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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP Fall of Himiko Ch.1: Desperation


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Planet Himiko
Air Battle

Enemy aircraft began to fall as the Rikugun century began the assault. Missiles, teleport, gunfire, rinse and repeat. The confident pilots were the baddest guys in the fight before having an angry rifleman appear inside their ships! In moments the engagement had turned as Kuvexian PA troops jumped out of their transport ships and into the fray. The skies were in a chaos of aether fire, but the operation had only just begun. Matsuvo's guns blazed in all directions as Rikun blasted outwards from the confines of another burning transport in the heat of battle. The two centuries of Rikugun fought the more numerous Kuvexian invaders tooth and nail for every inch of airspace, their efforts slowly losing effect as the enemy reorganized. All the while a speck appeared in the distance high in the sky.

On the ground, people civilians had begun to gather by the waterside, led there by officers and strangers in various powered suits, mecha, and vehicles. These escorts began pooling by the coastline with nowhere to go until the water began to tremble. With mighty splashing and the roar of engines emerged a white and blue Caravan heavy freighter flanked by two broadsword-class cruisers and a variety of other civilian ships breaching the waters surface in formation. The intense buzzing of large graviton projectors reverberated through the air and steam to hold the immense waves back from crashing into the shore as they siddled upto the coast, doors opening to begin loading refugees.

"This is Captain Sampson White of Blue Caribou," the great ship's captainannounce over loudspeakers, "please board quickly in an orderly fashion, we are the final evacuation." While most refugees would have been trampling each other as they rushed inside Capt. White could greatly appreciate the Yamataian culture's effect on their society as the people began boarding in an alarmingly fast, but safe manner leaving no one injured in the process of boarding. Capt. White turned to a cluster of computer screens labeled 'Tac-Com' with an office note.
"Capt. White to Star Adder and Stone Anthem, launch fighters and cover the evacuation. Keep the enemy cruiser busy and away!"


"Form a defen-" Masumi's words were cut off as Rixxicor and Graxlat soldiers stormed the garage. Masumi would have none of it, quickly firing a missile at the feet of the rear-most Graxlat in heavy armor. The blast rattled everyone but the armor-clad Menelik, the brrrt of his shoulder mounted minigun echoing though the structure as he took the opportunity to suppress the swarm of bugs who surely wished they chose a better entry point. Anju's rearview mirrors had exposed the flanking group climbing inside from behind them. With a step as smooth as butter she slid up in the seat of her car, gun in hand and ammo piercing the wall into the clever bugs. In a moment the garage had become an echoing cacophony of gunfire and screeching as weapons from handguns to tank-mounted autocannons traded ammo dangerously.

After 30 seconds of fast, brutal close combat the group's ammunition and energy was fading as the numerically greater force kept on coming, this time with Elifirn swiftly positioning to box them into a wall and succeeding at it. With the tank out of commission, cars perforated, and missile launcher spent the group was cornered and ever Thad's gore covered gun-blade hadn't the tricks to get out, until heard through the radio...

"Be advised, Convoy 14, we have survivors under heavy fire in the garage located at 28th and Maple. Nine-Ten?"
"Ten-Four, last stop. Engaging hostiles!"

Laser fire began to pour through cement walls as a Bulldog light mecha outside demonstrated his fire-controller's ability to target through light materials and sweep streets. In but a moment the coast was clear and a battle-scarred URSA came screeching to a halt, four PMCs in FSC Powered suits rushing out to bring them in. "Quickly, get in, we gotta go! MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!" one yelled as another opened fire at a surviving Elefirn commando. not a moment after they loaded into the large truck packed with refugees the tires screeched across the pavement as the vehicle launched into motion with an eight wheel burnout. The driver has one task left.
"Hurry up, 14! We're airborne in 30!"

The huge vehicle bounced and swayed as it deftly navigated the streets leading back to the ship, its wide stature clipping buildings, signs, and cars and not missing a beat as it followed its allied mecha leapt into the air and into a passing cargo ships waiting doors. "Godspeed, 14," the mecha pilot signed off as his ride out departed. "Full power to the engine! I'm puttin' the hammer down," the driver radioed, "Caribou, Convoy 14 here. I'm Comin' in hot. Clear the loading bay and set up the net!" The driver never missed a beat as they Bludgeoned through one obstacle after another to finally get to the pier with the open bay door at the end. The ship, however, was pulling away. "Caribou Control here, you are not going to make it, the captain has ordered our immediate departure!"

"You keep those doors open, Ya' hear! I'm comin' in!!!"
The driver yelled, pressing the throttle to the floor and flipping a trio of switches. Smoke began to drift about the passenger compartment as the generator pushed well past its safe limit and power was shunted into the eight electric motors, more than voiding the warranty.
70.. 80.. 90.. 100..
The whine of the electric motors resonated through the hull. Heat from the generator warmed the interior.
105... 110... 115... 120....... 124.....
Officially the fastest an URSA will ever move, with smoke streaming off the glowing red motors.

The driver eyed the end of the pier, its edge drawing closer and the ship getting further. Spotting the best remaining spit of curb and handrails not completely smashed by the edge of the cargo ship's ramp he lined the speeding vehicle precisely and prepared to cut the generator. "Driver here, prepare to brace on my mark," The driver instructed over the intercom. "BRACE, BRACE, BRACE!" he yelled as they smashed across the knee high curb.

The URSA bounced ever so slightly up, it weight more than carrying their velocity. The front wheels of the truck made it with the center of the chassis striking the bottom of the door and sending the vehicle careening across the bay floor, tumbling through the awaiting net and slamming into another already parked URSA. Upside-down and smoking they'd arrived, all passengers injured but alive as the ship began to rise. Severely injured with the cab crushed in only an inch away from his face the driver signed off, "Convoy 14 here... I'm back."