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Closed Create a Wiki Page About Mecha In SARP

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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The page would discussed arguments for and against the use of mecha (which we've had many of), existing mecha in SARP, how each faction uses mecha for military, construction, or entertainment purposes.
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
When you say Mecha are we talking about just very large suits of power armor or something like Gundam Wing?
I'm talking the kind of mecha you pilot rather than wearable armor suits like the Mindy.
Everything but "arguments for and against the use of mecha (which we've had many of)" unless it was an "advantages/disadvantages" section. We have a lot of articles like this under the tech namespace to just give an overview and to establish their use and it's high time for mecha, now, I think.
Agreed, could use a general overview for Mecha and how factions implement them.
I think a good Mecha Technology Article that talks about the General use of Mecha in the setting are a good idea. We could also use this to introduce new players to the types of mecha different factions deploy, so that they're drawn to in-universe stuff versus those awkward situations of new players trying to push something through NTSE without having the SARPiverse knowledge behind them.
I think the folks involved in the NDC should make this happen, they use the most Mecha. What do you guys think? @Alex Hart @Jack Pine @Whisper you all write a joint "general" Mecha Technology Article/Info about Mecha on SARP.
I think that we could certainly helm the project, though I would say that since each faction's use of (and its players' views on the tactical relevance of) mecha varies it would be good to have people from every faction contributing. Another person to get on the team for this would be whoever is currently the most involved with the Iromakuanhe as they use mecha extremely heavily.
So my biggest question is by when can we make this happen and how can I, as staff, assist you?
A timeline for this kind of thing is hard as the first step is probably going to be research, so one thing that would be helpful is to have people find examples on the wiki of their faction's mecha (This is an easier step thanks to the existing list of mecha and power armors, though that may not be 100% exhaustive), and examples of RP where it was used by their faction.

To use Yamatai as an example, the kind of information I would want right now would related be the use of M11 Cammie construction mechs (though those might not have RP), the old V-1 Hoplites use in the pre-forum era (This will be hard), or the in-RP example of the old tale I was told about Yamatai buying a bunch of Origin mechs and basically tossing them at a planet.

For simplicity's sake, I will be excluding large power armor such as Kiries and Aggressors.
Another person to get on the team for this would be whoever is currently the most involved with the Iromakuanhe as they use mecha extremely heavily.
@Soresu is FM but I'm always willing to write about their mecha :D
Thanks Wes! I'd like to revise it to include a bit more of the historical angle that I had going with the rest of the article, so stuff like "They started using X in Y year" and include stuff like the HALMS and Hoplite as well.

I'd also written part of the main description to differentiate between large power armors like the Kirie and Void. In keeping with the current tier guidelines (and the description that was written), the smallest I was going to consider being a Mecha was the Aggressor.

Do you want to omit the Kirie from the mecha page, or should I make a footnote along the lines of "While the Star Army considers the Kirie to be a mecha, it is not one in the traditional sense."
I don't consider the Kirie a power armor, because it isn't worn on the body. The pilot sits in a cockpit.
Well, it's called a Thought Armor, it's not within any of the Mecha tiers, and I think I set out pretty good guidelines for mecha size in the top description. The Kirie is barely taller than other some power armors and is shorter than one or two others.