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SYNC Business License Inquiry: Nepleslia


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Late YE 40
Greetings to who ever receives this message.

My name is Kryss Black and I act as the official corporate liaison for Galactic Horizon, I've sent this transmission to formally request a business license with the nation of Nepleslia. As i'm sure you're already aware many of our products are already available through other channels such as IIS however we'd like to have an official warehouse and sales network presence within Nepleslia to provide our customers with a direct line of contact to us. This will also allow us to more easily and quickly handle issues with replacement parts or purchase of extra components as well as providing more job opportunities for unemployed citizens.

Additionally we'd like your permission to construct a single, moderately sized production facility within your territory to decrease wait times even further as well as being able to maintain warehouse stock levels more easily.

Employees of our business may occasionally travel between our HQ and your territory for different work reasons.

Please let me know if these conditions seem acceptable, I look forward to hearing from you.
Galactic Horizon Liaison; Kryss Black


The Gunman
From the office of Gaelan Sanders,

To whom it may concern, the request for a license has been approved and has been attached to this message. Furthermore, the secondary request to build a corporate building within DIoN territory has also been approved as well. You may construct your building in the Shinjyuu System. Please contact local officials to finalize placement and purchase of space.

If you have any other concerns, please contact us.

-Gaelan Sanders