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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP Expanding Horizons: Nephis Nights


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NDV- Valiant
Katja felt Seara’s return embrace, along with her feel, causing the equine woman to blush slightly. “Tease...” she retorted. “I’m sure Kolorsha would be happy to look after the kids sometimes as well, but Equus it’s good to see you, love.” Seara’s next words elicited a sigh from Kat, her expression falling.
“Yeah, we got jumped by pirates, backed up by some Kuvies almost as soon as we jumped in system, though we’d been ready for action. Heard NDC had gotten a similar welcome when they’d arrived at Sirris, they weren’t taking a chance this time....” The pilot took a moment. “We still got hit hard though, especially the fighter squads...every single one lost at least one, most more,’m the only one who made it through that fight, Seara...” Katja managed, her voice breaking as she took a bit of comfort in her lover’s embrace.

“Hey, James, hold up a sec. You see that? Off to the left there”
“Huh?” The settler driving the excursion vehicle stopped, looking to where the woman was indicating. “That’s different. Is it dead? It had to have heard us coming.”
“Something wrong?” Aztec asked, sticking his equine head into the driver’s compartment between the seated pair.
“I don’t think so, Aztec. We rolled up on some new species there, I haven’t seen anything that looks like it planet side so far. What do you think?”

Aztec looked over at the body, at least what he could see of it from his view. “Huh. Maybe it’s dead? I haven’t seen it move yet. Let me take a look first, if it’s safe I’ll signal you” he finished, leaning back into the crew compartment and reaching for his helmet. Now fully armored, Aztec open the vehicle’s door, the slightly humid air filling the compartment as he stepped outside and approached the animal, his 10mm Wraith sidearm drawn. His caution, while warranted, proved unnecessary, as the animal was clearly dead, though he could see no obvious wounds. “It’s clear guys, whatever it is, it’s dead.”

The others of the group soon joined him. “Well, judging by its teeth, and what looks like retractable claws on it’s feet, it’s most definitely a predator.” Andrea, one of the group’s biologists said, after finishing a cursory examination of the creature.

“Looks vaguely catlike, only somewhat larger. Think it’s a pack hunter?”

“Can’t really say for sure” Andrea started. “Still, it’d be good if we could take the body, it’d at least tell us something, as it hasn’t been dead long.” She finished, about to rise to grab a bio specimen bag, only to find Aztec having already gotten it for her. “Always know what a woman wants, don’t you?” She joked.

Aztec shrugged. “It’s a talent. Don’t let my girlfriend hear you say that though, she’s a bit of the jealous type” he replied jokingly, handing Andrea the bag, which worked by making an airtight seal around whatever was placed inside when activated.

Shortly, after having stowed the body and reported the finding, the team was on its way again.

Rihanna, having finished her tea, checked her pad. She was kind of suprised to see there was nothing scheduled for the moment.


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Elisys has stayed by the workshops and Garages since coming here. The planet looked beautiful, sure, but there's still stuff that needs to be done before they could enjoy any of it. Repairs, routine checks, the whole nine yards kind of thing. At least the foliage looks more like home.

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Seara couldn't smile as her wife to be, broke to pieces before her, the tears beginning to escape the equine woman's eyes. The blonde mercenary held her lover closer, cradling katja's head to her chest to let her cry. Sure seara was used to loss like that, you always knew people were likely going to die on an operation, even if the chance was lower that it would be a complete squad wipe. But she figured Katja hadn't experienced that, and wasn't ready for it yet, but she wasn't able to shelter her from such possibilities. At the very least, the merc could hold her close like she was now, and give Katja a place to cope with the loss.

She felt nothing for her lost lover's comrades, no way to when she didn't know them, and if she hadn't become numb to this sort of thing. She'd been in the business with her sister for a good number of years now, and had seen much in that time. Some days it reminded her of the gap that she had to get around in a relationship, but one she at least had the experience to help with situations like this. "I'm sure you did all you could, and anyone who blames you is a moron. It was out of your hands.", Seara said in a soothing low tone.



The feast was very fruitful indeed, and mouths were stuffed as bellies were filled, and those not currently working still chatted among themselves. The meat was different in taste, but savory and filling when eaten. Most would be having a marry time, even those just arriving to find the relaxing event going on, a stark change from how efforts had gone in the previous system. People needed a break, a rest from the conflict, and it had seemed like they had quite joyously found it. Sam would find there to be plenty more if he so chose to get more, but there was also still plenty of work to be done.

The ships were diminishing in gradual order, the parts that couldn't be used, being processed down to their most basic components. Everything being torn down was going to be recycled one way, or another, but it would be long and needfully thorough work. Arria would know that pretty well, as well as Rihanna, but perhaps not Elisys as much. In any case, Mark Tazar, or as "Patches" as Arria had called him. Was making the rounds, and making sure that projects had been started as they were scheduled and that progress was being made in a safe, and orderly manner.

His first stop was someone close to him, his daughter Eli, a chuckle given as he touched a ice cold bottle of water to the back of the distracted woman's neck. "I was hoping even in safe situations like this, that situational training I put you guys through in boot, would have stuck more Eli.", he said as he watched her reaction before waving her to follow. As he started to lead away, he'd swing by the parked mechanic's ship, "You're better off going and seeing what they need help with, and we need all the hands we can get. Please come with us ma'am."

If they chose to follow, Arria would soon find them all coming down the somewhat hastily made path between the current salvage work areas.

Guard Duty
"All nice and such, maybe they'll even build a resort out here, or something to bring visitors of that nature. Just wish sleeping beauty was here to see this, she loves to explore. Speaking of people being here, can you be a dear and go see how our other merc friend is doing, and see if he needs to be directed anywhere? As much as I love talking to my niece, you're uncle still is on duty technically.", Zeke said hopefully, before asking her to do something for him in an apologetic tone.

He still appreciated her checking up on him, and taking a few minutes to talk with him, but a job was a job. He owed Jack's people his best, not that he ever half assed a job anyways, but he wasn't about to start now.

As the duo explored further, the spacer and surveyor would find the crystals grow thicker and more numerous ever so slightly as they went. This continued as they went deeper and deeper in, no idea of what awaited them, or just how deep these veins ran down into the earth. It truly was a beautiful sight though, the cave becoming more and more of a rainbow of color, like some natural kaleidoscope. Perhaps they could learn more about these crystals, perhaps even find useful properties that would make them a valuable resource, and a boon to this world's worth.

The corpse was indeed very fresh, the carcass not even degraded in any way, and still fairly warm. The smell would definitely be something hard to handle, the younger driver of the transport, in fact looking a tad nauseous. James was thankful when the mess was sealed in a bag for freshness, the others helping Andrea to stow it away. Given no other sighting of such creatures had been reported, they were ordered to bring the sample creature back as soon as possible for study.


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Nyx grinned at her uncle as he made an idea known. “A resort huh, I’ll take someone who’s very special here for that then. “ The grin widened at the thought of Ezriel before she realized Zeke probably didn’t know about her love life. “Oh, yeah, you don’t know do you? I found someone to love as Mom and dad has, and like you have” she confessed before he asked her favor, and her head nodded as she got up. “Certainly, keep up the good work. “ She said with a salute before she freefell from the Mech and took off flying afterward as she headed to the direction that the other Merc mentioned was.


"Nice to meet you too!" Toji chimed, "Yeah I am part of the guild. I think. New member. You said you were going to be the head? That's cool! OOOooo, these crystals would be a good first find for you to impress the higher ups. Let's go further!" With that, Toji whipped around and began to skitter down further into the cave, his other drones struggling to right themselves from the fall and catch up.

As the cave grew more colorful, Toji's speed slowed in kind as he soaked in the atmosphere. At this rate his camera would run out of space for all the pictures he was taking. "Do you think these have any industrial uses? They certainly could be used in any kind of art project. Or as a tourist attraction."

The Spacer stopped, looking further in, "Hey, do you think this place echoes?" he then shouted, "ECHO! ECHO!" and listened.


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Nicola smiled at the newest member of the Mining Guild who appeared to be polite. “Indeed this would impress them certainly,” she said then ran after him taking in the sights around her though stopping when he had. She wasn’t even breathless as she looked around, and nodded. “Yes, these crystals are fascinating, perhaps they could be a new battery a new power source, or perhaps art like you have said. “ She told him as she examined one closely. “Here’s another idea, what if we can use these as light sources, would save on power usage.”

She glanced at him as he caused an echo and grinned. “This world is fascinating, and I hope Our guild will be the first to find what we can use.”


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Arria had been surveying the ship from above, a preferred if somewhat odd tactic of hers; the gutted cargo hold had already been emptied of its contents - well, the contents that weren't bolted down. Let's start with the overhead crane. The boys on the ground already have everything they need to move out salvage, she thought to herself, banking to finally descend - after the crane would be a lot of work with the reserve propellant tanks, which is... Well, she's still trying to clean that crap out of her primaries from the LAST time she had to scrub them down. It was only now that she'd noticed the foreman heading in her direction, and after landing and scampering down the hull of the salvage she made her way over - though considering how she was flying, AND was still a bright shade of (off) white in the wings and hair department, it wasn't hard for him to see her coming first.


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Katja just held Seara, the equine pilot letting the emotions she had pent up for weeks go in her fiancée’s embrace. After a time, she felt the need subside. “Thanks, love...” Katja started, gently nuzzling the mercenary. “...I kind of needed that. I still wish there was something I could have done, even though I can’t think of any other way...”
“Nice ponytail, by the way...” The horsewomen finished, a slight smirk spreading across her muzzle.

“Sure thing, boss” Rihanna replied, clipping the data pad to a leg panel on her modified work rig, the dark colored mare getting to her hooves and shouldering a pack containing a set of general tools and supplies she found useful for most work. Mr. Tazar was likely correct, even if the colonists themselves didn’t see it, with her background, Rihanna would spot an issue beforehand. Like the old saying went, An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. She fell instep beside him and some of the other engineering team members as the headed toward the salvage area.

Expedition Research vehicle Event Horizon
“You alright James? You’re looking a bit pale, man” Aztec said, his now unhelmeted head cocked slightly to one side, golden irises focused on the man.
“I’m just...not used to seeing dead bodies, frankly” came the reply. “How do you handle it, Az?”
“It’s just something ive gotten used to” Jay replied simply. “Be in my line of work long enough in active combat zones, you see a lot of death. Enemies, friends, sometimes may sound cold, but if you let death get to you in the middle of a fight, you’ll likely be the next he comes for....”
The inside of the vehicle was silent for a time. “Hellfire, I let that get dark didn't I?” Jay said, silently admonishing himself; these people weren’t soldiers, they didn’t have the same mindset. “That sounded a bit insensitive, I know, but it’s not that you don’t care that a buddy of yours is gone, it’s that at the time, you have to focus on everything else going on. There’s nothing more you can do for them, but you can still help those who are left.”
“Besides that, if it’s the smell that bothers you, just think; there’s more than a few living people who tend to smell much worse all the time!”