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RP Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Was in Cryogenic Stasis for More than Thirteen Years? Episode 3


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RP Date
3-8日 1月, YE 42
RP Location
Ge-E1-1b Tenba Transporter Flight 421, Yamatai to Jiyuu III
Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Was in Cryogenic Stasis for More than Thirteen Years?

Life is hard for an NH-17. One moment you're an NH-33, the next minute, you realize that nothing much has changed.

Episode 3: Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Can Easily Afford My Own Interstellar Luxury Yacht (and Have Plenty Left Over)?

The orders had come down almost immediately after Tachiko replied to her former commander, though she did not see them until she awoke from the empty sleep, devoid of dreams but also of nightmares, that she had cried herself into. Wiping the sleep and remnants of her crying spell from her deep brown eyes, Tachiko sat up and stretched, yawning. Orders, of an immediate nature, began pinging her computer-mind after detecting she was fully roused from sleep, like a clock that waits until you're up to sound its alarm. Tachiko let her eyes close as she read the message inside her head. "Special Assignment. First Expeditionary Fleet. Motoyoshi Kaoru. Jiyuu jo," Tachiko repeated the salient portions of her orders aloud to herself. The FARS she had requisitioned deployed once the orders went through, and apparently having entered her room before she woke, beeped and burbled to her in electronic fashion with some urgency– its emoticon set had not yet been initialized, but Tachiko replied aloud, despite their electronic connection. "If that's the earliest transport, put in for travel, yes, thank you." Tachiko bowed to the floating drone while thanking it, receiving another, deeper beep in reply. "Yes, I'll set up your emoticon module, right away."

The next few days after reawakening in her new body were a carousel-like blur of medical checkups, equipment issue, and the very basics of education and experience with the ins-and-outs of the Type-33 Nekovalkyrja for Tachiko. It was not dissimilar to the initial training occupying her first days of existence, and an eerily apt parallel to the nightmarish version of her birth that she had experienced in the tube. The culminating event ended in the click of a handcuff around her left wrist, and aggregated diamond nanorods secured the hermetically-sealed, armored briefcase in Tachiko's custody.

"Regulations state that a Classified Courier must always have their dominant hand free to draw their service weapon." The prim, somewhat translucent image of a Nekovalkyrja appeared in crisp, impeccable, but rank-less Type-35 dress with the mint-green panel of a Star Army administrator. This holographic soldier was also prone to reciting the applicable regulation for nearly every situation that Tachiko encountered. Tachiko secretly hoped the budding emotional intelligence in the drone, specially downloaded from the extended list rather than one the drone shipped with, would outgrow such an annoying habit.

"It's free, Sayako." Tachiko rested her hand on the butt of the service pistol holstered at her right hip, testing her reach for a draw. It sat low and rearward on the reauthorized belt of her bodysuit uniform. Once she realized they had been reauthorized, Tachiko had requisitioned an issue. She felt much more comfortable in the familiar, older uniform than the alien current issue. A few things were different, yes: a color here, some material there– but they were nice touches. She was especially pleased by the authorization of jika-tabi instead of the standard boots. Such traditional Yamataian touches always satisfied a mind that seemed primed to adore the culture in highest esteem. The rugged field jacket, worn open over it felt like a particularly nice touch, and Tachiko had spent some time observing herself in the mirror with a focus she'd previously only reserved for a new kimono. "I'll have to thank her for reciting the new uniform regulations, though," thought Tachiko as she adjusted the jacket and belt to clear her draw.

"Hei Takeda, Flight 421 to Gemini Star Fortress is arriving in one hour, please proceed to the departure terminal."

"Thank you, Sayako." The name had come from Tachiko pronouncing the "SAOY" in "FARS SAOY" aloud as a word, rather than an acronym, and evolved from there. Tachiko's grip tightened around the handle of the briefcase, and she began walking to the terminal carrying the summation of Yamatai's mission in the Taiie system to deliver it to the former commander of that mission, in person. The entirety of the surveys of the geology, oceans, and atmospheres of the planets of the system, and, most precious of all, the genomes of the now-otherwise-extinct flora and fauna of Taiie IV were all in the case. What of them the scientists of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet had been able to catalog before evacuating, that is.

"Kochira Koso. It is my pleasure to assist you."

Less than two hours later, Tachiko was boarding the Tenba Transporter that would bear her precious cargo to its destination, along with other personnel on orders to Jiyuu. She made herself as comfortable as possible in her seat, the case settled in her lap and Sayako settled atop it. Just as the ship approached the safe distance to activate its Continuum Distortion Drive, Tachiko was alerted yet again by an official notification.

"Hei Takeda," Sayako announced aloud, unecessarily, "Your backpay in lieu of missed prestige has arrived. Five-hundred, twenty-nine thousand Kikyo Satsu have been deposited in your account."

Ears up at attention and eyes just as wide, Tachiko nods to the projected image of Sayako looking down at her from the aisle, speechless and breathless for a moment before croaking out, "I- I could afford a starship with this. I don't have any idea what I could do with this kind of money all at once!"

"Hei Takeda, do you know how to fly a starship?" Sayako leaned forwards, hologram hands on her equally holographic hips, the stern, accusatory posture and mien of an accountant or insurance adjuster perhaps more intimidating than that of an interrogator.

"No?" Tachiko squeaked, surprised the drone took her exclamation for serious intent.

"Well, then, you'll need to hire, or rather purchase crew, as I recommend an advanced, but subsentient drone crew to assist the ship's AI. It is the most effective way to conserve funds. Essentially anything is within this budget. I will put together a report, with your permission, Hei Takeda." Sayako sounded almost excited for a chance to do some paperwork. Perhaps she was already evolving.

Tachiko blinked, now earnestly entertaining the idea of a starship. "That sounds good, Sayako. Thank you." At the very least it might occupy the droid for a respite, however short it may be, was Tachiko's hope.

"Kochira Koso. It is my pleasure to assist you," the drone repeats. Its emotional intelligence still had some room for evolution. As the volumetric projection of her assistant drone's avatar disappeared, another message came in. Sayako had found a buyer for the salvage Tachiko had won in the giveaway lottery during Year-End Traditions. As the numbers in her account rolled up, adding zero after zero, Tachiko's eyes widened, eyebrows disappearing beneath the fringe of her bangs. She didn't even have time to gasp before the transport folded into hyperspace.
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