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RP Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Was in Cryogenic Stasis for More than Thirteen Years? Episode 0


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RP Date
New Year's Eve, YE 41
RP Location
YSS Eucharis
Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Was in Cryogenic Stasis for More than Thirteen Years?

Life is hard for an NH-17. One moment you're on the first team in the breach, knee deep in tentacled horror in what used to be a friendly ship, the next you're naked on a medical table and you're learning you missed the entire '30's.

Episode 0: Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say We're Counting with a Zero-Based Index?

YSS Eucharis, Medical Center
New Year's Eve, YE41

"...Office of Public Affairs has no more information on the Kuvexian element responsible for the cowardly attack on Miu at this time. Back to you." The talking heads on the newsfeed continued discussing things Takeda Tachiko, formerly of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet couldn't possibly understand at this point in her processing of the situation. She sat back on the berth, draping the pathetic hospital sheet across her obsolete form. Those talking heads started discussing New Year's Eve, and it began to occur to Tachiko that New Year's Eve, YE28 was the last clear memory she had. It was almost as if the time between her shore leave for the holiday party, and getting sealed in the stasis tube of a shuttle, injured and clutching the remaining balance of the Fleet's mission was just as gone as the time actually spent in the stasis pod.

"Forty-two," Tachiko repeated to herself, once the pleasantries with the Chujo were over and she was once again alone with her thoughts, her aching damaged body, and the bleeps and pings of unfamiliar medical equipment playing a mechanical symphony around her. She was fascinated by every little advance in medtech, no matter how small, but the leaps and bounds of the last near-decade-and-a-half has rendered the object of her borderline obsessive interest alien and disconcerting. "Teal uniforms, Type 33..." Despite knowing she was locked out of PANTHEON, she kept retrying to sync her biocomputer's internal clock as if it were some sort of game that might have a different outcome if she did it again.

In quiet, yet anxious reflection, Tachiko awaited word on her appointment for "Soul Transfer." The ship apparently had the facilities. This was the body Tachiko was born with, and it was more than a bit disturbing to think of her consciousness vacating it. Even if she was trained to use such a machine herself; she couldn't help but wonder if it too would be uncanny and disquieting in its futuristic condescension. For the first time ever, Tachiko began to question the nature of her identity. Sure she had repeated the Koans with her Zen teachers, about the illusory self. It was another thing altogether to be faced with the prospect of actually putting it to the test. "Is it the same as death," she wondered aloud to herself. "Nothing to do but wait for the medic to return." Tachiko returned to meditation as best as she could, trying to transcend the pain of her malfunctioning systems like the samurai and monks she so admired.
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