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SYNC Duskerian Legion/ SAOY Exchange soldier


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To: @Wes Ketsurui Hanako, Director, Star Army Personnel
From: Automated message, NDC personnel command
Subject: Exchange program candidate for your review

Artemis "Spark" Hartbrook-Pine has requested orders to be submitted to the Star Army and NDC exchange program to work with the Star Army of Yamatai.

Her career has been a long demonstration of pride and prowess as a power armored infantrywoman, with zero morally dubious demotions, zero issues stemming from disrespect of authority or failure to follow moral, legal, and ethical orders, and zero issues integrating into fireteams. She has personally sponsored fourteen weaponized clones and assisted in their integration into prestigious strike teams such as the Biohazard Rapid Response Force and others. She has served time as a Duskerian Legion drill instructor, and survived what should have been a career ending training injury.

Since then, she has been promoted repeatedly, and demoted punitavely for actions directly related to her strong morals and beliefs. For the last two years, she has been realatively quiet, working diligently and with no issues positive or negative.

She has requested to be trained using solely Star Army of Yamatai equipment and armor, and will not be bringing any assigned armor and weapons systems.

Her personnel file is attached for your review and assignment.