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Decortication of the Star Army's history.

Jadg Wolf

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Hey Wes, whatever happened to Doc Shini? I think I remember you telling me he was fighting in the Chaos War, but by then Wolf was hanging out with Agent Zero at the Happy Ice Cream Shoppe and not going around PNUgen so much, and I don't think I ever heard about him again.

The whole "no" thing was explained. PNU in PNUgen stands for Pagoda No Uesu, if you didn't know.

I don't know where this idea came from that SAINT and Star Army are always fighting each other (you're not the only one who has it--I think it was Wolf killing Kai :p), but SAINT deals with a lot of internal affairs and some external (Wolf was lined up to assassinate the Jaaq'tah leader and/or spy on some base in the Python Sector, but I don't we/I never got around to it). They're meant to protect the Empire and sometimes help the Army on missions.

I think Ralfaris was destroyed. I don't recall though. Zack and John ran it. That's where the Qel'Noran and QIS came from.

Eve's not really delicate. Involvement in future plots might be, but the past isn't, so I don't think there'd be a problem if you asked about her.


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Ralfaris was the home of the Qel'noran. When the Qel'noran attempted to secede from the YSE, the Star Army destroyed Ralfaris. All that's left of the star system is that debris-filled nebula. Some Qel'noran survived, and used the TTDs they had to go on to other universes, one of them being Ayenee. To this day, the Star Army and the rogue Qel'noran have scuffles there from time to time.


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Thanks for the support, Wes. :) Let me know if I get anything wrong.

And I'm aware that I'm talking about all these in the present tense for some reason. It just feels more natural in this case, I guess.

History lesson, part II:

YE 16:
Star Empire begins testing TTD technology.
Ketsurui Yui discovers and visits island pocket-universe with younger sister Midori, who is killed there.
Yui leaves, after virtually destroying the pocket universe.

The Empire discovers the ability to jump between the multiverse. Over the years, several Imperial outposts have been established in other universes.

Yui loses a sister. Sadly, this will be one out of the countless times she loses someone she loves.

YE 17:
Ayenee is discovered. Ketsurui Yui explores the auction, meets several friends.
Yuumi founds WickedArms Corporation.

I believe this was the point Yui permanently lost her reputation with some of the more progressive among Yamataian citizenry. By auction, I believe we mean "auction". And by friends, I think we mean "friends". >_<

Imagine the headlines: "War Hero Found Browsing at Ayenee Auction of Dubious Nature". Scandalous.

YE 18:
Yui returns to Yamatai, has first daughter, Midori (conceived in Ayenee).
Elysians revamp space program, begin moving to Elysia Novus.
Ketsurui no Iori founded. Ketsurui Fleet Yards founded.

Wes explained most of this.

The Elysians decided that they'd have better luck with their own planet, and so establishes and migrates to the colony of Elysia Novus. I guess Elysia Prime is technically also Yamatai.

YE 20:
Albini is discovered and conquered by Star Army.
Fuushigi no Umi frigates are built.
NH-7 created.

Pretty much self explanatory.

I also believe that the Mishu recently did quite a number on Albini, which is sad, since this shows that the planet had remained loyal to the Empire for many years.

YE 21:
Geshrin military forces are consolidated into the Star Army of Yamatai.
Ketsurui Uesureyu hands rule of the Empire to his daughter, Ketsurui Yuumi.
Yui teams up with assassin Jonathan Miller to defeat Eve.
Star Army Units defend Ayenee Capital City from alien invasion with sixty-thousand troops and twenty-five thousand tanks.

Uesu hands his daughter the throne and disappears. I'm guessing he went exploring the multiverse for a few years, or just took one really long vacation. If you're paying attention, you know that he has returned and reclaimed the throne. Rumors has it that he's grooming another daughter to be his successor.

The actual IC posts regarding "Yui and Jonathan vs. Eve" is actually still floating around somewhere. Not for the weak of stomach though. Eww.

As for the Battle for ACC? Pester Wes until he gives in and tells us all about it. ^_^

Oh man. I believe I'll need two more installments to finish this... :p


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Aw but I'm too lazy/busy to look these things up. Can't someone summarize it better then just 'they team up and beat someone?' ;p

Jadg Wolf

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Basically, Eve was going crazy and eating children and televising it, so Yui and Jonathan Miller, a famous assassin, er....teamed up and beat her. I assume that's who you were talking about. I think I remember Miller's daughter being involved, one of the kids Eve abducted, but I'm not completely sure. There's not a lot else to say, but it was a good fight that should be read. The posts are at the transcript archive on the old boards, I believe.
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Thanks! With that now I have a little more motivation to try and read those when I have a moment.


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YE 22:
Python Sector is discovered.
Star Army forces hack Python Sector computer database, acquire shuttle, obtain CDD technology.
Kosame is colonized.
Star Army Research Administration is created.
Star Army Intelligence (SAINT) is created, replaces Star Army Intel.
Yui is promoted to Taisho, making her the leader of the Star Army.
Yui-Class destroyer (including YSS Yui) created.
NH-X created.

Python Sector was a Star Trek based RP at the time Wes came across it. It remained so for quite a while, but has since then evolved.

You know, I think the Star Army would make more friends if we weren't so kleptomanic when it comes to technologies. ;)

Seriously though, the Star Army still managed to establish formal diplomatic contact with the Python Fleet, but that link has since been severed... Hmm...

Kosame is in Python Sector, I believe.

<s>What else? Oh yeah. We stole their teleportation technology too.</s> Oops. I already said too much. Hush hush.

YE 23:
Ralfaris conquered by Star Army of Yamatai.
Fourth Elysian War begins.
Qel'noran Shipyards founded. Wazu and Wakizashi destroyers created.
Kessaku Anri invents MEGAMI Quantum Computer.
Empress Ketsurui Yuumi killed in Elysian attack.
Star Army assumes control of the government.
NH-17 put into service.
Subjugator Landing Ship created by KFY.

I have no idea why there was no mention of the Third Elysian War. Maybe it wasn't that memorable? Anyhoo. Nekos vs. Elysians. Round 4. Fight!

Empress Yuumi dies... Or did she? Dun dun dun. (Oh yeah. I'm like, the master of suspense around here.)

YE 24:
Second Draconian War begins.
Ketsurui Yui creates and becomes commander of 1st Expeditionary Fleet.
Ketsurui Chiharu briefly captured by Elysians.
Star Army 1st Fleet destroys planet where massive Elysian weapon is built.
YSS Seigi is Ambushed by Elysians.
Kessaku Electronics Systems Corporation founded. PANTHEON invented.
Capital-Class Infantry Carrier created by KFY.
Qel'noran Shipyards creates Integrated Strike Force Battleship.

The Draconian War is extra-universal, between the multi-species Draconian League, which includes the human Nerimian Confederacy as a member, and the enigmatic, lizard-like Jaaq'tah.

Yours truly came aboard when the Seigi was ambushed by Elysians and had to crash land on Ralfaris. During those confusing first few days, I occupied myself by reading about how the surviving crewmen looked for the bodies of their comrades (and perhaps salvagable ST records!) in the ship wreckage. Good times.

PANTHEON is invented. AvaNet leaves peacefully. Yes, they're all-powerful and doesn't always follow orders. But I believe AvaNet saw themselves as doting parents to humanity. They will not always defer to human judgement, but has humanity's best interests in mind, and most certainly has no interest in coming into conflict with their "children". We haven't heard the last of them.

Those Qel'norans just keep churning out more ships. The Empire begins to train a watchful eye on the client state...

YE 25:
Irim Assault Ship and Iori Star Fortress enter mass production.
Taisho Wazu leaves Star Army after his mother is assassinated in corporate war.
Ketsurui Chiharu killed over Ralfaris.
Lamia Power Armor invented.
Ketsurui Yui becomes Empress.
Peace achieved with Elysia through the efforts of Shoki (possessed by Chiharu's spirit).
Star Army commits itself to helping the NDI beat the Jaaq'tah.
Kyoto (The capital of Yamatai and the Yamatai Empire) is built.
Kessaku Irim becomes Master Fleet Admiral.

Yui gains the throne (by democratic election! I voted!), and Elysia finally bows to the Star Empire (Elysia Novus is annexed, and Veritas becomes independent in name only).

But both her ascendency and peace are utterly bitter to Yui: her lover has been killed (by Elysians in battle, no less), and she wasn't coming back.

(You guys starting to see a theme here? :()

(Disclaimer: Some of the oldies might take issue with my democratic election claim.)

The Star Empire formalizes her military alliance with Nerima / Nerimian Defense Initiative(?) / Nerimian Confederacy.

Oh yeah. Kyoto is built. Yui trying to drown her sorrow in work? Another step in preparation for Uesu's return? We'll never know.

Tune in next time, for the final lesson... Me sleep soon.


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Yangfan, I love you! Sort of ~_^

Questions haunting the back of my mind for awhile now :

1. Who's Chiharu? I know she was a Taisho, that a ship-class was created with her as a namesake, that she went 'boom' and that Yui loved her to bits.

2. From where in heck did Irim Kessaku come from? I know she's important, that a ship-class was created after her and that she's sort of the Star Army of Yamatai's second-admiral-in-command... but I also have little insight in the character, how she came up and what she did (or currently does).

3. From reader-available knowledge, just how did Yuumi die?

4. Please, tell me what the Jaaq'tah are and why the Star Army seems dedicated enough to kick their collective behinds as to make it an actual law proposal (I think I saw that somewhere).

5. Background check on who the NDI are (race, cultural notes even?), where they come from (like, what star systems) and what their interests are?

Jadg Wolf

New Member
Chiharu was played by Kim Godwin. I don't want to give you my biased opinion about all that what happened OOC, but there's some stuff dealing with her in transcripts on the old ezboard (it's actually where a lot of my stance on character history came from, but I digress). She's a good player and she showed up here not too long ago, but she didn't stay very long. As for IC, you're best off looking at the transcripts.

The Jaaq'tah are an evil race and all that, that's where the Draconian War came from, NDI had a lot to do with that. There's an NDI website, if I'm not mistaken. It's probably in Derran Tyler's profile.


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Kim Godwin... that's the one whom came a while ago from an extended absence, put up a character named Michiko as a ship's counselor (guarded by Saito) and then disappeared, right?

I think I saw her post some artwork of 'Chiharu and Mr. Bear'... whatever that means ^_^;

As for looking up the IC info... UGH! I hate the previous archive board. It's such a pain to navigate through... I tried keeping up with the YSS Yui and sort of stopped in the middle because I was sick of the way the whole thing was paced (read one bit / cut / read another bit / cut / etc... ) >__<


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Kotori said:
Yangfan, I love you! Sort of ~_^

But not in a "Brokeback Mountain" way, I'm sure. XD

Kotori said:
Questions haunting the back of my mind for awhile now :

1. Who's Chiharu? I know she was a Taisho, that a ship-class was created with her as a namesake, that she went 'boom' and that Yui loved her to bits.

I don't recall much more than what has been mentioned.

Kotori said:
2. From where in heck did Irim Kessaku come from? I know she's important, that a ship-class was created after her and that she's sort of the Star Army of Yamatai's second-admiral-in-command... but I also have little insight in the character, how she came up and what she did (or currently does).

The Kessaku Clan is aligned with the Ketsueruis. They're the ones running Kessaku Electronic Systems. It is therefore not surprising that most clan members are engineers and scientists.

Irim is the black sheep of the family:

Bookish girl she ain't. :p

Irim, aka the Ice Lady, (a moniker bestowed by her underlings). She climbed the ranks while working in SAINT. Yui trusts her and her martial skills enough to make her Taisho. And the only reason she's no longer Mistress Taisho is because Yui wanted that job. ^_^

That's all I know about her. There's enough there to build some sort of personality profile if you wanted to, I believe.

Kotori said:
3. From reader-available knowledge, just how did Yuumi die?

<s>The official word is that she was assiassinated. I wasn't around when it happened, so I don't know the details.</s>

Wes's edit: No, the capital city was turned into a crater by Elysians, and Yuumi was supposedly in it at the time.

Kotori said:
4. Please, tell me what the Jaaq'tah are and why the Star Army seems dedicated enough to kick their collective behinds as to make it an actual law proposal (I think I saw that somewhere).

It's simple psychology really. You see two powers trying to wipe each other out: The Draconian Leage (with the NDI being its military arm for all intents and purposes) and the Jaaq'tah. One is comprised mostly of humans, with a few alien races sprinkled in there. The other is comprised mostly of xenophobic lizards.

I'm guessing that you'll side with the guys who share most of your DNA. :)

Some of my answer for question 5 will shed more light on this.

Kotori said:
5. Background check on who the NDI are (race, cultural notes even?), where they come from (like, what star systems) and what their interests are?

(Derran, let us know if I get this wrong...)

The Nerimian Defense Initiative / The Nerimian Confederacy:

* Named for the Treaty of Nerima, which united several competing factions under the Confederacy.

* Species: homo stellaris, genetically-engineered and/or evolved humans, relatively high chance of being born psionically-attuned.

* Cultural notes: the Nerimians trace their origins to their Earth, which they left a few centuries ago. (This might not be the Earth Yamataians and Nepleslians originated from, since they believe they have been space-faring for longer than that.) Nerimian culture has Japanese, American, and European influences. (Think a blend of Yamataian and Nepleslian culture.)

It has been noted that the military forces of Nerima and Yamatai get along very well. This might be a consequence of the fact that those serving in the Nerimian forces are mostly men, while those serving in the Yamataian forces are mostly Nekos. (I leave the rest to your imagination.)

However, put a Nerimian citizen and a Yamataian citizen in a room together, and things will get un-civil fast.

The Nerimian citizen would see the Yamataian as a traitor to humanity, as someone who would allow himself to be subjugated by and take orders from Nekos.

The Yamataian citizen, besides taking exception to that sentiment, would see in the Nerimian both the uncouthness of a Nepleslian and the arrogance of an Elysian Patrician.

If you ask me, both of them needs to mellow out.

Final history lesson coming soon, hopefully. Schoolwork is starting to look like a three-headed hydra again.


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YE 26:
Invasion by Mishhuvurthyar results in The Battle of Nepleslia.
Byakko-Class Carrier enters service.
Kai Ashigari assassinated by Naraku. Naraku captured.
Fleet Restructuring cuts fleet size from 2,027,505 to 3,120 ships.
Planet Ralfaris Destroyed.
NovaCorp founded.
Ketsurui Kyoshi Kohana kidnapped, raped, and murdered by Kenji Ashigari.
Naraku escapes.

Kai was revived after Naraku exchanged Kai's ST backup for her freedom.

Fleet sizes were cut drastically, lowering the power level of the RP without affecting tech.

For various reasons, Ralfaris demanded Yui's resignation as Empress (something that they knew was not going to happen), threatening to declare independence. The Qel'Norans had a large warfleet by this time, and were prepared to fight. They were defeated, but a Qel'Noran force of unknown strength retreated off-universe.

YE 27:
Ketsurui Ayame becomes Empress of the Yamatai Star Empire, with Ketsurui Uesu as Emperor.
Ketsurui Yui becomes the Master Fleet Admiral.
Henry Chen and 3rd XF assist NDI in finding the Sentinels.
YSS Ongaku destroyed.
First Contact with Ixari and Neocron races by YSS Nozomi
YSS Mirai fails at peace negotiations with the rogue Qel'noran Industrial Sector.
Billions of Nekovalkyrja die fighting against the SMX in the Xyainbor Campaign.
YSS Destiny Launched.

Ongaku was another plotship. Rumors say that it got tainted with Mishus, and was purged by SAINT.

YE 28:
YSS Sakura launched
Trillions of Nekovalkyrja die at the Battle of Hoshi no Iori
Kai Ashigari mysteriously disappears with Elena
Nepleslia secedes from the Yamatai Star Empire with 3 other worlds to become the Nepleslian Star Empire
Empress Ayame commits suicide
SMX forces invade Tami system and destroy Star Army 4th Expeditionary Fleet
YSS Mikomi crash-lands on Tami

Mishu forces somehow out-manuevered the Star Army, and attacked the Tami, Albini, and Hoshi no Iori systems and threatened Yamatai. Yamatai allowed Nepleslia to secede with three other worlds and declare neutrality, so that it may concentrate its defenses on the remaining systems. The Mishu were eventually driven back.

No word yet on whether the tentacle monsters have any respect for politics / diplomacy.

And that ends my lesson. Now go out there and make history. :)


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Thank you Yangfan. That was most helpful and I am very grateful you took the time to contribute to this thread.

I do have interrogations about the names of the alien races involved and what they are like, but aside from that, I'm pretty content with what I learned here.