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SANDRA Eikan Minato Becomes Chief of Star Army Operations

YE 45.1

Kyoto, Yamatai--The Star Army of Yamatai announced today that its beloved Taisho Eikan Minato has a new job as the Star Army of Yamatai's first Chief of Star Army Operations, the commander of Star Army Operations. The Star Army's operations division is responsible for developing and overseeing planning in the Star Army of Yamatai. Minato has a long history in the Star Army and was one of its first leaders, starting as captain of the YSS Hellkitten, YD 238, then commanding the scout YSS Mirai, NS-X1-252 (YE 27), the gunship YSS Azalea, NG-X1-361 (YE 29-YE 30), before being elevated to commander of the Sixth Fleet from YE 31-YE 41 until the Kuvexians destroyed it, and then replacing slain admiral Fensalir Kelrina as Second Fleet's in YE 42 after the Third Battle of Nataria.