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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Was in Cryogenic Stasis for More than Thirteen Years? Episode 2


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RP Date
2日 1月, YE 42
RP Location
YSS Eucharis
Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Was in Cryogenic Stasis for More than Thirteen Years?

Life is hard for an NH-17. One moment you’re lying down on an MTBU table, the next minute, you aren’t even an NH-17 anymore.

Episode 2: Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say My Former Commanding Officer Has a Special Assignment for Me?

YSS Eucharis, Medical Center
2日 1月, YE 42

Flames. Orders being shouted over battle cries and the screams of the wounded. Red emergency lighting, or is it fire? Tentacles. Can’t drop the case. Can’t drop the case. It hurts. Pain with Pleasure. Can’t drop the case. Having a child?

Suddenly, the world began to exist for Takeda Tachiko, sensory input seeming to come from all directions at once before resolving to a familiar viewpoint. The nightmare was ripped away by consciousness returning, but Tachiko wasn’t waking up from sleep. She was beginning to exist. It was a familiar sensation, even if a Nekovalkyrja only ever experiences it once, as the first thing she’s ever felt. The world outside was distorted like a funhouse mirror, and it took a moment for Tachiko to realize it was being refracted through thick, curved glass and a half-meter of hemosynth. Within the Reconstruction Tube, Tachiko began to flail, trying to scream but unable to through the viscous fluid. For her newly-minted brain, it was like she was back in the stasis pod again. Panic ensued, overriding her warrior instincts and military training.

The medic on duty didn't immediately notice the struggling Tachiko in the tube, as Izokia was occupied with the control unit, inputting the last of the necessary data and closely analyzing the resulting output. It is one of the orderly drones, their patient restraint protocols activated by the sounds and movement, that tip her off something is up. Izokia begins to look up, then finally turned towards the panicked Tachiko when an Emma unit, alerted wirelessly by the orderlies, entered the room and raises the alarm. Izokia turned to face the reconstruction tube, and didn't hesitate, activating the drain and opening the front so the Emma, flanked by the assisting orderly drones, could catch Tachiko as she fell forward.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, the transfer was a success! We’re here for you, Tachiko.” Izokia’s words were calm, gentle, and soothing as the Emma cradled the half-panicked Tachiko like a child, petting her wet hair and naked back and shoulders while cooing soft reassurances. “We’ve never done a 17 to 33 upgrade here on the ship,” Izokia begins to explain as Tachiko begins to calm down, “So it went a little differently. We had to put you in the body as we constructed it, like a new youngling, rather than transfer you afterwards.” Both tables were empty, however, as her previous body had already been removed before Tachiko awakened. The old Type-17 body’s fantastic ability to heal itself had been severely compromised by Mishhuvurthyar chemicals and extended cryonic stasis- seeing one’s own body in such a state would be disconcerting to a healthy, stable Nekovalkyrja, used as they were to regeneration. In Tachiko’s fragile mental state, it would have been devastating.

The Emma and one of the orderlies help Tachiko to one of the examination tables in the main room of the medical bay and help her sit up on the edge. After a moment, her connection to PANTHEON was restored and all of the networked information flooded into her brain like hemosynth into the reconstruction tube. Her internal clock finally synced and the date floated in her mind. The second day of the year forty-two; it was then more than just a number she repeated to herself. It was the now. With the evidence of her thirteen-year gap in memory naked before her mind’s eye, the weight of it finally landed and Tachiko began trembling, hands shaking as she somehow went even more pale than her usual lunar-white skin tone.

After a brief checkup, where the medic has Tachiko perform some basic neurological-testing exercises to ensure she can adapt to a five-fingered hand and recite some of the Star Army history and customs she was taught in training, Izokia smiled warmly. “Well, Hei Takeda, it seems the upgrade was successful. I never thought I would end up working on a Type-17. I never thought I would even see one!” She put a comforting hand on Tachiko’s shoulder. “We’ll let you get dressed while I go see about your temporary cabin assignment.”

Once again, Tachiko was alone with her thoughts. Her biocomputer mind raced, even for its quantum-fast rate of thought, when suddenly her SACN uplink began pinging repeatedly. Orders.

“Jōtō Hei Takeda Tachiko, in accordance with the repeal of the Living Property Act, you are granted self-determination effective immediately upon completion of upgrade to NH-33 Tennyo.”

That was something new. Tachiko filed that one away until she's in a better state to process it.

“Jōtō Hei Takeda Tachiko, report to Ship’s Logistics for Standard Issue.”
“Jōtō Hei Takeda Tachiko, fill out request for accumulated pay in lieu of missed Prestige while MIA.”
“Jōtō Hei Takeda Tachiko, fill out request for personal effects held in custody while MIA.”
“Jōtō Hei Takeda Tachiko, fill out request for Occupational Specialty issue items.”

“Jōtō Hei Takeda Tachiko, you have been assigned Cabin 009-A.”

After mentally replying over the network with requests to complete all of the items in her list, Tachiko stood, finally effortless in her new body, and activated her new holo-projection system by instinct to garb herself in an illusory yukata. Equally instinctively, she followed her internal map of the ship to the Logistics and Supply desk by the armory to receive the brand new issue for the new year from a very helpful Emma. She returned the Emma’s gracious bow and headed directly to her designated cabin. Getting into the brand-new Type 41 uniform, Tachiko holstered the familar-yet-new Type 33 pistol on her utility belt and checked herself in the mirror. “The same, yet completely different,” she thought to herself.

“Jōtō Hei Takeda Tachiko, you have a new message via SACN. For your eyes only.”

One of Tachiko’s eyebrows raised and she opened the message in her mind. Immediately, tears began welling in the corners of her deep brown eyes as she was overcome by emotion. “...Taisho,” she sniffled aloud to herself as she sat up straight, proudly, and tried her best not to cry as she finished her reply.

...Eternally Vigilant, Forever Forwards,” her best efforts were for naught, tears streaming down her face as she finished her reply and signed it, then sent it into the void. Hei Takeda, Tennyo, laid down on her bunk, fully outfitted for duty, and cried herself back to sleep.

She dreamt of nothing but a great Hinomaru floating in her mindscape like the sun of a planet orbiting a red giant, comforting and warm above the word, “Classified.”
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