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[Episode 0: Remixed] Takeda Delights


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Part 1: The Clan's Heart​

Takeda House
Downtown Kyoto, Yamatai

Takeda House closed its normal operations downtown for the day, the staff still reported for duty as they hastily prepared for some of the Clan's most well-known members including Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko herself. On the balcony that overlooked the street below, the same place the family celebrated the new year, along with Hanako and others, was set and ready for them. Kaoru arrived before the rest, the Taisa of the YSS Mazu wore a short-cut black dress that would have maybe been more geared towards summer but she had just returned from a photoshoot for YTP Entertainment and her feature on the company's magazine for the month. The volumetric mask of her KAIMON ascendant appeared as a black crow that sat on her shoulder, looking around the deck where Takeda House androids were still hard at work.

Kaoru had her nose in the projection of her datapad writing the lyrics for a new song she planned to release before the YSS Mazu shipped out again; her outfit like all of those provided by YTP had the same functions as the Yugumo Uniform for its executives. Members of the Motoyoshi Keibi had just arrived, including her own rarely used bodyguard along with Kairda Auda, the family's "executive secretary" or rather cleaner who was done up in a rather eye-catching dress and blending in with the small group of musicians as a singer. Kaoru couldn't help but smirk a little when she noticed her; an obvious sign her uncle Taro was probably going to be present.

She continued to work on the lyrics to her hopeful new hit and waited for the rest of the Clan members to arrive.
Tachiko is, of course, in the kitchen. She looked out of place, there among the androids and their lone human overseer, in her Modern-Yamataian semi-formalwear, a ruffly pink and black number somewhat modeled on a traditional furisode kimono with some hints of something that might be New Romantic straight out of a mid 1980's pop video. It was clear the Minkan chef, whose every mannerism and detail of her appearance screamed, "I was a warrant officer cook in the Star Army for an entire career," was feeling uncomfortable at being demoted to number two in the presence of the company president.

"No. No, no, no!" The usually introverted, polite, and pleasant Tachiko was somewhere else, as whoever this is flung meringue with her fingers with a stabbing motion with every syllable. "Is this Yarvex Foam?"
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When she had heard about the occasion, Yue had spent what seemed like hours aggravating herself and going over what she should wear until the stress got too much of her. In the end, she decided on a black and pink ruffly Yamataian number, and she got a shower, made sure that she didn’t smell, and got a ride to the Takeda House location. She wasn’t aware that her mind seemed to be linked to one of her top favorite aunts as she made her way inside the restaurant.

Yue made her way to the balcony, where she discovered another aunt waiting. The sight of her caused her to smile as she walked to her side where she saw she appeared to be writing something that looked like lyrics. From what she had been able to see, she thought it seemed interesting. “That seems like it would be a neat song. Do you have a melody for it?” she asked her as she observed.
Kazumi's pale as milk skin wished it could only become more so as she arrived. Seeing Kaoru still sent a chill down her spine at times. More so now that she saw her sister's nose in a datapad. But it wasn't until the blue-skinned young woman confirmed a suspicion that had rapidly formed in her mind. 'Oh Chiharu above, NOT AGAIN.' she wanted to shriek but instead internalized it. Saying such a thing, with Chiharu involved had earned her more than one speech from her Ojisan. And more than one heated debate when she had only been as tall as his knee. Until finally she'd just stopped, seemingly moving on or rather becoming a respectfully distant observer of their traditions on the subject of reverence.

Rushing forward, the dress she wore, not as short as Kaoru's, but close showed a respectful amount of her legs. Shorter in the front with a long trail of lace fabric near the back, the periwinkle silk made a 'Whisk Whisk' sound as she surged ahead. There were no thin straps, but filmy lace along the chest, encircling her throat and showing just enough to promise what lay hidden. Her hand darted out, snatching the pad from her sister, her wariness of the older woman forgotten at the prospect of singing once again.

With a look of warning to her, Kazumi had begun to slowly but surely come out of her shell around her. The process was slow. She had become more assertive, Kaoru was the elder, but there were times where she stood her ground and this was one of them.

"Oh, onee-sama... again?" her baby sister said with a groan as she read the work in progress. She gave Yue a look, one of familiarity, a smile if however brief before dancing backward if Kaoru tried to take the pad from her. One hand clutched it in a vice grip, the other was typing. With so much of her skin visible, she could watch from many angles and be ready for a response. Heir, she might be, her superior as well. But off-duty, she held the advantage unless some unforeseen circumstance managed to muck it all up.
Hanako arrived with her yeoman. She was wearing an antique shimmering gold kimono that matched her eye color. When she got there she made sure to drift around and say hello to everyone. She saw a lot of familiar faces but she also felt a but out of place as many of them were from a younger generation. She thought of this place as classy but remembered the food as being a little too exotic for her tastes. While she had lived in the palace with Emperor Uesu, he was the type of man who liked a good burger as much as anything else. She wondered if he would be returning to Yamatai sometime soon, given his ships were still lingering at Yamatai after Glimmergold, and what sort of political chaos that might bring. She also was thinking a lot about her role as senator. Not really sure who to sit with, she was content to mingle for the time being.
Kaoru smiled as Yue approached, "I do have a melody for it, but more importantly one of the girls I need for it is right here," she gave a devilish smirk as she looked at Yue. "Guess what dear cousin, I want you to come to join Midnight Infinity. I need your voice and that sexy blue form on my stage." It appeared that Yue had walked right into a trap and she wasn't alone where the cage dropped, because there was poor Kazumi straight behind her. "Again and it is going to be a hit," she said as she transferred the song data to Kazumi.

"We need something to follow Frog Splatter, and we have some time before deployment again. We can do this or are we willing to say that Trouble Nekos are better than us?" she jousted playfully with her younger sister. Kaoru's eyes widened as she noticed Hanako on approach, the only brass she had expected was not Ketsurui Hanako. She straightened her posture in the chair quickly, "Welcome, Ketsurui-Taisho, it is good to see you. Can I get the waiter to get something for you to drink?" she asked, inwardly she was nervous, but she played it off well.


Katsuko arrived rather casually, fresh from her visit to the Senate. She wore the same kimono she had on for her official duties as she figured it to be suitable attire for the dinner with family and friends. She sent a quick mental note to Tachiko to let her know about her arrival and then headed upstairs to make her way to the balcony.

//"I'm here sweetheart, can you wrestle yourself from the kitchen long enough to come to give your mother a hug?"//

She walked up behind Kaoru, Kazumi, and their cousin, and tried to keep out of sight except for Hanako who she greeted suddenly, with the full intention of startling the young ones. "So glad you could make it Hanako! It was quite the day in there today, " she said in reference to the Senate Dome, then continued, "Make sure we get a chance to talk tonight, I would like to run one quick thing by you," she said, then placed her hands on Kazumi's shoulders. "Hello, girls.." she voiced in a soft tone, "I hope you've been behaving yourselves."
Emerging from the kitchen, Tachiko's lovely dress, somehow an identical match for Yue's, was a little limp with the steamy heat of the food preparation. She had just popped her head out from the back of the house when she received Katsuko's broadcast. Straightening up suddenly at the mental message, she sank back into the kitchen, from where the murmur of a muffled, animated conversation was barely audible. Re-emerging fully after a moment, Tachiko collected herself with a breath, put on all her poise, and ensured she's smiling politely as she made her way to the gathered guests.

She was about to approach her adopted mother for the requested hug, but noticed a certain gradient haircolor from across the room, with the face of her rescuer attached. Eyes wide in surprise, she scuttled on up to the group, and bowed deeply, "T-taisho-sama." She held it for a respectable length, before turning to Katsuko with a shallower, shorter bow that implied more familiarity. "Mother, the first course will be served, promptly. The maître d' will have the menu out right away." Tachiko scanned the group and its satellite stragglers, noting her sisters, and trying to determine who on the guest list had not yet arrived. She bowed once more, started to turn back to the kitchen, then realized she'd forgotten something. Arms open, she turned to Katsuko for that hug.
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Yue smiled when she was told that Kaoru did have a melody. She was about to ask if she could listen to the melody, but Kaoru continued to talk, telling her that, more importantly, that one of the girls she needed for it was right here. Her innocent eyes blinked in confusion before the speech continued and her mind processed what exactly she was saying. “My… you think I am sexy? I mean, I don’t have big boobs, and I don’t know if I am pretty enough. I mean, the other girls in the clan are pretty enough, but me? You really sure you want someone like me?’ she asked her in disbelief.

She heard Kasumi behind her, talking regarding the music, and she heard Koaru’s reply as she processed what she had been told, then she heard a voice she recognized as Katsuko’s, causing her to turn and look. Allowing her to see her aunt, and Hanako, “Hello Aunt Katsuko!” she replied. Though unaware of what Katsuko meant by behaving, she replied. “Kaoru thinks I have a sexy body and a good voice and she wants me to join Midnight Infinity. “ She replied, though it was still a shock to the young girl. She was unsure how to approach Hanako as a non-military individual, and a citizen, but she saw Tachiko appear and her outfit which seemed to be identical to her own. She thought that they must get their outfits from the same place, but she had heard that some woman might have issues with two people wearing the same outfit.
Freydis Inugami cut an impressive figure as she strode into the balcony, her impressive physique clad in a tailored black suit with a purple shirt. Her blue sapphire eyes hidden behind her KAIMON connected sunglasses. She approached Katsuko, before respectfully bowing. Using her Nekovalkyrja born telepathy, she messaged her master.

//'Katsuko-sama, final security preparations have been made. All snipers are in position, all the staff has been verified. All seems to be as it should. Although I know your answer would be the same, I'd prefer if you didn't stand in the balcony. But I will serve as always. Is there anything else you require? '//

As Freydis watched as the niece, Yue approach Katsuko-sama, she couldn't help but blink dumfoundedly at what she said. Such was her surprise, that she couldn't help but comment. "Yue-sama, with all you due respect, you are a seriously sexy cutie." To followup the comment, Freydis even grinned and flashed her a thumbs up.
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She had been a few minutes behind Katsuko, having stuck behind at their place to do a bit of side work she had taken on and look over some of the upcoming events and dates that Katsuko would have to take part in, in the coming future. She had to hide a yawn behind the sleeve of her kimono, designed with the clan symbol and the plum purple color splashed across a soft white background. Simple yet nice to look at, Eri gave nods to those she saw, though held back a little from interacting with the others or running Katsuko down. She knew she had been in the senate for a better part of the day and probably wanted some time to unwind a little, and as such she figured she would be close, yet not crowd her. Instead, as she headed inside and past the servers who she gave a bow of the head in acknowledgement, she spotted Hanako instead.

She had always thought they were at least on friendly terms with one another, though not overly familiar, and eventually she made her way over to the Ketsurui woman with a smile and followed it with a bow as she drew closer. Respectful of her position, even though she was retired, Eri still held respect for the family that Hanako called her own.

"Greetings Ketsurui-sama. Thank you for joining us today, it is nice to see you again. I hope your duties today weren't to tiring? I'm sure with all those different opinions in one place, it can be... taxing at times." She asked with a smile as she raised from her bow and clasped her hands in front of her lap.
Yaichiro entered shortly after Eri and heard the tail end of the conversation, though he was momentarily surprised to see Hanako there. The surprise was quickly replaced by a small but honest smile as he approached the group. It looked as though someone had narrowly managed to convince him not to come in uniform; the man instead sported a sky blue suit, a white undershirt, a darker blue tie, and brown dress shoes. Those who were particularly attentive might note that the man was likely carrying a sidearm in a concealed holster, though he made no move to draw it as he approached the group. It seemed that going unarmed was one concession he would not make even in a setting like this.

" sounds like you haven't been 'behaving' as your mother hoped. Might I ask that you take more care with your band recruitment efforts when among high society? You don't want to give anyone the wrong idea~" The gentle criticism wasn't biting as much as carrying a tinge of amusement. He had his suspicions that Kaoru was upset that Trouble Nekos played during her mother's declaration of candidacy and that this recruitment was her reaction. Not that Kaoru wouldn't mix business and pleasure. "Otherwise, I might have to rehabilitate your image with very public fatherly headpats." As if to demonstrate Kaoru's own future, one of Yaichiro's hands gently greeted the top of Kazumi's head in such a manner. He was careful not to muss her hair but still greeted his younger daughter in the manner her inner child preferred...a manner which she had never truly grown out of, even if she tried to appear otherwise at times.

He then regarded Katsuko and Hanako for a brief moment before giving them a bow. "Katsuko. Taisho. I didn't expect to see you both today. I'm glad all our schedules managed to mesh for this to happen." Some might have thought him to be calling Katsuko by her old rank, but the 'Taisho' title was instead being used for Hanako as if it were a name...a leftover quirk from his time serving under her on the YSS Sakura, though he called her 'Taisa' back then. It was also clear that he was still unsure how to act at these venues and tended to default to a higher level of formality than strictly required at first...except in regards to the children of course.

The man really didn't know what to do with himself unless he was in uniform.
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Kazumi's fingertips had run roughshod over the datapad's keys as Kaoru spoke. A momentary blink later and the lyrics had flashed across her mind. Opening her mouth to respond, her teeth clicked as it shut as she heard the name. As her eyebrows slowly began to rise, two soft hands came to rest on her shoulders. She felt warmth there, but a chill ran down her spine that held her there as sure as anything else could contend with her body's make and model. At the question, no, the warning caused her arms to prickle.

The young woman would've rather been listening to a lecture from her uncle, Taro when he was on a roll than this fresh hell. Her hand twinged, and she caught herself before cracking the datapad between her fingertips.

Then something truly magical happened. A bright spot on whatever she had gotten herself into. Her father had come. And hearing him speak to her sister, and then a hand hovered over her head which she followed by tipping her head back. Her mother's looming face obscured momentarily as that hand closed in for the kill. And just like that, her worries eased if only for the moment as she felt pleased with herself. The look Kazumi gave to Kaoru then was clear: 'She was okay with this.' even if Katsuko may rain fire and brimstone down on her or she perceived it as such if it came to it, she'd gotten this. And it was a fair compromise.
The light Nepleslian Jazz that had been piped softly into the restaurant stops momentarily, and a trio of gentle, bell-like tones beckon the gathered group's attention. Immediately thereafter, the Maître d'Hôtel emerges from the back of the house, her Iromuji kimono impeccable and a lovely, soft, washed-out plum that is reminiscent of the Motoyoshi colors. With the practiced grace of one who serves the highest echelons, she bows, holding a leather folio containing the rag-paper-printed menus in front of her thighs.

"Good evening, honored guests of Takeda-tei," she uses the Yamataigo name for the restaurant rather than Trade. "Tonight's menu," she begins circling the tables, laying menus in front of each guest in order of precedence, starting with Katsuko and Hanako, "was a collaboration between our Chef Patron and the Shachō, developed especially for the occasion."

  • Hors d'œuvre: Andouille Chaoshou with Tarragon Black Vinegar
  • Soup: Oxtail Soup
  • Entrée: Oyster Mushrooms in Five Spice Demi-glace, Century Egg
  • Fish: Swordfish Steak, ginger-dill pesto
  • Main Course: Roast Suckling Pig, Sichuan Pepper Asparagus
  • Cheese: Crab Soufflé
  • Dessert: Lychee Sorbet with Honey, White Balsamic Reduction, Crème fraîche
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Hanako politely greeted Yue and Tachiko but she was really happy to see Katsuko's familiar face. "Of course, Katsuko," Hanako nodded. "I wonder if you've been thinking about the same things I have been thinking about."

Hanako got a big smile when Yaichiro came over, his face bringing back warm memories and dangerous adventures from her days on gunships. He was one of the only people she had seriously considered getting into a relationship other than Sune, who she had lost touch with after he went to join the Scientific Studies Service. She gave him a bow and then leaned in and kissed him on the cheek to show him her love. "You may be surprised how pleased I am to see you again," she said quietly into his ear.
Katsuko seemed a little out of sorts, the day at the Senate was still weighing heavily on her. While contentment glistened within her steel eyes she pondered various outcomes of things she predicted. She gave a smile of appreciation as Tachiko announced the coming preparations. For a moment she thought that maybe her excited daughter had forgotten, but she hugged back tightly. It was unusual for Katsuko to be as loving to her children in public and it would have been rather obvious to the whole family that she was not exactly her usual self. "Thank you, " she replied, then her attention was caught by Yue's greeting and obvious excitement about being invited to join Kaoru's group - she laughed and said to Yue, "Well, she's right. We have to stick together. I'm sure you're exactly what she's looking for..." she said as her eyes settled upon Kaoru. Months of campaigning, of speeches and appearances these ones, were still the most difficult to navigate sometimes.

Eri and Yaichiro's arrival didn't bring the comfort she had intended on. It was more of a plea inside of herself to decompress and relax. While Eri had traveled with her, Yaichio as expected had remained within the 1XF. She couldn't tell anymore if Yaichiro's awkwardness was just his natural reaction or if he legitimately felt as out of place as he acted. It dawned on her that this meal might be a little intimidating for him, after all, Hanako was there. If Katsuko had been a jealous woman, she would of undoubtedly would have had a reaction to the thoughts that crossed her mind in an unsavory fashion; rather she was more worried about her fiancee's comfort of all - he still had his freedom, they all did and that wouldn't change. Hanako was cute enough anyway, it is not like she would have refused a playful engagement with that kitten. Her greeting to both Eri and Yaichiro was telepathic, //"Thank you loves for coming..."// she addressed them separately from the rest. "I hope the timing was not too sudden, " she apologized verbally to them both for the rather unexpected call together.

When the menu was presented it helped lift Kastsuko's spirits, the presence of swordfish on the many certainly fit her love for seafood. She examined the rest of the menu and placed the menu front side down in front of herself, "I think it will be delicious," she said happily, even more, excited by the fact it was obvious Tachiko had been one of the ones preparing their feast. "We probably are thinking the same things, it was an interesting day at the Senate. Hopefully, future ones will be a little more interactive from a place of actually having a voice, " she said, still mentally focused on the fact she had risked a bit of a mark in the name of calling out what she determined to be a process indicating a much bigger agenda.

Taro notified Katsuko that he was going to be late for the dinner, which she then forwarded to Tachiko so a portion could be set aside of courses he missed.


Kaoru looked shocked when her father called her out, there was a reason why he was so intelligent - obviously, her mother had enjoyed that quality about him. For it was a momentary problem, being so perfectly judged for her actions. "I understand father, sorry..." she said quietly, she nearly choked as such things were so contrary to her internal thoughts. "I suppose I could always just tell you I was out for the head pats, " she fired back with as little strength as was required. With all three of her parents present, she felt a little suffocated.
Yue was all blushing with shyness as Katsuko spoke to her, as well as what Freydis had to say too. She didnt think she was that sexy but there was someone who had, two someones. She then looked at Kaoru, who was getting distracted by her dad. This gave her time to think about the offer that her cousin had posed to her. At the end of the day, she was a people pleaser. She liked making people happy, which was partly why she was working on her little project. She also remembered that her cousin was still in the military thus, she‘d likely be on duty. More and more, as time passed, the young Minkan found herself desiring to do it, to join Koaru and be a member of the band.

She turned to Koaru and watched her interactions, and she proceeded to walk over to her, and gently grab hold of her hand” Koaru, Hey cousin, I’d like to talk to you elsewhere if you’d like?” She asked since the place was getting crowded and soon there will be conversation so she wanted to tell her cousin her thoughts without shouting. She then turned to those Koaru was talking to and bowed. “Greetings sir, forgive me for interrupting, please. I’m Yue, Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue, a new member of the clan. “ She greeted, hoping that she’d be forgiven.
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Yaichiro was slightly surprised by the kiss and the whisper, but decorum wouldn't let the close aspect of the public encounter continue long enough for a physical or verbal response. A warm, telepathic //"it's wonderful to see you too, Taisho"// was the reply. Any hesitation on his part wasn't because Katsuko was present...knowing her, Katsuko would be alright with whatever Hanako may or may not have had in mind. Rather, it was that Hanako was hard to read the intentions of...and a bit of a tease at times. He did notice that she seemed to have gotten better about people from her past striding back into her life though. It was a far cry from when Midori had been rescued from the Mishhu all those years ago. //"I suspect I would be surprised. The kiss was certainly unexpected, though not unwelcome."//

The officer sent a telepathic response to Katsuko. //"Thanks for having us. I'm sorry for the initial rigidity. Socializing in the public eye without falling back on military structure is something I still struggle with."// This was an understatement. Where various members of the Motoyoshi were able to interact naturally with others, Yaichiro was too mindful of the weight of his interactions. The military at least had clear-cut rules on how one was to act in such cases. Civilian life? Clan business? Political interactions? These used different rulesets entirely that he had never been taught before finding himself among a clan's hierarchy.

Perhaps his failing at that silly old dream of becoming a Ketsurui was a good thing.

Yaichiro had gotten better at interacting with the children, though. A hand went up and petted Kaoru's hair, though careful not to muss up her hairstyle. "Oh? Our rough-and-tumble musicians both want to be known for receiving fatherly headpats? Far be it from me to neglect that~" Thankfully for the now-purplette musician, his doubling-down on Kaoru's bluff was interrupted by Yue. "Ah, it's nice to meet you, Yue. I'm Kage Yaichiro, Kaoru and Kazumi's father. Please treat my daughters well." He gave a bow as well, albeit a slightly more shallow one to indicate their mutual social and military standings, and removed his hand from his middle daughter's head so she might tend to her cousin's request to speak.

Even if Kasumi was adopted, not present at this gathering, and not considered a Motoyoshi; he still counted her as his eldest.
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Eventually Hanako took a seat at the table with Katsuko. "So, what did you have on your mind?" she asked.
Noting that the menus were being delivered and people were beginning to sit down, Freydis elected to stand next to a nearby wall. Far enough to be respectful, but close enough for her to do her duty.

'Now comes the boring part. I'll never understand how Hitomi-senpai could handle all this boredom.' she thought, while surveying the premises. 'It was probably the booze. The booze helped.'
Kazumi had been thankful to be free from her mother's grasp. While she enjoyed the tender embraces they afforded one another, being under the woman's gaze when mischief was afoot had always been another story. Yet her gratitude had been shortlived as one of the Royals of the Imperial Clan kissed her father's cheek. One of her furred ears twitched visibly at the display and a hushed whisper of Hanako's pleasure at seeing her father again. The girl tucked her chin in, coming close to bridling at the display before he seemed to change tack and move his attention to her sister.

A pleased expression replaced the quickly souring downturn as he showed her senior attention before shifting it to the blue-skinned Minkan. as he introduced himself to the girl. She may be older than Kazumi, but the Neko simply felt the senior. Perhaps due to her hierarchical status or for whatever other reason she mused while seating herself.

Distracting herself from those around her, Kazumi looked to the menu arrayed before her. While growing into her own, Kazumi had often sampled the little delicacies Tachiko had concocted. Her favorites had been the sugary delights the older woman seemed to make appear as if by magic. And as her eyes scanned what would be served, her heliotrope gaze positively sparkled as it landed on the word 'swordfish'. With a small grin, the young woman squirmed a little in her seat and smoothed her filmy skirt.

Everything looked to be delicious albeit some of it Kazumi had to piece together with queries to PANTHEON. Some she knew of, others were a complete mystery. And the all-powerful system dutifully delivered explanations and flavor profiles to her. It wasn't the same as tasting, but it was certainly a worthwhile primer for what was to come.

'Tachi~' Kazumi's telepathic 'voice' directed toward her adoptive sister. Pleasure laced the use of the name, 'When we have time perhaps you could teach your little sister how to make such wonderful food?'