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Art [Com] She's Got a Gun!!!

[Com] She's Got a Gun!!!
First time drawing a gun I think!
It was so much fun to do this pose!!
Looks like she's really jumping into action!!! Commission for the wonderful
Ms. Ametheliana !! I love doing her commissions, they are so much fun // w \\!
Thank you so much Ame yet again! It was a pleasure!!


Time: 1.5h
Software: Paint Tool SAI
Clip Studio Paint
Hardware: Cintiq 13HD,
Windows 10, Asus Laptop
Style: Cotton Candy Semi Chibi
OC (c) Ametheliana
Art (c) MiruukiiART


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I really like this comm of Eden! It was finished just after Eden switched bodies, so she doesn't even look like this right now!

Love it!