RP [Firebrand Crew] Chapter One, An Odd Bouquet


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Aug 29, 2017
Pietrov was impartial about anything the Neko said about his height, he was pretty average for a Daur after all so the comment did anything but offend him as the angry ball of fox shook his head dismissively and even piled a few smaller things on top of his bundle now that a better grip had been achieved. "I no need your food or your help, can put you both in your places any time," the boy challenged back as he moved to put his load away, stacking things precariously before turning to regard the two women who towered over him once more.

"Oh you know somebody that'll buy them?" Vinni asked this golden-eyed fellow outside, their own volumetric eyes beaming happily toward the crew's stroke of good luck that had materialized in the form of a Nepleslian - the fox-thing's face may have been hidden but you could almost feel the smile coming from behind their armoured faceplate. "OH, and you know where dear Grelish went too? you're awesome~" Captain Firebrand continued, wrapping their athletic arms around this stranger that just kept making things better and better.

"Attention you rapscallions, this guy knows where our big Nep is so either come along or do what you need to do before we take off, thank you," Vinni's modulated voice spoke through the cargo area's comms system just as one of the smaller boxes fell onto Pietrov's own bushy tail, causing the lad to yelp out something in pain that didn't quite translate right.

Upon hearing this yelp, Vinni turned around with their arms still wrapped around Wylde, speaking with a generous bit of concern in their synthetic, bi-gendered voice, "Piet, you okay?"

"Whatever..." the Daur grumbled out, kicking an empty can aside as his briefly happy demeanour dropped away.
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Mar 8, 2018
"You sure about that," Zoeichi chimed happily, pushing the crates in the right place after scooting them on the rack by ducking slightly. Letting them slide off of eachother. Taking a step back, the one eyed elf rolled her shoulder with a grimace, before snorting, just at the time Vinni's voice called through the intercomms.

The elf arched an eyebrow but sighed regardless. "So. Nothin' of that untill we find big stick Nep," she hummed under her breath. Moving over to the ramp, swiping up her sheathed blades and strapping them to her back. Spitting the chunk that remained of the cigar out, before swiping another one for the box. Lighting it and walking out. "Aye aye, cap'n. Let's find us our resident clubber and we go."

The elf glanced at Pietrov, her joking attitude dropping momentarily. "But seriously, y'alright there? Shit must hurt, with that weight comin' down."
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Aug 28, 2017
Sakura winked at the fox again and chuckled, "Sure, you can tell yourself that." The neko mocked, "I'll be staying behind captain, got a bunch of supplies to unpack and cook up unless no one wants to eat tonight, send my love and regards." She said turning to face her looming pile of foodstuffs.


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Mar 25, 2015
Ironically Wylde's thoughts echoed Vinni's, who was this person and why were things going to so well? He lithely unwrapped himself from the arm and held out his hand, "The name's Wylde and you sir are in for a whole lot more surprises. I am a freelancer by trade, Doing, solving and finding are my specialties."
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