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SYNC Donate Your Unwanted Weapons


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Star Army soldiers Ahn Ha-Neul and Nakeysha Smalls are now accepting donations of unwanted weapons. Did you get something that hard to find ammo for? An ugly or barely functional weapon? Too many Lewis Pasco Gifts? Perhaps you have a medieval siege weapon and no where to store it, like us. Well, good news, the Star Army is collecting junk weapons from the public so send your unwanted guns and weapons in today. The weapons will be re-used if feasible for the war effort, or recycled for raw materials. In return for your donation, you will get a 20 KS gift card to Warm and Sweet, Yamatai's favorite coffeehouse as a thank you.


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"What... what is Warm and Sweet? It sounds so nice!"

Tachiko donates:

  • Genetic Scan Grenade (largely useless)
  • Heavy Catapult suitable for medieval siege warfare
  • IWI LCP-9 "Vigilant" Sidearm
  • Trebuchet
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