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Closed Expand & Improve Our Random Generators

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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Today I was looking at Google Search Console and for search queries that are driving traffic to Star Army a huge portion of them are related to the site's random generators. Getting better Google results can significantly get more people on the site. This suggestion is that Star Army should "lean in" to these trends by improving those generators (e.g. more options and better results) and find ways to show all these people seeing the pages that this is an RP community looking for members. This also might be a good place to place ads.

Visitors really seem to like:
  • Random ethnicity generator <--- somehow drives more traffic to us than our site's name and is the #2 and #3 top query
  • Body measurements generator or anything related to body shape, body type, breast size, bra size, BWH, etc
  • Random injury generator
  • Alien generators
I think I should work on those and also add more non-SARP-specific generators that are useful not only to SARP but to game masters of other RPs. By becoming a resource for people outside of SARP we can get our site shared more and visited more, which will get us more RPers for our threads and factions.

Basically, we've struck some sort of gold here and found a niche that our site is good at and I think it's worth trying to cultivate that part of the site with the aim of helping SARP get found more in general. If you agree with that, please vote on this suggestion. There's also open suggestions for Neshaten and NDC generators too!
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Related front-end issue: Random generator pages are generating a "Content Layout Shift" error in Google Search Console. This negatively affects our rankings. I suspect that this has to do with the way that the left column with the illustration collapses without the image. Something to fix when we improve these pages. Other errors for these pages are "text too small to read" "Clickable elements too close together" and "viewport not set." for mobile users.
I still want to get these updated. They're our number 1 source of search traffic and more eyes on the site means more chances to get people to RP with us. Upvote if you want me to prioritize this!
I am slowly moving the old generators to the wiki as I find time. Once they're moved, we can retire the old ones. I'm also working on some new generators but again it's slow going as converting the data files is a bit tedious.
I've been continuing my work on this. Right now I'm making a wiki page that combines all the Mishhu/NMX generators into a wiki page.

I've also merged the PHP list and the wiki one into a single page at Random Generators 🎲 on Star Army Space Roleplay
I saw a cool idea for a "Plot Factory" which makes scenarios for RP. I hope to build some prototype for this soon.
I could really use some help with these. I figured once we moved these to the wiki where anyone could make them, there would be a surge of new generators, but there's been nothing from anyone else and I'm tired of being the only one working on them. Please help if you can.
I haven't finished transferring the old generators to the wiki yet, so I haven't started any new generators yet.

Still, it would help to get suggestions for what random generators might be useful to your Star Army RP so I can plan those.
I was worried about PHP compatibility with the old code used on our generators so I've retired them. The pages are redirected to their wiki equivalents, if they exist, or to the list of random generators. I hope to eventually get all the old ones rebuilt on the wiki, and add new ones.
Suggestion closed due to lack of interest (only a vote score of 3), and I've been unable to finish this in 3 years since it was posted. I'm not even sure how used the random generators actually are.