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RP: Bahram Wing [BW Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for Pillars of the Sky

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VSV Wyrm of the Endless Sky
Frame Bay
Malakai 1, 935
05:51, Commonwealth Standard Time

It had been nearly thirty minutes since the members of Bahram Wing had left the ice world of Mazerin, and half that since they had first docked with the elongated figure of the Vayu-class "Wyrm of the Endless Sky".

The frame bay could perhaps be best described as a cleverly disguised womb, with the entire inside being comprised of soft organic material covered in a less conspicuous, eggshell-like mass, which cut across the entirety of the arched and ribbed half-pipe ceiling in a single flowing sheet. Wires, pipes and hoses all seemed to have sprouted out of the dock stations for each frame, those missing limbs or with severely damage armor with the largest number of lines connecting them to the ship.

Now that all of the VANDR were being attended to, the runners would have a chance to disembark from their units and have a few greatly needed moments of rest until they reached their destination.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

Savitar got his Shiva into the Frame Bay to get repaired and its weapons tended to, once out of the cockpit he just looked up at it. He’d shake his head a few times and patted the foot of the VANDR and departed, heading into the ship to get some rest. He felt like he’d just been hit all over his body with bats and that a good hot shower would alleviate that tension in his muscles. “Man what a pain in the ass that all was.” He sighed and looked around for a moment to find Serhan to ask him about what happened to him back there, still being curious.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

Rina swooped into the bay, landing gently. 'Ismat was sure that Rina deserved a break, as well as some TLC from some nice engineers. Luckily, the fight wasn't too rough and she'd come out as the victor, apparently. Their shields had taken the majority of the damage as opposed to the armor, so it'd be an easy job for those engineers.

The VIA operative extracted herself from the cockpit of the VANDR, completely dripping wet. She pushed her soaked hair out of her face as she climbed down. Now, all that was left to do was wait to see what they still had to do.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

Zus swooped the pristine Paralovi into the Wyrm of the Endless Sky's VANDR bay, landing as gently as she possibly could for Ninlil, her passenger. Zus was surprised that this time she had even managed to avoid damaging the MASC drives, although just barely. She was thankful of Ninlil's help during the battle, hacking the defense grid and allowing Zus to take out her foe without a prolonged battle.

As the cockpit drained of Prajna, The Frame runner disconnected and blinked a few times, finally regaining actual control of her body. She shook her head, the excess orange liquid flinging off of her short golden hair. "I hope that wasn't too rough of a journey for you, Ah... Miss." she apologized to the NI construct turned pop star.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

"... how soon before we can join the garrison over the orbital elevator?" Serhan questioned the man in Mechanist's garb that had come out to greet him as he dismounted. Glancing around, he was fairly impressed by all that was being done and thankful that the junior Mechanists were working with the gusto and professionalism he remembered from his time out on the frontier.

"If you'd give me a sec-" The senior man on staff adjusted his face shield and pointed him thumb back at the technicians plugging large hoses into the back of one of the damage VANDR. Disinterested and a little glum. He gave the impression of a mine foreman on some penal colony, the type of man that worked around criminals, ice and the constant threat of cave-ins. "You're lucky that were were transporting some new crew at the same time. They're all eager to work, so..."

"... how long?" The officer really wasn't nearly as impressed by the grimness of his personality as the innocent perseverance of his subordinates. A lecture on how lucky he was would be a bit of a waste.

"Four hours, ideally." The senior mechanist was a little incensed at this reaction, but feigned a hacking cough. The prajna-soaked frame runner could almost imagine a frowning grimace behind that tinted face shield.

"Deravni, sera." The officer replied with a quiet nod. Resolving some great contest of unaffection, the two parted ways. Serhan felt as if he had just wasted an enormous amount of time.


The figure she spoke to climbed out of the cockpit in a rough series of movements, slipping around on the soft organic surface that lined the pilot's seat.

Just barely clawing herself out, Ninlil rolled onto the prominent flat that topped the chestpiece of Zus' Erla VANDR, clinging to the perilously small surface like a piece of wet paper might to the corner of a table. Clothes dripped orange fluid, and a small torrent of the substance erupted from her mouth as she attempted to exhale. Liquid breathing was so... messy, once you're removed from it.

It took her several seconds of replacing the liquid in her lungs with air before she could replied. "Well... my clothes are basically ruined, but I'll live." Although she had the urge to whine a little more to milk her situation, she had a grateful smile for some reason. It was something about that tall and lean figure, that seemed a little childish, but admirably valiant.

"Thanks to you."


The loudspeakers in the hangar made a tiny creak as the came to life.

"Welcome to the Wyrm of the Endless Sky, Bahram Wing. This is Lanranr Ibaz Nerhig, the commanding officer of this vessel." The voice that spoke was relaxed and a little eager. That of a competent young officer, still insecure about his place in the military. Despite that, it seemed like he was receptive to their arrival. "There are showers, uniforms matching your measurements, and dinner being served. I believe today's special was supposed to be... kebabs."

"You'll be debriefed after mealtime. We already have confirmation of most of what your NI are reporting by reliable 3rd party sources."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

Zalus stepped out of the shuttle as the announcement came on the loud speakers. He was carrying Nara's core close to his chest and scanned the Bay to find the rest of the wing. He caught sight of Savitar near his VANDR and Waved over to him. "Thanks for the cover there Sav! Good fight with the exception of losing Nara's body." Zalus made his way over to Savitar. "Lets go meet up with the rest of the wing and get something to eat!"
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

Zus Stepped from the cockpit of her VANDR, standing on the lip just insode, looking over Ninlil hugging the platform. She shook her head to get some of the Prajna off her face and out of her hair before Smoothing it back, the normally blonde locks looking somewhat ginger due to the orange tinted fluid in them. The Eyr Ranr coughed a bit to get the fluid from her lungs before answering in her own voice once more "It was nothing. I was just doing my job, and it seemed to work" she said.

The tall blonde held out a hand to help Ninlil up, and motioned toward the platform they were supposed to get onto, and asked the construct a simple question: "Need a hand?" The accompanying smile assured Ninlil that Zus found her predicament somewhat humorous.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

'Ismat grouped up her hair and squeezed it, orange fluid streaming down. She looked about, as she let her hair drain, to spot... a giant, moist, orange, tissue in front of Zus? The VIA operative blinked. Okay....

She climbed down from the platform, before she headed to go change into one of those uniforms. But, she paused and waited. 'Ismat wanted to let others from her wing catch up.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

"It'd be nice. That purple girl from the terminus is looking at me funny." Ninlil nodded and extended her hand up, allowing herself to be pulled up. A damp hand them patted Zus on the top of the head just as the pop idol's slim but rag-draped figure rose up in front of her. The girl with the glowing horns and bizarre synthetic eyes only smiled, and tilted her head to the side.

It all happened quite quickly.

Zus would feel tiny lips gracing her forehead, touching down for no more than a second before the prajna soaked idol singer pulled away. "This is for saving my life." It was a small kiss, perfectly innocuous and slightly innocent. The NI, even through synthetic nerves spliced with electronic components, radiated a sense of having no ulterior motives.


The mood in the kitchen was similar to that of the mecha bay, as the young caregiver crew were working hard to provide a good and relaxing meal for their guests. Young cooks with aprons over their jacketless duty uniforms run around with trolleys and plates of food, and a thin smoke rose up from each cooking station. The entire place smelled strongly of grilled meats and fresh fruit, and wafted out into the cafeteria and surrounding hallways.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

"hmm?" Savitar turned to look over at Zalus and waved back and stretched out again, feeling something pop in his lower back that brought a relieved sigh. "Well nara's core can be put into another VANDR, so its' not a total loss." he said with a smirk. "And you're damn right it was, if I wasn't there, Serhan would've crushed all three of you, then where would you be? I'd doubt being a stain on his VANDR's ass would be comfortable." he nudged hish comrade with an elbow.

"That sounds like a winner of an idea, lets' go." he agreed with the idea of geting a bite to eat.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

It was almost unnoticeable under the orange liquid crusting the Eyr Ranr's face. Suddenly blossoming, a rush of blood to Zus cheeks in the form of a blush. That was Zus' initial reaction to Ninlil's kiss. As the AI walkted away, The pilot could do nothing else but stare for a few moments, completely taken aback by the act. A hand briefly made its way up to the young girl's face, but hung just short, as she blinked.

After a few more moments, perhaps even a minute, Zus shook her head again and regained herself. She got out of the cockpit fully, saying her goodbyes and thanks to Paralovi, and headed towards the showers. She needed to clean off and have some time to think over what had just happened.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

Zalus walked with Savitar to get his change of clothes. Nara's core weighed a bit and was feeling heavier in his arms. "I need to find her a new home sooner rather than latter. She's a bit to heavy for me to be carrying around all day. Also she will be better off with the mechanics." Zalus waved over a passing VANDR maintenance crew and explained what happened and handed off Nara to them.

"So... How do you like our new little Battleship? This is pretty awesome in my humble opinion." Zalus took a final drink from his flask and tucked it away. "I hope they have some good Food on this ship. Haven't had anything really good to eat in a while."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

Zalus felt something hit him lightly upside the head. It was Alia's hand.

"You'll get a full stomach all right!" She said as she menaced him with a balled up fist, that was holding her service wrench. "Just wait till the service bill gets forwarded to the higher ups! They'll want my hide along with yours."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

"Now now, we had enough violence earlier, I don't think we need anymore," 'Ismat said, approaching Alia, Zalus, and Savitar. "Besides, we were all just doing our jobs. If we could all get away without a few nicks then you'd be out of a job.

She was still fussing with her hair, wanting the prajna out.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

Savitar shook his head and laughed at the interaction between Alia and Zalus. "Alia, lay off, it's a pitched battle. You can't expect to come through it without damage, this isn't some fantasy.' he pointed out and blinked at Zalus again. "You've been here 5 minutes and think it's awesome, wow talk about impressionable... you're like a kid Zal, even more so than I am." he laughed some.

"How're you holding up 'Ismat? You look like you got one of the easier jobs to handle out there.'
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

'Ismat chuckled. "I'm fine, and it probably was.... Sorry I couldn't finish it up sooner to help you guys, but the idiot just wouldn't give up. Rina only came out with a few scratches, nothing for Alia here to get worked up over."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 2] Reaching for the Pillars of the Sky

VSV Wyrm of the Endless Sky
Frame Bay
Malakai 1, 935
06:33, Commonwealth Standard Time

A few hours had passed since the battle at the spaceport and their arrival on the Wyrm of the Endless Sky. As the mess had begun the ship's serving crew, Bahram Wing and their own charge had been welcomed to eat and socialize freely. There was a sense that most of the crew were impressed, but wary, of the blooded frame runners and their commanding officer, as they neither overtly shunned nor attempted to communicate with them at any given moment. Ninlil, outside of 'her' guise as the normal identity of the pop idol MiSHARA, on the other hand, had somehow escaped any kind of scrutiny or judgment.

The food filling the trays and topping the trolleys seemed to be the typical fare during peacetime, freshly cooked from recreated ingredients and as good as most fast food. But defying this designation as being the equal of commercial foodstuffs, the care crew had somehow managed to make kebabs that looked as if they had been cooked over an open flame, miraculously avoiding any kind of ash or burnt smell in the air.

Khiyai poked Amari in the back nervously as she reached for a tray and hefted a small amount of reat and fried vegetables. "Isn't this kind of atmosphere a little weird for a Vanguard ship?" The mechanist seemed concerned and a little angry. "Or does this just have happen every time you mix crews?"

Amari gently scratched the side of her cheek as she looked to the crew within the mess hall. Truth be told, she'd wanted to go and keep an eye on Anik, but, merely could not. It did not chagrin her, but she did request to get periodic reports on Anik's well being. The doctor gave a disarming smile as she began slowly placing little tidbits here and there on her tray, and as the kitchen staff also placed a few items on it as well.

"We're new here is all dear. Give it some time, and things will slowly erode away into normalcy." The doctor placed a comforting hand on the mechanist's back, giving it a companionable pat. "How are you holding up however?"

Zalus looked around at the rest of the crew in the mess overhearing Khiyai's comment. He didn't like that his wing was being kept at arm's reach. "Well I'm not going to have us be outcasts on this ship. I'll see you guys in a few." Zalus took his tray and stood up. He scaned the mess again and then walked over and sat at the table with the largest number of cute crew at it and an open seat. "Don't mind if I sit here do you folks?" He asked when he arrived.

"Eyr Ranr should be used to recycled atmosphere." Alia muttered suddenly, appearing behind the other two like some mechanic ninja. "You must not have stayed on your ship for that long if you're unused to indoor air."

Serhan ruffled his hair and looked back at his wing. They'd been through quite a bit this past mission, so he decided to avoid chiding them until aftyer they'd had the chance to rest. With the 'Wyrm' moving at sublight towards the capital, they would have at least another hour or two to calm down before debriefing. It was unprofessional, but it seemed to be the better thing to do, and he really didn't feel like pushing any more boundaries after he'd made a lousy performance on his own, as well. He wasn't hungry and could barely stomach the idea of eating something at the moment, and so, reached for a pouch of Guarmellon juice. It wouldn't hurt to chase out his remaining will to act like an officer with something rather childish, for at least the duration of the meal.

At a second glance, Zalus would discover that three of the five rather cute members of the Wyrm's crew at that table were in fact, not beautiful young girls, but handsome young men with slender and youthful features. The other two were definitely female, as the cut, shape and unzipping of their uniforms would not allow any other conclusions. Oddly enough, they all seemed to have the same dark-red hair color and eyes that all ranged around the same or similar shade of greyish-blue.

"Of course." One of the girls gave him an indifferent nod, and gestured him to the vacant spot across from her. "Hogging room on a spaceship is just sinful." Her small lips were drawn into a thin smile, immediately before they deformed from an incoming spoonful of mashed payams.

Alia sat down with Amari and Khiyai, "anyway, how have you two been doing? Is Anik any better?"

Amari frowned slightly at the reminder of her being unable to attend to someone she considered one of her charges. "I've requested periodic reports from the other physicians at the hospital. So far, they've said she is responding well to treatment." The doctor said as she soon caught sight of Serhan, some of the ill feelings over the situation forgotten for the time being at seeing the man looking a little awkward, at least in her opinion.

"I think introductions are in order. My name is Zalus Ka'salm from Bahram wing and what might your names be?" Zalus said with a smile to the whole group. He laced his finger together over his food as he waited for the response.

Khiyai scrunched her nose and bit into a forkfull of steamed Imyrin, chewing hard on her food as the other two women spoke, and remained still and silent. "..." Munch... munch... munch... without a word. "..." Her palm rose up and slammed down on the table. "Of course Cohronl know about indoor air! I was referring to how stupid people are acting just because they're a little shy, you idiot! It makes no sense... I mean, we are soldiers, right?!?" She frankly felt that Alia had said something really idiotic in context. But on the other hand... had realized that she hadn't been discrete in conveying this. "... ...oh." The mechanist's cheeks flashed bright red for an instant, before she buried them in her palms.

Alia blinked at Khiyai's badily timed response to what she mentioned a few moments ago... "Uh, Khiy, your response timing's little off." She said before sticking her fork full of meat into her mouth.

The girl's casual expression straightened itself out. "A pleasure... sir. My name is Zericce Ibaz, and the others are Aricce, Irricce, Urrice and my sister Nericce. Erm... we're all of the same rank, and family, sir." The girl explained, standing herself up straighter. "I... err..."

Amari merely patted Khiyai on the back once more, rubbing it gently. "It's alright dear, it happens to the best of us... But, can you two excuse me, please?" She said, getting to her feet, her tray untouched. In truth, at present she was more interested in their fearless leader. While Khiyai had a companion to talk too, he, however seemed not to have one. Who knew? Maybe a familiar presence would loosen the guy up some, she thought as she silently made her way to the stoically silent man, gently poking the small of his back with a finger.

"If you stare at your juice for too long, I don't think it will return to being a Guarmellon." She softly quipped from behind him.

'Ismat peered about the mess, holding a plateful of food. She didn't know where to sit, since it might seem odd if she were to sit with crew members of the Wyrm. So, upon spotting the others of the Bahram wing, she sat down with them.

Alia looked over to Ismat as she sat down with them. "Yo." She said.

Zalus cocked his head in confusion at the group uneasiness. He then noticed thier ranks and realized why. "Oh! I'm sorry, you folks can relax! I'm here to meet new people and have fun, So don't worry about my rank!" Zalus waved his hands dismissively at the idea of him being tough on lower ranking personnel while eating.

'Ismat waved back as she took off a piece of meat from her kebab and plopped it into her mouth.

Serhan took a quick glance at Alia and before turning his head to instead face Amari. "I suppose that looking back at the mission in hindsight won't turn it into a success, either." Feeling a little bit grateful for being snapped out of a bout of overthinking, his expression formed into a sort of half-grin. " Do you have the status of my two downed wingmates and our injured infantrywoman?"

Amari inclined her head. "Anik is stable as far as the last report I have received tells me." She paused, a slight frown however forming upon her lips, downturning even further into a deeper one. "Malik...it would seem has suffered severe psychological trauma. I have gotten no more upon him then that. As for Mu'Tasim..." The doctor looked over to the crew eating, and killing time. "I simply don't know."

Zus made her way into the mess somewhat gingerly, scanning the room quickly for friends. She quickly spotted Bahram wing and made her way towards them, not really thinking about food just yet, though she would be soon. For now, she had been able to calm her confused mind and set herself straight, and that was an accomplishment enough in itself, but the shower had helped. to boot, Zus' golden locks were golden again, as opposed to the orange-streaked state they ahd been after the VANDR.

"You know... I see you almost every day back at the base, and I never noticed you were purple. It's really... rare." Khiyai stuffed a small steamed Imyrin into her mouth and chewed it down in small movements of her jaw. "Are you genes designer as well, or did you just have treatments to alter your skin pigmentation?"

Zericce nodded happily. "Pleased to have you at... our..." She seemed bothered by something as she spoke to him, and worriedly, looked around to see her relativse get up to leave, empty trays still on the table. "... ah... why are you..." Her dull whines went unnoticed, as they'd already left the doorway by the time she had the presence of mind to stand herself up. "...hnnn. Erm..."

'Ismat blinked before looking down at her hand. "Whuh? No... I don't think so. It's normal for me." she replied to Khiyai. As she continued to look at her purple hand, she idly put another bit of food in her mouth with the other. "Is it really that odd?"

"It is fairly rare." Alia piped up.

Zalus watched as the rest of the group left in confusion. "I... Did I do something wrong here?" Zalus scrached the back of his head. "Ummm I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong... I'll leave if you want me too..."

"I have extended telomeres, and had the gear were markings created through gene therapy." Khiyai said, tapping her temples. "But purple skin is quite rare. Most people don't like it because it's harder to coordinate colors for clothing, or something like that. The Mazerin and Outer System region colonies tend to have more purple-skinned people, and I know some Ivuori have it as a recessive gene. But you're rather unique... I think." The junior mechanist took a sip of her drink and stared up at the ceiling for a few seconds. Surely, she had missed something. "Wasn't there someone else with purple skin?"

"Zuuuuuuuuuuuus!" Zus would immediately feel a tremendous force piling itself onto her back, followed by a sudden shock to her ability to remain standing. What had struck her was a body, rather like that of a young girl clad in a conservative outfit, a small and curvy one belonging to the synthetic intelligence that had to eagerly shown her friendly affection before. "How are you doing! Feel better after a shower? It must be nice to have been allowed to take one alone! Would you like to eat? I've been munching away at some veggies, but it feels a little boring without someone familiar around..."

"Oh. Well, as far as I know, I'm natural... I think." 'Ismat hadn't realized it really before. It was just one of those things you don't really think about. "Hrm, yeah, where is Shokhi?"

Alia pondered on the question while gnawing on a kebab. "I... Don't think Shokhi was deployed in the last mission."

"He's on stand-by at the base right now. I dispatched him from the spaceport to deal with an distress beacon out in the ice fields, and we were attacked before he returned." Serhan explained, gingerly reaching out for his packet of juice. He paused just short of bringing it to his lips. "He did the responsible thing and called for reinforcements, but forgot that we were the only remaining wing in this region. They were able to mobilize hazardous materials vehicles to contain the fissile material from the Soono's reactors thanks to him, at the very least."

Amari's eyes carried a very light look of distress over the last few hours, Anik injured, thankfully, she'd been treated, and would survive. Mu'Tasim, he was fine, but Malik...poor, poor Malik. Even if the young lad was brash, and hotheaded...he did not deserve his fate. But, alas, it was, in her own mind, the will of the Saints. Perhaps, in time he would become well, but, it was looking grim. And she, for all she knew, could not do a thing for him.

"That...is good I suppose." She said quietly, looking back to Serhan then, having to tilt her head back a little to do so. "And, what of you?" The question, direct, straightforward, but the concern in her voice evident. "Are you well?"

Zericce shook her head. "It happens... a lot. Just because I was the only one who qualified to be a starship operator and they have to be my adjutants!" She seemed a little exasperated by the notion. "Uhm... if you'd like... sir. Would you want to keep me company until they come back to their senses?"

"OOMPF!" Came out of Zus' lips as she quickly brought a leg forward to balance herself from the force of Ninlil, Catching her breath back she turned around to face the construct. "Yeah, It's nice to get that Prajna out of my hair" Zus answered, a bit quietly "And I guess I wouldn't mind eating. What is there to eat right now?" she asked.

"I wouldn't be aposed to keeping a lovely lady like yourself company." Zalus took a sip of his drink and smiled. "So you get to help drive this big thing? That must be fun to have your siblings to boss around!"

"I would be lying if I said this is the first time that something terrible has happened to a subordinate." Serhan's face was blank, and his voice grim and quiet as he explained. "It's... my fault and coming to terms with that is never easier. Only more evident as you become more painfully aware of your weaknesses."

Amari wore a somewhat helpless, if not tiny smile now. "If it would help, I would give you a hug right now, Serhan. That is, if you could've bore the thought of everyone in the room possibly seeing." The doctor put in her usual, serene air. "But, a bit of advice a Temple Guard once told me. "It is within our weaknesses that we can find strength." I think, what it ment was, our weaknesses can inspire us to better ourselves, and strive to not commit the same mistakes. But...in the case of battle...that is hard. Such things..." She sighed, instead of giving the man a hug, she simply took one of his hands into her smaller one. "They can, and will happen from time to time...it is an ugly truth of war in its many facets and forms. Or so I've been taught."

"It's not entirely different from what frame runners do. We just have the disadvantage of relearning how to use our bodies and tuning our nerves and way of thinking so that the ship actually what it's supposed to and understands us." She seemed pleased by Zalus' question, and puffed out her well-developed chest in a small moment of pride. "Sometimes, the 'Wyrm' even speaks to me and tells me things. It's almost like a child right now, even though the ship is almost two decades old."

"Isn't it?" Ninlil nodded vigorously to Zus' comment on the good feelings of cleanliness, before pointing out to the service counter at the back of the mess hall. Although demure and composed before, the 'pop idol' had an attitude that greatly resembled that of a child, bouncing around with little care for appearances. "They have kebabs right now, I think... and some nice grilled and steamed vegetables."

Zalus nodded his head and listened intently. "I wish I could try that out. It's interesting to be part of a ship. With the VANDR it is kind of like becomeing a giant... that can MASC jump... and has guns." Zalus chuckled and took a bite of his food. "Have you folks seen any combat since you joined this ship?"

Zus rolled her eyes "Ugh... Kebabs! Why do we always have Kebabs? Honestly, can't the Vanguard afford to feed us a better variety of food?" the girl complained, making her way to the service counter. She loaded a tray with some vegetables and, despite her complaining, a kebab. She picked up a few other small amounts of food and then moved towards the group of her wingmates. "So, how have you been in the oh-so-long time since we parted?" Zus asked, mostly as a joke, but partially to just have conversation.

Walking into the mess hall, Reovan took off her helmet and unzipped the top of her linksuit. She was so glad to be off of Mazerin and out in space where it, funnily enough, didn't feel as cold as the planetary surface. She had just been out on patrol with Savitar and Shokhi, just a routine flight around the ship. Grasping her helmet on her arm, she went to join her wingmates with a polite nod of her head.

"That would be... inappropriate in this setting. I appreciate the notion, however..." Serhan glanced at Amari with a mildly morose, apologetic expression. He couldn't tell if he wanted that hug or not, or if he'd even be okay as is. Even though he'd warmed up to the doctor significantly throughout the past few weeks, joined meals, clasped hands and locked limbs without much regard for his past self, it was all catching up to him too quickly. "...I'm not sure if I'd even deserve it."

Amari placed a hand on Serhan's arm, merely offering a small smile. "I believe you deserve it. You're a good man, and father," She gave the arm a light squeeze then as she continued. "Don't let anyone ever tell you differently. If others think of you differently, of a kind, thoughtful man, then, isn't there a chance they are right?" The doctor queried, eyebrow arched ever so slightly.

"I've almost forgotten what it's like to talk with another NI. This one is a child... but he's really smart!" Ninlil clapped her hands together, before looking at the uniformed Vanguard frame runners. Her face went a little gray and nervous, and shoulders slumped forwards as she suddenly felt that she had committed a slight gaffe. "Oh... you mean them, Vayshirin Storhan?"

'Ismat kept eating up her food, not particularly paying too much attention to the conversations at this point. She figured that after however long she'd been with the Wing, she hadn't exactly picked up on anything traitorous so they should be okay. The food wasn't so bad!

It was at this time, as the mingled crew of both the Wyrm of the Endless Sky, and those of Bahram, that a seemingly young man wandered into the mess hall. He wore the uniform of a frame runner, and had a slight un-intentional swagger to his step, wearing a thoughtful look on his face at seeing the two crews together. He didn't pay them much mind, granted, he was hungry, and the fact that the cooks had tried to pull out all the stops for this motley bunch made his hunger worse. Spotting a few free trays left, he quickly snatched one, and went about filling it up with assorted foods, fruits, and a drink, walking past the conversing doctor, and wing leader without so much as a second thought.

Zericce smiled and leaned her elbows on the countertop, placing her chin on the backs of her hands. "Oho... a flyboy trying to play navy? That might be interesting to see." She teased playfully, twirling a finger in her dark-red bangs. "You might not be able to handle such a big weapons package. It'd be a terrible disaster if you fired off suddenly without a target!"

Alia ate in silence. Noone was really talking to her and she was mentally running down the entire amount of expenses the sortie would cost, and so every bite she took, she started to looks paler and paler.

Zalus grined slyly. "Well, I'm used to handling large weapons. If you give me a target I can take care of it throughly my dear." Zalus took a sip from his glass and then folded his hands back on the table. "Have any targets for me?"

The frame runner from before cleared his throat slightly, standing a little off to the side of Ismat. He wore a nonchalant smile, speaking. "Excuse me, miss, mind if I have a seat here?"

'Ismat blinked, hearing the voice, before looking up. She quickly finished chewing and swallowing her last bite of food, coughing a bit from nearly choking. "Uh, go ahead, I suppose," she replied, a bit confused, as she scooted over to allow the random man a seat.

"..." Zus stared at Ninlil as she jabbered on about the ship's NI, before saying something about Bahram wing "Well, I was headed towards them..." She muttered, a bit confused as what ninlil said had nothing to do with the Eyr Ranr's question. Zus' eyes suddenly opened as they noticed someone; the Vayshirin's roommate, Reovan "Hey Reo, over here" She called, not too loudly, waving her hand slightly to get the Sund Wakir's attention.

Khiyai glanced over at Alia, and slid over her datapad. "You know, the Ministry of Defense actually likes it better if we spend a lot of money, and doles out promotions to people like us involved in high-risk wings. Something about trying to get a larger percentage about the tax money."

The pilot offered Ismat a roguish smile as he did so. "Thanks, would rather sit next to a pretty lady then some of the burly jocks over there." He jabbed a thumb behind him then as he unwrapped the straw to his Kwirin Berry Juice. "My name is Rashek, nice to meet you, Miss?" He waited quietly, sticking the straw into the bottle of juice and began to drink as he waited for her to introduce herself.

Alia looked down at the data pad and gulped a sigh of relief. "That is wonderful news."

Perking her head up at her name, the Sund Wakir girl walked over to where her roommate was conversing with the NI. "Hey Zus-- how's it going?" she asked casually, nodding to acknowledge the NI's presence. "Patrol was boring enough. Calm. Nice." Reovan smiled and rolled her eyes at her own joke.

"Good thing I didn't go then. I need some action. Mazerin was boring as a stick up until today." Zus nodded at her wisdom for a moment, before looking back to Ninlil. "So, this is Ninlil, I know you've met her but I don't think anyone besides I have been properly introduced."

"Uh, Sitari. 'Ismat Sitari," she replied, returning the smile. She shifted herself in her seat again, sitting up straighter and all-in-all presentable.

"Hey now, don't get too cocky! A starship is a huge sensitive thing, full of nerves and fluids and complex mechanisms that you have to regulate. I could probably work as an adjutant for you..." Zericce paused, and reached out to give Zalus a gentle tap on the forehead, before slipping her fingers over and giving his horn a tug. "...but you have to ask nicely! I wouldn't work bellow my occupation without a good reason!"

Zalus nodded his head and chuckled. "Can I please try to pilot this fine ship with your help, My lovely? I Promise to treat it right and be gentle?" Zalus attempted to use puppy dog eyes to convince her.

"Well, it is an honor, and pleasure to meet you, Ismat Sitari." Rashek finished after he'd put down the bottle of juice. Granted, he did take in her seated form, arching an eyebrow at the straigh tlaced posture. "Oh, no need to do all that, relax, I don't bite." He laughed a little, sighed and took off a small chunk of meat from the kebab. "So, how're you enjoying our fair ship, Miss Sitari?" He asked, popping the morsel into his mouth, pulling a bit of his dark brown hair out of his eyes.

Alia looked over the data pad and still slightly cringing at the expense costs, but not as badly as she was before. "Isn't there still some way the Ministry can get more funds that doesn't requiring us totaling VANDR for the sake of expenditures?"

'Ismat nodded, and smiled again. "Right. It is a pleasure to meet you too, sir. As for the ship, it is quite nice so far. It was nice getting all the prajna off," she said with a bigger smile. Her hands went up to feel her still moistened hair from her earlier shower. "How are you, sir?"

"Oh, Vayshirin Mehta! Jarita said that you'd come back from the patrol." Ninlil said as the dark-skinned runner approached the two of them. She seemed to be concerned, but the question was asked more with clinical curiosity than genuine caring. "Are you feeling okay? Your brainwaves were irregular until ten minutes ago."

"Right as rain now that I'm sitting here, food in front of me, and a nice person as yourself to talk to." Rashek replied as he then cut a small quarter of guarmellon, lightly dusting it with salt and eating it.

"Divine presence," Reovan said in greeting to the NI. "Reovan Me-- Oh, yeah. We've only met briefly before. Jarita told you, hmm?" it was kind of weird and it caused the Sund Wakir to shift uncomfortably in her stance. "Well, I don't know what was so irregular," Reovan's voice took on a defensive tone. "It was a nice, calm patrol, like I said."

Khiyai shrugged and snatched a Jogret desert bar and began munching away at it. Recycled organoid tissues and synthetic glutens never quite tasted the same each time, likely because of the different ship or vehicle classes involved, or an inconsistent blending of the ingredients. This time, it rather tasted faintly of guarmellon and smoked Minecarp, only a full magnitude sweeter. "I don't know. But if we break enough of them, the Solanii will probably be forced to finish that new model they've been working on since the beginning of the decade."

'Ismat giggled quietly. "Thank you. Though you aren't so bad yourself, sir." She too took a bite of food from what was left on her plate, a few bits of kebab.

"You were spiking at ten to twenty second intervals. Your sensor data said... was it something you were seeing?" Ninlil seemed a little shocked, more taken aback from the notions of spacefaring fauna or great alien battleships than any reasonable line of thought. Although largely impossible, they were the only interesting possibilities to account for, and she didn't feel like wasting an already aging mind on the usual thought processes. In a sense, she was deliberately restricting any thoughts that weren't outlandishly illogical or fantastically ridiculous. "Was there a space wyrm?!"

"So," Rashek took up his bottle of juice once more, swirling it around somewhat to break up the small clumps of still partially frozen juice. "You guys going to be on for awhile, or are you getting off soon?" He asked before taking a sip, smacking his lips smartly and putting it down again. "Since combat of any sort can be draining."

"Really?" Alia looked up. "All I've ever seen of that model were the design specs, and those were only the 5th draft."

"No idea, you'd have to ask the Marranr, sir. Did you get to see any combat in this last bit of chaos?" 'Ismat asked back. She eyed the juice that Rashek had, realizing she hadn't had gotten a drink.

Rashek blinked, looking back down at his drink, and at the girl eyeing it. "Oh, a little of this, a little of that. And please, drop the sir. Call me Rashek. I don't like to stand on that part of rank. Too stifling." The pilot took another drink of the juice, and looked to her tray, thoughtful look on his face as he looked back towards the cooler from where he got his own drink. "Need one?"

"Careful, now! I had to put down my last pet Gualmyan when he broke his hips trying to make with a brood mother that was out of his league." Zericce seemed greatly enthused by Zalus spirit, and just a little bothered. It was rather like seeing a little girl greatly enjoy the music and farces of a Temple Euphorian, but cringe at the smell of his unwashed person. "But I guess that if I run you through it and make sure I'm there, you'll be just fine." She reached out for his hand, holding it vertically for him to take. "Of course I'll help you."

"A Space Wyrm? do those exist?" Zus interjected, curious. Being a knowledge seeker, and having one of the greatest repositories of knowledge before her piqued her curiosity with the sudden outburst.

'Ismat gave a cute little nod. "A drink would be lovely, s-... Rashek. Thank you~"

Zalus held out his hand and gently took hold of it. "I'll leave myself in your hands then. I trust you won't let me hurt myself." Zalus started to stand up while still hold Zericce's hand. "Lets go do this now! I can't wait to try this!"

Rashek gave her a lopsided smile as he got up and went to go retrieve the drink for her.

"There wasn't any space wyrms, Zu," Reovan assured her bunkmate. Turning back to Ninlil she waved a hand in the space between the Sund Wakir and the NI. "There wasn't anything. Are you sure you don't have some linkport inputs crossed?" Having known her for so long, Zus could probably detect the misdirection and wavering in Reovan's voice.

'Ismat turned, watching him get the drink. The more she was paying attention to it, the thirstier she felt. But, she kept patient, waiting for him to return with the treasured juice.

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