RP Departure of the Sky Marshall

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Jul 12, 2005
As the NSS Mirage left Pisces station, a message would be left for Tio.

Prince Tio,

I'm afraid that due to the recent circumstances surrounding Halna, I am required to return to Nepleslia. Let us be glad that our agreement was reached mere hours before this unforseen event. However, I cannot, in the eyes of my people, remain here any longer. 

I am certain that your nation had its reasons for what was done, but I cannot condone the taking of civilian lives in such an offense. As Nepleslia is on friendly, although unallied, terms with the Freespacers, she will be offering her assistance to those in need.

Of course, you being a man of peace as well, it would be understood that no harm should befall any of my ships that act on this humanitarian mission.

I hope that, in the future, we can make efforts towards greater peace. For now, however, I shall take my leave and attend to the matters of my own nation. 

My people are wary for good reason.

-Sky Marshall Robert Davis
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