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RP: 5th XF [Finished]003-01 Rescue on Taiie IV (17th Armor Wing)

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Assignment 003-01: Escort of YSS-Cnidari to Taiie IV// Trotter Shuttle Rescue
Mission Ops: YSS-Akuro
Type: Armor Escort/Away Mission

Attention: Corro Aldrich//Kasairyuu Wing

Briefing: This is a high priority mission. The entire colonization effort on Taiie IV rests in a delicate state. A shuttle, call sign Trotter, carrying 8 of our mission specialists sent to map the colonization site on Taiie IV has went down in the dense rain forest 32 kilometers away from their original destination. A distress signal was received 4 hours ago and no word has been received since. Rescue the mission specialists.

On your way to Taiie IV, please escort the Hummingbird CDC, YSS-Cnidari to its place in Taiie IV orbit.

Primary Objectives: (i) Rescue the 8 mission specialists
(ii) On your way to Taiie IV, escort YSS-Cnidari

Secondary Objectives: (i) Recover data from the Trotter's computer.
(ii) Do a fly-by of the colonization site

Once completed have your wing return to the YSS-Akuro.

Brief the members of your wing. Mission information has been sent to Flight Breifing Room 01-A. Good luck Kasairyuu wing.

>ON YSS AKURO "Jonny Five is alive"

The AI's voice came over internal communications system into the area of the 17th Armor Wing's suites "All 17th Armor Wing members report to the Kasairyuu Briefing Room immediately." A few moments later a similar announcement was made over the intercom in Alpha Shift's section. "Alpha shift please report to the bridge briefing lounge before going to the main bridge for you scheduled duty shifts." Katsuko sat at her desk finishing up some paperwork, having prescheduled the announcements she planned to go between the two briefings to evaluate both groups as this very important mission got off to a start.

"Katsuko to Shosa Asuhara report..." a second later the Neko responded from the Fleet bridge "YSS-Cnidari is in position and awaiting its escorts ma'am. Namiko wing reports that they are back up to a hundred percent operational status and a personal message has been sent to your quarters from the YSS-Yosuko, Since you have ignored the last two I figured you would this one as well...Fleet Bridge Out..." Katsuko picked up her data pad and headed into the corridor towards the lift.
Corro was already in the briefing room, in his full dress uniform. This first briefing would set an example for all others to come while he was in command of the Kasairyuu Wing. Quietly he was shifting through data at the terminal at the head of the briefing room. A message he had received detailed the current situation, and it was indeed rather dire. He managed to get most of the logistics for his briefing set straight. For now he waited, for the pilots from his wing to arrive. Picking up a glass of water next to him he took a sip before returning to its coaster. On the visual screen at the fore of the briefing room was written 'Please find a seat, but remain standing.'

In contrast to yesterday, Roger showed up in a timely fashion, his duty uniform as best straight as he could make it. With his engineering pad underneath one arm, and twirling the stylus as best as possible with his other, he strode into the briefing lounge and give a quick salute to the wing commander. Walking over to the table, he placed a hand on a chair to retract it from under the table, only to catch what was written on the board out of the corner of his eye. With but a raised brow, he let the chair go.

Jaq hurried to the Briefing as quickly as possible so he could be there with time to spare. As he arrived he saw Roger entering. Jaq slowed down and straighten out and step in after him with his data pad in his hand at his waist and sat down at the second nearest chair.

Katsuko boarded the lift "Flight Bridge..." a second after the lift began to move. "Taisho, ISFC group 1 reports that they are in need of re-supply before their scouting mission." she looked up to the ceiling as if to look at someone who was not there, she responded to the AI "Report the problem to Taisa Shimizu after her breifing..I am not to be disturbed unless it is for priority information during the next two hours." the AI responded back politely "Yes Taisho." The lift doors then opened and Katsuko made her way down the corridor past the Flight bridge towards the Kasairyuu briefing room. She entered it from the door off to the right of the podium, an area blocked by the holo screen where she could not be seen by those gathered there unless she decided to step out of the way.

Pausing from his 152nd push-up, launching himself to his feet, Jack Talon quickly snatched a medium sized towel from his bed and wiped his brow. "This should be interesting..." He thought to himself, as he grabbed his uniform jacket and slid it on over his black tank-top. From his dresser he picked up his data pad and his Geshrinian Arms GP-3, checked the safety, "On, like I left it," spun it once around his right index finger, holstering it. Exiting his quarters, he made his way, following his fellow pilots to the briefing room.

Caine got off his bed and nodded a hello to his room-mate and checked his uniform, check, sidearm? check. "Sorry, my name's Caine." he said to the other guy in the room. "sorry about ignoring you for a moment, I was lost in thought. But if we don't hurry to the meeting, we'll both be in trouble." he said

Camellia was surprised to find someone else in her room, but, ‘thems the breaks when you're a rank and file in a unit as large as the 17th wing. Calmly combing her long silver hair, Camellia was ignoring the new presence as much as she could. Looking up at the ceiling slight after hearing the call, she returned her gaze to the mirror and dusted her uniform off slightly, and adjusted it, and various other small things that made her look more "perfect." Turning to her bunkmate, she muttered. "Hurry up. We don't want to be late for our first assignment." She then left the room shortly there after.

Kicking around from his chair, Sayo tossed a comb his was fiddling through his hair onto a duffle bag on his bed. Looking over his new bunkmate, he couldn't really say a whole lot. She was...to the point. Biting his thumb nail in a habit attack, he quickly jumped up out of the chair and faced the mirror soon as she left towards the door. Brushing his hair slightly, he straightened his uniform and called out, "Yeah...don't let me keep you waiting," and followed her out into the hallway.

"Yeah, you're right. I think I've already pissed Corro off enough...", Ziv's voice trailed off as he rubbed the back of his neck, as he always does when he's nervous. Finally I'll be able to get down to business, he thought as he straightened his uniform and pulled his hair back, securing it into a ponytail. He grabbed the data pad off of his desk and headed out of his quarters towards the Briefing Room. Here goes nothing...

Katsuko waited quietly in the hidden area of the room, taking down notes on her data pad as the members of the 17th began to assemble for their meeting. She leaned up against a wall, eyes leaving the data pad as they fell upon Corro. Her delicate digits of her free hand curling beneath her chin as she watched him.

Behind Roger, Jaq, and Jack several hundred Nekos, Gershins, and Yamataians began to file into the room. Many seemed to be chatting amongst themselves but cut off their conversations upon seeing the visual screen in the front. Several Gershin and a Neko seemed to swarm around Roger and Jaq, picking up the seats around them. Jack was being pushed slightly towards the front of the room by the growing crowd. Corro eyed the pilots entering the room. He picked out a few familiar faces amongst the first to enter. At the terminal, he silently told the AI to record who has entered the room for the Kasairyuu Wing, specifically 9 personnel. Only 3 of the 9 had entered so far. Visibly disturbed he checked the time. "Please find a free seat and stand by it. We have a lot to cover pilots.
Letting go was kind of hard, she knew however that she would need to have trust in her staff. She was not a Shosho anymore and could not afford the do it yourself technique. She smiled slightly, watching Corro's body language, watching for signs of nervousness, which she had not detected yet from him. She loved being right. He was not all that bad...for a...man. She typically had a negative response to giving males power in the fleet. Corro however, seemed to be proof that not all things about her were set in stone. He seemed to keep on them, but positively which seemed to help.

Aoiko smoothed out her skirt as she sat down in the briefing lounge. She quickly glanced round the room, first at the display screens at the front, and then along the faces of the other Alpha Shift operators in the lounge. That done, she turned her attention to Akina, and waited for the briefing to begin.

Ho-oly rigatoni; there's a billion people jammed in this room. Roger did his best to try and flow with the incoming crowd without losing his seat; he saw a few seats down Jaq doing likewise. Roger called out to Jaq and waved. "Looks like quite a crowd; I didn't realize there were quite this many pilots in the wing..." He dodged out of the way of an outbound Geshrin, and resumed his defensive position.

Jaq saw roger and waved back to him and replied " Yea there are a few people in our wing aren't there!" he then looked back forward and noticed that a lot of people were sitting around him more so than some of the other places... 'Well damn why am I getting so much attention?' he thought to him self.

Camellia, unfortunately, was swept into the crowd when she and her roommate arrived. Looking around in slight bewilderment, she found an empty seat and stood next to it, saluting, while looking around, trying to gain her bearings after the sea of bodies settled some.

Grunting inaudibly by the sudden wave of Neko flowing in behind him, pushing him to the front of the briefing room, he decides to take a seat as quickly as possible. Sitting, he sighs, second row from the front. How ironic life can be, a guy who always got a seat in the back of the class in his youth is pushed to the front on his first official assignment. How troublesome. He crosses his legs and waits for the meeting to begin.

Following his newly found roommate into an even stranger place, the cramped meeting room, Sayo quickly eyed his superior officer, the Wing Leader, and saluted him alongside Camellia, and standing next to her as they awaited the oncoming briefing.

Katsuko continued to watch from her unseen place in the shadows. It seemed to be taking them a long time to get into the briefing. She raised an eyebrow biting down on her tongue as it lulled back and forth in her mouth. She slinked down the wall into a crouched position and watched Corro waiting for this to get moving. It was getting tiring waiting for it to start, hopefully she could get what she came for in terms of evaluation and be on her way to catch Akina's breifing to Alpha shift.

Ziv made his way into the briefing room and looked around to find any familiar faces. He passed by a few he had seen around but decided he would just take a seat on the outskirts of the crowds per usual. He passed by the Wing Leader as he made his way to his seat, giving a brief salute, before making his way to a seat, awaiting the briefing.

6 out of 9. Heads will role for this. Corro though to himself. He typed a message to the AI telling it to send messages to Itto Hei Kuroi, Santo Hei Ionoche, and Santo Hei Micaelis telling them to see him after the mission. The room grew silent quickly as the last of the stragglers made their way in and found seats. Corro searched the room looking for each of the 6 personnel on his list. His eyes caught Camellia, Sayo, and Ziv making their salutes to him. Sternly he saluted them back and nodded to them. "Pilots, you may be seated. AI dim the lights please." As the lights dimmed, the visual screen came to life and began to project the image of a planet in rotation. Titles soon materialized, labeling the planet Taiie IV Corro stepped out from the podium.

"Kasairyuu Wing. I am well aware of many of your exploits and your commitment to service. We have need of all your skills and even your lives." Corro began as he stepped out to a spot just to the right bottom of the screen. "I would ask that you get acquinted with this sight. You're going to be seeing it quite a bit in the coming months." He continued motioning to the planet. "4 hours ago, the YSS Akuro received a distress signal from a shuttle. This shuttle's call sign is Trotter, henceforth let it be known. Trotter had been sent to the planet's surface with 8 mission specialists." He started as soon as he got his breath again. His voice was stern but not overwhelmingly powerful. He stopped and eyed his audience with a calm posture, waiting for reaction

Damn... from everything I've read, this isn't going to be cake. Roger quickly pulled up what few schematics he could of the Trotter from YSA central databases. If it came down to a forced or improvised entry, it would take some work to make sure the entire ship didn't vent to vacuum in the process.

Jaq's brow raised as soon as he heard this. There were only two reasons this could be important... quite obvious ones really. First was that the ship was somehow damaged so that they can not get back home, in Which case they would have to go down there and latch them on to a drop ship or some transport and just tow the thing up into orbit after making sure the hull was secure. The other reason was that they had found something worth protecting. In which case they would probably only be on guard detail. and both of those scenarios are rather dull. Damn it.... Please be something fun like a crazy alien hive or something. Jaq pleaded to him self as he hit his fist on his knee.

Of course, after attention had been called, Talon raised to a standing position and saluted Corro, and then sat accordingly and re-crossed his legs. He watched intently, soaking up all information for his first mission with the 5th fleet.

Camellia lowered her salute after Corro returned his. She then took her seat, looked to her left, and then sighed. "Why are you following me like a shadow?" She whispered to Soyo, her roommate.

Satisfied that there were no outbursts Corro turned to the planet and retrieved a marker light from his breast pocket. "Now since that distress message, we have not received any further communications from Trotter. Trotter went down approximately 32 kilometers off course in a dense rainforest." Corro began again. The planetary image began to circle into a specified point. Bring up the marker light he began to outline a rough zone in a mass of deep green colors ."We fear something may have gone awry on Taiie IV. The 17th has been order to take part in a rescue mission for the Trotter and her mission specialists. Due to the sensitive nature of this mission I have selected 6 pilots to accompany me to the supposed landing site." Corro eyed the room again, hands behind his back. Behind him the visual display keyed into a text mode, shrinking the planetary model. "These pilots are: Nito Hei Jaq Draco, Itto Heisho Camellia Sarri, Santo Hei Ziv Brunthol, Santo Hei Jack Talon, Santo Hei Yamamoto Sayo, Santo Hei Roger Kard." He announced. The screen behind him wrote the names out on the screen in large print.

Camellia was taken a back. Her first time on the ship, and her first actual mission. All on the same day. "Wow." Was all that could form in her head.

Jaq's eyes lightened somewhat hearing that he got special duties. Well at least it isn't that bad that at least I will see action in some form or another and not just taping the thing up and dragging it back to space.

He raised his left eyebrow. Me? Interesting. I suppose my name is more well known that I imagined. Talon smirked slightly, and placed a toothpick from his breast pocket into his mouth.

Noting his name on the list, Sayo shed no different facial expression. Simply nodding towards Corro in his subconscious acceptance. Whatever it was, it needed to be done, and he was confident someone knew he had something needed to do it. Time to lock and load. Sayo thought, slightly grinning.

Caine came in late in a huff and groaned quietly when he noticed he was late, darn his room-mate for stalling him...oh well. The Yamataian slipped into the dimmed room and took an uninhabited seat and acted like he was paying attention the whole time. But he was still clueless as to what was going on. "Pardon my lateness sir." he said to Corro, bowing his head. "I was momentary detained."

Katsuko emerged from the shadow and stood off to the side of the room. She nodded breifly to Corro illustrating in her motion that she did not want him to alert anyone to her presence. Data pad in hand her silver eyes fell upon Caine. The enlisted pilot was late, she was very interested to see how Corro would handle such an inexcusable trespass of procedure.

Corro seemed to ignore Caine at the moment. He would speak with him after the briefing, a message already blinking on his data pad. As Katsuko exited the room, Corro made a very slight nod to his superior, still somewhat surprised to see her here. "These pilots are to accompany me at the head of the formation to Taiie IV. The rest of Kasairyuu is to accompany us in another mission, escorting the Hummingbird CDC, the YSS Cnidari, to its place in high orbit over Taiie IV.â€
Finally, after he heard the lot of the briefing, Talon brought up his datapad and began to enter all of the information he had absorbed. From the way that Corro described it, The Trotter didn't sound like it had any kind of electronics malfunction, nor did it sound like the engines failed.

"This was most likely caused by some kind of attack... no, I should keep myself from jumping to conclusions. Damn it, I've got to get a hold of my nerves. It's been forever since I've been in a battle simulation -- hell, I've never even flown in a real combat situation...

...okay, seriously. This will be fine. 'It's a simple scouting mission. Just go in on guard, and be ready for anything.' That's what Dad would have said. Ugh, of course I think immediately to Dad. Ka-chan would have had a plan for every possible outcome. But, guess what, Jack? You're on your own now. It would probably be best to get to know the team after we've been dismissed. You have to work with and rely on them to come out of this alive. Right..."

He almost tuned out what was happening around him while he thought, but he suddenly snapped back into reality and caught his toothpick which had fell from his lips.
Corro scanned the Kasairyuu Wing's pilots once more. "That is it people. You have a duty. Now lets finish the job. Get to your armors and ready yourselves." He announced with a deep and bold voice.

The hundreds of pilots in the room rose to salute the wing leader, though not in unison. Two Gershin next to Jack raised a half-hearted salute and began mumbling to each other. "Can't believe they've got a dirty Nep leading the wing. What's to say where his loyalties lie?"

Corro returned a stiff salute to the pilots. As everyone began to drop their salutes the doors at the rear of the room reopened and the lights began to increase. The pilots in the rear slowly began to file out of the room, it would be a few minutes before those at the very front would be able to leave.

"Santo Hei Kard and Ionoche report to the podium." Corro announced as the crowds began to move. "I wish to have a word with you." As he finished he calmly walked back to the podium in the corner and began collecting his items there.
Caine hadbeen idly listening to whatever it was Corro had been ranting on. He got up and looked up at Corro and reported to the podium immediately. "Yes sir?" he asked in stiff military salute.
Surprised, Roger tucked the stylus into his pocket and lifted his engineering pad from where he had placed it on the table. Attempting to readjust his uniform as best as possible, he walked up to the podium and saluted. "Yes sir?"
Corro didn't look up from the terminal at the front. "At ease." He said calmly as he finished logging off of the ship's network. Once the terminal began to shut down he looked up at the two enlisted men.

"First off, Santo Hei Ionoche. I find that your timing on the matters of fleet security and duties to be a bit off. I pray that you're on time for the mission and the debriefing." Corro began. His mood seemed to sour from when he was addressing the rest of the wing. "If you don't I will be forced to court martial you for dereliction of duties. And for your knowledge you are also coming with me to investigate Trotter's distress signal on Taiie. That is all." He ended curtly and shifted through a datapad in front of him.

"Now, Santo Hei Kard. I am aware that you were assigned to run general maintenance of the Kasiaryuu Wing's armors. This mission has called for us to investigate the Trotter and see if she is space-worthy." He continued turning his attention to the younger Nepleslian, maintaining a professional tone. "How are your flight skills with a T3 Lion shuttle?"
Roger smiled. "Quite proficient, sir; I'm no top gun, but rest assured I won't be crashing into the Trotter. I take it I'll be piloting the mission craft, then?"
After he had lowered his stiff salute, Talon shot a cold glance at the two pilots who had muttered about the Wing Leader. Racism didn't go over too well with him, being raised the way he was for one thing... and secondly, he had JUST gotten through convincing himself to make nice with his teammates, and that if there was any mistrust, the mission would be a disaster.

He didn't want to have anything to do with that kind of scum. Smirking, he then realized that he didn't have to. They weren't a part of this mission.

Jack then waited patiently for the room to empty, put his hands in his uniform jacket pockets, and switched his toothpick to the other side of his mouth, and then once again out of nervous habit.

He sighed, wishing aloud,

"What I wouldn't give for a smoke right about now."
"I see sir, I fully understand." Caine said though he didn't really like it idea of it all but he could understand the premise of it, threat of court martial....psh he'd handle it in his own way. He waited to be excused
"Good to know Kard." Corro nodded with a small smile. "I have requested the use of a Lion from the Command group's Kyoto-class carrier." Corro started to move from behind the podium and off of the stage.

Elsewhere in the room, the pilots rapidly left their sets and set about moving back to their rooms or to the armor bays to ready themselves. The briefing room was thinning out and it was now much easier to move about. A few stragglers stayed behind, looking in the direction of the wing leader.

"You shouldn't be alone in the shuttle though. I requested a pilot as well." Corro continued with Roger. "I'm assigning you to retrieving the data from the Trotter's computer. Assisting on board the shuttle should be easy for you. I've heard many good things about you from fleet command, I hope you don't disappoint." Corro finished as he saw several other pilots approaching him.

Turning to Roger and Caine he spoke quickly. "Both of you get to the 17th's armor bay and ready yourselves. I'll be right along." He didn't even wait for a response before turning to the pilots.
All of a sudden, a question entered his head. Jack turned to look at Corro, who seemed rather busy and decided to wait until he had a moment to spare -- deciding not to rush him like the other pilots.
As Corro began speaking with the other pilots, it was apparent it would be a short talk. He was eager to end the conversations now and get the pilots to the armor bays. After answering a question on who was to lead the armors from the colony ship back to the Akuro, Corro sent them away.

Turning to leave he was looking down at a datapad. He stopped quickly as he almost ran right into Jack.

"Eh?" Corro started, surprised there were still people in the room. "Can I help you?" he asked, his tone had a hint of annoyance in it.
Jack clicked his heels, saluting casually to introduce himself.

"Santo Hei Jack Talon at your command, sir."

He lowered the salute.

"Permission to ask a quick question."
Corro eyed the pilot in silence. He tried not to show any hint of how he was feeling, but Jack would see he looked rather tired.

So this is that new recruit. I thought he would have been a bit better... Corro's thoughts drifted without an end. Calmly he reached to Jack's face and plucked the toothpick from his mouth. Holding onto it he eyed the pilot with disdain.

"I ask that you refrain from chewing cud and the like in my presence." Corro started in a low tone. "Now then, permission granted. But make it quick, we have work to do."
Talon blinked, and immediately cleared his throat.

"Holy shit, great first impression, Jack."

"I apologize for that, sir. First of all, I wanted to say that I am honored to have been selected to fly with you, as your support, and I will not let you down. Secondly, eh, I was curious as to the Armor we hold on the ship, and wanted to be prepared as to which I will be accompanying you with, sir."

"Gods help me. Why does everything I say come out so awkward?"
Caine had nodded and saluted and headed out toward the Armor Wing's armor bay with Roger. "Thanks for the work you do with our suits." He said offhandly to his team's engineer as they walked.
Camellia saluted and left the room with the throng of pilots. Walking along with the others, she pulled out her little pocket book of Die Lorelei and began to read where she left off while following the others. Softly reciting the linity of the poem to herself.

"Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten,
Daß ich so traurig bin,
Ein Märchen aus uralten Zeiten,
Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.
Die Luft ist kühl und es dunkelt,
Und ruhig fließt der Rhein;
Der Gipfel des Berges funkelt,
Im Abendsonnenschein.

Die schönste Jungfrau sitzet
Dort oben wunderbar,
Ihr gold'nes Geschmeide blitzet,
Sie kämmt ihr goldenes Haar,
Sie kämmt es mit goldenem Kamme,
Und singt ein Lied dabei;
Das hat eine wundersame,
Gewalt'ge Melodei.

Den Schiffer im kleinen Schiffe,
Ergreift es mit wildem Weh;
Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe,
Er schaut nur hinauf in die Höh'.
Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen
Am Ende Schiffer und Kahn,
Und das hat mit ihrem Singen,
Die Loreley getan.

Eventually, she arrived with the others on the armor bay. Looking around she headed for the Kyle she was assigned. Giving the suit a pre-flight checkup, she looked it over while lightly singing.

"Nun zäume dein Ross, reisige Maid! Bald entbrennt brünstiger Streit: Brünnhilde stürme zum Kampf, dem Wälsung kiese sie Sieg! Hunding wähle sich, wem er gehört; nach Walhall taugt er mir nicht.Drum rüstig und rasch, reite zur Wal!"
Not a problem, Caine," Roger said with a wry smile, "Just try not to come back with too many holes, m'kay? It makes more work for me. Now then, I've got to grab something; I'll see you in the bay in a bit." With that, he darted off towards the ship's armory, where he'd had his GP-7 stored. After going through the usual red tape, he was handed back the automatic shotgun, along with a large cylindrical ammo pouch, The shotgun was a wonderful molding of nitrized steel and high-density polymer, clearly military in design; there was no chance this device would accidently be mistaken for a sporting gun, thanks to the very large ammunition cassette lodged in amongst the receiver. It was hardly a precision weapon, but if Roger needed to put lead in the air at 280 rounds a minute, this was the tool he'd want to do it with. He slung the military shotgun over his back and hefted the pouch, which contained additional cassettes, filled with 12 shells each of 00 buck, and headed back down to the armor bay, where the team was checking over their suits and items. Upon the odd look a few of them gave him upon seeing the weapon, he merely stated it was for "personal protection", and began gathering the neccessary equipment he'd need for the upcoming mission.
"Cadet Aldrich, this is Taisho Motoyoshi...Please be advised. A medic just transfered in from command has been assigned to your wing.
Santô Hei Takeda Tachiko should be joining you at her earliest convience. If she does not arrive prior to your departure please leave direction as to how she can be useful to your mission...Katsuko out.."
Tachiko managed to secure her orders and the map, welcome pamphlets, and inprocessing packet on the way out of her bunk, pausing before the full-length mirror by the door to check her uniform. She had a feeling that the paperwork would be secondary, as the orders and memo indicated that perhaps she would be leaving the ship almost as soon as she arrived.

Looking Professional is Being Professional
So read the motivational sign over the mirror, and Tachiko gave a little smile as she adjusted her belt and sidearm, checking the safety and battery.

Tachi rushed down the halls of the enormous and unfamiliar Akuro, navigating via lift directories and signs, trying to sync them with her map, storing the data meticulously in her secondary memory. Noting the location of Sickbay. which she was fortunate enough to find, Tachiko arrived at 17th Armor Wing, the Kasairyuu. She straightened herself, fixing the details on her uniform that mussed in the hurried sprint down here, and breathed a deep sigh, steeling herself, then entered, approaching the Wing Leader with a low bow, then a sharp salute, Santô Hei Takeda Tachiko, reporting for duty, new assignment, sir!"
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