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RP [Communication] Invitation to the 2nd I.R.C.

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FM of Yamatai
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From: Empress Himiko
To: Elysian Gov, Nepleslian Gov, UOC Gov, Abwehran Gov

You are cordially invited to the second International Relations Conference of YE 30. The intent of this meeting is to promote peaceful and profitable relations between our countries. The IAA needs to be refined and extended. As before, the conference will be held on Pisces Station.


Empress Himiko


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From: Elysian Senate
To: Empress Himiko
Re: Conference

The Senate has voted unanimously to accept your invitation. The Senatorial Legate, whom you have already met, will be dispatched to attend negotiations. The Second Legate will also be dispatched should situations allow, considering the importance of this conference.


From: UOC CommNet
Offices of the Prime Minister

Empress Himiko,

We will be sending a delegation out to Pisces to discuss the Armistice as well as give some closure on our relations with Yamatai. I have been forbidden by my personal physician to attend due to the somewhat frail condition my pregnancy has left me in but the members of the Assembly that will be attending are very passionate about re-establishing peaceful relations with your nation, and I trust their judgment to represent the United Outer Colonies to the best of their abilities.

It is my hope that we can come to a mutual agreement of non-aggression and be able to encourage a healthy flow of trade between our nations.

Best Regards,

Katsura-Tange Ayana
Prime Minister United Outer Colonies
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