Does SARP have its own version of the Olympic Games?

Jan 7, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Seeing as how the Beijing Olympic Games will be starting up in five months, I was wondering if SARP also had something similar. It would be interesting to see Yamatains, Nekos, Nepleslians, Elysians, Freespacers, Mishhu, and all the others competing against each other in there version of completive sports and could help cool intergalactic relations with things being as they are now. We could also make it an entire community RP effort witch could at least prove entertaining.


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Aug 2, 2004
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I don't know if the SARP has that, but I know the Kohanians do. They have a competition that brings all of the tribes together twice a year. Once on the summer, and once on the winter solstice.

Also on Neo Kohana, is the newly reopened Colosseum, where mass combat and gambling is going on under the watchful eye of Lenwe Veneanar.


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Aug 29, 2006
Uh, might be kinda difficult because IRL, everybody is human with the same bodyparts. If the races in the SARP is going to compete, the Nekos are going to win physically,mentally and psychically(lol). Not that I'm complaining, but its the natural order of things here.

...But throw in Power Armor into the mix...

Edto Xar'Sivaree

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Jan 5, 2016
I don't think this was concluded. Would there be a Sector Wide Game? Another place I hang around on actually did an Olympics a little while ago using a specialized program ((Wouldn't say what it was)) to generate the wins for all the events. My team came in last... They said I was alien so everyone worked together to make sure I didn't get any gold. Racist dicks :p

But legit. I think things have cooled down on the galactic scale between major factions so that we could actually do this. All we would need to do is put in some restrictions. Like no Catgirl supersoldiers allow, and no augmentations. Which means if you the product of severe bio or mechanical augmentation, you cannot apply to the games. We don't even need to play it. Just have the system run like that, and everyone win based on what their factions are perceived to be good at. Like Vekimen winning anything revolving around jumping :p ((Just an example *whistles innocently*))


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Sep 25, 2016
It's really difficult to have athletic competitions in a setting with all of the above. Nepleslians would probably riot, or win because they have mutant DNA, causing more riots. Yamataians would be deeply offended by some sort of weird 'humans only' restriction excluding them. In many events, the 'pan-galactic' nature of competition would be virtually pointless, because members of one race would always win them. Freespacers would probably refer to the whole thing as 'Flukefest'.

I'm pretty sceptical that this would be worth the litigation and animosity between factions it'd generate.


Revisiting this idea could be fun. However, imposing restrictions is a bad idea. In fact, I propose eliminating rules completely. ST makes death merely an inconvenience. Why should killing your opposition be wrong? We could have some events that don't give advantages to physical strength. The Airbike Circuit for example. Maybe there could be interstellar races between starships or planet-wide scavenger hunts?


I know that lol, but if death was meaningless? Anyway, I suppose that could be the one rule. Don't kill your opponents.