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Episode 3: Forty-Two


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Resolutions of The Ghost-Episode 3: Forty-Two

Continued from: Resolutions of the Ghost - Episode 2: The Evening Orchid's War

There is a bit of time between Episode 2 and 3, due to my absence but hopefully my post catches us up.

Part 1: Catching up
Part 1: Catching up, Session 1
Part 1: Catching up, Session 2
Part 1: Catching up, Session 3
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Part 2: The Meeting - I Run This Show

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Jiyuu Sunsets

GM Cinematics:

Part 1: Catching Up

  • Jiyuu-jo

Months had passed since the recovery of Tio and Aidan. The reports of Tange activity in the Colonies had tapered off as it was likely that Misato and Kiyoko had recalled them to whatever base of operations they had established, rumored to be centered in the region to the galactic south of the colonies. The decline in activity had made time to focus on the rebuilding efforts of the First Expeditionary Fleet, including the completion of the fleet's massive Izanagi-Class Dreadnought, which was soon to be launched to take leadership of what was hopefully soon to be a restored fleet for the use of Yamatai.

SAINT's operatives had been busy tracking the actions of Kiyoko and were fairly certain now that her intent was to sell the Akuro III to the Kuvexians during the early part of YE 42. In preparation for the mission to come, to bring the tyranny of Kiyoko and the Tange to an end forever, Katsuko had called upon Motoyoshi Eri to return and had the Shosho transferred from the Seventh Fleet to the First Expeditionary Fleet.

Decorations had just begun to come down in the courtyard from the Year-End celebrations that brought a sense of belonging back to Jiyuu-jo. It was finally becoming the home that Katsuko had always wished it would become.

Katsuko walked slowly around the courtyard with Tio, “He seems to be adjusting well, I still think we need to consider the offer to send him off-world.” Katsuko said as she walked beside the son who she had near disowned. “Mother, If it is alright, I would like to keep him with me. He barely knows me as it is, I don't want him to grow up like that,” Tio said as he let her lead the way. He didn't see her during her decline, she was as he always remembered with an unmatched iron resolve, he couldn't imagine her as anything else even though he had been told of how the years of silence had gone for her. Katsuko said thoughtfully, “For now, but if conditions change here we will have to consider something else...” The Taisho stopped to look out towards the channel and the busy flood of sailing yachts and vessels that swarmed around the island. Tio nodded and didn't say anything more, he was not in a position to argue with her especially when it came to his son. He was lucky to stand there, she could have tossed him in a cell and threw away the key.

“Ma'am. Motoyoshi-Taisho” Ayano interrupted as she took the last quick strides from the castle. “I have called Eri to meet you in your office as you requested. She should be along shortly,” she said as she gave a quick bow and gave her usual cold dismissive glance towards Tio.

Katsuko nodded in affirmation, “Thank you. I will head inside then to meet with her.” She was excited to get the chance to spend some time with Eri now that she had returned to her side.
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She had to admit, she was a little nervous. The sensation never showed in the almost skipped steps the Neko took, the way her arms swung back and forth or her hips kicked side to side like some child that played in the yard, but Eri was nervous. It had been some time since she had seen Katsuko and frankly it made her stomach do flips on itself, determined to tie itself in a knot. Katsuko had been her best friend for some time and when everything had gone sideways, well she lost a bit of herself then, but now she had a chance to see her friend again and she was worried Katsuko wouldn't be the same. She wasn't sure she was the same after all...

Her feet scuffed with each step through the halls of the castle as she took in just how the place had begun to come to life yet again with the celebration decorations being put out and she couldn't help but smile. It was like the Motoyoshi were coming to life again and it warmed the diminutive Neko to her core. Her eyes continued to roam the surrounding area she found herself in, through the court yard a mere few minutes after Katsuko had passed through before she found herself outside the doors to her office. She took a few quick breaths to calm herself a touch before she knocked to announce her entrance. She gave it another moment before she opened the door and entered.

"Greetings Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi, Shôshô Motoyoshi Eri reporting as requested." The woman had to act professional, even though ever fiber in her demanded she run up and throw her arms around her adoptive sister in a hug. She had missed Katsuko so much in her time with the Seventh fleet and was overjoyed to be home under her command.
Part 1: Catching Up, Session 1
Authors: Andrew and Sageshooter

"Excuse me." Katsuko gave a short nod to both Ayano and Tio, she could catch up with both of them later. She didn't expect Eri would find her before going to her office, it was a pleasant surprise though. Katsuko decided to start things off immediately by ruining the Shôshô's good attempt at being professional and by the book after all this was their family's home first. Katsuko smiled warmly and hugged her arms around Eri's frame. "Come on, I just have to grab some things out of my office. Ayano will cover your duty shift on Gemini you're with me for the rest of today. You've been home for months and we've barely had a chance to catch up." Katsuko led the way back into the castle and towards her office.

Eri's heart seized for a moment as she was hugged, so happy to feel the warmth of Katsuko around her that she snuggled her head into the taller woman's chest for a split second before she realized what she had done. A quick decision had the smaller of the two lift Katsuko into the air to maybe pull the attention away from the action before she set her down so they could head to the office. "Chiharu it's nice to have some pull again and now have to kiss up just to get some off time," Eri admitted with a chuckle and followed after Katsuko.

Katsuko chuckled, "Off time? What is that? Any more of this and I am going to start seeing blueprints and reports in my sleep." She nodded to the Nekos that were posted outside the doors of her office and motioned for Eri to follow her in. "Kaoru and Blues get shore-leave and I get a Flagship that is almost two months late in being launched and the nightmare of trying to get the next batch of ships ordered before the army of workers that have been devoted to that project find themselves back on Jiyuu without another contract," she shared her recent doings with Eri, longing for that friendship they once had to be rekindled. "Did you hear, they found an enlisted soldier that survived Taiie?" she questioned as she searched through the pile of datapads on her desk.

Eri chuckled as she knew that madness of the responsibility they held as her being a Taisho, and her own position as a Shôshô. She could only nod and sigh, "I've apparently started sending requests for personnel acquisitions in my sleep lately. That and supplies, the logistics department found it amusing at first when I requested ten tons of ice cream for a single gunship, but after the fifth time I did so in the middle of the night they have started to get annoyed..." Eri smiled and leaned against the desk with her hip and crossed her arms. "Tachiko was her name I think... Right? I saw the reports, what of her?"

"Yeah, I have been in contacted with her," Katsuko said as she continued to search through the things on her desk. "I have asked her here. I think that if anyone deserves to be here, to have a hand in this, it should be someone who risked their life for Taiie," she added. Eri's complaints about the amount of workload they had both carried for the past few months struck her. She set the pile of datapads down on the desk. She reached for her communicator and activated it, "Katsuko to Ayano, cancel the rest of my schedule for the next three days. I'll be in Tokyo." She knew anything urgent could be done remotely. "Change of plans, have one of your enlisted pack you a bag and have it transferred from Gemini to the Imperial Suite at the Fuji Hotel, It is time I took the owner up on his offer," she abandoned most of what she had been searching for, she could leave some business for a few days. The Fuji Hotel had been the hotspot for SAINT's intel gathering on the Tange, during the time of their use of the building, Katsuko had made good contact with the owner who had promised her the use of the Hotel's acclaimed Imperial Suite anytime she wanted it.
Part 1: Catching Up, Session 2
Authors: Andrew and Sageshooter

"Oh?" Eri grinned a little at the impromptu short vacation but nodded her appreciation none the less. She turned aside and opened up a call screen to one of her crew members. "Fujiwara, dear, I need a favor. Pack a weekend bag for me and send it to the Fuji Hotel, Imperial Suite. Tell Ayasaka that I will be taking a few days off like she has suggested time and time recently, so anything that isn't of absolute importance, please handle. Otherwise, forward it to me." Eri closed the channel as the girl gave a salute and Ash smiled to look over at Katsuko. "Done and done Kat-San. It should be there in a few hours, so we can leave whenever you're ready." Eri offered up with a smile as she clasped her hands behind herself.

Katsuko had the rest of her orders forwarded through PANTHEON, including a reminder for Ayano to meet Tachiko on arrival. “Well we're not wearing unforms so you can borrow something from my closet, and I think we will pass on the shuttle to the mainland. I will have the staff ready one of the boats,” she said, it was time to step away from the usual and enjoy a bit of her wealth. She sent the appropriate messages and then motioned for Eri to follow her towards her chambers, “Anyway, as I was saying, I thought it would be appropriate to bring the recovered soldier here. I have her bringing with her the information from the genetic survey of Taiie that was recovered with her,” she said, the mention of their former home was still a sensitive subject after all these years. She felt responsible for the Neko's situation, out of anyone she was certain Eri would understand.

"Genetic survey?" Eri asked, her interest peaked now as her ears twitched. "She got a genetic survey of Taiie? So we can... We can bring them back hopefully?" Eri bit her thumbnail as she followed, her eyes scanned the area ahead of her left and right as she thought on just what this all meant. "What did she get the survey of? Fauna and the like?" She asked.

"Fauna and Flora, a soul savior pod would have been better news but, we will take what we can get. I was going to suggest to Yuka that the Yugumo Corporation could convert one of the islands offshore into a Taiie Wildlife Sanctuary that could be apart of the Living History Exhibits connected to the Hummingbird Keep Museum," she suggested, the idea was one of many. It was obvious the Taisho's mind had become geared far beyond just command of the fleet, in many ways she served as a Governor for the Colonies now, she felt the Motoyoshi had a responsibility and duty to those people. Katsuko's Chambers were spacious, balconies were open to the outside with stained glass french doors at were left open to let the breeze in off the channel. The main room was neat, the bed was a design fusion of nest and traditional bed. The entire room was decorated in luxury, featuring the plum color she enjoyed so much and art she had collected over the years. "We can find something in here..." she said and opened her walk-in closet which was as everything her life, arranged neatly and orderly. "I'm going to get changed, I will have a bag sent over as well, I don't need to be rolling my luggage through the streets of Tokyo," Katsuko stated as she looked through her collections for something to wear downtown.

"Would the island be large enough? I feel like we would need a few-...w... islands..." Eri's eyes went a little wide at the view she got as she walked into the bedroom and had to make sure she kept her mouth shut. She took in the sights and let out a low whistle. "Remind me to become a Taisho or Empress... Sweet Chiharu this room is impressive..." She offered up and smiled before she headed to the closet to find something to wear. Eventually, she settled on a comfortable pair of tight leggings she half hid under a sweater that was a touch too big for her, which helped it double as a skirt of sorts for her. She had taken the comfort route over high fashion, yet she wouldn't seem out of place with the design.

"Perhaps an island is too little...perhaps it would be interesting to seed one of these now barren worlds as a reborn Taiie," she said, well aware that many of the colonies had never been recolonized or repaired if it was not the SMX it was the Lorath exodus, either way, entire parts of the Yugumo Cluster were for the most part uninhabited. Katsuko moved deeper into her walk-in closet and said back through the open door, "Become an Empress, I barely had a taste. They clear your plate sometimes before they set it in front of you." In a lot of ways Katsuko was still conflicted over what happened, yet the life of a Taisho, especially one as long-serving as her, was well enough and good; she got to make her mark on the Empire, for the Empire either way. "You're better off aiming for Taisho, fewer politics and more action," she said in an attempt to encourage after the almost bitter remark. She changed into a black leather mini-skirt and a white blouse, a few buttons left undone at the top that showed off her breasts nicely, with an evening orchid sewn over the left side.

"Yea but I want one of those headdresses, I want all the pomp and circumstance, even if only for a few days." Eri shrugged a little as she stole a few not too well-hidden glances at Katsuko. The woman's crush wasn't a well-guarded secret, but Eri remained normal around her friend and adoptive sister out of fear of making things weird. "An abandoned colony planet is a great idea. Turn it into a whole preserve, we can allow tourism to use it to rebuild and help fund projects..."
Part 1: Catching Up, Session 3
Authors: Andrew and Sageshooter

  • An Hour Later, Port of New Tokyo

It was afternoon by the time Katsuko and Eri made the boat trip across the channel and into New Tokyo Harbour. The Taisho had drunk at least four mandarin mimosas on the trip, and that was probably the tip of the iceberg when it came to what she would consume that day. Katsuko had not taken time off in so long, and she never really had the opportunity to enjoy her wealth and until recently it had never been a priority. It was one of many things that had started to change, the arrival on Jiyuu had brought with it a hunger for life that had been absent since the destruction of Taiie. The boat terminal had shops, along with the covered street-like arrangement that led towards the lower part of the city's downtown. Katsuko stopped in front of one of the designer clothing stores and looked at the display in the window, the form-fitted black dress on the display had catchy snowflake-like sparkles along the vertical seam that would of marked the side of the hip, “I can't remember the last time I went shopping, probably during that leave we took...” she realized what she was talking about was too long before and went quiet, her steel eyes took in the row of shops in front of them. There was plenty to choose from. “It is good to spend a day with you again Eri. I'm glad you accepted the transfer,” she said as she curled her arm around Eri's to walk with her and to let her lead the way towards whatever shop she wanted to visit first.

Eri remained silent for a few moments as she watched Katsuko and let her dive into her memories. She was frankly just happy to spend some time with her, to walk around like friends again away from the responsibility they always had heaped upon them because of the positions they held. She was determined to make the most of this day. Before they could get too far from the front of that shop, Eri steered her captive back toward the shop. "Kat, you know you only have to ask and I'd do anything for you." The heartfelt confession aside, an impish smile stole across her face. "Now I saw the look at that dress, go try it on! We are here for some fun not moping around, so let's have some fun!"

Katsuko let out a rather loud sigh, "You're right." She stopped briefly and looked at the dress, then back at Eri. She was tempted to tease out some scenarios that might push the boundary of the theoretical situation of Eri doing anything she asked., but instead headed into the boutique. She pushed the door open and the bell chimed to announce their presence. The shop was well decorated, dresses of different types, sizes and colors lined the walls while tables with things like sweaters, pants, and accessories were position in the center of the shop. The shop had a soft neutral palette of white and peach and was pleasing to the eye and hinted at it's more high scale merchandise. A young Jiyuuian woman noticed them come in, she stepped out from behind one of the tables where she had been fitting new dresses onto displays, “Welcome to Dove's Dresses. Can I help you with anything?” she questioned. It was not long though before she realized who she had in her store. Her body language changed almost immediately, she became almost guarded and appeared to force the smile on her face as she looked at the two off-duty flag officers over.

Oh if Katsuko only knew what the Neko was willing to do... But Eri had no idea of her companion's thoughts as she followed her friend inside. Her eyes took in the soft colors and calming atmosphere and couldn't help but smile as she relaxed a little, glad for the design of the room as she wandered around a few steps from Katsuko. Her attention came back quickly enough as they were addressed, and Eri's smile waned a little as she watched the help's mood shift. "We're here for a bit of shopping today. Just interested in buying a few things then we'll be out of your hair." She had a bit more snap in her tone than she would have liked, but the tone shift in the woman had irked the Shosho a little, to be honest, and she hated that. Today was supposed to be a nice day for the two, a chance for them to relax and let Eri get closer to Kat again and already things were being difficult. "My friend here liked the black dress in your window, the one with the snowflake accents. Any chance we can get a changing room to try it on?"

The shop worker fought the urge to roll her eyes as Eri spoke. She forced a smile, "Of course you can." She motioned behind her, a dark curtain covered a doorway that led to a back room where there was a line of empty changing stalls. "You can go on back, I will get the dress off the display, is there anything else you would like to try on?" she asked. Katsuko regarded the woman's change in attitude, it was not hard to come to conclusion what the problem was. {{Just let her be. There is no sense of offending her if we say something she will just escalate.}} she said telepathically to Eri. The Taisho smiled and nodded. "Thank you, just the dress. We will come out and browse a bit more after." She went ahead of Eri into the back room and waited outside of one of the changing stalls. "Anything for you, miss?" the shop worker asked Eri as she worked to pull the dress off the window display for Katsuko to try on.
Part 1: Catching Up, Session 4
Authors: Andrew and Sageshooter

{{There is no rea-... Yea ok. Sorry, Kat.}} Eri glared a little as the woman turned away and Kat disappeared into the back. She crossed her arms and considered teaching the woman a lesson as her companion left, she knew she could fairly easily, but that would ruin the day. Instead, she let out a huff and started to look around for something for her to try on.

Off to the side on one of the racks, she spotted a cute sky blue dress that changed to a soft green color. While most of the dress looked as though it would be tight and form-fitting, the bottom flared out from the hips. Small flowers seemed to bloom from the bottom of the dress out of the green, like a field of flowers. She pulled the dress down on her own and walked to the back without a word to the attendant.

Katsuko forced a smile as she watched as Eri come back with the dress. {{"She isn't the first or the last hater I've encountered. She probably has Tange tattooed across her butt cheek. We're not leaving either, we have every right to be here."}} she continued the private telepathic communication they had started on the sales floor of the shop.

The attendant followed close behind Eri and handed Katsuko the dress, "Ladies, please let me know if I can get you anything else," she said, her tone still cold yet forced to be polite. She excused herself back to the front of the store and left Katsuko and Eri to try on their dresses.

Katsuko pulled Eri into one of the changing stalls, it was not all that big, it was mainly just a small bench, a couple of hooks on the wall to hang things off of and a rather large mirror that dominated the right wall of the stall. "I do like the looks of this though, " Katsuko said as she held up the dress she had looked at in the window, now in front of herself before she hung it by the strap on one of the hooks.

While the two began to try on their dresses, the attendant looked back towards the curtain covered door, she could hear Katsuko speaking so she assumed they had fallen back into the conversation. She moved to the sales counter and pulled out a small communications device and began to type //'Motoyoshi Katsuko in HOT fashion, Dove's Dresses, store. One other SAoY personnel with her, no protection detail.'// she sent over an encrypted text channel, then checked towards the curtain covered door again.

Ignorant to the woman and her dealings, Eri's heart fluttered a little as she was yanked into the changing room and couldn't help the small blush that blossomed across her cheeks. She nodded a little to the comment about the dress and thought it was nice as well. "I'm sure it will look lovely on you Kat. Should I find another room though or..."

She let the question linger in the air as her heart rate picked up a little. Her dress in hand and partially forgotten at this point as her mind raced with just what may happen, she couldn't help but rub her knees together with a little.

"Should I find another room..."

The latch closed on the changing stall door, Katsuko's hands fell on Eri's shoulders as she pushed her back up against the mirror. A low, feline purr rolled from Katsuko's throat as she pushed herself up against the Shosho. The cold steel gaze of the Taisho softened as she sunk against her sister, one of her best friends. It seemed almost desperate, yet it came with the force of a command. "I can't take it anymore..." Katsuko whispered in a deep exhale as her lips trailed across Eri's cheek. The changing room was not all that big, but there was something hot about it; the risk of being caught and the fact they were pretty much in earshot of a woman who hated them with every fiber of her being, it made the tension and build up all the more powerful.

Katsuko didn't struggle much, she pulled off the oversized sweater Eri had on, "Let me help you with this..." she said, after all, it had to come off to try on the dress anyway. The second she had it over her head, Katsuko's plum lipstick painted lips were crushed up against Eri's own. A playful giggle broke the breath between the collision of pouts.

Meanwhile, the shop keeper checked her communicator after the chime of a notification. // We're dispatching someone. It will be a while if required try to track where they are going. You know what to do.// She slipped the device back under the counter and thought to herself a moment, the best way to keep them busy would be to find more outfits for them to try on. She headed back towards the displays hoping she could pick out some items close to what the two officers had selected.

The noise of the latch certainly Eri's ears as they twitched, and for a moment she spared a glance toward the door before she felt Katsuko against her, and suddenly she was pinned. Never before had she felt so happy to be pressed so tight into the wall, but at that moment she cared little. She could hear her heartbeat in her ears, her black eyes locked on Katsuko as she whispered her words. Her ears tickled at the breath and Kat found little resistance and an increased blush on her cheeks as the lips trailed across them.

Eri remained silent as she felt the sweater tugged up and over her head, terrified she would wake up from her dream then and there if she did and just as she opened her mouth to speak, Kat stole her breath away with her plum-colored lips. The Shosho moaned softly into the kiss, eyes shut as she reveled in the sensation of something she had longed for, something since well before the UOC disaster, but she did break the kiss-off after a moment.

"K-Kat... What is this? I-I mean I love this... Just I never knew..."

"I need..." her words trailed off into the passionate clash of lips again. What was it? It was needed. It was the chains of what had held her now for years breaking and shattering. It was a taste of what she once was and it was normal, finally normal. In the days of the Fifth, Katsuko had more than her share of those she engaged in the carnal exploration, and now it seemed the fire had been relit. Katsuko giggled, "...I see the way you look at me Eri, taste what you've wanted...You said I need to relax, help me." she said as she pressed the Shosho up harder against the mirror.

Before an answer could come from Eri, Katsuko slipped her hand into her leggings her fingers rubbed the trail of Eri's warm folds and she rubbed a little harder, then a little more, it was not long before the Taisho's fingers circled and tapped against Eri's clit. She sought to hear more of those pleasured moans, another purr left Katsuko's lips as she felt her body heat up, burn with desire. She'd wanted to do something like this for a while now, a sweet steamy encounter, a loving reward for someone as precious and as loyal as her dear sister.

Her desire would be fulfilled fairly quickly. Eri's mind was far too jumbled to respond right away as she felt the fingers dance about her folds and tap her clit, so much so that she unconsciously spread her thighs a little to give her better access. Once things clicked in her mind, and she realized it was not a dream, Eri flung her arms around Kat's neck and crushed her lips against her companions. Her throaty moans reverberated into Kat's mouth as her tongue prodded against her lips, eager to explore what would hopefully be the first set of lips today.

Her hands trailed down Katsuko's sides and back, fingers playing at the bottom of her blouse before she began to undo the buttons to free her from the clothing. Her need burned in her, her fantasy finally coming true as she realized everything she wanted was before her.

The flames of passion flickered in the eyes of Katsuko, she opened her mouth a little and sucked Eri's tongue to engage it in a twisting dance with her wet muscle. She moaned into the kiss, hungry for more. Katsuko's fingers, two at a time prodded into Eri's tight, wet little hole as she kissed her, her thumb replaced the digits against her clit rubbing lightly, tenderly for now. Katsuko's mind was a buzz of activity, divided yet so focus on pleasuring her dear beloved clan member. Her nipples were hard enough she could have cleaved the mirror to pieces with them, they showed through the blouse that Eri had opened to partially expose her.

Lust, love, passion it all overflowed, fuel for the fire that built up over every day and every minute of what had been a tortured silence that was finally broken. Katsuko thrust her fingers harder into Eri, she spread them slightly on the terminus of each insertion and wriggled them around inside of her. {"Take it all off..."} her mind whispered. Katsuko breathed still giving orders, it was her second nature, her chest pushed forward as she groaned into the kiss, tongue eagerly rejoining Eri's own.

Out front, the Jiyuuian shop keeper felt something. A hand settled on her shoulder as the power weave in the shroud suit deactivated behind her. A Blackcoat. "Finally, I was wondering if you were going to show up in time. They're in the change room," she said as she turned around with a smile which quickly faded.
"I know they are, and that is where they're going to stay. Nice and Safe." Eisuke said as he pointed the Type 33 NSP towards the woman, Star Army Communicator in his other hand, "And we're going to be here whenever who you were expecting gets here too," he said. The former bodyguard of Prince Tio, now Star Army security officer had done exactly what Tio had recommended, he had gotten a life. "Team One to Hanabusa-Chujo, location secure, we're just going to sit tight and wait for her friends." He motioned for the woman to get on her knees, "Bet you're surprised, You idiots need to remember who had these jackets developed," he said with a chuckle of amusement as he could hear the moans from out back behind the curtain.

It was probably for the best Eri's mind was focused on the woman before her and not on the attempt on her life by the shopkeeper. Ever the one to want to please Katsuko, Eri was quick with her fingers which frankly was a shock to her as engrossed as she was with her tongue in Katsuko's mouth and her friend's hand in her pants, Eri removed the last buttons of Katsuko's blouse without a single one missing and quickly shed the shirt to the floor and with a practiced ease that came with womanhood of removing the clasp of a bra, Katsuko's bra shifted down the one remaining arm which was occupied down with her lower lips.

She continued to kiss Katsuko for the moment, her tongue like a snake around her partners as it wrapped and coiled around it, all too eager to enjoy the kiss to its fullest. At this point, she cared little if this was a dream or not as the heavy blush spread across her bra covered chest now, red from her ears to her breasts before she finally broke the kiss. Her mouth stayed unoccupied for mere moments as it soon found purchase on one of the hard nipples before her, the tongue swirling and flicking to nub in her mouth, teeth lightly bit down on it for a moment to give it a little pinch. Her hands-free now worked to undress Kat's last bit of clothing, her skirt. Short work was made of the clothing thankfully as she unbuttoned and unzipped the garment and hopefully let it slip to the floor to leave Kat in only her panties.
Part 1: Catching Up, Session 5
Authors: Andrew and Sageshooter

Left in only her panties Katsuko felt free like Eri had not just undressed her but had relieved her of chains that had been holding her back, restraining her form. Katsuko released a throaty groan of want, that was loud and she didn't care who heard it as Eri sucked at her nipple. Katsuko felt weak in the knees, she pulled her fingers from Eri and began to lick them clean of her sweet nectar as she pressed her breasts tighter against Eri's face.

"Don't...stop...," Katsuko urged, "...I want you," she stated. She felt weak in her knees. The Taisho's fingers curled through Eri's hair at the back of her head to lead her down to the floor with her in a way that prevented her from being able to disengage.


"Miho to Eisuke, I am sending Ito-Shoi to your position." Hanabusa Miho replied the Chujo was monitoring the security team's actions as they responded to the threat on Katsuko.

Eisuke replied, "Hai, Chujo. No sign of her friend yet." The former peacekeeper and now Star Army security officer looked towards the shop attendant who was still on her knees in front of him, glad to hear that his brother was on his way. The NSP was still in his grip, pointed in her direction. "Ketsurui-Motoyoshi-Taisho is safe," he said over the communications channel as he stared at the attendant, she trembled and knew that she was in trouble. She regretted having called in the tip to the Tange cell about Katsuko, she should have just kept quiet.

Had she even tried to break away, Eri wouldn't have let her go, so close to her prize now that there was little chance of it happening. She half followed, half forced Katsuko to the floor to mount her hips and straddle her. While she had let go of the nipple in the mouth she instead replaced the nipple with Katsuko's lips. Hungry and needy, her kiss was born from years of desire for the woman below her and little would stop her. She broke the kiss with a small soft bite of the Neko's lip and pulled back a little before she stared at Katsuko with lust hazed eyes.

"K-Kat... Can I..." She felt the need to ask permission, the need to ask if she could go further, do more to the woman, but was sure Katsuko wouldn't say no. It seemed she needed this just as much as Eri did, but it felt right to get permission from her.

The heat, the fire of passion if it had become tangible Katsuko would of set the entire shop on fire. The deep unsated hunger of a woman who had held herself in restraint for years became ravenous. She groaned into Eri's kiss, her body physically trembled as she whispered, "Yes, please....please...." she wanted her beloved sister to do all the things she knew that she had dreamed of to her. Had this been the point of this vacation? Partially. The thought of whatever Eri was about to do to her, pushed a quake through Katsuko's form which caused her to push her breasts upwards and arch her back up off the floor. She wanted it so so bad. "Eri.." she whispered, "Eri..." she just breathed her name with desire. Katsuko's panties were soaked through, the sweet smell of her orchid perfume accented by the heat of her body.

The Eihei's hemosynthetic processes were kick-started, with her back arched up off the floor two tentacles began to form for later use.

"Hiroji to Eisuke, You have incoming. One NI-ARIA leftover - Jiyuuian coming from the north down the alley. It looks like she is headed towards the shop. I am running her facials through PANTHEON," Eisuke's brother reported over the communications channel.

Eisuke grinned and pushed the NSP up against the shop attendant's head and said, "Just stay there. Your friend is coming." The young woman didn't say anything she just remained there on her knees as he instructed. Hanabusa-Chujo continued to monitor the situation and remained a short distance away from the rest of her security team. She said over the communications channel, "SITREP on the Taisho?" she asked.

Eisuke chuckled and replied, "It uh...sounds like she is having a good time." He could hear the moaning, the steamy noises that came from the back room of the shop. "....A good ti-? Okay...That is good.." Miho responded unsure of what to make of what Eisuke had said.

"Hiroji to Eisuke, the closing subject identified as Tange Yua. We got a hit. Be advised, the subject is armed! Mugen E1 Energy Pistol, right hand, trying to conceal," the Shoi reported.

Eri looked down at the needy woman for a moment longer before she couldn't help herself any longer. It took a few seconds of shifting, a bit of lifting and moving of Katsuko's body, but soon enough Eri's nostrils flared wide with the smell that emanated from Katsuko. Space, as limited as it was in the room, had somewhat worked to Eri's advantage as it drove her to improvise. Kat would be rested on her shoulders only now, her hips rested on Eri's moderate bust, and her thighs wrapped around the Neko's head with knees wrapped over her shoulders. It was a little bit of a strange position for sure, but for Eri, it gave her plenty of access if only that thin bit of fabric wasn't in the way...

And just as quickly as she thought about it, her body acted before she could finish. A sharp rip reverberated through the room for a second as Eri used her innate strength to tear away the soft fabric and toss it aside. With her prize in view, she could feel herself grow hot and suddenly very sensitive. Katsuko's legs on her shoulders were focused points, her cheeks against her chest a tingle of pleasure, but most of all both her mouth and her hole nearly drooled as she swallowed thickly. She took one more breath of the wonderful scent, the Orchid perfume that mingled with her natural womanly smell before a tentative tongue snaked out from between her lips to give a long savoring lick from bottom to top. She flicked her tongue at the clit, and the action seemed to break something in Eri as she dove in with abandon and for the second time in such a short while, savored the fact that she could kiss and love Katsuko's lips. Though this time there was far less tongue action from Katsuko.

The sensation of Eri's tongue, her warm lips, Katsuko writhed against her as the feeling made her whole body tremble. If she was not on fire before she certainly was now, any attempt to muffle the pure ecstasy that her lover placed upon her was abandoned. The Taisho's body and hemosynthetic process were in overdrive, tentacles lengthening and developing by the second, they twitched as they lengthened and became more and more like the rest of her flesh but a softer pink in tone. Katsukos fingers curled in Eri's hair as she pressed her face to own harder against herself, her sex wept the sweet nectar that Eri's loving 'kiss' so devotedly sought. "Ah...hnnnahhh...Ah!" she moaned in pleasure, "Kimochi ii!" ("It feels so good!)

Why had this taken so long to happen? Katsuko inwardly rejoiced as Eri inflicted pleasure on her. The first of the two tentacles she had formed was ready. It lifted from the floor and dove downwards, she spanked the new appendage across the plush cheek of Eri's ass. Something sure could be said about the Taisho's ability to multitask, engaged in such desires while her security team adverted an attempt on her life outside. "Eri...mmm!" she could not get enough, the tentacle surged with an energetic twitch and whipped behind Eri and plugged straight into her wet and waiting hole.

Meanwhile out front in the main part of the Dress shop, it all happened so quickly. The lick of metal upon metal and the chime of the door being opened. "Move and I will put you down," Eisuke whispered to the shop keeper who was still knelt on the floor. He moved quickly and turned towards the door where Tange Yua entered the dress shop. The woman was dressed in pink shorts and a white tube top, a pair of sunglasses covered her eyes. Eisuke could see the pistol in her hand, he raised his NSP and pointed it directly at her and declared, "Star Army security! Drop the weapon and put your hands in the air!"

Yua looked startled, she had not planned on being caught this easily. The Jiyuuian woman turned to try and bolt back towards the door. The power weave in Shoi Ito Hiroji's Blackcoat disengaged, his NSP already pointed at her as well and his entire frame blocked the door, "I don't think so..." he said as he focused on the Tange female, who he recognized from the Akuro III when he had been held prisoner with Tio. Yua nearly cried, she dropped the Mugen Energy Pistol, the former Peacekeeper weapon fell right at Hiroji's feet. He nodded towards his brother, "I got here just in time, Chui..." he said with a chuckle, "Hanabusa-Chujo is on her way."

The nectar was sweet to the taste and the Shosho couldn't get enough. Her arms pinned Katsuko's hips tightly to her chest, Eri continued her attack on the swollen lips. Kat's moans were music to her ears, each time her voice cried out it only furthered her desire to make the woman below her feel even better. Just the act of finally pleasuring Tachiko gave Eri a heady rush of euphoria that the tentacle slap just served to heighten.

Her yelp of shock and small jerk helped to mask anything from outside the room to Eri. She never heard the call to put down the weapon or the small and short-lived chase. She probably never would have anyway as she went back to the waiting feast before her just as she was filled with Katsuko's tentacles. A small explosion of pleasure at the base of her skull locked her up for a moment before she returned to Kat, her efforts with a renewed Vigor to give the woman she loved all the pleasure she could. She mimicked Katsuko in creating a tentacle though, one that once formed, slipped under her chin and slowly began to fill Katsuko up.
Part 1: Catching Up, Session 6

Katsuko assaulted Eri's pussy with one of the two tentacles she had created. She drilled the fleshy hemosynthetically created appendage in and out of her, rough enough she could feel the pressure of tentacle's rounded phallic-like end knock up against the end of her dear sister's depths. The tentacle produced its lubricant which added to the already flooded situation. Phap! Phap! Phap! Katsuko purred between the explosive cry of her moans as Eri's tentacle worked its way into her and the renewed assault on her clit with her tongue. "Dame Yamete!" ("Don't Stop!") she cried out. Her body shuddered and as much as she tried to keep her mind clear, all that filled it was the intense pleasure of Eri.

The former Empress had not done anything like this in years, it made it all the more exciting. She lifted the second tentacle, and snaked it up between Eri's breasts and curled it once around her throat and plugged the tip towards her lips and plowed it rough enough to part her lips and teeth as the coil constricted lightly around her dear sister's neck. Katsuko's body felt such intense pleasure and it built up and waves convulsed through her, "Ikisou!" ("I'm going to cum") she breathed harshly with her words.

Hiroji placed his set of cuffs on Yua, "It is too bad Katsuko won't let us have you for a little while, I remember what it was like under your Mistress's care. Those..." his words trailed off as he shoved the Tange woman on to the floor next to the shop owner. He could hear Katsuko and Eri in the back and looked at his brother unsure of what to say as their cries and moans filtered through the shop. He did not quite know what to say.

Eisuke shrugged his shoulders a bit, "As I said, she's having a good time." A slight flush passed into his cheeks as he too cuffed his prisoner. "Did..." The door opened and the question he was about to ask was answered as his spine straightened to an attentive stance in the presence of the Chujo.

Miho stepped into the shop, the Star Army Chujo looked to her two officers and then to the two women the had captured. She leaned down and picked up the Mugen Energy Pistol and set it on the shop's checkout counter. She too heard what was going on in the backroom, a short smile pressed the pink-haired Neko's expression.

Eri jerked again as she felt the heavy thrusts against the entrance to her womb. Each thud racked her body with a shiver of pleasure that could be felt by the woman she had trapped. She listened to her sister, her words spurring her on until she felt the second tentacle wrap around her breast and slither up her neck. Her body went cold with the anticipation of just what was about to happen, unsure of just what Katsuko had planned, but as it wrapped around her neck and plunged into her mouth, the cold vanished in a wildfire of pleasure that had her hips bucking against the tentacle inside her pussy.

Everything felt too hot for the Neko as her lips were quickly replaced with a thumb on Katsuko's clit. It rubbed furiously in circles, trading the motion every so often for direct up and down rubs as she did her best to continue the pleasuring of Katsuko. She could feel how badly the woman needed this and fought tooth and nail to give her exactly what she wanted. The words that came from Katsuko's lips were like a sweet treat as she announced her impending orgasm and even as she felt her vision start to swim a little, everything was still focused on her. She needed Kat to cum, she needed to have the satisfaction of finally giving her release badly. Her mind focused away from her pleasure that she could feel building like a wave of her own and instead pushed those last few moments to give Katsuko what she wanted.

It was the type of orgasm that made it sound like she was to call out to Yui in praise. Katsuko's breath raced, the moans fired in succession with every blasted quake of pleasure through her body. The chains were certainly broken now, Katsuko's steel eyes narrowed in bliss as she gazed down at Eri. Her juices had gushed from her, it was no surprise to see her nectar drip from Eri's face. The tentacles she had plugged into Eri's pussy and mouth twitched and ungulated as she thrust them harder and faster into her dear sister. A confident, relieved look held on Katsuko's face as he squirmed on the tentacle Eri still had inside of her.

It was glorious and Katsuko felt more alive than she had in years. Although she was completely aware of what went on in front of the shop, it didn't bother her at all. Silent whispers passed through encrypted telepathy between her and Miho as she praised her for the keen abilities of her new security force.


Miho passed along the praise of the Taisho, "Good work, gentlemen. You protected the Taisho and she is grateful for your duty. I want you to remain here, you can escort them to the hotel whenever they are finished back there." She gave them their next set of orders. The pink-haired Neko looked at the two women they had put into custody and motioned for them to stand up.

Eisuke responded first, seeing as that he was the ranking officer, "Thank you Chujo-ma'am, If I could inquire, what will happen with these two?" Hiroji merely nodded as that he too was curious about what his brother had asked.

"I will have them taken back to Gemini, I'm sure they will be questioned and processed. They tried to kill a Star Army Taisho, so I doubt it will be pretty," Miho explained.

The sudden flood of fluid was a bit of a shock for, eyes wide as it seemed to stun her mind for the moment. But quickly enough with the pounding, her insides took from Kat's tentacles, she quickly fell back to her moaning. Her tentacle stopped its own assault of her adopted sister's pussy, and while her mouth remained full of the other tentacle, her mind soon went to her pleasure. She wasn't far behind truth be told and she opted to help out as much as she could, her hips turning to bounce up and down on the tentacles inside of her at opposite time to their thrusts.

There were soon enough a few grunts of pleasure and a went thrusting sound as she felt herself grow wetter and wetter. She wasn't the type to squirt like Kat, at least she never had, but she still grew incredibly wet. Her hips began to ground down into the floor and tentacle as she hugged Kat's hips tightly and squeezed her eyes shut, her own words sent out mentally as she supplicated Kat and Yui over and over as she broke over the last edge and felt the flood of pleasure rush through her body. Of course, while she had tried to keep it private, it happened to slip out to anyone around the shop that could hear, though she was still painfully unaware of just what was happening outside.

Katsuko had no words for what had just happened, it was like being a cadet all over again - sneaking off from a class at the War College to have some steamy encounter in a back hallway. When Eri came, Katsuko's steel eyes centered on her and a Cheshire grin spread across her lips. She adjusted her position slightly as she withdrew the tentacle from Eri's mouth and left the other buried inside of her. She pulled her sister up on top of herself and kissed her deeply. "You were amazing..." she breathed, the feeling of excitement and passion still surged through her body. "Look at us..." she laughed, giggling as she stared at their naked and messy forms in the mirror on the wall.

"Ah...I could stay like this all day, but we should go," Katsuko said, she didn't want to let go of Eri just yet.

Eisuke nodded, "Thank you, Chujo." He then looked to his brother, "We can wait here until they are done." He pointed at the curtain just as the jubilant cry of Eri's orgasm roared through the small shop. The officer dropped his hand and just started to snicker.

Miho and the two prisoners departed the shop, the assassination attempt on Katsuko had failed. Both the shop keeper and Tange Yua walked side by side in handcuffs before Hanabusa Miho, there was a great feeling of relief within Miho, a feeling like she had finally begun to stop the Tange abuse which had begun back in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. "Hurry up," Miho pushed and urged them forward.

Hiroji at least waited for Miho to leave before he reacted to the noises that came from the dressing room, "What I wouldn't do to be able to go in there to help that along," he said and knew it would never happen.

"I know, Oh well lots of young Nekos on the YSS Tokyo for us," Eisuke replied, he tucked the communicator device that had been used by the shop keeper to communicate with the Tange terrorist into one of the pouches on his belt so he could turn it over for evidence later. "Hopefully they're almost done. We can get them to where they need to go, probably better we don't hang around here," he said, trying to remain the professional Star Army officer.

Eri slumped back against the wall, mouth open to suck in a breath and let the small tremors shake her body. Her mind was distant for a moment to let her bask in the past few minutes, but as she heard Kat's laughter and words she spared a glance to the mirror as well. Naked, disheveled, but a healthy post-sex glow about her it seemed, she felt fulfilled. She let herself be pulled willingly and returned the kiss, and as it broke away she cuddled into Kat almost lovingly. Her words rang in her ears though, which let Eri return a sad whimper.

"Can't we just tell the shop keeper to fuck off and stay here?" She asked playfully before a sigh escaped her. But she knew if this was something they did a spur of the moment, cramped in a tiny changing stall...

Just what would happen at the hotel with all that space...

The Neko painfully withdrew herself and took stock of the two, before she grabbed the dress and began a quick clean up. Before Kat could question it, Eri spoke up. "I didn't want the dress, and it'll be a pain in the ass for that bitch of a shop keeper to clean up." She grinned at the thought, no idea of what had transpired outside of their little haven
Part 2: The Meeting - I Run This Show
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It became obvious that the trip to Tokyo was not exactly just the getaway that Katsuko had promised Eri. As they made their way to the Fuji Hotel updates flowed in from the First Expeditionary Fleet which included the information about the Rixxikor invasion of the Tange System and the intercepted message from Angelica. The foiled attempt to take the Taisho's life did not even seem to phase Katsuko, which from the pattern of her reactions since her shameful step down from the Imperial throne in YE 30 was out of her normal character. If anything she seemed more driven and confident than ever, an obvious sign that Katsuko had an ace in her pocket.

Every day the Yugumo Corporation infused the former UOC with more and more reasons to support the Imperial cause, millions and millions were employed between Port Siren and the contract to re-establish the First Expeditionary Fleet. With the new orders passed down by Taisho Yui, it did not seem like production was about to slow so even as the YSS Tokyo was completed more ships, more facilities were in demand. The Region was becoming a heavily defended military fortress under the guidance of the Motoyoshi influence, the ends of a well-placed plan and just the beginning of what was in store.

Katsuko held Eri's hand as they walked through the front doors of the Hotel. The majestic castle-like appearance of the lobby featured a massive hanging chandelier that dangled from three floors above in the massive wide-open space of luxury. The place was bustling with activity, luggage carts rolling, lines of guests checked in at the front desk, a line that Katsuko led Eri to bypass altogether. From the second they walked in it was as if all eyes were on them. Eisuke and Hiroji walked a short distance behind them as Katsuko made her way towards the bank of elevators. One of the six elevators that scaled the towers of the hotel was different than the others. Two uniformed Yugumo Corporation security officers stood on either side of the elevator doors, a roped barrier was strung across the carpeted approach to the elevator.

Katsuko paused briefly in front of the roped-off walkway. She squeezed Eri's hand and whispered to her, "Everything is going to be alright..." she repeated the words that Yaichiro had spoken to her many years before at the lowest of her lows. The Taisho nodded to one of the security officers in front of the elevator and he stepped forward and moved the roped barrier so they could enter the elevator. There was a chime and the elevator doors parted, and Katsuko led the way into the lift. Once she and Eri were inside the doors shut and the lights flickered from normal to a light purple hue. Even though Katsuko touched the top button on the panel the elevator went down instead of up, she squeezed on Eri's hand again as they were in motion. Eisuke and Hiroji did not get into the lift with the two flag officers.

The call had gone out days before, the members of the clan were all on their way. PANTHEON updated her on the locations of her family. Katsuko's big steel eyes looked deep into Eri's as the elevator was in motion for what seemed to be an unusual amount of time. He pushed her form up against her sisters and hung her arms over her shoulders and stared into her eyes. It seemed Katsuko had a little more than a discount arrangement with the establishment. In every sense of the word, the Fuji Hotel belonged to them and the updates that flowed to the members of the clan that entered showed that with their complete access to the financials and other information for the hotel.
Part 2: I Run This Show, Session 1

Eri had been, understandably, upset somewhat on the trip to the hotel. After the debacle in the clothing store where there had been a failed assassination attempt on the woman at her side. Though she walked beside Kat up to the elevator, her eyes were distant as she focused on the PANTHEON network and tried to research the woman in the shop. Who she was, relatives, contacts, anything and everything she could access with her rank she wanted laid bare before her. This woman had tried to interrupt something wonderful and harm Katsuko, and Eri would make sure she had her vengeance on the tart. Every so often a soft growl would escape her throat as she seethed in not only anger at the woman but herself. She had been so wrapped up in Katsuko that she hadn't seen or even realized what had happened until they had left, and that frankly infuriated her more than the attempt.

But as Katsuko whispered to her softly into her ear, Eri's eyes snapped back into focus and found her. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, she kept the words that desperately tried to escape her lips in her throat and let out a small breath, but followed her sister into the lift regardless. Her eyes took in the soft purple light though quickly enough her mind was torn away from the mood lighting to the financials that flooded her mind, eyes slowly growing wide in wonder. "Kat... Just how much have you been doing?" She finally asked of her friend, the first words since she had found out about the attempt. But yet again, the mind is torn aside as she was pushed against and their eyes met.

Already her heart thumped, flashbacks to the sudden bout of carnal fun in the shop just a bit ago and instinctively Eri lifted herself enough with her toes to plant a soft kiss on Kat's lip before she buried her head into the woman's chest.

"I'm sorry... Sorry I got distracted at the shop. I should have realized what was going on."

Katsuko whispered back to Eri, she only answered the question. The apology was dismissed as Katsuko didn't seem to be concerned with the fact Eri had not noticed, "Too much..."

The elevator doors opened, the room that was laid out before them was grand by every sense of the word. Polished Taiie marble floors with the mon of the Motoyoshi Clan captured within them, glistening and polished with the same pristine of the Empress' Palace. Volumetric interactive screens spanned curved walls behind a bank of terminal desks on either side of a large set of doors that were directly ahead of them. The flags of the Yamatai Star Empire as well as the adapted Motoyoshi Symbol that Katsuko had sent in her message to recall the members of the Clan were on velvet-like tapestries that hung from the walls which held a sculpted metallic appearance that held a resemblance to those which had been carved into the hull of the YSS Akuro.

In addition to the massive vault-like doors that were ahead of them, there was a room to each side. They had Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors that were currently in the open position. In the room to the right, there was row upon rows of seating visible inside, volumetric screens in front of the terminals as feeds from all over the colonies were being poured in front of various analysts and workers. The other room to the left, there were giant three-dimensional models of Gemini Star Fortress and the YSS Tokyo with scan information, production information and updated swap-out screens from various production facilities like Port Siren.

Armed security personnel with civilian NSPs stood on either side of the elevator door as well as two closed tunnel accessways that lead behind them after they stepped out of the elevator. The kiosk-style desks on either side of the vaulted doors ahead of them had three stations at each, one of the young women with dark purple hair and vibrant gold-colored eyes stood up from them, "Motoyoshi-sama, everything is ready for the meeting, we will have our envoys lead the rest of the Clan down at your discretion," she said as she bowed in front of both Eri and Katsuko. She smiled at Eri and said, "Welcome to Motoyoshi Bakafu Headquarters, Tokyo. I am Ara, if I can be of any assistance or if you want additional food and beverages brought during the meeting you can summon me or one of the other attendants."

How much had Katsuko been doing? A lot more than what she had let on. Ara walked back towards her station and as she did, the sound of massive locks disengaging could be heard, the forcefield on the doors in front of them dropped and the doors parted. A massive open circular council-style table was the center focus of the room, gold-trimmed carved wood with a polished black surface with a volumetric interface panel located at each of the twelve larger seats that dominated the back curve of the table, other chairs lined the table as well but were lesser in design than the throne-like seats. Volumetric projection systems projected the screen-saver like an image of the new Bakufu logo. Katsuko motioned her right hand forward to the room, as the lighting engaged and raised the illumination. Small tables lined the exterior walls on either side of the room filled with refreshments, and various items that might be required for use.


Eri couldn't help but be astonished by the absolute display of grandeur that spread out before her as the door. She was speechless as she slowly stepped in, Katsuko's words ringing in her ears. Too much... And it was something she could see as she took tentative steps into the room. Her eyes took in everything as quickly as she could, stunned, to say the least, and looked to the girl that walked up to speak to her.

"Wa...Water, please." The usually bombastic and energetic woman was struck almost speechless as she took small steps into the room. She let out a little breath and prayed to Yui her mouth wasn't open, checking it mentally and pleased to see it wasn't before she turned back to Katsuko.

"Kat... Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you let me help you?" She asked her sister, a little hurt the woman hadn't come to her. They could have been doing this the entire time, working side by side, but she had been left on the sidelines. She felt like Kat didn't or couldn't trust her and for once, she felt isolated from her sister even though they stood a few feet apart from one another. Her shoulders slumped a little as she walked in, the splendor of the room spoiled for her a little just then.

Emotions were cursed sometimes, the intensity that Eri felt was but a drop in a very big pool when it came to the sight that was before them. Katsuko walked forwards ahead of Eri into the council room, her fingertips played against the polished leather on the seats as she passed them. A deep sigh left her lips as her sister continued to speak, "I didn't tell any of you, I had to do it myself. If I couldn't ...well then it would have been time to consider other things," Katsuko said, her steel eyes locked on the beautiful form of Eri.

"The plans for this place were kept with me over the last few years, it was what was supposed to be built twelve years ago," the Taisho said, her hands still on the back of the chair at the head of the table. " The Yugumo Corporation did the rest," she said, almost as if that made it better.

She looked around herself, it was only the second time she had been there after it had finished construction under the Fuji Hotel. "We have to get back to work, back to being what we are. I tried to drown my sorrows in so many things, in so many people who just sought new ways to use me and none who cared either way, "she confirmed, there was acceptance in her words, "We have to get back to being Motoyoshi, sure we need to take steps to make sure that those events that lead to our divide never repeat themselves, but this, the Bakafu is part of who we are. Part of the leadership our clan needs, we've grown and we've rebuilt. Some of us have to forgive ourselves."

Katsuko walked back to Eri, in time to intercept the glass of water in which she took from Ara and dismissed her with a thankful nod. Katsuko then placed the water in her sister's hands, "You were here, you did help. Just not in ways so easily explained. By Yui, For the Empire, the wound that has crippled us is healed."
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"Yet I feel a new one has opened..." Eri cast her eyes down as she felt the cool glass slip into her hands, somehow disinterested in the drink. Her eyes studied the floor then, unable to look at her sister in the eye in her sadness, she fiddled with the glass.

"I am not some random tagger on, some groupie for fame and prestige Katsuko. I am me... Motoyoshi Eri. I am your sister... I love you as my sister and more and..." She looked up and lets her eyes roam the room, before they fell back to Katsuko, on her for a moment before avoiding her it seemed.

"I am being melodramatic, sister... I... Just a long day and I think I need to catch up and process things." She quickly downed the water as she turned away from Kat and slowly found her way into the room to seemingly look around.

Katsuko sighed as she looked towards Eri, "You think that I would even consider that? Eri I know full well you're not here for fame or to be a groupie as you put it." Katsuko was thoughtful yet direct with her words as she spoke to her sister. "Normally Eri, I would just let you away with what you just said. Dismiss your words of the fact today has been a lot for you to process, but no." The blue-haired Taisho felt uncomfortable in civilian clothing suddenly. "Eri, stop fucking looking at the floor, stop hurting and open your damn eyes Neko!" She walked right up to her sister and her jaw tightened as she looked at her. "Stop feeling bad for yourself, stop being wounded. You have what you wanted, you have me and I love you too, enjoy it. Don't be stupid like I was and drown yourself in negativity, it held me back for years. You're here...and I will have you know you're about to be assigned as my XO on the Tokyo," there it was, the words spilled from Katsuko's lips, her plans for Eri were blurted out like the blasts from cannons.

Eri had whirled on her sister, her green hair spinning with her out like a whip as she looked up to her sister. Her face was scrunched up in anger at some of what Katsuko had said. She had abandoned her, left her aside while she went and piled everything on her back, had secluded herself from people that loved her... But some of the words began to ring true. She had seen what everything had done to her sister, the depression that she had been unable to break through for her and she knew that she might fall into the same issues...

Her face softened as she heard her sister's admission of love and the hot winds of anger that had filled her lungs and sails suddenly left her feeling a little cold as they died off, all the more when her sister showed just how much she trusted her. She wanted Eri to be her second in command, second in command of the fleet, of the Tokyo... If that didn't trust what was. She seemed to deflate a little before she thumped herself into Katsuko's chest, hugging her around the waist. "I'm sorry... But promise me, Kat... Promise me that you'll let me help you next time. I'd do anything for you." Again the admission of just how much she trusted her sister, the offer of whatever she had, whoever she was for the woman she loved.

  • The New Bakufu Council Room
  • Under The Fuji Hotel, Atarashi Tokyo Site

Katsuko was glad that Eri responded how she did, she didn't want to have to fight with her. A deep sigh left Katsuko as Eri thumped herself against her chest and she wrapped her arms back around her in return. "You will help, you all will...but I know I can count on you and that already helps more than you can imagine. It was maybe good that the meeting started soon, had there been more time Katsuko would have happily continued what they started in the dressing room at the dress shop. She leaned down and placed a kiss on Eri's forehead and held her tight to her. "I've summoned everyone, today is a day the Motoyoshi will remember for years to come," she said in a hopeful tone.

  • Fuji Hotel, Lobby

Ayano had been quiet most of the rest of the trip from the YSS Tokyo. She hoped that Katsuko would not be disappointed she had told Tachiko about what the clan had planned for her. When they stepped into the luxurious lobby, she took a look around briefly. She could see Taro but he was busy talking to two other people so she figured she would get a chance to talk to him later. She said to Tachi as they continued forward and she followed the ushered prompts of various staff members who knew exactly why they were there, "This is going to be the first time in a long time that we've all been in the same place."

"Are you excited?" she asked, she wondered how nervous the soldier was. She remembered the first time she interacted with Katsuko; that fateful day back when they were all in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. It was the beginning of a winding road, a rollercoaster of adventure where they shared both victories and losses. The Chujo felt maybe she should have changed out of uniform, but at least Tachiko didn't have to be the only one dressed for duty.

  • Fuji Hotel, Elevator

Kaoru sighed to herself as the elevator descended towards the lobby, "Blues..." her words lingered in silence for a moment of consideration. "It was a good shore-leave, while it lasted. I hope we get to enjoy a few more of them." Their previous discussion weighed heavily on her thoughts. The Taisa didn't want to show the emotions but they were certainly there. The fact there was probably a copy of him out there bothered her way more than it should have - things like that happened. The pink-haired Neko coiled her arms around herself in comfort and closed her eyes as she leaned back against the wall of the lift.

  • Fuji Hotel Lobby

Tachiko looked back at the officer and forced a cheerful smile. She'd been more nervous in the town car on the way to the hotel than she ever was suiting up for an away team mission, and Tachiko was not good at hiding her feelings without effort, even if she was good at it after making that effort. An officer like Ayano would never be so unobservant as for Tachiko's state to escape notice, the way she looked blankly out the window and fidgeted. It was nice of her to have made conversation, though, Tachiko to herself as Ayano asked about the obvious.

"Hai, Chujo." It's an easy, familiar defense to simply agree. "Very excited." Tachiko forced her smile wider as she wondered aloud, "Although, in this hotel, I think I wish I would have worn my dress uniform instead of a bodysuit. Although," Tachi relaxed some as she retreated into memory, "I've never been in the Taishō's presence in any other uniform. It was that long ago."

Tachiko's eyes followed Ayano's gaze as the latter observed Taro talking to Hitomi and Masuyo. She knew none of them, of course, and her eyes fell on the sleeping boy for a moment.

  • The New Bakufu Council Room
  • Under The Fuji Hotel, Atarashi Tokyo Site

Eri nodded in Katsuko's embrace, glad the woman had hugged her and spoke of the meeting. She had to toughen up, act her normal self, and to that effect, she broke off the hug after another tight squeeze and let out a huff of air. She pawed her eyes clear of any tears and shook out her arms as she took the room in again, this time with an eye that expected the room to be the way it was if this was to be a headquarters of sorts for them.

"So... Where do I sit?" She asked with a grin, almost her trademark expression and planted fists to her hips after she waved down the girl for another glass of water. There would be time for celebration and rubbing things in faces and maybe... Maybe more tenderness with Katsuko. But if she was to be Kat's right hand Neko, she had to shape up and show that she was meant to be there to those that came. They were all family, but that didn't mean families didn't get jealous of ranking...

  • Fuji Hotel, Elevator

Blues listened to Kaoru's words and agreed. Oh, it wasn't a bad shore-leave at all. The girl seemed intent on making it good for him too. She was concerned for him, and he didn't want to worry her further than he already had.

"So do I. In the interim, we can always use simulated telepresence to continue where we left off as well." He offered, hoping that would improve her mood. Ever since he mentioned the possibilities that Angelica or Kiyoko might use against them, she'd been down.

  • Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Katsuko pointed to the chair to the right of her own. "One of the twelve, just like before. Beside me preferably," she said as she sat down in her chair at the head of the table. When she sat down, the lighting changed and the larger volumetric projection in the open center of the table shifted between a three-dimensional view of the Jiyuu System, outwards to an expanded view of the entire Outer Colonies of Yamatai. It was their area of influence now, various side screens and interactive projections showed everything from production updates at Yugumo Corporation facilities to the names of newly registered Clan members that had joined the Clan's open recruiting in the lower echelons.

"I have yet to update everyone's orders. I have a tonne of administration work to get done for the fleet. Will you stay with me tonight? I don't plan to leave the surface until tomorrow afternoon. The Tokyo has barely started loading," she said as she dismissed a PANTHEON update on the YSS Tokyo and Himawari's report. "...Hopefully, we can get Yaichiro to stay the night," she added with a wink in Eri's direction, her fuzzy blue ears twitched as those hard to dismiss thoughts came to mind.

  • Elevator to The Bakufu Council Room

"I suppose we can be thankful this is more Clan oriented than fleet, I doubt our uniforms will matter much. Katsuko's ultra-focused on the rebuilding of the Clan's leadership it seems," Ayano said as they entered the secure lift to the Bakufu Council Room below. The Chujo put her right hand on Tachiko's shoulder and squeezed lightly in encouragement. "I think you should probably arrange your belongings transferred from Jiyuu-jo to the YSS Tokyo. I don't think with these new developments that you're going to get the time we had originally anticipated. Katsuko has yet to update individual orders but the general order for the fleet is to pack up and prepare to move out," she said as she double-checked her messages.

  • The lobby of the Fuji Hotel

When the elevator from the upper floors arrived in the lobby, Kaoru gave a slight push against Blue's stomach with her right hand before she whirled around to look out into the luxuriously decorated lobby. "Hmm...You know before I take you downstairs to show you what I was going to. I'm hungry," she forced a bit of a smile and looked around. "You never did feed me dinner, Blues? I'm a hungry woman, and you need to feed me," she said with a grin, the Taisa straightened her uniform and stepped out of the lift, her standard-issue boots clicked across the marble floor as she walked gracefully.

"Well..what is it going to be?" she asked, then looked around again. "Find us something quick. Oh - I almost forgot, that thing I wanted to show you, well it was the Council room. I had hoped to get you on the table before your brother gets my mother there. It just seems that is not in the cards," she frowned a bit, "Mother is already down there." There it was, yet another raincheck on what she wanted. Food would have to suffice, there would be time for other things later.

  • Elevator to The Bakufu Council Room

Tachiko felt a surge of emotion when Ayano squeezed her shoulder. "Since I never even set foot in Jiyuu-jo to unpack them, I suppose it will be easy. Oh, I hope it's not the same people who brought my things to Jiyuu-jo. I'd be embarrassed if they had to move it again right after dropping it off!" She looked genuinely concerned for whoever had to move her scant possessions, mainly issue items. "Although it's probably best if I leave my... old belongings planetside. I have the memories, I don't need some old uniforms cluttering up my berth."

Sayako, Tachi's FARS assistant, projects her avatar at Mini-Neko size in the air in front of Tachiko and Ayano. The floating volumetric image bows, and reports, "I have already taken the liberty of making the arrangements. All issued and personal items except your old footlocker will be picked up immediately."

Tachiko nodded at Sayako's projection and gives an acknowledging noise and thankful smile, after which the drone's avatar bows again and disappears. "Well, Chujo, I suppose that is that."

  • Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Eri leaned back a bit as she took her seat, confused at the wink. She had heard of Yaichiro, new of his accomplishments and Katsuko's infatuation with the man, but little else. She got herself comfortable in her seat though and looked over the map as it came up, and began to go through her paperwork. There were things she had to do, people she had to promote or at least acknowledge would be taking over her ship.

Her thoughts kept going back to the wink though, and she kept feeling her eyes drift to Katsuko as she tried to figure out just what it meant. Eventually, she couldn't figure it out and turned to her sister, talking in a voice that only they could hear to not announce it to the rest of the room, what little amount of people that were there.

"Kat... What do you have planned with him..." She eyed Katsuko and leaned forward onto one of the arms of the chair closer to her sister. Her mind already ran wild with the ideas and the longer she thought on it, the deeper her mind went.
  • Blues
  • Tachi's @Fuji Hotel
Blues followed his commanding officer out of the elevator, smiling a bit at the woman's comments. He didn't put it past her to do exactly as she said she would on that table. While he didn't remember Katsuko's romps with his brother, he had little doubt that Katsuko would also try something similar at some point. The woman was positively hungry.

"There's a Tachi's over there, so that should do nicely. We may not have much time for anything fancy." Blues and Yaichiro, when it came to food, never really understood why some cuisine existed. Eating the organs of things and paying extra? Give him some decent food with some creative textures that were made in the mess any day. Of course, it was a taboo to say such a thing out loud.

"As for your plans, I doubt your mother would appreciate starting a meeting to find a mess on the table. It's probably for the best." He said, teasingly as he guided the young woman into the establishment. Stowing away their shoes, during which Blues got an electronic token of sorts, the pair went to the bar and were given warm towels with which to clean their hands. Provided some rice crackers called Arare as small snacks, they were provided menus by the Douryo Android.

Blues ordered Goma-ae as a form of salad and an order of beef cutlet, along with some sake. It wouldn't do for him to drink faster than he could detox, after all.

  • Katsuko
  • New Motoyoshi Bakafu Council Room

Katsuko thought about Eri's question for a second. What did she have in mind for Yaichiro? A sly look held in the Taisho's eyes that held an almost devious or selfish nature to it. She opened the drawer at her seat, and took out a small bottle of plum perfume and applied it sparingly. "I want more daughters, Eri," she replied to the inquiry with a surprised blunt honesty, after their encounter she had already willfully begun to allow her body to prepare itself for such processes. "I suppose I need to get past the part where I tell him Kaoru is his too. Hopefully, that doesn't derail my plans to make him something official at this table," as she spoke it was even more obvious how much she trusted Eri. These were things that had forever circled in her mind and had never been expressed or said.

Ara notified them that the others had begun to arrive, the brief telepathic update made Katsuko take a deep breath, it was time to switch to business soon. No matter what the day was already dramatic, already over the top there was no use in resisting it. "...Plus I could use a little more of what we started earlier," she winked at her sister and slid the bottle of perfume back in the drawer.

  • Ayano
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room - Lobby

The lift doors opened into the elaborately decorated lobby, the doors to the council room were in open in preparation for the Clan's arrival, the two analysis, and working rooms off to the side had been closed so that those workers did not interrupt the meeting. Ara smiled as she greeted them from her position at the desk, she was on a call but she looked up and motioned them through, "Go on in ladies," she said before she returned to her call.

The aperture of the open vault-like doors to the council room revealed Katsuko and Eri already in their seats at the table chatting back and forth. Ayano motioned Tachiko forward and said, "Well, time to face the music soldier. They are already inside." She almost pushed Tachiko ahead of her. The Chujo urged her, "Go and introduce yourself while it is just them, that is our other sister Motoyoshi Eri, Shosho in there beside her," she offered that last bit of information and paused in her steps to let Tachiko go ahead.

  • Kaoru
  • Tachi's @Fuji Hotel

Kaoru toweled off her hands, the warm towels felt good and made her sigh as she folded the towel back up almost as if she had not used it. The Taisa stared at the menu for a few moments. "Karaage, Tonkatsu...uh.., Sake," she ordered almost as if she was unsure of what to get. It had been a while since she had been to a restaurant, they had spent most of their shore-leave on the boat. The Android didn't get much attention or acknowledgment at all from her, she kept her eyes on Blues the entire time she ordered.

She crunched on some Arare and gazed across the table at Blues, "My mother might appreciate a mess on the table, you know? Hopefully, your brother gives her a 'course correction' while he's here. She's been uptight since we found Tio and Eidan." She was maybe a little blunter than she intended to be but that was her nature.

A notification chimed on her communicator and she checked it, "Looks like we're headed to the YSS Tokyo in the morning. I've been posted as the second officer and it looks like you're coming with me," she informed him. "I'm sure you'll be getting an update later tonight, " she said, as she continued to chew on crackers at an hungered pace.

  • Taro
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room - Lobby

Taro emerged from the elevator from the lobby, he gave an excited grin towards Ara at the desk, then put his finger up to his lips so she would not say he was there. He kept up behind Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano after she had let the soldier she was with go in ahead of her. He extended his pointer finger on each hand and wriggled them in the air until they connected with the sides of her back which faced him. The sudden contact made her jump, "Fuck! Oh - Taro..." she giggled as she hugged her arms around his frame and he hugged her back. "Good to see you didn't know we were bringing friends along," he motioned towards Taichiko who was already on her way into the council room.

  • Tachiko
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Tachiko inhaled deeply. She stepped forward bravely, pushing herself despite her nerves and hoping she didn't appear to be trembling as badly as she felt she was. Her full-moon-pale skin was even whiter. It felt like all of her hemosynth pooled in her feet. The Nekovalkyrja, newly a modern NH-33 but in the oldest, most familiar uniform she could access strode across to almost the center of the room, not even daring to put a foot on the elaborate Motoyoshi symbol on the floor that prominently occupied the room's focus. Once she reached her position, she stood at attention, hesitating for a moment, and swallowed deeply.

Tachiko knelt, seiza, sitting on her heels in one smooth motion, and bowed the saikeirei, placing her palms flat on the floor and sliding them forward with her thumbs touching, after lowering herself most of the way to the floor, with her eyes averted. She holds it a couple of seconds, then an extra for respect, and slides back returns her hands to her thighs and looks up. "Empress-Taishō," Tachi finally intones, meekly, but with as much clarity as she can muster. "Your soldier has returned from her mission. Apologies for the delay."

  • Eri
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Eri could feel her heart race at the ideas that began to form in her head, not to mention the flush of plum scented perfume that tickled her nose now. She couldn't help but grow hungry for Katsuko again and bit her lip, staring at her sister longingly for a few moments. "A child h-..." She stopped, her head turned to the elevator as the lift slid open and she spotted the movement from the corner of her eye.

"We have a few other things to talk about then dear sister... But I guess that will have to wait for now." She offered through a low encryption telepathic message, one just hidden enough to be ambient background noise. She watched the whole ritual the girl went through and was glad Tachiko had bowed for long enough to allow Eri to wipe the snicker from her face. She couldn't help it, though she did cast a look of bemusement back to her sister. She held her tongue though, for the time at least, and allowed her to go through the formalities with arms crossed.

  • Blues
  • Tachi's @Fuji Hotel

Blues noted the change in orders, but he wasn't that surprised. Things were shifting. The man sipped the sake and detoxed in real-time, ensuring that he would be fine after the meal. "Congratulations. Not surprised, though. As for the Taisho, she might have to 'course correct' him too. All of Tokyo and he has scarcely visited the home he owns here. Tokyo is something to hold in trust and power to manage as a means to an end. The guy can't seem to seek happiness for himself."

He enjoyed some Arare as well, pondering matters. "Means he'll need it forced on him or to have his mind blown and put back together."

  • Yaichiro
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Yaichiro entered after Tachiko, wearing a grey suit with a sky blue tie. He'd pondered wearing a sky blue suit outright, but standing out to that degree might be bad form. He was uncomfortable out of uniform, but it was a civilian clan meeting rather than a military one. Army dress might not be appropriate.

As far as standing out, the young woman who entered in front of him seemed to be doing a fine job of it, but for proper reasons. Instead of drawing attention to himself, the young man held back to allow her to do as needed...

  • Katsuko
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Katsuko had not been greeted like that in a long time. It was almost caught her off guard. It was ill-timed in a way, with the amusement passed between the Taisho and Eri. Thankfully the giggle was easy to suppress beneath the memory of tone and etiquette. Since Katsuko was already seated, she remained so as she said quietly, "Takeda-Hei, It must be you, I have been waiting for you." She motioned the soldier to feet and looked her over from head to foot. "You look good, I trust your trip to Jiyuu was a good one?" she asked, then mentioned after, "This is Motoyoshi Eri, one of my Shosho and my sister." The introduction was needed with both her and Eri being in civilian clothing. "We have lots of time to discuss everything..." Katsuko responded to Eri's encrypted telepathy with her own. There was plenty left to talk about and Katsuko was not about to let the opportunities of these free moments from the usual motions go to waste.

"I heard you completed your mission. I believe it to be of great achievement for a soldier to return home after so many years, to have survived so long and still managed to keep such a devoted sense of duty," she said as she glanced briefly out the door towards Ayano, then back to Tachiko, "However, the reasons you have been invited here extend beyond duty but are instead much more dear to the heart. Your story, your courage, your devotion to the Star Army are exemplary. The fact you have such a devoted commitment that you willingly return to duty almost as soon as you are recovered is a commendable trait that we cannot ignore." She motioned Tachiko towards the seat to her left.

When Katsuko turned back, she found herself distracted. She blinked once, almost as to make sure she was seeing what she saw. Was it him? She looked down at herself briefly, there was no uniform. There was the gravity though still of who she was which tempted her to remain in her seat. She glanced towards Eri briefly and then towards Tachiko in apology that her train of thought had just been interrupted. Katsuko moved from her seat with the smoothest of motions and crossed the table in a leap. She was not sure what happened first, the wrap of her arms around Yaichiro's shoulders or her feet meeting the floor. She pressed her frame against his and said quietly, "You came..." The sweet scent of her freshly applied plum perfume teased at his nostrils as she hugged him close.

  • Ayano
  • New Motoyoshi Council Room, Lobby

The Chujo remained outside the council chamber with Taro while Taichiko and the Taisho went through the motions of re-introductions and reunion. When Katsuko looked out, they made eye contact briefly and Ayano gave a nod which was all that was needed to show her approval for the soldier that had spent most of the day with her.

"Friend? You mean the girl that is about to become our new niece, Taro," she said, in the know about the situation as she returned to her conversation with him.

  • Kaoru
  • Tachi's @Fuji Hotel

Kaoru was almost amused by what Blues had to say, the Android waiter brought their food and laid it out in front of them. "It must run in the family, " she commented, unrestrained in taking the opportunity to point out that Blues did not seem to operate much differently from his brother.

The Taisa was quick to start eating, she was not kidding about being hungry. Armed with chopsticks she was quick to dive into her food. Between chewing and soft hums of approval, she would glance up towards Blues thankful that they had made this brief detour on the way to the meeting.

  • Tachiko
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Tachiko rose, unable to hear Ayano's conversation behind her. She too was focused on Katsuko, and too aware of her pulse in her ears. "It was a very interesting trip, Taishō." She turned and bowed the standing version of the saikeirei to Eri. "It is an honor to meet you, Shōshō."

Tachiko didn't have a reply for the praise, other than to blush and bow a few times in a row, much more shallowly. Her expression was one of utter disbelief, however, when she was told to sit at Katsuko's left, yet she obeyed instantly, taking her place. While Katsuko spoke to Yaichiro, Tachiko merely wrung the hands she had folded in her lap, staring at them intently with a blush of humility painting her anxious expression.

  • Yaichiro
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Yaichiro was more than surprised when Katsuko cast aside decorum and leaped over the meeting table to embrace him. He was soon in the Taisho's arms, embraced firmly. He'd expected her to continue tending to the bowing soldier, but apparently, she had other plans.

"Of course I came, Katsuko. All you had to do was ask." He answered, hugging back. He wasn't used to displays of affection, but it seemed to be the appropriate thing to do for her. Not so firm that she couldn't withdraw, but strong enough to reciprocate. "I must confess, though, that I wasn't exactly sure what to wear to something like this."

  • Blues
  • Tachi's @Fuji Hotel
"Oh, I don't know. He probably wouldn't have taken the shore leave at all without your mother prodding him with a duty to fulfill." Blues said, sipping the sake. He ate and drank at a more casual pace, not truly as hungry as the ravenous woman in front of him.

  • Eri
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room
As she was introduced, she gave Tachiko a small nod of the head though her arms remained crossed. "Welcome freezer pop, glad you finally made it home." She gave the girl a little smirk as Katsuko leaped over the table and flung herself at Yaichiro, a scowl crossing her face now for a second. I don't see what's so great about him... It seems like a pushover... Thankfully these thoughts were internalized, not shared with anyone, but to Tachiko she did share. "Chin up girl, back straight. You're sitting with the Motoyoshi, the only clan that could rival the Ketsurui if we wanted to try. We don't allow weakness, got it?"She turned her gaze from the reunion between Katsuko and Yaichiro to Tachiko now, her expression softening a little "If she brought you here, it's because she sees promise in you. Katsuko doesn't do things just because."

  • Katsuko
  • New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council Room

Katsuko fell deep into Yaichiro, her eyes locked on his and her cheeks flushed pink in response to what she had done; another leap of faith landed in contentment. She smiled and said quietly in response to his comment regarding his attire, "It looks good on you, but seeing your face is always a highlight in my day. Please take one of the larger seats at the table," she said before she turned around, letting go of him was a sad but required action for now. She quietly reminded him telepathically of the access card she had sent him for love day.

The Taisho returned her attention to Tachiko as she returned to her seat. "I was going to wait until the meeting officially started, but I feel we should have a chance to take care of a few things before everyone gets here so you can have a proper introduction to the clan," she said as she relaxed into the padded back of the chair at the head of the table. "Takeda-Hei, you completed your mission and have returned home. You are an inspiration, an example of loyalty and devotion to the Star Army and a loyal citizen of the Empire. It is something worth recognition and should be awarded the highest honors. So I have come up with two well-deserved awards for you," Katsuko explained, "The first, and the reason I invited you here, I would like to extend to you my offer to adopt you. To bring you into the Motoyoshi Clan as my daughter, and alongside your sister Kaoru you will help forge your younger and newer generation of our Clan and guide them towards the future." Katsuko glanced briefly towards Yaichiro and Eri and then back to Tachiko, "And the second, As Taisho of the First Expeditionary Fleet I hereby promote you to the rank of Shoi Kohosei, and that comes with your arranged acceptance into the Kyoto War College. Your training will be completed during active duty on the YSS Tokyo, under the command of your new sister, Motoyoshi Kaoru, Taisa..." Katsuko spoke briefly in an official manner, executing her power as a Taisho of the First Expeditionary Fleet.

It would be a lot for Tachiko to react to rightly and Katsuko waited for her response. It was then Katsuko realized she still had the black dress on from the shop where she and Eri had been earlier. It had kind of been an automatic thing to put it on after they were done, she inconspicuously pulled the tag off it and slipped under the table. "I'm still wearing this, I just realized. You didn't say anything!" she whispered to Eri's mind. She hoped Yaichiro had not noticed.

Taro and Ayano filtered into the council room and took their seats on the right side of the table, they remained engaged in quiet conversation catching up as they didn't want to disturb Katsuko's business with Tachiko. Ayano did give Tachi a slight nod, and a knowing smile in confidence. The Chujo also silently dismissed the update from their sister Motoyoshi-Hanabusa Chujo, that she would be late to the meeting due to a security concern.

  • Kaoru
  • Tachi's @Fuji Hotel

Kaoru ate as fast as she could without being completely rude. She could wield a pair of chopsticks nearly as well as she could her NSP, a probably worthless but entertaining talent nonetheless. "It looks like I am going to have to be the one to update your orders tonight, I need to find myself a decent clerk," she said as she took a break finally from the food and took a sip of her sake.

"Thank you, Blues," she said, giving gratitude for the food that she had craved since before they left the boat. It was still a shame that other things she craved were not so easily acquired. "We should probably finish up and head downstairs. Mother won't be happy if we're late," she said to him after a second.
  • Tachiko

With a nodding bow and a "Hai, Shōshō," Takeda Tachiko sat up, affecting an at-attention posture and taking another deep breath as she squared her shoulders. Chin up, back straight, exactly as she was told. It was just in time, bracing her for what had come next. Despite being forewarned of Katsuko's intentions, what she had just been told was overwhelming. It was happening, though it was no less surreal when it was merely something happening in the future.

"Taishō, my Empress, I must accept; there is no situation I can imagine where it would be appropriate to refuse this honor." For all of her meekly self-effacing quietude, Tachiko knew her etiquette. She was assigned a clan name when she came out of the tube, for whatever reason according to the incomprehensible Uesurayan algorithm baked deeply into the black box PNUgen had left Ketsurui. And it seemed that reason was to trade it in for a new one, losing that name as Takeda became a tributary, and, by Motoyoshi custom, was cast off. "I will serve as I am called."

  • Kazue
The ride towards the surface went smoothly, no issues there. The Chusa looked at her officers as Sui continued in and smiled softly “This is Motoyoshi area, please behave to their rules and wait in the main hall” She orders them as they both snap into attention with a salute followed. Kazue gave them a nod and followed on a quick pace Sui to the room they were supposed to go to. She felt nervous, it has been... forever since she had seen the whole clan together, was it really alright for her to be here? The whole walk her mind was occupied with it and it got blank the moment they got into the room.

Kazue could see from her eye corners that there were quite some members present already as her eyes were locked on Katsuko and a soft smile comes on her face. But her emotions disappeared as she made a slight bow to her to show respect “Chusa Motoyoshi Kazue reporting back from the frontline..”

  • Jessica

The elevator doors opened and the lobby for the New Motoyoshi Bakufu Council room was in front of her. The middle-aged Nepleslian woman looked out of place, soft signs of age held on her face and a crisp tan from being out in the Jiyuu sun for an extended period. She lacked that pristine perfect Minkans and Nekos had, she was out of place, to say the least. Ara was going to ask the woman if she was lost until she has seen the Motoyoshi mon lapel pin on the right side of the black business formal pantsuit the woman wore rather well. She smiled and gave a nod towards Ara before the aide could speak she did, "Thank you, no I don't need anything and I will show myself in," she said. She double-checked her short cut hazel-brown hair in one of the polished surfaces next to the door briefly and walked straight into the council room and took one of the twelve larger seats, not one of the less formal smaller ones.

Besides Yuka, she was one of the first Yugumo Corporation personnel to come to Jiyuu when the order was given. She could tell Katsuko was busy, but she made an effort to make eye contact and give a nod of respect. When she sat down she pulled out her datapad and started to upload various secured reports from the corporate database.
When Taro noticed the woman entire he stood up from his seat and excused himself from Ayano. The green-haired handsome Minkan moved into position beside her chair and leaned his back against the table to get a good look at her. He smiled, it was heartfelt and warm beyond his usual. "Jessica..." he said quietly, "It is so good to see you. I'm glad you could join us today." He knew Sui was going to have plenty to complain about, a sight to see for sure. This Nepleslian was a citizen of the Empire though, and truly a Motoyoshi, probably more than any of them knew. The veteran Shosho leaned in and gave her a hug which she returned. The woman's brother Corro Adlich had been one of the greatest men he had ever served with, the Captain had given his life at the battle of Murf so that they could escape.

  • Yaichiro and Blues

Yaichiro smiled, blushing ever so slightly at the mention of the access card and the attire she wore. Acknowledging both the said and the unsaid with a light nod, he allowed Katsuko to proceed to other business. Going to the table, he claimed one of the larger seats. Thoughts moved through his mind initially about if he deserved such a thing. If Katsuko would be offended if it picked one too far from her. If the clan would be offended if he tried to get too close. In the end, however, he simply picked one as instructed.

The meaning wasn't lost on him. Having him in one of these seats indicated her intention to elevate him to one of the highest places in her clan. Hesitating now would look bad.
"You're welcome." Blues responded with, paying the bill for them both and concluding his meal. He took out a mint and put it in his mouth, offering Kaoru one as well. They were just drinking a little, after all.

"You're right, of course. We should get down there. As my commanding officer, my tardiness would reflect on you badly if we arrive at the same time~" He teased gently. One of the amusing perks of being lower-ranked was that of how responsibility flowed. He stood, ready to head on down.

  • Eri

"Well I thought today was about making impressions, and you look amazing in it... The tag I honestly forgot about, but with the distractions of watching you get dressed can you blame me?" Eri responded in kind to Katsuko, a smirk on her face evident as her eyes flickered to her sister for the briefest of moments. They didn't linger long as she continued to observe Katsuko's business being dealt with. Promotions, elevations to vaunted positions within the clan, anyone at the table now or that would join later were people she would start to help Kat and her, so she needed to know the new faces.

While Tachiko was one new face, a forgotten soldier lost to time, she at least knew of Yaichiro through his dossier and accomplishments as both a captain and an inventor. Her teeth found the tip of her thumb for a few moments as she turned from the newcomers to space just in front of her as she pulled up whatever information she could find on the two, using a volumetric screen to read through. Her attention on the records that scrolled past her face, she still had an ear to the conversation at hand.

  • Tachiko

The Nepleslian woman's face wasn't entirely new to Tachiko, however. A Nekovalkyrja's digital mind never forgets a detail, and it was a mere fraction of a second before that face prompted her digitally-eidetic memory to overlay the right picture on top of that woman's. The resulting resemblance made Tachiko gasp quietly, but still aloud nonetheless. Whether she was violating some protocol or not, Tachiko instinctively reached out and put her hand on Katsuko's knee, giving it a panicked squeeze of alarm. Her eyes rotated from the elder Adlich's face, over to Katsuko's, with her heart pounding up into the back of her throat.

  • Katsuko

Katsuko nodded in affirmation of Tachiko's acceptance, the soldier was finally awarded for her actions and they would have to get to know each other better now. The Clan's leaders had started to arrive, and she couldn't help herself but to smile when Jessica took a seat, "Everyone this is Jessica Adlich, she's Corro's sister and is here because Yuka is unable to make it due to an important meeting regarding our Port Jiyuu development. Jessica and her family were made citizens when I was Empress for the bravery of her brother in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet." Katsuko dropped her right hand on top of Tachiko's and gave it a light squeeze. She had expected that reaction somehow.

"We will get started once Blues and Kaoru arrive," she said as other ranking members of the clan began to file into their seats including Bando and Taru, who sat together on the far side of the table near the door. Eri's words were flattering, to say the least, it flushed her cheeks slightly as she was complimented. The Taisho cleared her throat, and announced, "We will get started in a few moments if everyone could be seated and be quiet so we can get everything in order. We have a fleet to get back to and things are moving rather quickly," she said. It was time to get things started.

"Kazue, it is good to have you home. We will get caught up on things soon," she said as she began sorting through the meeting agenda.

  • Kaoru

Kaoru was quiet during the elevator ride down, she smiled briefly at Blues when the elevator doors opened up into the lobby and she led him into the council room to the table. She sat on the right side at the end next to Jessica and motioned Blues towards one of the smaller seats next to her. "Mother," she regarded Katsuko and then went quiet as her mother was bringing them to order.

  • Sui

Sui entered behind Blues and Kaoru, she didn't say anything as she took her seat but if looks could have killed she would have taken out Eri right then, her eyes narrowed as she focused on her there sitting beside Katsuko like some kind of Queen. The entire situation made Sui so mad she had selected to depart for Nemesis Bastion that night instead of staying the overnight with the rest of the Clan. The volumetric screen to her right activated and she quietly reviewed her files.

  • Kazue

Nodding slowly to the casual response of Katsuko, Kazue blinked and looked around for a seat seeing most smaller seats were taken. She shrugs and sees a spot free at... at the big table?! Kazue hums to herself a Sita down at the table as if the chair was going to explode. She leans backward feeling uncomfortable by it as she waits for the meeting to start.

  • Blues and Yaichiro
Blues seated himself were indicated by Kaoru and noted that Yaichiro was already present. The two brothers nodded to one another in acknowledgment and understanding. Both had been 'tagged' by one of the Motoyoshi women. Of course, neither said anything.

Blues was a bit surprised to see Yaichiro in one of the larger chairs though. It carried with it...certain potential implications.

  • Tachiko

Tachiko bowed her head in respect after Jessica was introduced. There was a knot in her throat, but she finally managed to release her death grip on Katsuko's knee and compose herself enough to address Jessica. "Adlich-san, I am T- ah, I am Motoyoshi Tachiko. I was the Chief Medical Officer of the YSS Yukika." She rose from her bow. "It is my deepest honor to meet you." She tried to smile, Tachiko did. She could only hope it seemed genuine, and not just a mask for the pounding heart that wanted to just break down into tears. Tachiko had only just recently learned of Corro's fate, after all. She's had only days to grieve.

  • Eri

Eri couldn't help the small smirk that came over her face as she eyed Katsuko's blush. It felt good, felt nice to feel back at home next to her, yet she let the smirk fall away as Tachiko made her heartfelt introduction to the Nepleslian woman. She could sense there was some history there, but that was something for later. She simply sat back and watched everything as it unfolded, watched the newcomers enter including Kaoru and Blues. She knew little about the man, something to surely ask Katsuko about later.

But then she entered, and Eri couldn't help it. The venom in Sui's eyes was like an elixir from the heavens there to cure any concerns or issues she may have with this meeting and all the new people. She raised an eyebrow as slowly, ever so slowly a Cheshire grin crossed her face to show her pearly whites. She took a moment to truly drink it in before she sat back in her seat and puffed her chest out a little. Sui had Taro, she had won there... But Eri felt she had truly won as she sat at the side of Katsuko. She lifted her chin just slightly, enough to play into that image of a queen that Sui saw and looked down her nose just the tiniest bit at the woman. To top it all off, she gave Sui a small finger wave as she walked to her seat before she leaned her chin into her hand to watch the Neko.

  • Katsuko, etc.

Jessica smiled slightly and nodded to Tachiko, "It is an honor to meet you as well." The Nepleslian woman was not rude, but for now, she didn't want to see Katsuko's meeting interrupted by anything. She would have to seek the newly promoted cadet out later, there was a lot she felt that asking would help her journey of grief that had stretched for over ten years.

Katsuko looked between Eri and Sui and just shook her head, "Alright time to get underway. We're going to start with the official reformation of the Motoyoshi Bakufu for the leadership of our clan. Those of you who are now seated in the chairs, save for Miho and Yuka whom Jessica is here in place of, the twelve of you are my selection for the leadership of the new Bakufu. We have to see the clan into this new era, united and in the service of the Empire. Yaichiro, I know you're sitting there questioning but we will speak later, you arrived a bit late for us to discuss details and we have a lot to go over." Katsuko's words were given in a sincere tone, she stood up from her chair as the volumetric projection in the center of the tablespace shifted to the logo of the Yugumo Corporation.

"Last year, and this year we have begun to launch massive infrastructure projects both related and unrelated to the Star Army across the Outer Colonies. We've delivered on our promises to the hard-working resource industry in Siren and Shugosha and we continue to expand our operations. The main thing I wanted to touch on here, is that I think we're making headway when it comes to these projects. Gensou and Koukotsu have been selected for the next restoration projects. As we predicted..." she paused for a second as the statistics shifted, "...as we've worked to restore the local economy and employment, the level of insurgency has dropped over sixty percent and is continuing to decline. We've attributed the substantial decline also to the now solid presence of the First Expeditionary Fleet patrols," she explained as she stopped behind Tachiko's chair.

Katsuko wanted to give the full information on the overall progress before she continued, "We're in process of restoring PAINT routes, have added the Starchaser III to our civilian fleet and have given the people mobility again. We plan to maintain the older models of the ships which can be used in the event of a wide-scale evacuation, with this war, I don't think I need to weigh on any of you with the importance of our protection and preparation for disaster in this sector." The readout information switched again. "Ventures like Tachi's and Takeda House have proven very successful, which gives us an opportunity for market entry across the Empire. I'm very proud of Tachiko's contributions, and while I have not had a chance to eat at one of her establishments, I am sure I will shortly. I'd like to encourage all of you to consider venture projects geared towards the civilian market this year, it is up to us to improve the lifestyle and stimulate the new Imperial-bound culture in this region." This finally put out her first major point of the meeting. "Refugees are coming home, when they are home they are no longer refugees, they are citizens and they chose this as their home. Our mindset must be towards the permanent and not the temporary. We have colonies under construction, cities being rebuilt, but it is little things like a simple place to eat or a service restored that has been absent during the recovery phases that are shown to make an impact," she explained.

"Is there anything that any of you would like to add, in brief, before I continue?" she asked as she slid back into her chair.

Looking around the room and the table as she was one of those that were sitting at one of the chairs. Kazue was confused and looked at Katsuko "Hmmm if I may...there must be a mistake, the Motoyoshi Bakufu are the leading figures of this clan. I believe that I am sitting wrong if this is the case? I don't know how I would be even able to honor this position, only selective people with this honor should receive this" Kazue was confused as she only served the frontline for so long and now she was sitting in this spot.

Yaichiro quietly waited, after nodding an acknowledgment to Katsuko's recognition of his confusion, not having anything new to contribute. Sunflower Corporation was working as expected. He was confused but paid close attention.

Blues were also silent, simply sitting in a small seat and listening. There was nothing to do for the two men but be there to support their respective allies in the room...

Tachiko just smiled at Jessica in return for the acknowledgment, and her death-grip on Katsuko's knee and thigh finally relaxed completely. She shook her head in response to Katsuko's question and tried not to die of overstimulation as her hero, and apparently, now mother stood directly behind her and praised the businesses she had stood up entirely by remote communications barely months prior. This new world was incredible to Tachiko.

"Taishō, really, I just uploaded some of my recipes to my FARS, and the next thing I knew it had purchased a pair of Mimic Computers, who purchased more, who had then set up two restaurant chains!" Tachiko demurred, blushing.

"The Taisho does not make mistakes when it comes to personnel. If you're here, it is for a reason. She sees something in you." Eri spoke up in regards to Kazue, giving her a once over and the same small speech she had given Tachiko in her moments of doubt. She had little to nothing to report, most of her work now void back in her old fleet. She hadn't been back with the first for too long and was getting settled in but she crossed her arms and began to try and formulate ways to help. "Something that always helps to take people's mind off problems at large is sports. While I know we have Arial football teams on the major flagships, I feel we should push and promote them in colonies and the like. Perhaps look into starting some leagues and host tournaments."

"If desired, I can try to get such things to air on Nishitama Television. Officially, I have a 30% stake in the company which is just a hair less than the Board of Directors. Unofficially...I own 50% due to some anonymous shares the company decided to sell. Keeps enemy propaganda off the network, but makes it appear to have more public ownership than just 19%." Yaichiro admitted a bit sheepishly. He had been one step away from taking over the company nearly since its inception. It was just best to keep that measure in his back pocket for appearances' sake.

Katsuko smiled as Tachiko spoke up, she just joined them and there she was showing them she was fearless again, "It is only the beginning of our culinary lines, which I expect you will continue to excel." She let Eri handle Kazue when it came to who was chosen and who was not she didn't make any errors and that was a fact. The Taisho stood back up and paced slowly back and forth as she responded to her sister, "Eri, you should contact the regional government in Motoyoshi-cho and see if you can arrange some of Tokyo's districts to form cooperatives and teams together. If we start it in Tokyo, it should spread quickly to the other colonies." She nodded slowly as Yaichiro added his piece, "You could NTV pickup the broadcasting contract for the games all over the colonies, it would help fund the public programs there. We also should figure out a new format for MBNN before we relaunch it...." her words trailed off and the look on her face faded as she stared towards the door, her jaw unhinged slightly.

In the doorway to the council room, Tio stood in front of Miho. He had an eye that was still black and blue but that was not what had Katsuko's attention. Nor was the green-haired woman that was cuffed and restrained that Tio shoved down towards the opening at the front of the table. Tio was wearing a Star Army uniform, the rank pin of Shoi Kohosei in place, "Shoi, Motoyoshi Tio reporting for duty, Tiasho.." he said as he only strayed his gaze from his mother to look down briefly at Tange Akari as she struggled on the floor.

"Sorry to interrupt," Hanabusa-Chujo said to Katsuko as a knowing smile stretched across her face. She could only imagine the shocking thoughts that passed through her sister's minds as they saw Tio standing there in uniform, it was his choice though.

"I'll get to work on that, Katsuko--" Yaichiro said, but stopped abruptly.

As one, Blues and Yaichiro drew their NSPs and aimed at the woman. Blues' eyes were slightly wilder in recognition and anger, while Yaichiro's were colder. Though their reactions were the same, to keep a weapon on that woman at all times, their thoughts were different...

After all, this was one of Blues' wardens from his time as a prisoner.

Sitting backward quietly and only nodding to Eri explanation as Kazue took a deep breath and lets it sink in. Just listening to all that is being said in the room and waits what else of surprises are coming.

Tachiko was already in front of Katsuko. She had merely to stand up to interpose her body between the Taishō and any perceived danger, and she did so instinctively, kicking the chair to the side and drawing her weapon. She backed up a bit, until her rump made contact with Katsuko behind her, standing tall to cover as much of Katsuko's body with her own as possible. Tachiko's form was excellent, as she held the NSP forward in the ready position, not training it on anyone in particular, yet, but ready to do so with a mere adjustment of her wrists. She kept using her body to feel where Katsuko was behind her, and ensure she was providing as much cover with her slender body as possible. "Taishō!" Eventually, she met eyes with Tio. A blush rose to her cheeks as she tried to fight down the thought of "wow, he is handsome," and be professional- she had to protect Katsuko at any cost, from any threat.

Eri nodded as she heard her sister make the comments about getting in touch with the regional government, already making notes and starting a few emails to reach out to the government. She had begun to think up team names, regions to base teams in, getting them in at a younger age also to help grow the sport from the ground up. She had begun to figure up expenses for field creation, uniforms and equipment before the doors opened to show Tio and Hanabusa, who was roughly tossed to the floor. Everyone else was a flurry of movement and action yet Eri remained seated, arms and legs still crossed. She was the picture of cool though the inside was a different situation. She seethed with rage over the woman before them and already she had begun to prep her body to sprout tentacles. She wanted nothing more than to rip the woman apart on the floor and be done with it, to get the trash from the room so they could continue to plan but she waited. The only real outward sign of anything from Eri was the narrowing of her eyes and her fists clenching a little.

"She's bound. She's not going anywhere." Miho said as she stepped in front of Tio and grabbed Akari by the back of the neck. "She has something she wants to tell you, Katsuko." She grabbed a little harder which made Akari squeak and wince under the grip of the much stronger Neko. She cried tears streamed down her face as she looked up only to see numerous NSPs pointed in her face.

Tio walked to one of the smaller seats at the table after Katsuko nodded in his direction. The volumetric projection in the center of the table was deactivated as that the Tange in the room was not to be privy as to the details of the rest of the meeting. Ayano and Sui both had stood up and had drawn their NSPs as well, they were also the first to holster and sit back down.

Taro spoke up, "Put your weapons away. Miho has her under control." It was the first time in a long time he deployed such an authority, Katsuko had yet to get to the part about his role in the clan but it had already been discussed. He was not Star Army anymore, they didn't have to listen to him.

Akari looked up towards Katsuko and Eri, sniffling as she spoke quietly, "Kiyoko is hell-bent on revenge, she wants you dead and she's going to great lengths to see that happen. She's made friends with a rich...Kuvexian," she sniffled and whined a bit as Miho's grip was like a vice on the back of her neck. "He's very powerful, very cruel and they are trying to lure you out to go after them. Misato...shot herself, she tried to warn us but there isn't anything we can do. We follow orders or we die, or worse they torture us." Miho released her grip and Akari fell back to the floor face first.

Tachiko half-obeyed, lowering her weapon but not holstering it. With one hand free, she put her arm out, back and to the side, protectively, stepping forward as she looked over the same shoulder at Katsuko for confirmation. She did not, however, consider it appropriate to cease interposing her body as a shield between Katsuko and the commotion until directed to do so with no ambiguity by Katsuko herself. There were plenty of guns in the room, but it was only her body that was in the right position to take any hurts in the Taishō's place.

Yaichiro reacted similarly, but Blues did not lower his weapon. The young man had a look in his eye that indicated anger and surprise, the memories of his trauma part of the situation.

"She's in the same room as we are, and she's breathing. That's enough reason to keep the gun on her." The man said in response.

Maybe, just maybe...Kazue was the only one not holding her hand over her weapon. She knew that it would become a blood bath if everyone started to shoot, the friendly fire would happen quite fast. But Kazue took in the information and knew that torture was the word that caught her attention "What kind of torture...you don't have to go in detail but to give us all a general idea what kind of person we are dealing with" She stated quite formal.

"The torture tends to be applied while actively updating the ST backup so that we could feel ourselves die and remember every moment," Blues said, still glaring at the woman on the floor in front of him. It was a look that held no pity that she was fearful of being on the receiving end this time. "Exposure to hard vacuum. Decapitation. Vivisection. Amputation. Forced cannibalism. I could go on."

Katsuko walked around the outside of the table, she nodded after Taro spoke in agreement with what he said. She lightly put her hand on Miho's wrist and drew the Chujo's hand back. She looked down at Tange Akari, "Your sister just tried to kill me a few hours ago. You killed someone close to my son's heart and you took shots at my grandson. I don't care if you have remorse about the plans you or your clan have bought into. You came into the Empire and you tried to kill the people I love on one of my worlds. So, if you want to continue breathing I would take some time and collect yourself so you're not shaking like a leaf, lay on the floor of a brig cell and compile everything you know about this rich Kuvexian, my daughter and the whereabouts of the rest of your sisters," she stated as she crouched down beside her. Her fingers combed back through the woman's green hair before she grabbed it and yanked her head back. "While you're there you can thank your original creators for the new policies that now prevent us from ending your fucking existence after you've surrendered. Also, I'm still not afraid, just in case you ever see your siblings again..." she said as she let go of the Tange female's hair then stood up and added to what Blues said, "Kiyoko is a cruel and demented little woman. If she's found herself in league with the Kuvexians it is more than likely we're headed into a trap when we go out there. Those of us in the First Expeditionary Fleet will discuss this in more detail in our briefing," she pointed to Blues. "Go with Miho, secure the prisoner until transport to Tokyo can be arranged. We're taking her with us."

Katsuko circled back around the table, "Can we get back to business now?" she asked, and sat down in her chair despite the fact her cold steel eyes were still focused on the Tange woman. She had some words for Tio to but that could wait until after they were through more of what they had to cover.

Tachiko sat when Katsuko sat. Blues's explanation had left her a little unsettled, and added to the trembling that the thrill of a potential threat had left in its wake after passing. She took a deep breath to further steel herself and looked over to Katsuko beside her. Being this close to such a heroic was enough to set her to resolve, just as it had when Tachiko had leaped to her feet to shield Katsuko with her own body.

"Hai, Taisho. My apologies, Taisa. Duty calls." Blues said, obliging while recognizing that he was leaving Kaoru behind. That NSP maintained the threat of a swift end, the man never once considering the Tange anything less than dangerous as long as she wasn't in the care of a cell. Yaichiro's eyes never left the woman until the door was shut. He'd personally pursued the very laws blocking Katsuko from murdering the woman now...an interesting irony
Eri remained where she sat as she watched the others. She leaned on one of the arms of her chair, eyes still on the Tange but she spoke to Katsuko. "I've already got a few drafts of messages to the broadcasting companies, as well as some ideas for possible other stations to get in. The more we can broadcast, the better we can do. Perhaps different levels of skills on different channels or more games televised at once." She tried to steer the conversation and attention back to the task at hand.

Yaichiro pondered, considering new ways to make the idea take off. "We could pair it with a game for the VCE, the Kiosk Console Line, or both. High detailed scans of the arenas and players, add and update new players every year as computer-generated teammates, even implement a 'replay' mode to use the program to replay representations of real games from the past at any angle. Could even have hypothetical matchups between teams of different eras or a hodge-podge of players on a user's 'dream team' of sorts. There are a lot of options."

Staying quietly in her chair as Katsuko spoke up about the whole situation and wanting to go back to the business. She let the others talk as her mind was a bit off wondering what the status was of the frontline, Wakaba could have taken down a few enemy ships and it made her narrow her eyes a bit as she looked back at Katsuko "I do wonder..." She finally spoke "What our clan is going to do in regards to contributing towards the Kuvexian War, I mean economical business is all good and well, but not up to my alley" Kazue spoke a bit bluntly.

Katsuko waited until the room was clear; Miho, Blues and their prisoner departed. The Taisho was fired up, to say the least, she seethed with anger but it barely showed and depending on the perspective that was either a very good thing or a bad thing. Katsuko glanced briefly towards Yaichiro, she didn't say anything but she didn't feel she had to either. As Eri, Yaichiro, and Kazue delivered their suggestions and questions she glanced down only once to check something on her communicator. She nodded, "I trust that you will do what needs to be done with that Eri." She looked back to Yaichiro and responded to what he said, "You should contact Eidan, we've given him control of Yugumo Vending and Entertainment as a starter he is very ambitious. I'm sure he would enjoy the chance to give some input on any kind of game being developed." Kazue's question was a little different, the first part of Katsuko's response had to be some kind of inner forgiveness of the new Taisa's possibly short-sighted position that was maybe symptomatic of having kept her too far from the core of the family for too long. "Currently Kazue our extensive mining and refinery operations in the region are all geared towards the war. We've also been awarded the contract to design the new B6 Battleship for the Star Army. You've been away a little while, but I'm sure we will find you apart of the business to have your hands in as well," she said and gave her best attempt to conceal the emotions that were going on behind it.

"Is there anything else anyone would like to bring to the table before we officially end this session?" Katsuko asked.

Eri simply nodded to Katsuko's words as she fell into a smooth comfortable position she was used to, at Kat's side and working with her. She finished up what little bit she still had left but shook her head. "I have nothing for the moment Katsuko-Taisho."

"I... I have something to say, Taishō..." Tachiko had not yet sat back down after the ruckus had subsided, and still stood in front of her chair. "Ah..." she trembled a little, not just with anxiety about addressing the group of luminaries with her own, somewhat meek nature, but also with the emotional weight of what she was about to say. "Well..."

Tachiko inhaled deeply, taking a moment to compose herself, and then used the knowledge granted by her newly-acquired systems update to activate the projector. The night sky above Tokyo was projected above as the lights dimmed, in perfect, intricate detail. Tachiko stepped around the table and to the center of the room where the captured Tange was sprawled only moments before and pointed.

"We're under thirty-five light-years from Taiie. It was destroyed almost thirteen years ago. That light right there is Taiie. In another twenty or so, there will be a bright flash in that part of the sky, then it will be gone. We must keep reaching out, even further, so that there is always a world we can stand on and look to the sky and still see Taiie there."

She was about to leave to let the information all sink in as Tachiko wanted to say and show something. Kazue sits back in her chair and blinks and nods slowly.

Yaichiro said nothing more, though he gave Katsuko a nod indicating that she was heard. It was awkward for him to speak after Tachiko since he lacked any attachments to Taiie, but he understood the weight of the matter to the others at the table. The man allowed the sentiment to sink into the others, tilting his head forward slightly in reverence. He had no right to speak on this matter.

Katsuko stared at the projection, the image of Taiie on the screen held her silent before she was able to consider speaking again. There was a lot that surged through her mind, for her the image on that screen was a bleeding hole in her heart and it represented everything she was working against when it came to protecting Jiyuu. "We do need to keep reaching outward, war providing we never face those horrors again," the Taisho swallowed hard and glanced over briefly at Sui who was already up from her seat and headed towards the door. Katsuko did what Taichiko had done earlier, she reached out with her right hand and squeezed the knee of her new daughter. "T-thank you, I know everyone here believes that the Empire should keep expanding and that we should be a driving force behind it," she stood up and gave a nod, "This session is dismissed."