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[Conclave Broadcasting Network] Hope and Loss on the Frontier

7/9/2020 (5th IC month, YE42)
New Dusk Conclave
Territory Wide Broadcast

At the airing of this broadcast, it has been two months since the tragic murder of Lord Jack Pine. He is Succeeded by his daughter, Lady Neera Pine, who now sits on his throne. The nation is still feeling the waves of this unfortunate loss, as one of the founding father, and founder of our ancestor organization will be greatly missed. It was a small relief for mourning individuals to know he lived to see colonization for Vale be well underway, as well as Nephis. It was in fact during his celebratory speech in address to the people on such an occasion, that a gunman emerged from the crowd spouting fanatical dialogue after shooting his lordship with a high powered hand cannon.

The suspect after being tackled, committed suicide immediately after by poison hidden in a false tooth. The act of terror did not cease there unfortunately, as the moments later, a biological air borne weapon was detonated from inside the deceased gunman's body. A gas was spread into the crowd inducing extreme fear and paranoia in those caught in the exposure, with several critically wounded, and numerous killed from crowd panic. Local security forces quickly acted to suppress the effected crowd, using stun weaponry to incapacitate prior to teams of of the NDC's Biohazard Rapid Response Force stepped in.

The teams quickly dispersed and contained the gas weapon as they could, and began helping evacuation of those needing medical assistance from the area. After giving his final words reportedly from the floor of the stage, Lord Jack Pine passed away due to terminal blood loss in the arms of his loved ones at the age of 24. He leaves behind a grieving wife, two biological children, and four adopted. Any special service was turned down in his will, and received the standard funeral rights, his graphene orb added to the wall in central sanctuary park with those of the other fallen.

Even as he has left on, his people and nation continue on. News at the help of NDC forces at the battle of Nataria regard the operation between Yamatai, and Nepleslian forces being a hard fought success. NDC forces were late to the conflict, and only able to provide support at the end of the operation, before returning home at the conclusion of the battle. Meanwhile, expansion efforts continue, small villages have begun popping up in the green zone outside the city, and even a brave few beyond. Reports from frontier surveyors even note that local Gunja have even moved in among them, in an attempt cohabitation with our people in a more familiar setting. Another small, but joyous step towards a united world withing the NDC!

As our final story tonight, after the passing of the Lord, a mass of reforms and edicts have swept the council and halls of governance of our nation. The council shall hereby be reformed as the council of six, titles of nobility are being handed by the lord and lady to anyone in a position of governance, with a few exceptions being made. Alongside these, a proposition by the people has begun to form a new familial system among the Duskerian people in the formation of Clans, and Cadres. We hope to hear more as this plan possibly comes to fruition. On the science front of these changes however, talk of a new system to revolutionize populace safety and longevity is in the air with yet having much to be revealed yet. In part of this new system, all Geist users have been offered a new Mk II variation, with easier implantation, and open access to any citizen to now receive one.