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RP: Neshaten Children of the Void.


Ser Spit
Ho'suntal was a young Mye'leke. Though his scientific research was enough that it earned him the credibility to represent his particular field of study even if he did not have their permission.

Seasons of lobbying for an audience had been fruitful and he was at long last granted the audience he so wish.

The Gold skinned quadruped looked on as many eyes gazed at him. His opponents were behind him ready to strike down any claims he might made.

The Mye'leke were famed as heavy fighters, but they did not get recognition for their nature and their skill. The Mye'leke were excellent watchers, and Ho'suntal had chosen to watch the stars.

"I am a man of science and reason." He said, his voice shaking as his nerves got the better of him. "The old scriptures make it very clear that we are not alone in this galaxy. We originated from a distant star before the great exodus...war drove our kind to this world, and here we live in peace."

He took a deep breath and lowered his gaze to the floor of the council chamber. "But my scientific research has shown that this region of space is at the very least inhabited by other intelligent life forms. Which brings me here today."

He turned and looked at his mate, and then back to his supporters. "So I am here wondering why we have not attempted to make formal contact? I also want to state that we should. Fear should not rule us, neither should suspicion."


Insane Story Writer Foxy
The council chambers were a quiet place right now, the others just staring on at the young My'leke, there was a little bit of heard chatter from some of the councilmen.

Toward the center of the council chamber sat Vas'Sumera Yume'na, the current ruling queen of the Kingdom. She had been listening rather attentively and her green eyes casting looks at the other councilmen; some of which had turned their gaze up to Yume'na for brief moments before quieting down.

"What's the point of actively looking for people when we don't even have any proof that anyone exists?" said one councilmen. "Even our ancestors, with the amount of expansion they did before the great war, never found any other sentient life."

"Not to mention," another, this one female, spoke. "How can we even be certain that if there are other races out there that they would be friendly? We barely have the resources to defend our Kingdom from current threats, we don't need to find some other race of people who might just decide to attack us instead of opening a dialogue."


Ser Spit
"I am positive other races exist because I exist." Ho'suntal" said shooting back. "Two(Three?) sentient races evolved on our world of origin, not to mention the life forms that are native to this world. Logic and reason point to the conclusion that other races do exist." Ho'suntal spoke with more confidence. He was appalled at the closed mindedness and was holding back his irritation with his rather gentle words.

"Prior to the great exodus our forbears DID find other life forms, we have all read the ancient texts, time and time again they have proven to us to be accurate."

Ho'suntal snorted at the way politics were brought up rather then science, he was unprepared. "I fail to see how defense against extra terrestrials is a valid concern. I worry for my safety because I am a different species. No alien has ever harmed a single Neshatan for a political reason, yet we sit here and bicker. Who are you to hold them to our standards? It is easy to compare the known to the unknown because the unknown can not muster a defense!"


Insane Story Writer Foxy
"Just because we exist," started one councilmen who was sitting in a seat to Ho'suntals far left. "Doesn't mean others do as well."

"I find it depressing," started another. "That you don't view defense as being important. It would be fooldhardy for us to assume that any potential races out there would just come to us with open arms and be all nice about it, espically given what some of our probes have been finding lately."

A volumetric display appeared in the center of the room, circular in nature that would allow all of the council members to see it. The image was fuzzy and had some static lines on it, but it was enough that people could see ruins on the surface of an unnamed planet along with debris in orbit of that planet. The debris and where it came from was unknown.

"So yes, there might be other races out there, but what happens if they do 'this to us?" a councilmen pointed at the footage.

On the back, Yume'na continued to listen. Her eyes were closed, she had already seen the footage as it had been given to her long before anyone else in this room had seen it.


Ser Spit
Ho'Suntal looked at the new evidence before him. He had not had such information revealed to him. Even more so it did not only solidified his stance. "Who is to say they did not have an accident? Or stellar incident of natural causes?"

"At one time your people feared mine and now look at us, we work as one for the betterment of all. Do not mistake me, defense is priority."

Ho'suntal looked at his detractors and realized they held the power. "How can we defend against he unknown? We have ships and soldiers but we know nothing of your perceived enemies..."

Ho'suntal then looked at the image. "Unless you have more lies with truths to be revealed much like this." He said with a snarl. It was a minor victory. Ho'suntal had proven he was right but it was at cost. He wanted to believe extraterrestrials were peaceful and gentle like the ones the ancients found on that dusty world so long ago.

Ho'suntal drew silent as the chamber filled shouts and hushed whispers.


Insane Story Writer Foxy
The chamber had indeed fallen into a mixture of hushed whispers and shouts from some of the councilmen. Some were accusing the one who had shown the footage of attempting to keep secrets, while others were stating that the footage had been kept secret initially in order not to cause any potential panic.

Of course, these members apparently forgot that all council chamber meetings are televised to the citizenry so that the citizens are aware of what is going on, a form of transperency within the government. Naturally, there were times when things were televised, but that was quite rare and this was not one of those times.

Yume'na let out a sigh, which had caused the chambers to fall silent almost in an instant. Everyone's attention turned toward her, as she looked over at the councilmen who had shown the footage and then at Ho'Suntal. "It's about being ready, Sir Ho'Suntal," started.

"You know, just as well as I do, that in our scriptures and our history that our people have always wanted to be prepared for anything. Whether it involves something like a natural disaster, or something more foreign to us. Even during the times of the Federation, the government then had forces at the ready in case they ran into another sentient race that was of a threat even though our ancestors lacked any knowledge of what those races might posses."

Yume'na clasped her hands together and thought for a moment, then looked at the footage and had it replayed. "We don't know what the cause of this is, the ruins, and the debris. It could be steller in nature, or it could be have been a fight between two opposing forces. The fact is, we can't really assume one way or the other."


Ser Spit
"I am not saying we should protect our selves. But It would be better to know would it not?" Ho'Suntal stated boldly.

"I realize that money is a precious resources in these dark times, but because there is does not mean we should focus on just that. The first time things looked grim for our people we found salvation out there!" He said pointing his nose to the sky.

"We found a haven from the darkness that swept over the Old Federation. I have been granted the proof of sentient alien life I asked for, and I thank you." He said this time not being loud.

Ho'suntal lowered his face and looked at the floor he sat on. "I know we can not devote our selves to this I request that you grant me support, and a small FTL capable ship to go exploring. Let me visit the ruins, let me look and maybe study anything I can find. When I return I will show you my findings."

Ho'suntal was a Xeno-Archeologist, and he was pioneering a new scientific path he dubbed Xeno-forensics. "I will fund the trip through my own means, I just would prefer to have the blessing of this council of Neshatan.:


Insane Story Writer Foxy
There was chatter amongst the councilmen, as they discussed what to do and whether to grant Ho'Suntals request. After close to five minutes of deliberating, one of the councilmen - a female Laibe - cleared her throat.

"It is the opinion of the council that it is presently to dangerous for non-military personnel to leave the safety of the home system. We can only grant you permission to travel to U'varun, but we can't grant you permission to travel to the planet that these ruins," she motioned to the footage, "are on because we can't be positive that the area is entirely safe."

"However, the military is planning on sending an investigation fleet to that system in due time. Until we get the report back from them that it is safe, you'll have to wiat just like all of the other scientists," the Laibe said, her hands were clasped together and her head resting against them.

The chambers fell back into silence before a chair could be heard in the back. Queen Yumena stood up from her seat, and glanced about the chambers. "We'll be taking a one hour recess before moving on to the next topic," she said calmly and looked over at Ho'Suntal.

She then turned and began to make her way out of the chambers, as she did so she passed by a guard who was holding a rather large and what could be considered an unwieldy weapon but was the main weapon of the royal guard. She stopped just after passing this guard, and glanced at the Daur, who had a Laibe as a partner. "Please catch Sir Ho'suntal before he leaves the building and have him brought to my chambers please."

"Your Majesty?" The Daur looked at the queen with some confusion, but didn't say anything more and instead gave a respectful bow and looked at his companion, the two quickly began to make their way to the front of the building.


Ser Spit
Ho'suntal let out laughter at the Liabe's response. It was was quite the change. But his laughter reverberated through out the chamber, and hushed all. "How typical." He snorted back at the Liabe.

"I support self defense of our nation, but not at the expense of our scientific development. I am here because all of the other scientists are too afraid of the military's shiny guns and are easily biased due to such trinkets and politics."

At the mention of a recess Ho'suntal shook his head. It was merely a half measure of course. He was granted leave but this was hoping to shut him up, rather then giving him what he actually wanted. "I appreciate the time and consideration." He said scoffing as he turned about.

"But remember, soldiers are there to do one thing. The scientists are there to do many."

Ho'suntal took the recess and began moving towards his supporters. Prior to leaving the building the pair would indeed catch Ho'suntal in the corridors of the Counsel's building.

He and his supporters would pause. The young Mye'leke faced the Liabe and Duar...his gold skin and fur protected under a white coat. Ho'suntal narrowed his eyes at them. "May I help you? I had hoped to spend my recess eating and contemplating what else I could say to make the Council open their eyes."


Insane Story Writer Foxy
"The queen requests your apperance," said one of the two guards. "If you can, please meet her in her chambers, we can show you the way," the two guards stepped off to the side; around them, people looked on curiously and wondered what was going on.


Ser Spit
"Well here is hoping the Queen does not take my head." Ho'suntal said loudly, his voice reverberating so that all could hear him.

He lowered his head to the guards. " Take me to her then."


Insane Story Writer Foxy
The guards gave a nod, with one stepping to the side and outstreching their arm and pointing down the lavishly decorated hallway. The other guard waited until Ho'suntal passed before following up behind.

It was rather noisy as they walked, councilmen were out and about talking to one another about various issues either related to the Kingdom or related to their own troubles. There were people of nobility, some of which who owned companies, takling about their problems amongst one another and how to possibly solve some.

One group, which Ho'suntal would probably overhear, talked about sending food and medical supplies along with sending several freighters to help ferry said supplies constantly to Levia until such a time as the planet would be able to operate without the needed assistance.

After some time the group approuched a large set of double doors, four guards flanked two on each side. One of the guard, who held a very large pole looking weapon peered at the group before nodding and turning to open the door. The door gave way with a loud 'creaking' sound, something done intentionally in order to alert those inside that someone was coming in.

The insides were rather well decorated, but the room had that more inviting feeling than what the council chambers had. Hyu'trena grew on the walls, it pulsated red, illuminating some of the interior of the room. Water could be heard trickling down the walls where the Hyu'trena was growing but also cascaded down from the ceiling and into some little canyons in the floor.

Toward the far side of the room, Yumena stood with her hands clasped behind her back, she stared out of a window that overlooked the city and watched as morning traffic commenced in the dark skies.


Ser Spit
Ho'suntal stepped in and looked around. His brow was roughened with curiosity and a small degree of dread. He kept his jaws closed for several moments. Before he worked up the nerve to speak.

"Is there a reason for this summons my queen?" He said sternly.