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RP Defense Treaty Council Thread


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The Council's first issue arrived entirely too quickly for anyone's comfort, but nevertheless, it had to be dealt with. Sent to the council was a request from the Yamataian military:

To: Defense Treaty Council
CC: Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

Council Members,

1. In accordance with treaty section 13. "Signatories are obliged to disclose available military intelligence on Non-Signatories to other Signatories provided such disclosures would not compromise the future gathering of such intelligence," the Star Army of Yamatai is disclosing to you the following military intelligence: A carrier battle group belonging to the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth has been detected and has invaded the sovereign territory of the Yamatai Star Empire.

2. This unauthorized and unwelcome incursion of foreign military forces is an act of war. Pursuant to section 16, "An act or declaration of war by a Non-Signatory on any one Signatory is an act or declaration of war on all Signatories. That Non-Signatory is now a Belligerent State." We submit that the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth is now a belligerent state under the treaty terms.

3. In accordance with Section 14, "Signatories are to first seek an equitable nonviolent solution to any diplomatic conflict between Signatories and Non-Signatories. Military action is to be considered a last resort," the Yamatai Star Empire will first attempt a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

4. In light of combat already taking place, and that the Iromakuanhe have already committed multiple acts of act war by sending military forces into my nation, we submit that section 15, "Signatories may only declare war on other Non-Signatories with the consent and approval of all Signatories. Any Non-Signatory that has been declared war on in this manner is now a Belligerent State (“Belligerent State”)," is unnecessary in this case, as a state of war should now exist between the treaty members and the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonweath.

5. In the case that the council disagrees with the above, we request a formal vote to declare war in accordance with section 15 quoted above. Again, we feel this unnecessary. Regardless of the outcome of such a vote, Yamatai reserves the rights to defend its territory from invasions and will do so by force if necessary.

6. Should a diplomatic attempt fail, Yamatai hereby requests the assistance of Nepleslia and Yamatai in making war against the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth in accordance with section 17, "All Signatories are obliged to aid each other mutually in all practicable manners against any Belligerent State, including and not limited to military intervention, cooperation and aid."

7. A diplomatic attempt will be considered to have failed if the Iromakuanhe fleet refuses to leave our space in a reasonable timeframe after being instructed to do so.

8. This message is sent under the constitutional authority granted to the commander of the Star Army of Yamatai to declare war when the nation is under threat.


Taisho Ketsurui Yui,
Commander, Star Army of Yamatai​
To: Defense Treaty Council
CC: Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

Council Members,

1. The Yamatai Star Empire remains in a state of war with the Independent Worlds League and any nation that deliberately harbors or assists them.

2. With respect to this, we formally request that the council recognize the IWL as a belligerent state and join us in the war against them.

3. Yamatai requests from Nepleslia and Lor any available intelligence on IWL members, assets, and forces.

4. Yamatai requests free access to Nepleslian and Lorath space for the purpose of military movements as part of operations against the IWL. In particular, the Star Army wishes to advance through the Nepleslian frontier to seek out IWL assets in the the great blue rift.

5. We request that should any IWL forces, people, or assets be found or known to exist in the territory of DATASS members, that the member nation immediately and internally conducts operations against them using their own military, so that Yamatai is not required to.

Taisho Ketsurui Yui,
Commander, Star Army of Yamatai
To: Defense Treaty Council
CC: Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi, Fyunnen caste council.
From: High Priest Velor Tomoe Tur'listia

1. We, the Lorath Matriarchy, requires clear definition as to what constitutes individual involvement with the Independent Worlds League, considering their inherently loose structure. Furthermore, we seek be made aware of what nations are currently being held under suspicion of aiding and abiding the Independent Worlds League and its members, and also what nations are implicated in the future, prior to movement against any nation which is implicated at a future point. We desire this information so we may form a consensus in regard to determining if a given state is in fact aiding or harboring IWL assets.

2. Indicating the IWL as a 'Belligerent State' would in effect define the IWL as a state, and would in effect grant the inherent rights and privileges thereof, not only to the organization, but also to individuals who openly identify as members. We, the Matriarchy, seek clarification, does Yamatai wish to classify the IWL as a state with all rights and privileges thereof?

3. We the Matriarchy will share what documentation we have, however, since we have not endeavored on a campaign against the IWL as of yet, our intelligence is scarce, at best.

4. Free access, while effective for one party, may be disruptive to another. We the Matriarchy propose that joint-operations be carried out, most especially in Lorath space, to ensure that the rights of civilian and non-combatant personnel are respected. We also wish to indicate that Lorath law would apply to those within our space, which we would desire to ensure is exercised for those implicated. However, in cases of extreme urgency, we will grant access to SAoY assets so long as such assets announce their intent to enter our space, and receive authorization prior to entry.

5. We wish to inform the Yamatai Empire, and assure the Empire, that the Matriarchy does not condone terrorist behavior. We pride ourselves in making examples, not martyrs, of terrorists and criminals which we find within our space. We will gladly share information regarding future occasions of neutralized terrorist and criminal threats and assets.

1A. The Matriarchy wishes to inquire; has the Yamatai Empire attempted to communicate with the Independent Worlds League to attempt to define and ascertain the motivations and goals of the organization for the purpose of possibly neutralizing the threat in a non-violent method?

2A. We of the Matriarchy propose that an ultimatum be presented to those who count themselves among the ranks of the Independent Worlds League, as well as to those which harbor them. Such an ultimatum would serve to indicate that through continued action, the IWL is not only attacking the YSE, but also would be attacking by extension Signatory States within our alliance. As an observational commentary; We feel that a group such as the IWL would likely be dissuaded from continued action when confronted with the fact that they are provoking not just the YSE, but also the combined assets and contributing organizations of DATASS.

Velor Tomoe Tur'listia
High Priest of the Lorath Matriarchy.
To: Velor Tomoe Tur'listia
CC: Defense Treaty Council, Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

These are reasonable requests.

1. We haven't associated any nations as directly or indirectly supporting the IWL. However, we are aware of IWL members in The Free State, Nepleslia, Gartaga, Lor, Abwehran Star Empire, and we suspect there are still some remnants hiding in Yamatai and we also suspect there is an Iromakuanhe component. The IWL is an organization composed of citizens of various nations, but those nations should not be blamed for actions they do not control being carried out by individuals and groups. A criteria for aiding the IWL would be refusal of our request to internally deal with a known IWL asset. For example, if an Abwehran general was building an IWL army in ASE, the Yamatai Star Empire or the DATASS council would ask the Abwehran government to stop it. If the government refuses, this would be seen as supporting the IWL and we would be forced to handle the IWL threat ourselves by sending in our own forces to eliminate the IWL asset.

2. The Yamatai Star Empire does not reserve war for states alone; in this case the war is against an organization. There is precedent for this: for example, the Reds were not a state, but Nepleslia went to war with them in the Nepleslian Civil War. I don't think declaring someone a belligerent state makes them a state. If so, it doesn't matter, as in either case they will be destroyed.

3. Let me give you a starting point. Examine the members of your Fyunnen caste more closely. We suspect that there is a group of IWL sympathizers within it of unknown, significant size, which are involved with Ha’leh “Aegis” Yaweh Fyunnen, a former Yamataian senator who we've been watching closely since her defection to the UOC. We are sending detailed SIGINT intelligence records gathered by SAINT that implicate her involvement and contacts and we request her detainment for extensive questioning. Get details from her and return the acquired intelligence to the DATASS council. ((attachment:SAINTfiles-Aegis.folder))

4. I want to clarify "free access" to mean unrestricted travel, not actual operations. Is that more agreeable?

5. We applaud your stance against terror groups.

1A. The YSE has not attempted to communicate with the IWL in a diplomatic way. What would this accomplish? We're already at war with them.

2A. This makes sense, and I'm alright with such an ultimatum. But note that Yamatai will continue to attack them until our war with them ends, which means they must either surrender and disband completely or be wiped from the universe. So the ultimatum must include a mechanism to end the existence of the IWL in its present form as a militant group.
To: Ketsurui Yui
CC: Defense Treaty Council, Imperial Premier Ketsururi Yuumi, Fyunnen Caste Council
From: High Priest Velor Tomoe Tur'listia

1. We the Matriarchy can not condone the aforementioned method of determining if a nation is in fact in league with the IWL. Amongst my people this would be called 'Pedurik di nihima', Nepleslians would call it the actions of a 'Kangaroo Court'. We of the Matriarchy require proof of relationship between government and insurgent, and we can not condone violating the sovereign rights of a government who may simply have no desire for assets of our alliance to violate their space, nor desire to act on our interests. Neutrality is not guilt.

2. Since the IWL is not considered a state, nor does it retain any positive or negative assets in relation to any one of our allied nations, then I can not see a reason why the IWL must be deemed in formality as a 'Belligerent State', when, in fact, they are simply an independent organization; just the same as any criminal organization or pirate group which may cause harm to assets of one of our signatory states. Thus, it can be reasoned that the Yamatai Empire does not require the permission of the Defense Treaty Council to act against the IWL. Furthermore, by conditions of DATASS, we, signatories, are in fact obligated to capture and repatriate criminals wanted by your Empire after we are done with them according to article 28 of the treaty.

3. According to both your records, and our own, Aegis has not set foot within Matriarchy territory since the early-most point of time in which her sympathies extended to the former United Outer Colonies, as well as the Independent Worlds League. Our house is clean, Taisho. Domestically we do not take well to insurgents, individuals with affiliations which may bring harm to our people, nor do we take kindly to spies, which by our laws are defined as criminals, and will be treated as such. Our own internal security assets indicate that Aegis has severed all official and personal ties to her life which she had within the Matriarchy. However, we will seek to detain the former senator, give her trial and punishment under our laws, and then extradite her to the custody of your own police force or your SAoY.

4. Refer to article 27 of treaty arrangements. We will gladly permit your forces travel rights, so long as contact is made prior to border crossing.

1A. Your Empire was seeking to categorize the IWL as a 'Billigerent State', refer to article 14 of our treaty arrangement. It may be found to be more beneficial to your Empire to continue to classify the IWL as merely a criminal organization.

2A. Favorable, in every sense. We strongly encourage the Yamatai Empire to share the contents of such an ultimatum prior to public announcement, for the purpose of ensuring that our alliance retains a positive standing with our respective civilian populations. We have no desire to demonize ourselves through a potential misstep in communications.
To: Velor Tomoe Tur'listia
CC: Defense Treaty Council, Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

1. There will be no safe haven for the IWL. Yamatai will invade any nation that knowingly harbors our enemies. This is not a matter of courts; this is war.

2. We do not consider the IWL to be a criminal organization, but an enemy of the state. We are not seeking to prosecute them, but to annihilate them. We want to categorize them as a belligerent state because we want the treaty council's support in fighting them.

3. Thank you.

4. We have already asked. This is the contact.
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui
CC: Defense Treaty Council, Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi
From: High Priest Velor Tomoe Tur'listia

1. Taisho, We the Matriarchy would prefer input from your Imperial Premier in regard to Imperial foreign policy. While according to your constitution you are in full authority to implement immediate policy in regard to implicating enemies of the Empire, it still remains within the purview of the Imperial Premier to officially set foreign policy and stance between the Empire and non-signatory states. Which, We wish to remind you, can not be defined as a belligerent state without consulting the signatory states of our alliance. If and when a non-signatory state is found to be knowingly supporting terrorist activity, and directly acting contrary to the interests of a signatory state, including the Yamatai Empire, then at such a point will the Lorath Matriarchy define the non-signatory state as a belligerent state. Furthermore, We wish to assure you, Taisho, that the Matriarchy will gladly coordinate with the Yamatai Star Empire and Star Army of Yamatai to conduct operations to promptly and effectively remove any and all proven terrorist threats.

2. Then, if the IWL is to be defined as a belligerent state, We would then be obligated to seek a non-violent solution prior to military engagement, this is required as indicated by Article 14 of our treaty agreement. If you wish to indulge your target in negotiation prior to annihilation, annihilation which you are currently free to execute as of this time, then most certainly these petty criminals can be defined as a belligerent state. We in fact give our authorization and approval to define those who are knowingly and willingly associated in a direct supportive role with the IWL as members of a belligerent state, we also wish to stipulate that this definition only includes knowing and willing supporters of the IWL, and not any non-signatory or signatory state which may possibly have IWL personnel within its borders or upon its territorial holdings. To be entirely explicit; we wish to make it clear that we are NOT defining any other entity as a belligerent state outside of the IWL in itself. Any and all non-signatory or signatory states which are under suspicion of consorting with the enemy are to be reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if the state in question is in fact acting against the interests of signatories within our alliance.

3. Quite welcome.

4. We the Matriarchy would prefer to provide authorization on a case-by-case basis. A blanket authorization is a lapse in security, which could possibly be exploited by the very terrorists you seek to eliminate.

1A. We would like to propose a solution; if a joint international task force is established, with a common goal, we will grant such a task force a blanket authorization to traverse our territorial holdings, and, we would be comfortable to provide authorization to conduct operations intended to neutralize proven terrorist threats through lethal and less-than-lethal means, so long as extraordinary care is exercised to refrain from collateral damage and non-combatant casualties.
To: Defense Treaty Council
CC: Defense Treaty Council, Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi
From: Premier Charlie Coast, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia

1. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia requires proof of any nation directly supporting the Independent Worlds League before declaring such governments as collaborators. This includes military, financial, and social assistance. Should such proof be verified, the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia recommends restrained measures be taken to end such support.

2. The difficulties of assigning the status of a "state" to an inherently decentralized organization such as a terrorist organization notwithstanding, the Imperium recommends immediate action to declare an ultimatum to the Independent Worlds League to demand their surrender. Should such an ultimatum and thus diplomatic action be ignored, there is no choice but to bring a swift end to any organization that threatens not only the citizens of Defense Council members, but others as well.

3. We welcome any sort of intelligence that the Yamataian Star Empire and Lorath Matriarchy have on IWL elements within the borders of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. Likewise, intelligence gathering has already been approved and is being carried out by the Internal Pacification Group.

4. The Yamataian Star Empire's request for access to Nepleslian space to conduct operations in the Blue Rift Expanse has been noted. We only require regular updates regarding Yamataian fleet positions in the Blue Rift Expanse so that our fleets may effectively provide support should an emergency arise.

We would be more comfortable with a combined task force sent to seek out IWL supporters.
Please consider that despite the trust that the treaty presents, the presence of a Yamataian battle group given permission to conduct operations near Nepleslian territory will be a concern of our citizens. We do not seek to "tie down" Yamataian military operations with the presence of our fleets, rather, we seek to foster greater cooperation between defense member governments.

5. Let it be known it is the stated policy that the presence of terrorist organizations within the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will not be tolerated. Collaborators will be given appropriate justice based on their level of involvement.

1A. We support an ultimatum declared in an open and public method, directed at the IWL. We want to keep our honor clean in this way.

2A. We also support the formation of a task force for reasons stated in 4 above.
To: Defense Treaty Council
CC: Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

1. I've spoken with the Empress and she has posted her ultimatum.

2. I support the idea of an international task force to defeat the IWL, as suggested by Nepleslia and Lor and in accordance with the treaty.
To: Defense Treaty Council
CC: Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

1. I've been waiting on your responses for far too long. It's time to solve the IWL problem.

2. Also, the Star Army of Yamatai would like the Alliance to declare the Lazarus Consortium as an enemy of our states due to its involvement in the recent incident at Asura and its continued avoidance of operating within the law.
To: Defense Treaty Council
From: Velor 'Tomoe' Tur'listia

2: We recognize the situation on Asura. However, it must be stressed that the Lazarus Consortium is not a militant corporation, and is largely comprised of civilian contractors and is independent in its procedures and methods. It would be difficult to designate the Lazarus Consortium as an enemy due to their decentralized structure. It is recommended by us that we designate the Consortium as an enemy, however, refrain from direct military action, and instead implement an intelligence gathering operation, in conjunction with precision threat neutralization operations. Effectively remove the threat from the company, and leave what is worthwhile.

Since I can not condone an outright military strike, I would recommend this task be assigned to the intelligence division of the LSDF, Yamatai's SAINT, and the Nepleslian equivalent to these organizations.
To: All Defense Council Members
From: Ketsurui Hanako @ YSS Eucharis NG-X1-408

I am forwarding you this report of a hostile faction that I have recently encountered, as written by my ship's SAINT specialist:

Kuvexian Intel Report

As far as their species are concerned they have been described best as humanoid squid. While they do not appear to be much stronger than humans they move with quick, jerky motions and have extreme endurance. From what we could see from the alien pilot prior to his capture they have a skilled military force with that appears to mimic that of both Yamatai and Nepleslia. They possess firearms that fire a form of aether energy and possess a grenade that coats enemies in its blast radius with a substance similar to industrial strength rubber cement. Armor teams, note that these weapons will not appear as grenades to your AIES, set your computers to track all airborne objects coming for you to counter this. Also note that this substance will clog your reactor intake, causing a critical overheat failure. Use high heat to quickly remove 'glue'.

Kuvexian ships are equipped with shields that perform at a level no better then ours but their armor is twice as dense. Fighter pilots, your ships can out maneuver the enemy fighters but you must aim for weak points such as the cockpit. They also appear to have a shuttle designed for breaching blast doors using a weapon similar to the Nepleslian HPAR. Ship captains, they will heat up your hangar door and ram them open. THE ENEMIES CAN BOARD YOUR SHIP. Keep those shuttles at a distance.

The individual Kuvexian seems to have a belief(possibly religious) in something they call 'the Next Life'. This was said by a captured pilot shortly before he committed suicide. Regardless of whether this is a religious belief or reference to cloning technology each soldier is willing to fight to the death. In the event you take a captive screen them for hidden suicide devices, specifically search their teeth and remove by any means necessary. SAINT needs captives for information gathering purposes and has requested that we take as many live Kuvexian prisoners as possible.

- Joto Hei Candon Howard Suites
I am currently on a mission to gather more information the Kuvexian Kingdom. Also, it's not noted in the report but the Kuvexians have apparently been depositing civilian colonists of a species of insectoids called the Rixxikor in local space. The Rixxikor seem to be extremely disorganized and ill-equipped, but have a high population.


Shosho Ketsurui Hanako, SAOY
Commander, Task Force 82
To: Ketsurui Hanako, Defense Council Members
From: Premier Charlie Coast, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

This intelligence report has been submitted to the Internal Pacification Group and the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, and is undergoing evaluation before being implemented into our war plans. You have our thanks. As of now, IPG fleets are being maintained at the borders of our territories to intercept any possible incursions. We will share any information we might find with you in such an event.

Do you have any information regarding the physical and cultural characteristics of the Rixxikor so that our forces may detain any found individual within our territories for containment and interrogation?


Premier Charlie Coast, DION
Sky Marshall
To: Premier Charlie Coast
CC: All Defense Council Members
From: Ketsurui Hanako @ YSS Eucharis NG-X1-408

Here's a picture we obtained:


Most of them seem to be civilians (?), but there are also military ones. Their government or military is nebulous at best. No clear structure at all.
To: Defense Council
From: High Priest Velor 'Tomoe' Tur'lista
Subject: RE; Kuvexian & Rixxikor Intel Report

Information has been received, and is under review by the Lorath Self Defense Force. At this time, our primary action will be to tighten our border patrols, and invest research and development into refining our military response capability against stated potential threats. At this time however, based upon stated threat assessment, the Matriarchy is confident in our ability to respond to potential incursions.

On the topic of prisoners and information gathering, our specialists within the LSDF have a wider range of methods at their disposal, and will use those methods for the purpose of intelligence gathering if the opportunity arises. We also offer our specialist services to treaty participant states. Any information gathered by our personnel during our interview processes will be shared with treaty member states in full.

We thank you for your communications, Princess Hanako.

High Priest Velor 'Tomoe' Tur'lista