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RP Concluded Clan Flagship: Motoyoshi's Evenstar (Open RP)


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RP Date
Mid-Late YE45 and on
RP Location
ISS Yoi-no-Myōjō
"Port Jiyuu Actual, Evenstar is ready for launch." The titanic, leviathan flagship, the ISS Yoi-no-Myōjō undocked from the station, the four Misha-class Explorers docked to its ring pointed like two pair of daggers at the belt. Nominally an Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser, the monstrous Tanya-class was more of a very mobile starbase than any kind of cruiser, most of which were not even a third of its keel, and less than a quarter of its beam. The lighting, both the station and its own, highlighted the royal purple and deep plum of the Motoyoshi clan's livery.

The mammoth vessel oriented itself off axis from the docking bay and fired its staggering array of plasma engines once it was a safe distance. Even at orbital escape speeds, such a bulk seemed to move in slow motion as small craft wove patterns around it, docking and undocking in a steady stream as passengers and cargo that were loaded and transports came back for round trips in a test of the ships' traffic control systems in the safety of the nearby station's watchful gaze.

While none of the clan luminaries were currently aboard, the fringe members of the clan, along with the household attendants, were in a flurry of activity to both get settled themselves, and prepare for the arrival of the most important personages.
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The stars cried out as the battle raged in the cold void of space. Ships roaring and flashing against the darkness. And only one man to face it.

"It is settled then. To secure victory I must go into the enemy ship and negotiate." said Captain Koji Inami of the YSS Awesome, the greatest vessel in the Star Army of Yamatai. This heroic declaration was met with dismay by his crew who were moved to tears by such gallantry. Himeko Koneko, who was the last heir of a secret Nekovalkyrja clan begged him to stay.

"Without you Koji-kun however shall I ressurect my clan?!" she pleaded, eyes lovingly gazing at Inami.

"I am sorry, my love. But I swore an oath as a SPACE CAPTAIN OF YAMATAI." The capitalisation was essential. It showed he was a big deal.

"But Koji..." she said, before her voice changed. Deepened. "Koji! KOJI! WAKE UP YOU LAZY ASS!" Raising her hand, she slapped him and... brought him crashing into the floor of one of the Evenstar's many recreation rooms.

"Owwww, what the hell?" groaned Koji Inami, Kōhanin of the Evenstar, who had been enjoying a rather pleasant dream. Combing back his dark blue hair, he glared at his fellow deckhand Taro. A fellow procrastinator by heart, Taro simply shrugged. "I'm not the one that decided to catch some ZZZs on the launch of the new clan flagship. Come one man let's get going."

Picking himself up, Koji followed after Taro, tidying up his Yugumo Corporation Uniform, hoping that no one noticed him missing.
ISS Yoi-no-Myōjō
VIP Suites, Deck 1

With a quiet sigh of longsuffering, that would be familiar to any experienced manager, the Evenstar's Chief Steward moved away from the VIP Suite he had just left. Why the Steward in charge of ensuring the suite matched the specification required of its future Motoyoshi occupant, had decided instead to try something different was beyond Stephen Grenville's conception. He had been very clear when briefing the Steward team - what the Clan members asked for is exactly what they would get. If it turned out that they actually wanted something different, that was a problem for the future and not now, when there were a thousand different tasks that needed doing to prepare the mighty Evenstar for her august guests.

His KAIMON/Ascendant Companion, Kage, alighted on his shoulder, the raven tucking its wings in and tilting its head towards him. "Ah, do I sense the heavy weight of burdened purpose has once more given you cause to exhale your vexation? I only feel that it is incumbent upon my humble personage to offer such enquiry for, if such is indeed the case, I believe it is prevalent upon me to offer further comment. That comment, of course, being..."

"...I told you so." "I told you so." Stephen let out a soft, bemused snort as he spoke in unison with his Companion. It was not the first time, nor would it be the last, that the drone reminded him that it had warned the minkan that this posting would come with it's fair share of trials. Of course, Stephen had known that going in. After a lifetime in the service and hospitality industry, he had experienced just about every way in which the simplest of related tasks could go horribly awry, although Stephen also knew well enough that sooner or later someone would manage to surprise him with something new.

Repressing another sigh, he straightened the suit jacket of his Type 43 Jugumo Uniform and ensured the gold piping on the black pants was positioned correctly. For all the chaos and unending tasks that kept finding their way onto his to-do list, Stephen was very careful to ensure he presented the picture-perfect appearance of a member of the Yugumo Merchant Spacey. The minkan had long been a proponent of the mantra 'Even in Death, Standards!' and thus believed in setting an example all his juniors could look up to.

"Alright, Kage. Enough with the mocking, please. Has anything of higher priority come in, or is confirming that VIP Suite Twelve on Deck Two is ready for occupation still next on the itinerary?" Honestly, Stephen would be lost without the AI assistant, there were just SO many little fires to be put out and everyone was so harried that they were either too afraid to make decisions for themselves, or ended up making wrong decisions. Either of which just ended up creating more work for the Chief Steward. Of course, that was why Yugumo paid him as well as they did. Plus, he usually actually enjoyed the variety in his workload but the past few days, leading up to the Evenstar's departure, had been particularly challenging.
"Second Watch, duty stations in ten standard minutes."

Yuugata Hoshiko, the KAIMON AI that powered the titanic vessel chirped brightly to summon the incoming crew to their duty stations, on the frequency only the assigned personnel received.

"Stewards, reminder there will be a Deck Officer's supply inspection at end of shift."
ISS Yoi-no-Myōjō
Library, Mid-Level, Deck 4

Gijutsu-sha Matsumura Sachiko sidled up to the non-functional multimedia display, wondering what the problem would be this time. The six year old nekovalkyrja didn't know if Yugumo had received a faulty batch, but it seemed like all she had been doing for the past two duty shifts was diagnosing and fixing such displays. Times like this she kind of missed being back in the Star Army, although she definitely didn't miss dealing with battle damage and injured colleagues. Plus, she privately thought the Yugumo uniform was SO much more flattering and the other benefits were really great too!

Taking out her multi-tool, and wasn't that a nifty little gadget she couldn't imagine working without anymore, Sachiko quickly used the push buttons to select the penlight program and initiated it. The small beam of light was quickly shone around the casing, confirming that there were no obvious signs of damage or exposed electronics. With a nod to herself, the technician rotated the programmable matter multitool and selected one of the screwdriver options. With the number of these units she had worked with, Sachiko didn't even need to check for the correct size any more.

She watched, still fascinated, as the tip of the multitool just flowed and within a blink of the eye, the light-emitter and cowling of the penlight was replaced with the business end of a screwdriver. Honestly, there was a part of her that was thrilled just watching the smart material change shape and Sachiko hoped she never got bored of doing so although she knew the reality was that time would quickly dull the enjoyment. After all, that old saw about familiarity breeding contempt had to come from somewhere!

It took the experienced technician all of a minute to remove the screws securing the display unit in place. She popped the multitool into her mouth and, being especially careful, she eased the display free of the controlling circuitry behind it and rotated it down until it 'locked' into the maintenance position. Sachiko had heard the stories about heavy-handed technicians accidentally tearing the displays out of the casing by pulling too hard upon it and the last thing she needed was what should be a simple job to snowball into a complex, multi-stage repair job.

With how stressed everyone seemed to be now the Evenstar had launched, Sachiko could really do without aiming any of that stress from her superiors her way right now. Especially as the technician had her quarterly review coming up soon! With a soft snort at the thought of that future stress, Sachiko retrieved the multitool from between her teeth, switched it back to penlight mode and after another appreciative observation of the tool-change, got to work on diagnosing the faulty unit.
ISS Yoi-no-Myōjō
Exterior Access Hatch, Docking Ring, Deck MD

Yontō-kikanshi Erik Beornson kept his breathing steady as the inner airlock cycled behind him. Although this was by no means his first extra-vehicular repair job, he had never lost his respect for just how easily space would kill you if you didn't give it the respect it deserved. So, while the airlock chugged and hummed it's way through it's auto-sequencing, the Fourth Engineer minkan performed his own final check, making sure that his orchidgear nanomaterial toolbag was firmly tethered to his suit. Satisfied, Erik let out a last, deep breath as the outer airlock began to cycle open.

Stepping out onto the hull of a spaceborne ship was always something of an experience and the Motoyoshi's Evenstar didn't fail to deliver. Especially given his viewpoint from the inside edge of the inner side of the docking ring. He could look 'up' and see the majestic hull of the modified Tanya-class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser spread out above him like some majestic metal sea creature. After taking a moment to appreciate the view, Erik rolled back on his ankles and felt his gravity boots lock down on the plating below his suited feet. As was always advisable, he rolled his ankles both ways to unlock and lock them a few more times to make sure the boots were in good working condition before he released his tether from the outer airlock.

It took several minutes to carefully navigate his way to the target co-ordinates, a compartment only a short distance from where the Misha-Class Explorer Ship, The Winter Plum, was docked to the Evenstar. Unfortunately Erik didn't have the best angle from which to properly appreciate the Misha's attractive lines, so instead focused himself on finding out why one of the docking ring compartments was not registering as airtight. Usually this was the kind of job for a repair crew of ratings, but in all the departure-related chaos it had slipped down the priority list until Erik had spotted it while looking for a task to do. Given he'd only just completed a tour in damage control, the minkan was more than qualified to complete the job.

Arriving at the correct co-ordinates, the engineer could immediately spot the problem. Some corner-cutting son of a Rixxikor and a Gravlat had not only poorly welded a patch onto the hull, but they'd also obviously not bothered to seal the underlying space if the signs of outgassing were anything to go by. Erik restrained a sigh and made a mental note to try and find out exactly whom was responsible for such a shoddy piece of work and feed them to the Chief Engineer. This wasn't going to be quite as easy as he'd hoped. Fortunately, the Evenstar had departed Port Jiyuu with a full complement of the latest tools and equipment to come out of Yugumo and several of them could currently be found in his toolbag.

The particular tool he needed now though was actually strapped to his back. The multipurpose plasma tool was so much more convenient than some of the handheld units Erik had had to make do with in the past. Kneeling and locking his gravity boots down, the minkan used the volumetric controls to set the appropriate gas mixture for the plasma he needed to work with Yamataium and activated the tool. Carefully, he got to work slicing through the shoddily welded plate until it came free. Quickly deactivating the plasma tool, Erik retrieved a graviton clamp anchor from his toolbag and within a matter of moments, had the offending panel secured to the hull of the docking ring via anchor's graviton generators. If you could believe the specs on them, which Erik had learned to do since coming to work for Yugumo, that anchor would hold out longer than his life support would.

With the offending plate removed, the engineer could see inside the cavity it had supposedly been covering. Well, whatever the original damage had been, the interior lining had a crack in it. Nothing major, but enough to allow the small pressure leak that had sent him out here in the first place. As it happened, one of the recent developments by Yugumo happened to be a fancy hull-sealing nanogel and fortunately Erik had an applicator gun with a cartridge of Starshield Gel already loaded into it. Honestly, the damage control specialist in him loved the stuff - even if he hadn't had much chance to use it yet, where he had it had cut significant time off of the repair job. Just pump the gel in, ensure your crack is filled, flick the switch and let the magic happen. Simple enough you could trust any greenhorn to use it correctly. Probably. Maybe - after all he'd seen greenie's do some real dumb things over the years.

With a soft snort and shake of his head, Erik leaned forward and got to work.
The Evenstar's lighting suddenly changed to a deep royal hue, indicating the ship was going to Purple Alert. The ship's AI politely announced,

"Code Peony. All hands, The Young Crane Comes to Roost. All hands, The Young Crane Comes to Roost."