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[CONCLAVE BROADCASTING NETWORK] Expansion Initiative Sees New Infrastructure Boom

Welcome to CBN, I'm Oak 12, and tonight we'd like to address a constant throughline in our reporting for the last half year. Infrastructure. We briefly reported on the Council's new Infrastructure and Expansion initiative after the initiative went into effect, just as the Khorsoi Republic had begun to petition for Conclave membership, and several Gunja tribes had joined with the Conclave.

At that time, there was much speculation about as to what kind of efforts would be made for these two groups. Today, we're going to briefly recap for you exactly how events have played out in the half-year or so since the initiative was first introduced. To that end, we'll be starting at home, with efforts on Sirris itself. The most obvious sign of recent work done to accommodate the burgeoning Gunja population in the conclave is the Green Zone's expansion, as well as work done by local firms Default and Osman Heavy Industries.

The Green Zone has nearly doubled in size, finally expanding beyond the Nari mountain range, most of this made possible by the use of Default's new Hercules class construction platform. This 110m long block of industrial equipment is able to carry enough supplies and prefabricated modules to get the beginnings of a new settlement completed in less than a week, and fabricate new equipment and building modules on-site.

This capability has allowed Default crews to help Gunja and other frontier settlers to establish over 60 townships, along with different resourcing centers and transit hubs. There are also plans for another Dawn pattern city in the region north of the Naris, intended to serve as a regional hub for the new settlements.

Offworld, the initative has seen development in the Newhaven and Nephis systems. The mobile colony "Port Astionage" now serves as the capital of the Newhaven system, and Ferryman class vessels are being used to develop and expand settlements in both systems. Two cities are almost finished with their planned construction on Newhaven II, and the settlement of Arcadia on Daichi is being expanded. Whether or not it will become a full Dawn pattern city remains to be seen, pending assessment by local construction experts.

Infrastructure is also playing a role in the Conclave's diplomatic efforts. The Conclave began courting the Paracrux system's Khorsoi Republic in YE 44, after the Republic's Annexation party shifted tack from pushing for joining with Yamatai to seeking the aid of the Conclave. In addition to seeking more advanced medical technology and protection from the Conclave, the Khorsoi are looking for help rebuilding their plague-decimated planet. While the housing and settlement being built on Sirris is of no interest to the Khorsoi, modern industrial facilities are.

For its own part, the Conclave hopes to gain a closer trade port to serve as part of the chain connecting the Conclave to its trade partners in Yamatai and elsewhere. The natural resources in Paracrux are also key for Paracrux gaining entry into the Conclave. Though the Conclave does not need any of Paracrux's resources, the Khorsoi Republic will be expected to conduct its resourcing operations semi-independently, and to provide its own military forces to the greater Conclave's fleet.

The Khorsoi Republic has been, understandably, quite receptive to the rather generous terms offered by the Archduke and Archdutchess. With the offer of assistance in developing the Republic's industrial capabilities, and the relatively lax requirements in return, the Khorsoi Republic is expected to join with the Conclave by the middle of YE 45.

The Conclave has also been in recent diplomatic talks with the settlement formed by former Sky Guard personnel in the Pacifica system, far to the south. Details have yet to be released about the purpose of these talks, however experts believe that the Remnants will soon be offered a similar deal to the Khorsoi Republic, though how the distance between Sanctum and Pacifica will affect this deal is the object of much speculation.

What almost everyone agrees on, however, is that the recent upsurge in diplomatic efforts from the council and the throne is a sign of changing times for the Conclave. I've been Oak 12, and now to Jisu Marinea for the story of how the town of Stonehill is rebuilding after a megafauna attack.