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OOC Crew 32


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
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Ok so I'm a bit late in making this up but here is the C32 OOC thread duders,
@Jack Pine
forgive me if I forgot anyone i'm just throwing this together very quickly since it needed doing.

So as I discussed withyou guys in discord a while ago we'll be closing this thread soon and starting a new one for the first job, and this right now is the OFFICIAL NOTICE OF IMMANENT CLOSURE basically I'll be closing it down preeeety soon so get your last few posts in and uh, if anyone has any JP's they wish to do that take place in the space of one night now is the time as it'll be about a week or so till next thread goes up.

All questions and concerns should be directed here or to my DM's as all of you know I don't hang about in servers these days.