Done Lurking

Feb 19, 2017
Hello, My name is Charmaylarg Dufrain (Real name. Trust me my childhood was an interesting one because of that.) And I've been lurking the SARP forums for maybe going off and on since 2011. And in the past, under a different profile (Email got corrupted) joined in on a handful of Open-RPs.

At first it kind of started as a hobby, just some interesting stories to read (i love to read and do so daily.), And easily filled the void where even the longest running book series i've read have failed to cover. And despite all the other RP communities i've been a part of or have followed, None of them have the depth, World-building, or beautiful array of diversity that the Star-Army forums have.

over the past few years, however I've wanted to join in on the plots and make stories and characters of my own, but was too busy at the time (I've been serving as a corpsman in the navy since 2012, retired from active duty to reserve a few months ago.)

Im currently feeling out a few Nepleslian plots before i dedicate to making a character though, and am hopping to have a character done, approved, and be accepted into a plot sometime in the near future. i look forward to the many adventures we embark upon from this day onward.



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Jan 21, 2005
Welcome! It sounds like you've already got a pretty good of what to expect.

SARP is certainly filling the void Star Trek / Star Gate left now that there is no decent long running sci-fi series on... the expanse maybe, but there certainly isn't enough of that. If you've got any questions feel free to jump into chat and say hi!