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Episode 3 (Companion Story) - Home


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YSS Wakaba - Bridge
The Sharie-class ship just passed the Mitsuya star system as it was coursing for its destination. The bridge was lively, people were wandering around like busy bees in their nest serving their queen at best as they possibly could. In the middle was a woman sitting in a chair, a bit relaxed and hanging back with her jacket open and her fingers tapping the side of her chair. The light of the bridge reflected slightly over the blue short hair of the Yamatai woman as her brown eyes looked at the screen seeing the stars passing by. Her uniform showed the rank of Chusa that is seen mostly by First Officers, however, this woman was the Captain and was very acknowledge for it as no one dared to interrupt her.

“Chusa Motoyoshi” A humble bowing Nitô Heisho spoke as she noticed that she drew the attention of her Captain “We are arriving at the Jiyuu system in less than 15 minutes as requested. The crew stands standby for any kind of situation per your orders”

Nodding briefly at the woman as the ship's operator nods slightly and walks back to her station. Kazue eyes focused back to the screen and narrowed her eyes a bit. She didn’t understand clearly why her sister Katsuko had recalled her to join her. And of all places it was the Jiyuu system, ah old grieving memories were laying there in the dust. Kazue was rather calm and had ordered her crew to expect anything at the system.

Sitting up in her chair, she took a deep breath and cracks her neck a bit. She puts her jacket correctly as she closes it and puts her officer cap on. Katsuko better has a good reason to pull her away from the Samurai Sector or she will be pissed. With that in mind, Kazue sighs, knowing that she couldn’t stay angry at her elder sister. But in the back of her mind, she knew that Katsuko would never recall her back if it was not important.

The YSS Wakaba jumps back into normal space and into the Jiyuu system as Kazue stands slowly stands up and looked at the screen. The sight was beautiful, something she never thought of seeing again “Home…”
Episode 3 (Companion Story) - Home
Part 1: Purple and Blue

The Jiyuu System was a fury of activity, it had become one of the Empire's busy urban systems as goods were pushed from the resource-rich worlds in the Outer Colonies of Yamatai back towards the Core. The streak of turbo aether plasma trails blazed across open space as ships arrived and departed Gemini Star Fortress, the busy Zodiac-Class Star Fortress and the Headquarters of the First Expeditionary Fleet.

"Gemini Actual to YSS Wakaba, you are clear for docking. Please prepare for P-ANTIES take over of piloting controls, you are cleared on Sakura Arm, Dock 3-33." the cheerful, professional voice of Nito-Hei Ellie Vixx came over the communications channel as the Star Fortress coordinated with the PANTHEON system onboard the YSS Wakaba.

"Motoyoshi-Chusa, I have a message for you. Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Taisho wishes you to proceed to meet her at the Atarashi site of the Fuji Hotel. I have arranged a shuttle in Bay 5 for you and Motoyoshi-Kotoku Chujo to travel together. She is waiting for you in the Takeda House Restaraunt in Sakura Arm." the anthro communications specialist relayed to the Captain.

The AI of Gemini would take over the controls of the ship to guide it in for docking. As the YSS Wakaba would make the approach to the Star Fortress, the view of the massive YSS Tokyo, docked on the Tokyo Arm of the Star Fortress would come into view. The recently finished Izanagi-Class Dreadnought and Flagship of the fleet were in loading mode, there was a line up of cargo ships waiting to make their deliveries and shuttles zipped in and out of its bays as it was being loaded and brought into active operation under the orders of Motoyoshi-Yamada Chujo and Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Taisho.

  • Takeda House
  • Sakura Arm, Gemini Star Fortress

Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui sat in the newly opened Takeda House Restaraunt, she had a datapad in her hands with the menu on it. The place was luxurious, far more than what you would expect to find in a Star Fortress. She had no idea who Kazue was, for the most part, she had remained at Motoyoshi-jo, the family's castle on Yamatai until Katsuko had pleaded with her to re-activate her commission and join the First Expeditionary Fleet's efforts in the Kuvexian War. The xenophobic Admiral couldn't turn down the chance to lay waste to some more squids, be it Mishhu or Kuvexian it didn't matter much to her - they all looked the same smeared across the deck plating.

"I will have the table d'hôte, and so will the person I am meeting when they arrive. Might as well go big, Katsuko's paying," she said to the waiter. Hopefully Kazue, this younger Motoyoshi would not take her time in getting there. The Chujo glanced towards the door, then let out a sigh as she swiped away the message from Ellie Vixx about the YSS Wakaba's arrival.
The place was crowded with people, people that were either busy with their job or trying to look busy. Kazue had her hands behind her back as she made her way towards the Takeda House. She kept herself mostly out of family business, but again the message that Ketsuko had sent to her kept as a mental note in her head. Kazue didn't keep track of all personnel in the fleet, retired or active service, however she was going blind with this person and had no real idea what to expect. Her escorts were at her side, unable to tell anything useful about this Admiral as she gave a glance outside seeing the Tokyo and then entered the restaurant.

Entering the room, she waved to the escorts with a smooth move "Stay..." The two women took a spot at the side and stood at attention. Kazue walked towards the Admiral with a calm pace and came to a halt at the table, unable to recognize the given person in front of her in line of her family clan, she gave a soft nod to her "Motoyoshi-Kotoku Chujo, its a pleasure to meet you" She stated, "Chusa Motoyoshi Kazue, Captain of the YSS Wakaba" She gave a formal introduction and waits for the admiral to give her permission to sit down.
Sui stood up from the table, the Star Army Chujo looked the young Neko over and smiled appreciatively and spoke, "Well, you're here. It is a pleasure to meet you as well. Please sit. I ordered for you..I hope you don't mind." The Chujo leaned slightly to the right and looked down Kazue's form, "Oh thank heavens, you got feet. Seen someone earlier that had snake parts down there. I about..." she paused and forced a smile as she sat back down. "Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui and I guess now Chujo of the First Expeditionary Fleet." she introduced herself.

So much had changed in the Star Army, Sui didn't know how this was going to work - her old Nekoist views mixing in what was now a melting pot of fuzzy bears and people with snake parts. Taro's joke on the shuttle ride from Yamatai about the Lorath had near pushed her over the edge, the asshole had triggered her once again and just the thought of it made her want to wring his neck. "So you were deployed in the Samurai Sector?" Sui asked the waiter brought out their first course of Oysters with Sichuan Pepper Sorbet, and set it down in front of them. Sui didn't appreciate seafood as much as Katsuko did, but she'd eat it - for her, the experience of Takeda House was more Katsuko footing the bill, it was the least her dear sister could do after making her reactivate her commission.
Looking down at her own feet and then up "Why would I not have feet.....ohhh" She whispers to herself a bit and nods to that "Pleasure to meet you" Kazue then realizes that she said it twice and shrugs a bit. Taking a seat down as she makes her a bit more relaxed and took calmly a deep breath. How was she going to interact with a veteran like her, why was she even invited to be at this table, what is her sister planning now for her? So many questions rushed through her head as she heard the Chujo speak.

"Mmm I am still deployed at Samurai Sector, I was recalled here for a meeting of importance. I will be going back to the frontline as soon as the meeting is over, we are fighting a daily battle over there" Kazue spoke lightly about the topic, but knew that she rather be there right now then sitting at a table eating...."Oh seafood, I love that" She smiled as the waiter placed the plates on the table and bows to them. Taking an oyster, she started to eat "The Kuvexian War is a day to day situation for all Yamatai ships and I would rather die than let the Samurai Sector fall to those creatures" Kazue said with passion.
Sui could not help but chuckle as she ate one of the oysters with a little of the spicy sorbet. "You think you're going back there?" she questioned and shook her head slowly back and forth. "I guess I will be the first to tell you. Katsuko's back, and by back I don't mean just existing. She's managed to rekindle that fire inside of herself and we're about to jump into the fire of this war," Sui broke the news as forcefully not-gentle as she possibly could. It was her nature after all. "You're going to be reassigned, and from what I hear you're getting an assignment that suits you."

The Chujo was thankful she had updated herself on the plans for this younger Motoyoshi officer before they met. "The Kuvexians are nothing more than the next brand of squid, either way, they should know better than to mess with us," she said as she ate another oyster. The waiter brought out the second course, the Egg Drop Soup with Spider Crab "Effiloché". Sui's attention from the conversation strayed just briefly enough for her to say, "Thank you," to the waiter.

Sui was always the one to take the lead, as far as she was concerned she was saving Katsuko steps when it came to her massive amount of work. The Admiral took the first spoonful of soup and then reached for the bottle of Umeshu, the label - YE 42 1st Vintage: Yuuki1)-42: Motoyoshi Private Label Unmeshu, Ainu Orchards Jiyuu III (Jiyuu). She was about to open it, but the waiter took over, she was about to scold him but she restrained and reminded herself it was his job to serve them. He popped the cork and poured a little in her glass, she took a sip and then nodded and allowed him to pour for both her and Kazue.
Yet the interaction with the waiter shot her by, she was being reassigned to another position. Did she fail the Yamatai Empire already, no that’s impossible she gave it her all. All that time she did exactly everything that the empire asked of her, everything that her clan asked of her. But it was not enough? She slightly shrugs as the second dish arrived at the table, the aroma was delightful and lovely that Kazue took a sip.

Yet her mind was elsewhere “I...I’ve not yet heard of this enlightenment of Katsuko or any reassignments. But...”She had a hard time to keep it together, yet she succeeded “but if I failed the Motoyoshi Clan in any form I will apologize to her personally” Kazue felt conflicted, conflicted that she didn’t hear this from Katsuko herself.
Sui let the lower-ranked officer sweat a bit in her own self-loathing, then smiled and said, "Oh, come on. You make me have to ruin the surprise... You're not being reassigned because you failed. You're being promoted Kazue. You're getting your own Task Force in the fleet, I signed the requisition myself." Sui said the Chujo had a plate full of paperwork waiting on PANTHEON. The black-haired and green-eyed Neko Admiral knew what it was like to feel unworthy, it was why she had left the Star Army when the clan fell apart.

She ate her soup quickly, they were expected in Tokyo but she wanted the chance to ding Katsuko for the entire tab before they did. The waiter watched closely and was very attentive, he brought out the next course of White Mushrooms with a Foam of Sorrel, Smoked Tofu "Foie Gras" and set it down in front of the two officers.

"I wouldn't take a failure to eat a place like this, even with Katsuko's money!" she said in support of the reinforcement she had just given Kazue.
This was a rollercoaster ride of emotions that Kazue kept strongly to herself. Yet her mind went from the scenery where she begged for forgiveness to the words promotion and task force “What, how... Why ... what?” Were the only words getting out of her as she looked confused at the Admiral sitting before her.

Looking down at the next dis, Kazue nodded to the waiter “Thank you” she replied politely and started slowly to eat as She nods to the Admiral “While... that makes sense, I knowAdmirals that use scenery such as these to crush dreams and hopes of those that failed” Kazue had read reports about it.

“But... my own Task Force? Am I not yet to inexperienced to be given such control?”Was this the grand scheme Katsuko was planning all along for her? Yet it was Kazue that didn’t understand clearly yet.
By the time they were finished Sui was quite satisfied, they had racked up a nice bill for Katsuko and everything had been settled when the last of the dishes had been taken away. The Chujo stood up from the table, she had spent some time to get to know Kazue now. "You know, you shouldn't worry about if you think you're ready or not. If Katsuko thinks you're ready, then you are ready. It is time that this Clan was able to walk with our heads held high, we've come back from things that would have destroyed other families." The veteran commander deployed the best explanation for the plans that were about to unfold. "We should get to Tokyo, we have an important meeting to attend and the future waits for none of us." She led the way, and it would not be long before they were on the shuttle and Tokyo in their sights.

The conversation, of course, could continue as they were in transit.
Leaving the bill behind for her sister made her feel guilty and knowing Katsuko, she would give her a mouth full for it 'I will repay some of it sis...' She thought as followed the Chujo out of the restaurant listening to everything she said to her and simply nodded waving her own officers to follow them on distances "I've done nothing else then keeping my head held high ma'am" She reacted and placed her hands on her back "But I do wonder, why were you checking if I had feet? Do you have something against other races that are part of the Yamatai Empire?" Kazue had no idea if she was stepping on a mine or a minefield "Just curious..."

They continued their path towards the shuttle to would eventually get them towards Tokyo where indeed Kazue life was about the chance for good...
Sui chuckled as Kazue mentioned her checking her feet. This was a time for one of those well placed white lies, the kind that kept the wrinkles out of the uniform and the rank on the registry. "I'm a relic, I've spent the last few years on Yamatai, at Motoyoshi-jo and as far from everything as I could get. When I resigned from my commission there were not many aliens in the Star Army. It merely shocked me to see a snake body on someone." She didn't like lying, it made her feel bad but the truth was too harsh to debate, and she knew full well it made her antiquated. Where she was going to be assigned she didn't have to worry about it, not that she could talk about Nemesis Bastion or anything about its existence let alone the composition of the base's population.

Once they were on the shuttle and on route to Tokyo, Sui looked at Kazue and asked, "Have you been to Jiyuu before?" she was curious, outside of when the planet was first discovered she had never been there. She had dismissed the place as dead when the United Outer Colonies were formed and it still surprised her that the end of that situation ended with anything short of Katsuko burning it to the ground. She adjusted her posture in the shuttle seat, already she was uncomfortable with all this sitting.
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It was a sense, motion or just a plain old expression on Sui face that made Kazue doubt that answer, but if the woman didn't want to talk about the issues of old, then she wouldn't be the one to dig it up. She looked in front of her and simply nodded to the answer "You seem....young for a relic" Kazue finally said to give as a compliment of sorts "But yes, the Yamatai Empire has grown in size in variations in many different species that look up to our ways of life. But we are supreme being to them and therefore we have a certain duty to guide them and protect those below us" It was no secret that Kazue saw other species as weaker beings that required the strong will and power of the Yamatai Empire to guide them and make their life easier within the empire.

They entered the shuttle as her crew took a position with the rest of the shuttle crew, Kazue simply followed Sui into the shuttle and took a seat as she heard the question. It was a curious question, but a fair one "Not...quite, I have seen it from space on certain moments. But never been really here, though maybe I should have been here on those moments" Kazue admits in a way feeling the shuttle getting ready to launch as her eyes diverted to outside "How about you?"
Sui replied, "I was part of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet when we mapped and began colonizing these systems. When Katsuko was betrayed I got stuck here for a short time while Yamatai and the traitors tried to sort out what belonged to who. I was nearly killed for my unwillingness to follow the Tange Agenda," she looked out the shuttle window and thought about what else she should say. "Those of us who didn't want to join barely escaped with our lives. The history books tell you a story of peaceful understanding, even a little intensity between Yamatai and the United Outer Colonies. The truth is those Tange bastards were willing to spill blood to make it look like the entire clan turned on Katsuko. Their selfish agenda might not have worked but we're all paying the price for their stupidity." The Chujo was not one of the quiet ones, not just someone who kept quiet about it all.

"I retired, I left the Star Army because after hearing the Senate's reaction to Katsuko trying to stop the bloody Lorath from undermining us, I found myself in a situation where if I spoke my mind, I would have been demoted and shoved somewhere to be forgotten. Not to mention, Misato had her hand up Katsuko's ass like a master puppeteer," she said, eyes still on the surface as they blazed through the upper atmosphere. "I hate this place, its a curse on us. I trust my sister though, and I believe that things can change. It just is not going to be easy, no matter what as long as Kiyoko and her terrorist comrades are out there conspiring with the Mishhu and Kuvexians, the higher the chance of everything going up in flames," the world according to Sui, every pang of emotion flowed with her voice too.
Hearing the whole story, made Kazue think it all over, she was not part of the betrayal in person...but she refused on the Lantern operation to do something that had all intentions to hurt her clan. She leans back in her chair and lets her head lean against the side to look outside as the shuttle was descending. For a second she lets the information sink in, in a way Kazue began to wonder if this was all planned by Katsuko. She had a rather eventless life in terms of what her sisters had been through, feeing the shuttle shake a bit as Kazue eyes looked at Sui.

"So basically, Katsuko kept me out of harm's way to send me into the frontlines..." Kazue was no fool, she knew that Katsuko had some kind of hand in the assignments that got shoved down her throat. But hearing the history lesson, she was certain about it that her big sister had a hand in it all "And now we are back here to reignite our clan flame" She looked outside again and saw the city as Kazue bolds her hand. There was in her mind also another twisted theory that she kept to herself, what if Katsuko was just using her to be in the right place to do the bidding of the Motoyoshi clan? It's crazy talk, but ...not impossible. Taking a deep breath she looked back at Sui "I believe we are landing soon"