RP: Neshaten [Division 5] - Case 01 - Nothing Lost is Nothing Gained


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Aug 29, 2017
Graveyard - Captains Team

As the other two Daurs decided to butt heads for a bit Kyet rose up to stand, checking over her weapon once more and knowing full well it was meant to offend~ of course it did, two golden/green eyes looked back at Hana and narrowed before dropping to the ground with a sigh alongside a noticeable bit of hurt in them - Kyet was a person who took criticism to heart and thought it would be best to discuss whether the team would stay together or not before deciding formations... but apparently not.

A sharp yet still quiet inhale sounded from her direction before the young officer peeked around a nearby corner as she had originally intended to do, pushing that aside for the moment and speaking softly, "I'll take point~ we should just sweep the rooms as we pass them..." Kyet suggested with some dejection in her voice, making sure Hana was ready to go before pushing further into the building~ she still had to get used to working in a squad when the quiet fox's previous posting had her act alone so often, as was the life of an agent.

Kyet just hoped the nod from Leo wasn't a sympathetic one, she didn't need people giving her mistakes positive reinforcement or buttered words as nice as they were for her fuzzy ears to hear.


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Mar 8, 2018
"Oh, right. Sorry Captain, forgot this was a walk in the park, I'll tell nana we got the milk and vegetables from the store," Hana retorted with a snort. Though his voice wasn't agressive, if anything, the sarcasm dripped from it. Finalizing his argument with the clicking of his safety. Lowering his SMG before glancing at Kyet. His gaze was off; too calm and collected for this situation. Jaded, experienced and somewhat-... Tired?

Hana had glanced at Kyet to see her reaction, before shaking his head. If this was already hurtful, the poor operator was in for a bad time. Then again, they were here to gather valuable intel to hopefully dismantle a terrorist cell. Not to make friends. Although it didn't help when someone in the team felt like their tail was stepped on. Even Hana realized that.

As Leo disappeared, Hana glanced at Kyet. Nodding at her suggestion. A neutral nod of acknowledgement before he pushed himself up. "I'll cover your six. Keep your eyes peeled for any IEDs or traps. It's possible we're walking in an ambush. If it's suspicious, treat it like something that'll kill us."


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Jan 2, 2017
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High Rise - Commander's Team

Arynn Sher'Meso was pretty quiet - in speech, in sociability, and in step. Each door the team cleared and passed, she closed quietly and systematically - an easy marker in the short term to remember which rooms have been checked and cleared. It was... Slow, but thorough.


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Aug 28, 2017
High Rise - Commander's Team

While the trio entered and closed off the door to the outside, the shadows outside whispered to each other in the still air of the morning, each passing along a message of the lone figure stirring the dust of the outside. Slowly it moved up to the outside of the high rise and peeked in through a smashed window, watching Cirrilo move past the doorway before the door was closed while the team advanced.

Inside, the team made it to the stairwell with no problems, the hall behind them now sealed on both sides as a result of the door closing practice of Operator Sher'Meso. Adrea held up a hand as he reached the stairwell door, unlike the rest this one was still closed though for fire doors this was normal. Turning his masked face back to the other two he pointed upwards and signaled "2" with a gloved right hand, indicating they'd go up to the second floor before regrouping, skipping past the first floor in the process. The commander hoped the other two would be able to understand his logic, they were short on time and manpower in this situation and skipping every other floor would help speed without sacrificing too much caution.

Graveyard - Captain's Team

Leo cautiously advanced down the jagged pathway between the softly groaning carcasses of various ships and abandoned vehicles, a solemn expression glued to his face as he scanned every nook and cranny on his path. The snow haired Daur dearly hoped that putting Kyet and Hana together wouldn't end in disaster, for the sake of their whole team he needed the pair of them to work together. For this reason he chose to keep close to where he'd seen them head towards, in the collective distance of both himself and the pair stood their target building, no more than 5 minutes walking distance yet even during the day it was drenched in shadows.

For Kyet, she'd do well to heed the advice given to her by the snarky Hana, suspended barely a centimeter above the ground was a very thin and almost invisible thread running diagonally across their path. Each end ran through a tiny drilled hole in the wall at both ends, with no visible signs of what it might be attached to but out of place all the same. At the end of the hall another figure, not unlike the one pursuing the commander and his team watched from the end door, when it noticed the approaching pair the figure scrambled away slamming the door in its wake.


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Nov 13, 2006
Seeing all the doors closed around them helped keep Cirillo relaxed as he took up the rear and watched behind them. The rooms felt smaller, with less places the enemy could use for cover against them. Relaxing too much was dangerous for the group though, so he focused on keeping his senses diligent.

Cirillo nodded in response to the "2" signal despite some apprehension. It seemed a little arbitrary to search every other floor, and it left catching an ambush to 50/50 chance. But, searching all floors wasn't terribly realistic.

Maybe we could block those doors, like by tying the handle to something? Cirillo wondered. He'd have to get a closer look at the 1st floor door as they got there. He couldn't exactly tell the others his plan without making noise, so instead he flashed a "1" signal, followed by two inward-turned fists tugging an imaginary rope tight. He finished with a shrug to try and convey it was a suggestion.