• 📅 January 2022 is YE 45.1 in the RP.

[Conclave Broadcasting Network] Monthly News Roundup

We know that life in the Conclave can be busy between work and making your shuttle, so we at CBN work hard to round up the most important and interesting stories of the previous month and bring them in a condensed form to you so that you can be informed and up to date.

NDC Population Shoots Past 20 Million thanks to Gunja

Since the introduction of the Operator program two years ago, Synthetics of all stripes have bolstered our nation's population, quickly becoming the majority. However, recently several Gunja cities within the caves of the Green Zone have petitioned for Conclave citizenship. They say that they believe that it is best that as the Conclave grows, that their cities be represented as well. Thanks to this, the Conclave's population in total has roughly doubled since last year. Click here to read more.

Council of Six Announces Plans to Expand

With the growing population, the lords and ladies of the Council of Six have been listening closely to concerns from Dawn City and Obsidian City officials that the cities cannot hold the Conclave's growing population without compromising the quality of life of the occupants. To alleviate this, and to help promote the exploration of the Conclave's corner of the Kikyo sector, the Council has approved an initiative to develop our homeworld, our territories, and explore new systems. Click here to read more.

Conclave Fleet Reaches New Heights Thanks to CAFF Initative

Since the fleets sent to participate with the allied forces during the Battle of Glimmergold were nearly totally destroyed, the CAFF's Fleet Expansion Initiative has been modernizing and expanding the fleets protecting the Conclave's borders. Hundreds of new ships have rolled off the line, swelling the ranks of the Conclave's patrol and garrison fleets to previously unseen heights, and allowing the Duskerian Orbital Guard to replace and supplement aging OSO era equipment with new stock. Click here to read more.

Khorsoi Republic Petitions for Conclave Protection

In the period since the Khorsoi Republic regained independence, Khorsovarolor has remained largely toothless and at the whims of the larger powers. Since the Abwheran Empire has largely abandoned its former holding after ceasing to occupy the system, the Republic's own defensive forces proved inadequate to prevent harrying by Kuvexian raiders during the Kuvexian War.

With Yamatai's recent contraction during and following the Kuvexian war and the Star Empire's seeming disinterest in taking on new territories, the Yamataian Annexation Party in the Khorsoi Republic has shifted tack and has been promoting joining with the Conclave. The sentiment has proved remarkably popular, given the degree of independence that the Conclave usally grants its member systems. The matter is currently under consideration within the Council and with the Archduke and Archduchess, and official talks are expected to begin soon. Click here to read more.