of the room and now set it in front of Hoshi's feet. The little Nekovalkyrja bent down and unfastened the lock on the duffel and then opened it to reveal the suits that her clerk soon began handing out. The YSS Kaiyō II personnel like Muyomi Peio and Lauren Strong had already worn their own and either began stripping or turned their volumetrics off to begin wearing the Shibui, a skinsuit with attachments like a drop holster and cargo packs and attached powered systems like calf aether generators for flight and palm-based pulse weaponry for fights.

Others like Sangō were putting on their custom-tailored suits for the first time and felt the appeal of the cornflower blue, silvery grey, and charcoal black patterned Shibui.

"The First Expeditionary Fleet's mission includes testing new technologies, but it also works closely with the Ketsurui Clan. Today we will be doing both," Hoshi told them after standing back up while they dressed themselves. When there was again a quiet in the room, she continued, "We will be strictly powered down until we are on our targets. That means no comms, no AIES, no thrusters, nothing. The only thing your suit can do for you is project your camouflage and hold your guns. I want that adhered to, is that understood?"

"Yes, Chusa!" Lauren Strong said after Hoshi had spoken and then there were echoes of what she had said, all in agreement that the Chusa was understood.

"I want to see us in attack formation six." Then, in Yamataigo, Hoshi said, "Kôgeki taikei roku," while she again opened her palm and the volumetric position of the squad assembled was shown. "Nimoru Sangō's team, save for her, will remain with my clerk at the center of command here while the seven of us set out to overtake the enemy and regain the Ketsurui clan members."

"Hai, Chusa," said Peio Muyomi as she shifted her elbows in her well-worn Shibui.

"Pull a Zesuaium katana from the duffel," Hoshi instructed while she got into her own Shibui suit and began zipping up from the bottom to the suit's collar. She buckled in the drop holster around her thighs and then over the zipper near her belly button. The Chusa sighed out as she looked down after fastening it over her stomach and dropped the holster's buckle to grip her knuckles, focusing on something far away. Around her the other six members going out to the stilthouse picked up their weapons and secured them while Hoshi blinked slowly, exhaling again.

In another instant, she raised her head fully, inhaled, and she spoke, "Now, we begin. Hajime!"
Small Village
0650 Hours

Setting down the outskirts of the village road that skirted around a steep slope, the small team made their way to a position where they could scope the village between them and the stilted building of their interest. Hoshi signaled for her team to hold with an open, flat palm facing away from them and found a crouching position to peek over the curve of the hill.

Smoke that was a deep black billowed from specific locations throughout the village and there seemed to be little to no movement at a visual glance. Hoshi knew not to run active scans, but she wasn't going to chance passive scans, either. Instead, she gained better visuals with a few crouched steps and noticed limp bodies that were littering the ground of the passageways between water-filled toro fields and inside of the village itself.

Hoshi turned away from the sight as her eyes closed and her nose inhaled. The suited up Nekovalkyrja made a hand signal by pointing her pointed index finger through her other hand's index finger and thumb as they made a circular shape, denoting they would continue their approach.

While taking the road on the outskirts of the village, the six members of the team floated as quickly as manageable behind Hoshi as she took point in their formation. To their right as they traveled NorthEast was the razed village the Chusa had kept from speaking about. Houses had buckled under enormous pressures. The crimson pillars and horizontal bar of the Shinto Tori gate to the far Western edge of the village were all that stood tall and proud in the wake of the devastation.

Hoshi didn't want to split her attention between their destination and this morbid scene in front of her. A war machine that had lived for what was now fourteen years had been shown death in vast amounts. Innumerable bodies had passed over her deep blue eyes and, yet, it still struck her each and every time. When there was nothing she could do, she was struck by the feeling of misery at her own insignificance in the face of it.

She did not look away and took note of the people she saw on the ground until there was a familiar sight; there were several dozen Type 35 navy blue paneled uniform on the ground that she passed hundreds of meters away. Muyomi was the first to nearly speak and her voice could be heard as a whimper over comms. They had been brought in before the SOFT members of Taiyou Hoshi's were assigned to the elements near the Caitel River, but had failed in no small way.
Forest Near River
0720 Hours

The target location was within visual range through the black and white trunks of the round leafed trees of the forest just South of the fork in the river North of Caitel proper. It was a traditional diaojiaolou stilted house with verandah patios on both levels and was painted a deep red. Lanterns hung from the SouthEastern edge and a wind chime made a dull thud from the other corner of the house. The roof was peaked at every corner, and it was built with wooden columns coming from the bottom, which raised it off of the ground by fifteen meters.

The team of seven Minkan and Nekovalkyrja hovered over the mossy forest ground, behind a slope while they assessed where to position themselves. They ascended up from the South to hold positions on the SouthEastern, NorthEastern, and NorthWestern corners in that order. Sangō and two infantry Neko from Hoshi's team took a forward position as she planned to barrage the front Northern door. Nobody had disengaged volumetrics and they blended in with the black and white of the trunks and greenery of the forest floor below.

When Hoshi was sure they were all in position, she took one final glance of the stilted, tiered building. There were emerging silhouettes in the shadowy and transparent shōji walls that she could see through an opening in the first floor's verandah doors appearing that had not been there a moment ago.

Hoshi made a soft cooing sound, as if made by a lovebird. At that signal, her forward team encroached on the Northern entrance, a walkway that ascended upwards to the first floor's patio verandah.

The stilted home's two corners, NorthWest and SouthEast, were then greeted by the appearance in the slatted light of the morning light coming through the surrounding trees. Dressed in a circular patterned haori and the deep royal blue hakama and white yukata of a journey woman of the Ketsurui Clan, one samurai appeared with a hand on the worn cloth fuchi hilt of her Zesuaium katana to the SouthEast. To the NorthWest came a diminutive headband-adorned samurai of similar white and blue Ketsurui journey woman apparel but with no haori jacket. Hoshi noticed them from her position to the NorthEast and called out to the SOFT members.

"Engage! Systems online!" Hoshi ordered as she saw the AIES of all of her team pop to life and she began relaying information to Sangō's team in the kura storehouse while hers began moving in on the samurai appearing at the corners and entrance. The Chusa watched Sangō and the two infantry Neko attack the Northern samurai who wore a furisode on her long body, which was accentuated by tall red geta and white tabi on her feet. Red maple leaves fell down the pure white of her kimono until they ended in a puddle of crimson tears at the base of the dress. Two katana and a wakazashi dangled on either side of her obi belt while she took slow, steady steps until she was at the edge of the verandah, in front of the walkway Sangō and the two infantry Nekovalkyrja were storming.

The infrared vision of the enemy Eihei samurai would see past the volumetric displays on the team's suits and the samurai coming out of the Northern entrance swiped out a dangerous flying sword, which thrusted into the air in front of her. Muyomi and Lauren both had to step back, but Nimoru Sangō was struck by the first strike. Spraying out from a ten inch long slash, hemosynth covered the bottom of Sangō's face as she gripped her own katana's hilt and jumped forward, drawing the blade moments before her opportunity to make contact with the white and red kimono-clad samurai.

Just after that, the SouthEastern samurai sprung from the diaojiaolou's verandah patio and stayed in the air, legs up and bent, as if to pounce, before plunging directly at the Shibui-clad Star Army of Yamatai technician below. Takedo raised her palm based weaponry and shot it out several times through her AIES and the samurai was struck by the plasma blasts. Junko could smell the searing passive subdermal armor of the samurai's body. Depite that, the plasma burst's harm was mostly stopped by the epidermis active armor of the resilient Eihei's body.

The samurai, undeterred from the blasts, crushed the Minkan woman deliberately into the ground below her with the intent to strike her immediately afterwards by raising her back hand into a fist. Junko rolled with the momentum of the Eihei body coming towards her and was sure to gain some kind of small advantage on the Eihei. All she managed to do was move her upper body a half foot to her right while the lower half of the Eihei's body crushed into Takedo Junko's hips, pinning her lower legs. Instead of being attacked by the punch that had been directed at her, Junko was able to avoid that one assault, but the samurai was not done with her.

To the NorthWest of the house the samurai coming from the open shōji wall's door had once been training her attention on Reina Madoka, who was now flying up from her ground position at an incredible rate. Instead of engaging Madoka, the samurai ran to her right and towards the assailants of the Northern samurai wearing the ornate maple leaf furisode.

Madoka blasted though the exterior patio of the NorthWestern side as she gave chase to the samurai, creating several poles and panels of wood to burst as she made her way to the samurai that was now moving towards the Northern entrance.

As the samurai jumped from the verandah's edge towards the infantry Neko near the Northern entrance, Madoka thrusted through the wooden poles of the verandah and barreled through the air. She caught the samurai in her arms by adjusting her flight path twice while the samurai compensated for being pursued. The pair tumbled down to the ground below the walkway that led to the samurai's diaojiaolou house.

Hoshi communicated to Sangō's team and her own clerk back at the grain storehouse while the beginning of the fighting ensued.

"Targets engaged!" Taiyou Hoshi called out as she watched the samurai versus the Star Army of Yamatai personnel battle unfold. "Working on the three known rogue elements now."

Meanwhile, the samurai at the Northern entrance in the kimono raised a second sword from her obi belt and thrust the Zesuaium blade against Sangō's own. The Nitô Juni pushed deep into the strike of her katana before using her gravity manipulation to fly away from the other Nekovalkyrja's when the immense strength and pressure from the Eihei body of the samurai became too much for her NH-33 body to stand up against. Muyomi stepped forward and slashed up and at the samurai that Sangō was retreating from. The dark black hair of the samurai moved gracefully in the dull orange light of the morning in wintertime of the Caitel forest. Nearby the gurgling and flowing of the icy blue river tried to speak over the clash of blades and bodies against one another.

In the SouthWest corner of the small and stilted building near the Caitel river, Takedo Junko's last dodge seemed as if by coincidence or luck as she was now dealing with an unfriendly barrage of the Eihei's fists. Her helmet was struck by a denting blow once by the Eihei's right fist and then Junko was again punched on the sternum with the samurai's left hand. The sternum punch resulted in the Eihei lifting off of Junko's hips marginally and in that instant Junko used her wherewithal to thrust upwards, bucking the Eihei off of her.

The samurai that had been pounced by Madoka and had tumbled down to the ground with her was not to be deterred and was now spiring into the sky. The circular haori-clad samurai was now jetting up like one of the two-toned trees around her in a completely vertical path away from the infantry woman that had thought she had snared her. Madoka pounded her fist into the ground as she hopped off of the dirt below the stilted house's walkway and flew into the air after her.

The fight took to the air while those on the ground continued moving against one another. Hoshi watched through her own scans as well as through the head-up display of every other member of the team. She moved from her position behind the NorthEastern slope and began following the path the infantry Nekovalkryja and Sangō originally took towards the stilted house. After cresting the hill where her heat signature was more apparent, the Northern samurai honed in on Hoshi's position and the Chusa felt her hemosynth run cold as she saw the night black eyes of the samurai watching her now slowed movements. Hoshi began to find a new position amongst the charcoal and white trunked trees. Hoshi watched the samurai had once again found a grip on her flying sword.

The moss underfoot slid out from around Hoshi's Shibui-clad suit's foot pads and she felt herself slipping. In a small moment, she could see the way things were going to go for her if she did nothing. Her body fell, almost cat-like, low to the ground and each of her digits of her left hand pressed against the verdant greenery of it while the rest of her body, save for her feet, were off of the ground. The flying sword swept through the air where she had been and then made a long, slow arc towards its owner, the white and crimson kimono-clad samurai.

The two infantry Neko that had been taking turns trying to hack at the samurai there were both split open in several places by now, but were still fighting. Blood-like hemosynth sprouted from their mouths and leaking wounds while Sangō put a hand up for them to stop. When Muyomi and Lauren backed away from the quick arm of the samurai, the Nitô Juni took over. Sangō hopped up, off of the walkway, which was the only ground they had managed to gain, and forced herself through the air in order to kick over the area where the samurai's white obi belt was centrally located. The samurai moved within an instant before Nimoru Sangō's attack could land and the samurai used the blunt end of her katana to follow up the attack on herself with a hard blow to the Nitô Juni's head. It was then that Sangō fell forward, into the creamy, nearly transparent shōji wall behind the black-haired samurai.

The two infantry Nekovalkyrja barraged the Eihei Nekovalkryja with another assault with their weapons held high, but in two swipes, Muyomi had lost an arm and shoulder and Lauren Strong was without a large part of her digital brain. Both stumbled and fell to the floor of the verandah, near Sangō. The samurai's blade's tip sat against the wood of the walkway and then she took a slow, careful step forward on her red geta and white tabi before she lifted her blade and pointed it deep into the forest, into Hoshi's position.

Junko, meanwhile, was beginning to lose consciousness at the hands of the samurai wearing the circular printed haori in the SouthEastern corner while Muyomi fell from the sky with a small and soft thud in the ground next to the stilted diaojiaolou. She cried out over comms as did Junko a moment later from the pain of the samurai's attacks.

Hoshi moved in quickly towards the black haired samurai in the Northern entrance and unsheathed her katana and then started moving her blade in a pattern that was difficult to follow. She wielded it against the samurai who had only recently changed her position. She was now in the middle of the walkway and Hoshi brought he blade down on her, only to be deflected by the samurai's upper block with her own katana. Hoshi noticed the tsuba's flying crane cutouts and the fine interlay work of the Ketsurui clan.

"Why..." Hoshi began over her helmet's speakers as she bounced away from the offensive maneuvers of the samurai. "Why would you create this chaos?"

"When the samurai were disbanded and asked to give up their way of life," the samurai spoke out to Hoshi, holding her sword at the ready as she went on, "we were not given any options but to be cut off from PANTHEON and torn from our bodies."

Hoshi asked, "Why have you wrought havoc on the community?"

"This is a protest against that. The clan knows that." She swiped at Hoshi then after her last statement and the Chusa hopped back once before slashing forward with a succession of blows not meant to make contact, only meant to push the samurai back.

"That was a massacre, not a protest," Hoshi said as she gained ground on the samurai before the Eihei gasped, having been struck.

Sangō had risen and slowly crept towards the Eihei before plunging her Zesuaium Sword into the back of the samurai's neck, down into the chest cavity. The Nitô Juni grunted as she did it and then made the same sound once more as she pulled the katana up and away from the black hair of the samurai. The kaede leaf kimono of the samurai slumped down onto the edge of the verandah and pathway, then the samurai in her entirety tumbled down to the ground near the base of the stilted home.

Sangō moved to the SouthEastern side of the building as Hoshi began looking around at the team's HUD with more focus on them rather than the cleared Northern entrance. She caught sight of the samurai in the deep royal blue and white garb as she was bringing her sword above her right shoulder to impale it against Reina Madoka's splayed body.

Hoshi saw this scene to the North and flitted through the air while speaking out to Nimoru Sangō's team in the storehouse.

Hoshi said curtly, "One down."

The Chusa flew to the rogue samurai with all of her one hundred pounds of mass. The blade of the samurai's katana entered Madoka's vulnerable body. She had sliced through Madoka's navel to her collarbone before pulling her blade from the infantry Nekovalkyrja and had then turned her attention to Hoshi. The samurai moved marginally away from Hoshi's incoming attack, so the Chusa pounced against the ground and leaped through the air, back towards her intended target. The samurai turned towards her, but Hoshi was already blasting out her plasma weaponry while her forward foot aimed an attack at the samurai in the form of a kick that impacted her so much she was momentarily swept off of her feet.

When she had regained her footing once more, the samurai made a series of lunges towards her assailant. Hoshi managed to hop backwards five times before the samurai changed her lunging technique to favor a less offensive one and she dove backwards, waiting for Hoshi to follow.

Give chase the little Chusa did not. Instead, she lifted the knuckle of her index finger and shot out a laser, directly at the samurai's gripped hand on her hilt. The laser shot did nothing more than impair the samurai enough to loosen her grip on the katana, as if to drop it. It was at that moment that Hoshi rocketed forward, upturning grass and moss around her body as it displaced the air in the normally still and tranquil forest. The chunks of earth and terra splayed out around her as Hoshi brought the Star Army of Yamatai issued Zesuaium katana into the Eihei's gut, then hopped off of the ground and adjusted her body's position before being able to kick out and unhinge the samurai's body away from her as it began gushing hemosynth out of the belly's deep gash. She did a one-handed backflip away from the samurai as she sheathed her katana with her free hand.

Hoshi looked in on her head-up display to see that the medic had tag-teamed with Sangō to gain an upperhand on the samurai in that corner of the stilted house. Chusa Taiyou Hoshi then refocused on her own situation and powered through the wilderness of black and white trees and grassy green earth to the samurai as she then looked up to Hoshi. She jumped reflexively away and a shimmering of hemosynth propelled from her as she moved upwards, splattering Hoshi's helmet's transparent visor in a fine red mist. The small officer moved through the air, towards the Eihei.

Once close enough, she grabbed the Eihei's ankle and made to yank her down, though that was not the intent. The intent was to gain some kind of leverage to allow Hoshi to swing her lower body upwards and over her upper body so that her foot could make contact with the side of the Eihei's face. The samurai was slammed out of her flying position and crashed into the earth, throwing rocks and dirt about the lush ground as she did. Hoshi, again, rocketed forward and drove her own body into the samurai's. She could feel the pressure of the samurai's body under hers and Hoshi brought the katana from its sheath and drove it into the samurai one more time before the samurai used her energy manipulation to create a small pocket of gravitational enegy in front of her sternum and bounced it off of her own body in order to push Hoshi away. The Chusa was thrown backwards, into a tree. She fell down to the base of the trunk as a small exhalation of concern escaped Hoshi's lips.

The samurai shakily picked themselves up and knelt on their katana as they meandered towards Hoshi, who was picking herself up via gravity manipulation and looked as if her neck, shoulders, and elbows were all being pulled by strings. Her head rose once the samurai was done closing in and Hoshi spoke.

"You have no right to live," the Chusa of the Star Army of Yamatai said. "Consider this your punishment!"

Taiyou Hoshi then lunged through the air, only for the Eihei to sidestep the attack. Hoshi was prepared, though, and moved in behind the samurai and, much like she had seen Sangō do before, she aimed for the neck and swept at it and could feel the heavy resistance after she had made it through the passive layer of armor. She strained to slice through the epidermis armor of the Eihei's body, but pushed forward with all her effort. She continued pressing the blade further through the strike until the samurai's head had been lopped off and had fallen to the soft, lush ground of the forest.

Panting, Hoshi called out once more, "Two down." She looked down at the samurai's face in its final moments and saw it was one of a calm and resolute demeanor. Hemosynth soon stopped pouring from the head and Hoshi shook her head dismally, slouching a little in exhaustion.

"I could use you, Chusa," said Sangō in reply and Hoshi looked to her head-up display to see Sangō herself was laying against the ground with a missing leg. She also suffered from the blunt force trauma of a well placed series of kicks and energy manipulated punches from the circular haori-clad samurai in the SouthEastern corner of the stilted house.

It seemed she had been able to get the weapons off of the samurai, but they still continued to pulse out with intense pressure on Sango's body. Hoshi had to pick her way carefully through the forest as she flew from the area where she had only just slain the second samurai and made no long task of taking the attention of the jacket-wearing samurai away from Sangō and on to Hoshi, instead.

The woman thrusted a ball of energy towards Taiyou Hoshi as she charged towards the Chusa. There was little the two of them could do besides impact in a clash of the energy ball that the Eihei extended from her body, working against the gravity around her body to push Hoshi's strike of her katana away from her. Hoshi's face cringed as she felt the katana being pushed away from the samurai and towards herself. She huffed out and gritted her teeth then pushed herself up in the middle, as if pulled from the sky, while her shoulders and arms pressed down. She pushed against the ball of energy being manipulated between the samurai and herself and, soon, had punctured through the torso of the Eihei by a few inches. Hoshi almost didn't have the strength left to push it further.

The samurai clutched the sword at her breast with one hand and hemosynth seeped from the gash. She looked up to Hoshi with a lack of emotion in her sienna eyes. Hoshi could tell, she was ready.

The sky blue and white haired Nekovalkyrja took a step back and, a moment later, the samurai re-positioned her grip on the blade of the katana. Soon, her hands were being sliced through while she pushed the blade deep into her own torso, then slid it horizontally, opening up the cavern of her organs. Her eyes were distant, still emotionless, as she stared at nothingness. A spray of hemosynth splayed out from the opening and soaked the white yukata and then her hakama.

When the samurai fell to her knees, Hoshi gripped the hilt of the katana and pulled it from the body of the Eihei before she let her fall to the ground with a slow descending motion.

Hoshi touched her hand to Sangō's collarbone and trailed her finger towards her shoulder and off her body. It seemed Sangō had lapsed into an unconscious state. Hoshi picked herself up slowly and looked at her team around her. Seeing the dead and broken bodies of everyone save for herself was gut-wrenching. She wished she could administer aid where she could, but the SOFT members, all six of them save for Hoshi, were no longer with the living.

Hoshi comm'd in to Sangō's team and her clerk to tell them of the situation.

"All targets have been eliminated," Hoshi said. There was the stink of the open wounds, burnt layers of flesh, and broken bodies. Hoshi heard the storehouse team's chatter as if from a fishbowl while she laid Sangō down and simply added to her previous statement.

Hoshi's voice was cold and distant, "Ready for extraction."
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