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Approved Submission Department Of Public Education (D.O.P.E.)

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
This article's link to the wikipedia on polytechnic is a list of articles you could be referring to, not any one article.

The other levels of the roles of DOPE have wiki pages, so something in parenthesis after primary and secondary would not be out of line and would help the reader understand what you may mean.

I noticed that the phrase, "when its underperforming" should have its changed to it is or it's. Here is a page on that. Contractions take precedent over possession - that is how I remember.

The intro paragraph states, "It provides primary, secondary, and university education to citizens..." but you go on to say it provides more than just these levels of education, so maybe instead of being too specific, be more broad and use an adjective in front of education, or be more specific and give the other two levels of education it provides.

Can you include the youngest age group that is given preschool/kindergarten care?

What are concierges in this context? I looked into them and only found hospitality or senior caretaker jobs with that name.

You have pediatricians on the team. They deal predominantly with diagnosing and treating illness rather than researching education, though. I believe a researcher position would not hurt - there are constantly new things to discover, even in space future, about how we learn. I know "early childhood development researcher" as a term, but whatever's clever for you and the ages DOPE works with works.


Nice lore addition for S6, it is really thriving! :] Thank you for submitting this. Please make the requested changes in the article, unless you don't agree, then please explain why so I can better understand. Thanks, again!