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  • 📅 December 2022 is YE 44.9 in the RP.

RP: Neshaten Division 5, Case 03.5: Interlude

Chaos Havik

Active Member
Kiln'da got a rather grim response to his question but.. well it was best that bandage just be ripped off right then and there. Good men and women he served with now gone. "Was this built with off world help? this place is so.. different than the Gam'trosha." He had asked this during their walk to the secure room.

Once inside however was a different story the moment he saw a fleet admiral, past navy training kicked in high gear. He stood up straight to even the tip of his tail and saluted. Yes Admiral understood." Again this.. technically wasn't different that all he had to sign on the last ship he was. Only that time he didn't feel like the slightest sneeze would have him erased form all recorded and body ejected into the void of space.

"'Welcome' to the Null-fleet? Is this going to be a new joint operation? Or should we get ready for new uniforms?"

He wasn't going to lie.. he really had wanted to be out in space, but he had a feeling the Null fleet was not an Exploration and Science minded Branch of the navy