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SYNC Discourse with Bellflower


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RP Date
YE 44.7
To: Senator Iemochi Seinosuke-Taii
From: Kinoshita Fusako

Dear Senator:

I know you are very busy with your duties in the Senate and aboard the Resurgence, so if you only have time to read one more sentence, let it be the following. I am a candidate for the office of Imperial Premier and I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience, wherever you are most comfortable, under whatever conditions you would like, to discuss anything and everything of interest to you.

My name is Kinoshita Fusako. 36 years ago I took over an abandoned sakagura in the Ice Queen Mountains of Yamatai. When I arrived, I could feel the area's spirit was still strong even though the structures there were falling apart. It took me years to mend what was broken and foster an environment in which sake could once again flourish. After decades of growth and nurturing, what was once a delicate balance has grown quite resilient. As a man of science, perhaps it would be best to say that the koji, yeast, and other microorganisms that consume the rice and produce sake have reached homeostasis. Indeed, at this point it would be hard to produce anything but an excellent sake at what has become my sakagura.

I would like to stress that I do not, myself, produce sake. My efforts would be entirely in vain if it weren't for so many other processes working in harmony. I am no politician. Indeed, I know very little of the Senate except when its laws affect me directly. However, I would like to believe that in the same way that it creates sake, harmonious cooperation is also effective at creating laws for the peace, order, and good government of Yamatai.

No doubt you are aware that I am a member of the Bellflower Party, just as I am aware that you are of the Discourse Party. In the event that I am elected, I would like to work with you to foster an environment in the Senate in which intelligent discourse and sound judgment can flourish. To that end, I would like to meet you on your terms. I cannot promise to agree with everything you have to say, but I would like to hear and understand it. And it is my intention to keep this channel of communication open to you and every other member of the Discourse party henceforth.


Kinoshita Fusako