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RP Concluded [Companion Story] Ressurecting an Evil Wolf


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Yugumo Fleetworks - Secure Yard/KFY Cooperative Area​

Jiyuu VIII Exorbital​

Special Construction Rig 001 - YSS Akuro III Dock​

"Shuttle Gemini-Sif-02 operating as Motoyoshi One, you are clear for landing Primary Bay, path Delta-Fixed," the flight control officer signaled the T-10 Fukuro shuttle as it moved into position behind the aft section of the ship, "Welcome to the Akuro, Taisho..." the communication ended as the newly installed KAMI took over the landing.

When it came to ships, the Akuro III had a long history. The ship didn't even resemble what Katsuko and Yaichiro had designed over a decade before. Under the command of the traitor, Motoyoshi Kiyoko, the ship had not only been overhauled and upgraded by the Mishhuvurthyar but by the Kuvexians as well. It was still a mystery who had pulled whose strings because the unfathomable deeds committed were beyond anything most could begin to understand. The point was though, from the day the Akuro III had been laid down, from its theft by the United Outer Colonies, till now it had undergone a transformation that held coveted technologies from multiple nations, and had seen countless star systems beyond the Kikyo Sector. It had awe but at the same time it was haunted, it had taken months just to clear the mutilated bodies and horrors from its containment cells. For some, there was not any amount of refit that could scrub the nightmares from it. For Katsuko it was like a child had returned home though, something that had evolved in ways she could not predict and she sought to breathe life back into it. It now had spent over a year in the dock. It was an Akuro after all, a line of tradition, an 'evil wolf' just like some thought her to be. It had become a predator.

Katsuko picked up her thermal mug with the 5XF logo on it, and then extended her free right hand towards Akina, "Time for the big tour, I guess," she said, a brief kiss to the cheek given before she would lead the way into the bay. It was amazing, those polished gunmetal walls, the strange marbled blue and black floors - it was not like anything she had ever seen. At least the Hinomaru had been returned to it. It extended through the entire upper level of the main body of the ship. "I think is about to become a very interesting day, love," she stated, as they awaited the arrival of their guide. Katsuko had checked on the ship frequently while Ayano had kept things moving, but since she returned as Taisho it had been somewhat of a priority. The ship had secrets that were for sure, there was so much technology to rip apart and put back together to understand. There were countless organizations with the Star Army that would have loved to get their hands on that ship, thankfully like Nemesis Bastion, it had been locked away behind a veil of secrecy and need-to-know. One good thing that had been accomplished during the ship's many changes was that its size was now compatible with at least the gold bays of Port Jiyuu, where it would soon be transferred.

Katsuko adjusted her uniform slightly, "I wonder where our guide is, they promised me they would have someone around..." she said to Akina, then slipped her hand down to hers, and curled her fingers entwining them.

A certain Taisho took a feed from the exterior camera of the shuttle when they were landing, as if expecting some kind of trouble because of the legacy of the ship, or maybe it was one of a host of other reasons anyone would not want to go to the Akuro III. When they landed, Akina walked out with Katsuko, sparing a sidelong glance at her coffee, "I should have brought tea or coffee, or something." The bay was amazingly empty, she suspected a full compliment might not even make it feel that much smaller at all. "It cleaned up well." Tilted her head towards the little peck, and soon was thrumming her fingertips on the back of Katsuko's hand.

"I am not sure we should keep naming ships this. People will believe there is a curse." A bittersweet smile was all she managed at her own attempt to poke fun. "Though that can be very useful in a battle." It felt like an eon had passed since she arrived on the original Akuro, and she was standing in the only ship with that name to survive, even if it was decked out with technology heaped upon different technologies, she had time to review the dossier they had prepared for the both of them, and unlike the others she didn't feel ill-at-will inside the former flagship, just curious at what secrets it might hold, an inquisitive thread she shared with her wife. When it was new, it had a very particular shape which used to mildly amuse her, but it was no longer even that funny. A sobering thing about the vessel was how much pain, like the other ships, could be traced to the massive flagships bearing the name. Respect was owed for each ship, even if the one they were standing in had become infamous for good reason. It didn't look like it had when it headed the UOC fleet.

"It is a bit odd that they are not here already. This is the appointed time. Something might have waylaid them for some reason." She gave Katsuko's hand a reassuring squeeze, though she already had a few plans if things did not work out.
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Katsuko looked around the bay and replied, "Second time I've forgotten to stop at a Warm and Sweet this week, maybe the kitchen is stocked..." her words trailed off, the presence of Kuvexian and Mishhuvaythar technology gave a strange foreboding to the ship. "If it was only the Akuro name that was now cursed, it is going to take a certain breed of crewman and officer to man this ship, the ship-board superstitions. We're going to have to plaster it in the Hinomaru and fleet patches - I don't think anything is ever going to clean the bloodshed on this ship, we just have to make sure it serves as a reminded that none of its histories will repeat itself," Katsuko said to her wife.

"Maybe a museum could be added, to remember the previous ships bearing its name, either way, one thing I won't do is mothball it. It might be a testbed for technology, and now an interest for intelligence but it is a predator...." she softened her voice, "...just like me." She gave a squeeze of Akina's hand back.

A soft chuckle would interrupt, "The galley is somewhat stocked, we can make that the first stop," Chusa Akuro Hideyo, the ship's avatar, and first-produced sprite came into view, her shoulder-length black hair was pulled back in a ponytail which made the dark purple highlights catch the light more. "You think I'm a predator Ketsurui-Motoyoshi-Taisho? I only hope it is my armaments that are such. Welcome, sorry for my delay I had to assist with some of the KFY technician crews that are onboard," she said as she bowed before the two married Taisho. "Is that where you would like to begin your tour?" Hideyo questioned.

Katsuko deferred the answer to Akina, in the meantime she made careful note of the ship's avatar - it was rather beautiful, undoubtedly the technicians had her in mind when it came to the appearance, the purple highlights, and those glistening teal eyes that sparkled like gemstones.

"How far along are we in preparations to move the Akuro III into the gold bay? Now that its specifications fit inside the bay, it would be nice to not interrupt work on your systems," Katsuko threw in. She telepathically shared some thoughts with Akina, //"Just think months from now, its probably going to be a place we will spend a lot of time, I refuse to just let the riffraff of technicians come to bear on it, I want to oversee it, personally."//
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"Three predators walked into a ship...", Akina continued with a smooth coyness to her voice as Akuro introduced herself. The visceral feeling of the ghost of the first ship coming back to touch her made her hand squeeze Katsuko's. It melted away while they spoke briefly, and she found herself pleased that they would be delayed so one of the crews could get everything they needed. It would have bothered her if a problem had arisen because of their inspection, or rather, tour. A full inspection would require a lot more sweat from the junior officers all down.

"We can save the galley for the end, why don't we go stern to bow, hitting the important marks?", It did reason that they would end up getting to see everything, and not getting stuck somewhere for too long with a loose itinerary, as much as she could stand about bothering Hideyo about the tactical command systems. There was still time to run the Mazu through that as much as there was the Akuro III.

The redhead considered the thought, and then took a silent look around the bay again before thinking back, "You might as well, it's something that would bother either of us endlessly if it doesn't come out the right way, I'm just lucky there's only so much to do compared to this, so I can spread the time a bit more liberally. Speaking of spending time here, we could have them modify the quarters, or make a small taisho's galley for meetings or something. I might have them do that on the Mazu, now that I am thinking on it."
Hideyo nodded, "Hai, Taisho. We will start here in the Launch Terminal since we're already here," the KAMI avatar said in reply to Akina's request, then motioned around them. "We're not quite sure what the Kuvexians were thinking. This launch bay is nothing like we've seen on any of their ships. It obviously was designed as some kind of test bed for new mecha. It has four launch halls, one going toward the bow, one toward the stern, and the others opening port and starboard. The central zone..." she pointed at the tinted windows of the 360-degree control tower, "...is devoted to flight control, most of the actual storage is below decks with plenty of elevators to move fighters, mecha, or what have you up to access this main deck," she explained. "What I've been wanting to suggest when we're done figuring out where the Star Army, UOC, Mishhu, and Kuvexian technology begins and ends, is that the starboard and port side halls will be for power armor and mecha with the appropriate racks and repair alcoves below deck. Bow and stern halls for fighters, and bombers. Really this facility makes an argument they may have seen this ship as some kind of a future carrier - if only that matched its guts," she said.

"Something I thought you both might want to see," she motioned around them, long parallelogram-shaped hatches along the sides of the launch hall would open and an elevator system could be heard. The platform that rose was empty. It then sunk back down and the hatches closed, "We're thinking they intended to further your internalized bunker designs, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi-Taisho," Hideyo said.

Katsuko could not recognize the ship she had designed, they might as well of rebuilt it, "Through and through, a practical design...and obviously, the internal defense system is to curve the downside to all the eggs in one basket," Katsuko said, then looked to Akina, "It's uncomfortable to think what they would have done with this, had it been ready for Glimmergold," she commented, "What do you think? Keep this as it is?" This was just the start of it. The Akuro III was now the most unique vessel in the entire sector.
"They are useful, we might as well. The testing should prove interesting." She took stock in the launch bays as they moved on, "They are prime targets, especially if shielding can be taken down, protecting the assets a little more cleanly, while leaving room for operations, that's not bad. It means you can keep taking in and launching without resorting to sealing doors, at least with the atmosphere zeroed.", It was why launch crews wore encounter suits, one of many reasons crews practiced donning and doffing them, she was not even exempt from the refreshers.

The red Taisho smiled slightly, "Perhaps the bunkers went to the highest bidders?", It only came out as a half-joke by accident. That was absolutely plausible. "As long as we make certain there will not be any surprises in the rest of the ship." Intended or otherwise, if anyone could make a ship that accidentally endangered the crew, Kuvexians would be high on that list for her, among a few.

"It's certainly unique, I will give you that. This can be both a working vessel and a test bed for ways to improve our own force and power, hopefully by creating a better version ourselves, but I really want to finish the tour before getting lost opening everything in sight up or shadowing the techs and engineers."
Katsuko agreed wholeheartedly with Akina, "Yeah, no surprises. I think this ship has been host to enough of them, every damn piece of foreign technology on this boat needs to be understood, taken apart, and put back together. We would be hung if we crew this ship and it turns into another Taiie no Iori, a fucking Ichiro popping up to pull us all back to madness, " she said in emotional reference.

There was plenty that could be said for the modifications, and the Taisho made notes for later reference, "I think this is good for this area, Akuro-Chusa. Let's move on to the next area," she directed. Her right hand was still grasped with Akina, fingers intertwined. The entire experience of the Akuro III brought back memories both good and bad.

Hideyo nodded and said in acknowledgment, "Hai, Taisho. Right this way," She would lead them down a small staircase off to the side of the control tower and down into the maintenance area beneath, then to one of the lifts. The lift hummed into motion to carry them to their next destination. The doors parted and another trip through a corridor and a set of forcefield isolation doors led them to an entire deck that had very little compartmentalization, in fact, the sheer open space was somewhat strange. It was filled with assembly systems, robotic arms, tool bots, something that resembled some kind of Kuvexian construction mecha that was charging in an alcove. "This is the factory, obviously the Kuvexians intended to produce power armor and mechas right here on the Akuro III. It is mostly their technology, some repurposed machinery that had been on the Akuro III when KFY and MFY finished the craft has been woven in," she said, spools of caution tape had been unraveled and stretched over various machinery and equipment.

The open space that enveloped kilometers of space on a single deck level truly made Katsuko wonder, and it showed on her face. "They didn't seem to worry about decompression," she commented and awaited Akina's chime in.
Akina was already thinking of the logistics of getting more engineers and technicians to keep the massive diagnostic undertaking in stride. "It will give the teams we get here some impressive hands-on time. We'll have to keep a pretty good seal on the data coming out of this, until we get the whole picture, and even then perhaps." Taii no Iori, the thing she wanted to think about the least. "I don't fancy a repeat of that, much less what it did to you." Time had helped her deal with some of what had happened, or maybe it was because her capture by the NMX was never dealt with, she had actually been rescued. The very fact she was a Taisho was probably why she did not have a soul backup that was not carrying that clawing scar inside of her. I wonder if we can get a psychatrist posted to the Mazu? Bubbled into her mind and filed itself away where the rest of the dragons were, brought back by the warmth of her love's hand, which she squeezed again while they were in the lift.

"Oh, well. Look at that. From how little they care about one another, I'm really not surprised about this at all, but decompression this scale would be a massive issue in a battle, if they didn't pump the air out first, so I would be interested in knowing how quickly it can be depressurized in an emergency?", She looked between Katsuko and Hideyo, "Perhaps they all had to pay for the option collectively?" The redhead added dryly. "This does seem consistent with what we'd expect from them?" It would not be totally surprising to her if it ran without any atmosphere at all.

With a few moments to think about the area, she produced a few initial options:

"We can section it off, after the full survey. There's also automating it, of course. It can be used for other operations with a little work, such as producing colonial supplies to help the fleet? Into standard containers then off it goes? I suppose we could make a large raft of things with enough mastery of the equipment."
Hideyo laughed a little too much at Akina's comment about what the previous crew may have had to pay for, the first day of her operation as the ship's KAMI had been spent disassembling the Kuevexian pay walls on access doors, personal lockers, and services such as escape pod usage. "More than consistent," the avatar added as she cleared her throat and adjusted her uniform.

Katsuko firmed her grip a little on Akina, she had not made the reference to trigger her or herself, it was merely a fact, and drawing from the experience was what had to be done when approaching a situation like this.

Katsuko nodded as she took in Akina's observations, "I agree, we can automate it, integrate the new fabrication system, and turn it into a factory. As flawed as the physical design is, I do admire the idea of turning one or more vessels towards manufacturing. I think for the sake of clarity though, while we investigate this machinery we should section it off from access. I'd also like if possible records of what has already been produced if we can recover them," she adjusted her pose slightly and looked at Akina, "Probably should consider allowing a physical sentry as well, even with the containment doors I still would like a physical set of eyes on this until at least the investigation stage has been completed?" she wondered if her wife agreed with such.

Katsuko added after, "I also think we should change the plan, I think I could use that hot drink now," she said, the desire for a hot cup of tea had taken over, and it might help calm the slight turbulence in her nerves. They could continue from the galley.
The spate of laughter from Hideyo surprised Akina, but caused her to start laughing too. Oh, she has a sense of humor, I like her. She thought to her wife as she played with the back of her hand. In fact, she thought that the hard working avatar deserved to hear it, "I like you. I hope you get along with Misato as well as you do with us." She complimented her, or was it flirting? Complimentary flirting? She did feel that the slightly ominous tone of all the mixed enhancements from enemies that caused so much death had lifted further. It had really started when Katsuko took her hand, and their constant japery.

The tightening of her grip did give her a hint at what Katsuko was feeling, which made her soothing caress with her thumb speed up as she accepted the extra pressure with some of her own. I don't like to think about it either. She consoled her, turning a little smile sideways at her as well.

"That's a good plan, no reason to have systems connected that do not need to be, even if we do vet them. Less chance there is a compounding problem if something were to occur. So, we'll go down the manufactory route. Hideyo, can you arrange for around the clock guard shifts, starting now? Transfer some people if you need to."

"Do you think they should be in an encounter suit?"
They were not, but their exposure to each area on the ship was going to be rather minor before moving on, by comparison to hours spent keeping watch over things that needed to be peeled apart piece by piece.

Drinks always sounded good to Akina, and she always connected even having tea to fond memories of their time together, which oozed out into her social engagements with others as well. She drew on her hand, and then nodded to Akuro to lead them, following out of the massive chamber to the lift again.
Hideyo smiled at the compliment and her cheeks flushed a bit, "Thank you, Shimizu-Taisho," she said. The avatar nodded, "I can assign some sprites to guard this section," she then waited for Katsuko to answer regarding their loadout. Meanwhile, Hideyo led them back to the lift and toward the galley.

"Have them in a Mindy," Katsuko said pointedly, "One of the things this ship was designed for was wearing power armor inside of the ship, it will give them the ability to pursue anything they need to." Not that she planned on anything going that awry. "It is hard to imagine the work that went into meshing three different nations' technologies into one vessel, four if you count the UOC as one, the story this ship has been through is fascinating, " she added as they followed Hideyo.


A few moments in the lift, and a short walk down a corridor and they were in one of the ship's galleys. There was a lot of seating, rows upon rows of tables and a huge buffet area, everything that was included in the original design, "Apparently they never got around to renovating this area," Katsuko said, "Akuro-Chusa, I will have a latte, please," she requested, unsure of what was operational and what was not. Thankfully though her request was not in vain, the avatar nodded her head and then looked to Akina for her order.

"I remember when this design was in process, they thought I was crazy making a ship this big. Then came along the Izanagi and they forgot all about the Ascendancy Class," Katsuko noted as she looked around.


"That's my wife! You know, if you told me to guard it, I would request the same." Akina admitted and pressed into her lightly, like giving her an affectionate bump with her body from the side once they passed through the threshold of the galley. Inside, she gave the space a curious glance around and wondered, "Where do you think they ate, then? Still in here, despite not being able to modify it? I am suddenly imagining some Kuvexian in a glum corner eating nutrients out of a pouch they had to bring from their home world." Funny, funny and sad.

There was a little more scanning the place, as if she imagined something would crawl from underneath one of the tables, but she eventually decided on an order, "That's very nice of you, may I have the same but iced? If not I'll just have what she is having."

Akina smiled warmly, it was always nice to see Katsuko talk about engineering, she really enjoyed it. "I learned and still study it half because I wanted to impress you, you know. The other half was being able to destroy things more effectively. Well, and perhaps make something myself." It actually made her flush slightly, and she gave the other taisho a somewhat demurred look, "While they might not need a ship of the line for now I'm sure between me, you and Miu, we could come up with something useful."

"I bet Yaichiro would enjoy proofing something like that. Well, this area won't need too much, it just has to seat a lot comfortably, and be easy to clean." It made her think about the larger members of the Star Army and their eating arrangements. She looked for tables that Kodians and snake folk might fit at a little more easily, they would have to make some if there were not any.
"Iced, Hai Taisho," Hideyo responded to Akina.

While Hideyo made Akina and Katsuko's drink orders, Katsuko took a few steps away from where she and Akina could converse without the third party. "I've never tried to think about where they ate, I'm more worried about the connotations connected to this ship. We're not a very superstitious culture, but some of our member states may have soldiers not too keen on serving on a vessel with this one's history. I can't help but feel as I look at every modification, every inch of this place, and wonder where the blood spilled or what nasty little surprise is lurking beneath the deck plates. The SMX and the Kuvexians may have changed her look, but they also soaked her in blood and it remain in the hands of that little..." she stopped herself, and took a breath, "You know what I mean," she cut her own words off in hopes of not spiraling into a deep discussion about their traitor of a daughter.

"Yaichiro is going to have his hands full, I haven't told him yet that the recovery bays on those Yamato-Class are also his responsibility," she said with a bit of fleeting jest. "Star Army colors, while we're keeping a lot of these 'modifications' I think the ship should focus on the comfort of its crew, melding that with power. Keep it in that expeditionary model so she doesn't get shuffled to some numbered standard fleet," she said, it was well-known Katsuko wasn't about to let the Akuro III end up dissected on some Iori, or in the hands of some lettered department of the Star Army. She designed it, and it was her burden and trophy. Trophy she thought to herself, in reprimand of her own thoughts - it was what this was, after all, it was a symbol that the rebellion of --, and there it was again, she sighed audibly at her own thoughts, cursing the amount of hate and the desire she had to resurrect Kikyoko just to kill her again as Kiyoko had done to blues, and possibly do the same to Tio.

She took a few steps to Akina and embraced her with a slightly emotional look. "How do you remove treachery and death from a ship?"
Akina gave the other Taisho a commiserating look. The ship was not only a mess of technology but also a mess of emotions. "I know, I know." She reached out to pet her arm and continued to listen. The logistics of exactly how much Yaichiro was going to have to do went through a quick few loops in her brain. "He'll need an extra pair of hands at least to organize all the mess, I'm sure you can find a good fit. He is incredibly skilled with this kind of thing, but it never hurts to have a right hand." Her personal interactions with him had not been very extensive so far though she knew that was bound to change the more time all of them spent together professionally and personally. He was coming into the family in more ways than one.

"It will be a useful ship and testing ground. So much the better if the ones who know her look after her." She agreed before playfully shooting back, "I thought my Standard Fleet was pretty great."

When Katsuko closed the distance, she was more than happy to take her in, locking her hands together behind her and swaying very slightly. She placed her forehead to her wife's and reasoned, "By filling it with a brighter purpose, and a crew that is happy to be there? If that doesn't work I'll suggest a giant party or sporting event." With a bittersweet look to her eyes she added, "What I am saying is recast her and the light will shine over the darkness. It will be okay. If it isn't, we'll think of something together."